Dead Angler Retired dentist Paul Osborne hasn t fly fished since his wife died He hasn t had a woman tell him what to do since then either But in the company of Lewellyn Ferris he s relearning both And when he a

  • Title: Dead Angler
  • Author: Victoria Houston
  • ISBN: 9781440531439
  • Page: 170
  • Format: ebook
  • Retired dentist Paul Osborne hasn t fly fished since his wife died He hasn t had a woman tell him what to do since then either But in the company of Lewellyn Ferris, he s relearning both And when he and his lady instructor find a well dressed body floating in the moonlight, Paul adds deputy to his list of experiencesWhether the death is accidental or accidentallyRetired dentist Paul Osborne hasn t fly fished since his wife died He hasn t had a woman tell him what to do since then either But in the company of Lewellyn Ferris, he s relearning both And when he and his lady instructor find a well dressed body floating in the moonlight, Paul adds deputy to his list of experiencesWhether the death is accidental or accidentally on purpose Lewellyn is determined to reel in the truth She enlists Pail and his walleye expert buddy, Ray, to help her get to the bottom of the murky mystery Whoever thought small town retirement could be this dangerous

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    One thought on “Dead Angler”

    1. This is a warm and friendly cozy-leaning mystery which takes place in Loon Lake, Wisconsin. Those who love to fish, either "dancing the fly" or musky fishing, will certainly have fun reading this very good mystery with lots of Wisconsin atmosphere. While it is not necessary to be much of a fisherman to like this series, enthusiasts will probably enjoy it more than others.Loon Lake is the kind of town where the local MacDonald's isn't just a place to meet in the morning for coffee, but a clearing [...]

    2. First Sentence: Dr. Osborne struggled for balance in the waist-high waters of the roiling Prairie RiverRetired dentist and widower Doc Osborn decides to rekindle his love of fly fishing with the help of fishing instructor, and town sheriff, “Lew” Ferris. What they don’t expect to find is the body of a well-dressed woman who has had all her dental fillings removed. Enlisting Doc, and his friend Roy, to help, Lew is determined to find the killer.Houston perfectly describes fly fishing and th [...]

    3. More Local Flavor Than a Friday Night Fish FryThis is the first story I’ve read by Northwoods author, Victoria Houston. Reading it while surrounded by the settings she so colorfully and accurately describes added to my enjoyment of the experience. It’s a themed murder mystery that anyone with a remote interest in fishing—particularly fly-fishing—will savor for the knowledgeable references to the sport and those who participate in it.The main characters are very well drawn and highly lika [...]

    4. I loved this book! It will never make it to the New York Times Best Seller List but it is just a FUN summer read! In fact, I am reading the entire series. My fishing family is getting quite impressed by my new-found fishing knowledge!

    5. I got this for free on my Kindle. The writing is terrible and the story is dumb. Even in a small town, the chief of police wouldn't let a retired dentist walk on to a murder investigation and act as medical examiner. Are you kidding me? I'd love to be the lawyer acting for the defence on this one. And please, can she write LOON LAKE a few thousand more times? I'm not sure that I quite understood that this was in LOON LAKE, and that LOON LAKE was a small town, and LOON LAKE, LOON LAKE, LOON LAKE. [...]

    6. Add this to my burgeoning list of "hobby" mysteries. Houston's been writing these fly-fishing mysteries for a decade now: what took me so long? Female police chief for small resort town, retired, recovering-alcoholic dentist, and free-wheeling grave digger: what a team! I enjoyed the camaraderie, the fishing details, and the little touches that added depth. Much the same mood as a Diane Mott Davidson--but people are fishing instead of cooking. Very boomerish!

    7. A fun to read muder mystery set in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I enjoyed reading about the location, because the author captured it so well. A little predictable but not the whole plot.Recommended to me by Jane. I'll probably come back to this author.

    8. This book was slow to start. I even put it down, read two other books and then picked it back up again, since it was there.I have to admit: It was not the books fault! I had the wrong attitude when I first picked it up. Once I found the books "voice" it all fell into place and I started loving every minute of it. I could not put it down.I could hear the Minnesota accent of the characters. It made them more "real" , more believable, sweeter. I do have to say there were rather lots of mistakes in [...]

    9. First book in the series; first book read by the author. I will be honest and say this was a book I could not finish. Found the characters irritating, the swearing as well as the time in a bar/strip club was unnecessary. Glimmer of hope in the forensics/dental information. Please write more about fishing or an actual mystery.

    10. I really liked this book! I live in WI and it made me feel like I am in the book and these characters are my neighbors. I have friends, family and neighbors that talk like that and think.

    11. Dr. Paul Osborne is a dentist in Loon Lake, Wisconsin, a small town that supports itself on the spending habits of tourists who love to fish and on the wages from a paper mill. Taking early retirement from his practice, Osborne had intended to spend his golden years occupied with his most enjoyable hobbies, hunting and fishing. It had not been his intention to become, without warning, a widower. And after his wife’s death, steeped in grief, he became a flaming alcoholic.Now the grief that sent [...]

