Sleeping Beauty Sure Claire Beau thought about sleeping with her doctor With his moss green eyes and sexy petulance neurologist Brendan Charmant is definitely worth fantasizing about But she didn t actually do it d

  • Title: Sleeping Beauty
  • Author: Elle Lothlorien
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sure, Claire Beau thought about sleeping with her doctor With his moss green eyes and sexy petulance, neurologist Brendan Charmant is definitely worth fantasizing about But she didn t actually do it did she Claire should be able to answer this simple question, but she has no idea All she knows is that she met him in a sleep lab for an appointment one day, and woke up atSure, Claire Beau thought about sleeping with her doctor With his moss green eyes and sexy petulance, neurologist Brendan Charmant is definitely worth fantasizing about But she didn t actually do it did she Claire should be able to answer this simple question, but she has no idea All she knows is that she met him in a sleep lab for an appointment one day, and woke up at home seven weeks later to find that he s suddenly her warm and loving boyfriend instead of her cold and remote doctor According to Brendan, her brother and all their friends, Claire is in the middle of a whirlwind love affair with him, a claim bolstered by the weeks of steamy emails and text messages the two of them have exchanged But to Claire, he s just the arrogant doctor with only a passing interest in finding a diagnosis for her debilitating symptoms Claire Beau is afflicted with Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, a mysterious disorder that causes her to sleep for days at a time, and black out for entire weeks Dr Brendan Charmant might have given her the best night or two, or three of her life, but she has no memory of ever seeing him out of his white coat Still, she can t help finding herself than willing to fall for him again After all, doesn t every girl deserve a Prince Charming But when Brendan s arrested, and she discovers that she s the alleged victim of a heinous crime that she can t recall, she s crushed to find that her dream come true was all just a cruel illusion Despite having no memory of the actual crime, there are mountains of damning evidence against him So why is she risking everything to save both of them from this hellish, waking nightmare

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    One thought on “Sleeping Beauty”

    1. I truly enjoyed Ms. Lothlorien's first book, The Frog Prince, so writing this review pains me. However, it is less painful than actually reading Sleeping Beauty.Where to start? Let's start with the premise: Claire, a pint-sized budding actress on the brink of her big break, has a rare disease called Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. She falls asleep for long periods of time and, while she remains semi functional in a catatonic state, she doesn't remember anything from her weeks "asleep". Enter Dr. Charm [...]

    2. This really wasn't what I expected. Claire has been diagnosed with a rare sleeping disorder, known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. When she's having an episode, she doesn't remember much. So when she wakes up from an episode, she's rather surprised at how dramatically her life has changed. She's quickly caught in a Hollywood whirlwind, as her bit part has suddenly turned into a leading role. Her brother's boyfriend, and her nearly constant companion, has been acting strangely Not to mention her doc [...]

    3. I expected a good story- but it turned out to be as confusing as the episodes that the lead, Claire, has.I was looking forward to her coming off strong-and making sense of her life despite her sleeping disorder-but what I got in turn was just one confusion after the other involving Brendan.I would however say that the idea is good, the story is worth a read, but somewhere in between it loses its lustre.

    4. I'm actually tempted to give this one star without reading it for the slight chance that the author will read it and address me.Due to this: Utter BullshitYou can read a real author's opinion on this travesty here: Utter Enlightenment

    5. I've got to start off by saying this isn't typically the kind of book I generally read. However, it grabbed me on my Kindle and seemed like it had a good sense of humor to it, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Since this ISN'T the kind of book I usually go for, it isn't a big shock that I'm not that wild about it. It has some laughs to it, but the male characters seem to blend into one another to the point I would get confused as to who was who. The guy in the story who doesn't seem to be like al [...]

    6. So in two subsequent days, I have read and finished both books by Elle Lothlorien, and while the first book, the Frong Prince was enjoyable, this book was far better.Lothlorien takes a bit of liberty with the idea of KLS syndrome and cataplexy, but uses it in such a way as to make the story plausible and believeable. Her characters, from the sleeping beauty Claire to her doctor boyfriend Brandon Charmant, and the cleverly well written Davin show quite a bit of humor,reliability and wellfe.I real [...]

