Cheyenne Murder romance secrets and hidden pasts Deception from every angle who s telling the truth Cheyenne Wilson s life is thrown into turmoil after her adoptive parents are killed in an accident With onl

  • Title: Cheyenne
  • Author: Lisa L. Wiedmeier
  • ISBN: 9780983905202
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • Murder, romance, secrets and hidden pasts Deception from every angle who s telling the truth Cheyenne Wilson s life is thrown into turmoil after her adoptive parents are killed in an accident With only her best friend Colt to comfort her, she scours through the family archives, hoping to quell her grief Instead she begins to unravel the mystery behind her birth parents,Murder, romance, secrets and hidden pasts Deception from every angle who s telling the truth Cheyenne Wilson s life is thrown into turmoil after her adoptive parents are killed in an accident With only her best friend Colt to comfort her, she scours through the family archives, hoping to quell her grief Instead she begins to unravel the mystery behind her birth parents, and her secret heritage She is a Timeless a being that ages one year for every hundred human years when they reach their twenties and of the royal line, destined to gain great power.But Cheyenne has other problems The ones who killed her parents want her too, and Colt is hiding something of his own Surrounded by danger and with few she can trust, Cheyenne must face the dark truth of her past, and choose between a forbidden love that will forever hold her heart, or her destiny

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      247 Lisa L. Wiedmeier
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    One thought on “Cheyenne”

    1. Sometimes free books can disappoint you…. But let me tell you, this one DEFINITELY DOES NOT! I liked it a lot, and the only reason I rated it 4 stars is because it left me wanting more, and the next book is not to be released for another month! Can I wait that long? Well, I don’t have a choice, do I?Cheyenne’s adoptive parents die in a vehicular accident and her BFF, Colt isn’t there to comfort her as he usually is; and there’s a reason for that, but once he come back he does what he d [...]

    2. I'M IN LOVE WITH CALLON!!!!!!!!!!!!.Sorry. Just had to get that out :P I got this book free for kindle, and like all free books I went in not expecting that much. But I was pleasently suprised! The "timeless" concept was not something I had come across before so I found it quite interesting.I really liked the protagonist Cheyenne (minus the weird name which I have no idea how you even pronounce) she was determinded and strong and didn't act like a damsal in distress, holding her own. I liked all [...]

    3. This was in my top 5 reads of 2012. The characters were so intriguing and the storyline was unique in a Ebook world flooded with paranormal fiction (not that I'm complaining). I thought that Cheyenne's relationship with Colt couldn't be surpassed, then Callon comes on the scene. Couldn't wait to continue reading the series.2016: this is about my fifth read of this book. It doesn't quite hold the same excitement when I know how the story turns out in the long run, and the fact I was disappointed [...]

    4. 2 stars - Freebie!Brace yourself for one - by my standards - long-ass, not so nice review. No idea how this happened, guess I'm in a chatty mood today. I've kept this review pretty much spoiler free, though, admittedly, there wasn't much to spoil in the first place.You know, up until a day ago, I could never understand what people were trying to tell me when they said a story was suffering from the 'no showing, just telling' syndrome. I would always be like: 'Duh, you're reading a book, not wat [...]

    5. Someone tell me why this book has 4 stars. Only I know what torture it was to read this. The main character, Cheyenne, was the most stupid character ever. The author tried so hard to make her sound all mature n conniving, but failed miserably. So two guys are touching her n kissing her through out the day while she kidnapped n she's cool with it. She has no feeling, I mean no " love" feelings for the other guy but she lets him molest her because he's her best friend n "protector". She decided sh [...]

    6. I have been waiting to finish this book for a little bit, ready to write the review because I already knew this book was going to be a struggle. I had to drag myself through it. But, let me break it down like I usually do, then I'll get into what I liked and didn't like.Story WorldIt starts off in a contemporary setting. Nothing seems odd. Cheyenne is washing her car with her best friend, Colt. They're hanging out before she goes on a camping trip with her adoptive parents. Colt leaves, saying h [...]