    12. I heard the author do a presentation about her mystery series several years ago at a local book festival. Then I picked up the Kindle edition of this story a year or so ago when it was a freebie. I finally read it when it was chosen for a summer mystery book group.It was an enjoyable read. The small town Wisconsin setting seemed quite authentic from the older guys hanging out at McDonald's at breakfast time to the just-out-of-town strip club. I'd be interested in knowing whether there still are [...]

    13. Weird that a vegan even tried this book, I knowbut I believe people are more than their actionsloved the descriptions of nature and had some funny bits, but I really did not like the overall storyor the endinghard to say more without giving anything awayt that I recommend reading it.

    14. It is so annoying when proof readers and editors let sloppy work get by. It always distracts from the story. And even worse, for this book, the story was not riveting. It was ok, but I sure will not be in a hurry to read any more of the series.

    15. Surprisingly good! I got this book free back in 2012 and I wish I would have given it a try sooner. Interesting characters, good story line. Hopefully, book 2 will be just as good.

    16. I would not normally have chosen a book with a fishing theme, but this one fits the clues in a Good Reads Cozy Mystery challenge, and I really enjoyed the characters.

    17. New author to me, and a quick read. Enjoyed the interplay between characters and was surprised by some events.

    18. Dead Angler is the first book in the Loon Lake Fishing Mystery. The new book that is coming out soon is Dead Insider. I received Dead Insider to read and review and as I was looking for a little information from it I found that Last year I had gotten Dead Angler. So I decided to read the first book first.I enjoyed Dead Angler. I like the characters in it and look forward to reading Dead Insider next to see what is going on in Loon Lake now. The suspense of the murder kept me guessing.Paul Osborn [...]

    19. Generally, I am not a fan of Mafia type stories, either movies or books but I was interested in how Joe Pistone was able to fool the mob guys for so long. Also, a big factor was my son urged me to read it and he is usually spot on in recommending books for me to read. The reason I shy away from these books and movies is that they so often glamorize what is being done or they portray the mob members as totally imbecilic and full of self loathing bravado always trying to prove that they are better [...]

    20. At the beginning of the book a dead body is found. At the time no one recognized the female although judging by the way she was dressed, she was an angler. Then the rest of the story is about who she is, how she died, and if she was murdered then who did it and why.I really found the book a little on the hard side to stay interested in. Maybe I am not into these murder mysteries as much as I thought or because I never went fly fishing in my life. I really can't say but I found it had too much ta [...]

    21. Overall, I liked the book. It was well paced and kept my interest. The little love interest hinted at didn't get in the way of rest of the story at all. The characters were pretty well developed and colorful.There were a few anachronisms that bothered me. The first was that Lew Ferris is Chief of Police, but she has a "deputy" and is apparently responsible for calls out in the county. I'm not familiar with the way Wisconsin deals with Sheriff/Police departments, but that seems more like somethin [...]

    22. I have really enjoyed this series. I wasn't too sure at first if I would. First of all the main character is a man and he's in his 60's! It also has a lot of fishing in it, and Doc is an ex dentist. I have a dentist phobia. In spite of all that it is still a great series. This is a much slower paced, relaxing sort of read than I usually do. This is a curl up in a chair with a good fire and enjoy a nice crime mystery sort of thing. The fact that it takes place in northern Wisconsin and I recogniz [...]

    23. This book had an unusual main character – a retired dentist. He teams up with the sheriff/police chief who is a middle-aged woman. Both characters are interesting and have back stories that are shown throughout the story. There are some quirky characters, too, which is good for secondary characters. The plot was believable and workable. I didn’t see the ending coming until very close to the end. There were several subplots, too.This is the first in a several book series about the dentist and [...]

    24. I first met the folks at Loon Lake several years ago and was quite pleased to find Victoria Houston's second book on a Kindle Fire list.Retired dentist Doc Osborne catches more than a fish when he goes fly fishing with the new sheriff Chief Lewellyn "Lew" Ferris - the body of Meredith Marshall. Lew deputizes Doc to help with the investigation, and his quirky friend Ray joins in the hunt for Meredith's killer. The homicide story line has numerous twists and turns which make the book extremely enj [...]

    25. I got this free on for my Kindle. I really enjoyed it. It's different for me with part of the mystery being focused in an area where fishing is a way of life beyond simple recreation. I haven't fished since I was a kid, almost makes me wish I knew how to fly fish. It always has an elegant look to it. I loved that every character is over 40. The main character, an over-60, widowed, retired, dentist, is an unlikly hero type. The added fact that he has a bit of a crush on the female police chief t [...]

    26. What makes this book so enjoyable? The characters! Paul, a retired, recently widowed dentist, teams up with middle-aged Lew, the small-town, female police chief, to solve a murder mystery. Enter Paul's quirky neighbor and friend Ray, a fishing guide and grave digger, who is not afraid to bend the rules, and you have an unusual trio with quite the camaraderie! Throw the neighbors, suspects, and other supporting characters into the mix, and you have a true lineup of extraordinary personalities.The [...]

    27. I enjoyed this mystery very much. Normally mystery series suffer from too much character description or overwhelming detail of a surroundings or hobbies, or whatever the hook is, but these characters felt very genuine and motivated by real situations. The mystery itself was not hard or surprising to fathom, but was a good background to getting to know the main cast of characters. I am not a fly-fishing enthusiast, but the author refrained from providing too much information and making it boring. [...]

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