    7. Honestly, I thought the beginning was fine. I almost stopped reading half way because I was so creeped out. It was really weird. I really wanted to stop reading, but since I was already half way, I just finished it anyways. I did not like the plot because it was so WEIRD. and different. It was not a romantic comedy, and I didn't think it was funny what so ever. Unless the author thought that those "certain topics" are funny? It's not. I'm sorry, but I'm really disturbed by the fact that this is [...]

    8. So I really love how this author takes fairy tales and puts a modern twist to it. I did fall in love with this book immediately. The characters were lovable and I enjoyed being in the main characters head. The story line was unique and engaging.If you are looking for a quick easy read romance, this one might be a great one to read.As a warning to some of my sensitive friends: 1) There is some extreme swearing words, but not a ton.2) There is love scenes. But they are either quickly written or th [...]

    9. Like The Frog Prince, this is a nice contemporary romance, no actual royalty in this one. The main character suffers from Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. She has blackout periods that last a few days to a few weeks, and she has no memory of any activities in that period. I liked this one even better than the Frog Prince, I will definitely read more books by Elle Lothlorien.

    10. Hehe, finished yet another book. Couldn't take my eyes off it. Just kept wanting to know what happens next. Loved the ending but was hoping for more. Enjoyable in every way. It also taught me about a few medical disorders I hadn't heard of. :) If only there was another book to it I want to know if she grows out of it and I want to learn about her daughter.

    11. This book is like 50 First Dates, Young and the Restless and Law and Order all rolled into one with a healthy sprinkling of surfer lingo. I really enjoyed it. It was a fun read.

    12. Great ReadI loved this book it kept me not wanting to put it down. I loved the characters and it was like the book had a life of its own. You should read this book.

    13. Enjoyed last third of book best! Excellent job tying up all the loose ends! Also enjoyed all the surfer lingo and slang :)

    14. Before getting into my review I would like to point out that Sleeping Beauty is the first/original version of Lothlorien’s Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up. According to reviews and the author herself, this book was changed in Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up from chapter 11 on after several negative reviews and feedback. As this, the original book, has not been unpublished or the price reduced (at the time of review) I can only assume that means the author still believes this book is as good as her second ve [...]

    15. I didn't know when I started this e-book (that I got for free from - full disclosure), that the author had "revised" the story and published a different novel, called sleeping beauty wakes up. But I can see why she did. Or at least why I hope she did. The writing style has some merit, but the characters are rather flat. Claire, the main character is a wimp masquerading as a strong, independent woman. She's nothing more than a plaything for the men in the novel, her doctor, her brother, his boyf [...]

    16. I downloaded this book as a "freebie" on . I was initially attracted to it for the fairy tale title, and because I love twists on known fairy tales. Aside from the fact that it's called "Sleeping Beauty," she randomly sleeps, and the "main love interest" is "Charmant," this book has no right to call itself "Sleeping Beauty" or even a "twist on a fairy tale." I would have liked it more if I wasn't thinking about the fairy tale concept. The character development was decent. I wanted to know more a [...]

    17. I thought this was going to be a light-hearted romantic comedy. It's a romance, but not light and not funny.Claire Beau has a disorder where she passes out for weeks at a time and can be in a zombie-like mode (walk, eat, shower, etc) but isn't really there and has no memory of it. She goes in for sleep testing and attempts to sexually attacks her doctor while in one of her zombie phases. He resigns from her case and weeks later they meet and start dating. Only she's still in her zombie modes and [...]

    18. So I was a little torn on this book. I came in expecting fluffy romance and I can't mystery medical romance. This book wasn't bad but for me it was just a little too dragged out. I will admit I didn't like the dual love interests. I did read the alternate ending where (view spoiler)[ Claire ends up with Davin and I have to say I do prefer that ending but not because I don't like Brendan. It just seemed like Davin needed her more. He needed to take care of her and at the same time he needed her t [...]

    19. This book had me hooked from the very first page. I had trouble putting it down. I stayed up late at night to read it; I read it while getting ready for work in the morning; I was late getting back from my lunch break once, because I couldn't stop reading it! Addictive! I know there's an alternate ending version of the book ("Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up"), but I actually like the way this one ends, so I won't be reading the other version. It's pretty neat that the author responded to readers' respo [...]

    20. This was a very enjoyable, fluffy book. The characters were awesome. I loved the surfer culture that was strung throughout. It balanced nicely with the super intelligent doctor element.The strength of this book for me was the characters. I found them totally engrossing and really likable. I liked the plot too. The Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is such an interesting plot devise and was really well portrayed.I have a hard time thinking of this book as a romance novel. I thought it was much better than [...]

    21. I have read all of Elle Lothloriens books to date and this is my favorite. I noticed after I read this one that there was another book with a different ending. I'm so glad that I found this one first because I liked the ending of this version the best. I mean, really, of course Sleeping Beauty ends up with Prince Charming! There really is no other option in my opinion.This is not your typical Sleeping Beauty story. I'm not sure if I liked this one more because I didn't catch all the references t [...]

    22. Whoa! I was not expecting this story! I LOVED EL's first novel so much. This was not a comedy at all. Actually, I found the storyline quite disturbing. I really liked Brendan, and I found the surfer characters quite interesting--but Davin gave me the creeps from the get go! I did want to keep reading until the end because I did want to know what the big "secret" was--although it was pretty obvious. I would probably have given this a 2.5 star rating, but really what good is that .5 going to do? S [...]

    23. This was not my favorite book and I probably won't read it again, but I am glad I read it because I enjoyed the author's first book. This one seemed to leave me confused in a lot of places in the book. There didn't seem to be explainations for some of the actions that left me confused, but I guess it worked because I continued reading to see if I could find out what happened. The storyline disturbed me a little with Brendan being accused of rape. That is a pretty serious offense and to use it in [...]

    24. I don't know if I really liked the story so much, and as with other reviewers - it wasn't all that comical, there were really some heavy issues presented within the context of this book. But, at the end of the day, I didn't want to put it down and I was curious to see how all these imperfect people with imperfect actions were going to come around to reconcile with one another all that had taken place. Impressively, by the end, everyone has reconciled each others actions and continue to live in p [...]

    25. I love this book! It was definitely a 'couldn't put it down' book for me! And I crieda lot. And I laugheda lot. The writing was witty and excellent. The character development was excellentI actually feel like I have a new group of friends, but I'm missing them terribly! I just loved, loved the story line and the emotion and the agony and the joyl of it!For the more sensitive readerme swearing with less than a dozen extreme wordsat was my only complaint. Love scenes were either short with no deta [...]

    26. This book was NOT what I was expecting. I loved the beginning and was completely blind sided by the events that followed. I laughed, but not as much as I thought I would. This was defiantly not a romantic comedy. At times I got really emotional, especially when some of the heavier issues came up. I felt betrayed by the male characters. The story completely sucked me in. I'm not sure how I felt about the ending but it's hard not to give a good review to a book I stayed up till 3 am to finish. I w [...]

    27. I'm not exactly sure how to rate/review this book. I enjoyed it for the most part and I did find it humorous. However, there is something obnoxious about it. It leaves you hanging for some important piece of the puzzle and then when it gives it to you, there is another thing you have to wait for. Like I said, very hard to explain. I will most likely never read this again. The characters were likeable/relateable and I couldn't put this book down because I had to know what was going to happen next [...]

    28. Another great adult contemporary fairy tallethis is the second book I've read by Elle Lothlorien and I loved it. loved the references to the fairy tale yet not being that fairy tale but completely different and so much more interesting. loved the characters, the romances, the mystery, the twists and turns. I could not put this book down because I had to know what happened next and if our sleeping beauty would be ok. highly recommend this book. moving on to her 3rd book now.

    29. This book for some reason was a tough one for me to get through. I put it down a few times read other books and finally came back to finish this one. I did enjoy the story line but sometimes there were a few to many characters to keep them all straight. Also It was suppose to be a suspense/comedy but it was a very suspenseful without the comedy. I guess it wouldn't be my usual read but I'm glad I did read it and will check out the other book by this author.

    30. Wow. I just couldn't put this book down! I literally stayed up until 4 in the morning to finish reading the book, having simply picked it up when I went to bed many hours earlier, hoping it would help me fall asleep. There were certainly "predictable" parts, where I knew long before something was confirmed in the book, but nothing that detracted from the overall appeal the book had. Loved it! Make sure you read the Afterword, too. It made me laugh a little :)

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