    7. Okay, so I had to post this review because I could not believe this book has a 4 star rating. No, I mean I literally didn't believe it. I thought I had the wrong book, I wen't back and double checked like five times. All I have to say to that is: WHAT! WHY? Seriously????Moving on, I will admit to you guys that I really only read the first two/thirds of the book and skim read the last third. I wish I could say that I'm one of those people who prides themselves on finishing a book if they start it [...]

    8. I got this ebook free on , and I had high hopes for it because of the glowing reviews both here and on . I really wanted to like this book, but had a hard time getting all the way through it.Cheyenne is a girl just coming into womanhood, trapped between two worlds. On the one hand, there is her childhood love, a man connecting her to her past life and her now passed on adoptive parents. On the other hand, there is her love's brother, and the world she knows nothing about, but in which she discov [...]

    9. I loved this book and am dying because the next one isn't due out for another month at least. Plus, there are going to be a bunch of them and I really hate waiting to continue the story! (Harry Potter anyone?) This is a captivating story because it involves so many great things like mystery, suspense, fantasy, coming of age aspects, romance. It has it all. Plus, it was very clean. A little kissing and a handful of mild expletives but nothing that made me feel uncomfortable. I'll be anxiously awa [...]

    10. I enjoyed this story and even though I classified it as a ya book I'm not sure I want my teenage daughter reading it. Lots of sexual overtones. I get why a teen girl would like it though - the angst of two guys fighting over you and being perfectly gentlemanly while doing it would be enticing to any young girl. For me the reveal, or big secret, came waaaayyyy too late in the book and there is lots of redundancy. But all in all I'm probably going to continue reading because I want to know what ha [...]

    11. I loved it! The only disappointment is that the next book is not available yet. I cannot wait to read the entire series to see how Cheyenne's destiny unfolds and where her heart leads her.

    12. Read the full review at Witchmag's BoekenplankTo be honest? I was a bit disappointed with this book. When you read it, you can see between the lines how much potential this book has, but it’s not expressed in the story. Every time there’s an impressive build up, my feelings of angst / excitement, ooze away before the bang, the conclusion. Or the situation is handled in such a way that it left me hanging, unsatisfied. Therefore, I had to put this book away, repeatedly. But I managed to persev [...]

    13. Hea y'all I finished reading Cheyenne by Lisa Wiedmeier and you know this book was really a refreshing read! The striking cover will fool most onlookers into thinking this is a strictly romance novel but I am here to tell you it is so much more than that. I really liked this book it sucked me in from chapter one where your presented with Cheyenne a girl who has had a close to normal life with her parents, her only complaints were the constant moving which inhibited her from making friends but no [...]

    14. I started out reading this book just because I downloaded it along with many others that caught my eye, kind of as a last-resort book. I'm glad I started it. I was intrigued from the beginning. It started out strong and didn't falter in its intensity. Cheyenne is a strong female character that makes you want to be her friend as well as protect her at all costs. The relationship she has with Colt is amusing and sweet to read. But the connection she has with Callon is intense with mystery. I could [...]

    15. I have to say there are things I liked about this book (the chemistry and romance and Colt primarily, Callon was an okay second best but my heart was with Colt); but there were a lot of things I wasn't quite meshing with. And, yet, I was thankful for the two chapters of book two to go on. I'm left wanting to know what happens in the end with the tribes and spoiler alert - if Cheyenne is once again infected from the claw of the Tresez - but mostly, because I want to know if she ends up with Colt [...]

    16. I am in love! It is not very often I read a novel I can't put down. Cheyenne is a story about an eighteen year old girl whose life is more important than she ever dreamed. When school ends for Cheyenne, her best friend, Colt, along with two others kidnap her. Now, in their defense it's for her own safety. But this is not to her liking. Having just lost her adoptive parents she must now begin to discover just who, or what, she is. But with Colt, Callon, and Daniel being so cryptic and holding her [...]

    17. Frozen in time, the world could have ended and I wouldn't have noticed. Well maybe that's an overstatement, but I didn't notice the laundry or dishes and barely took time to feed my kids while I was wrapped up in Cheyenne's story. I connected with her right from the start and was completely immersed in her journey. Not knowing anything of the book prior to reading it (not description, genre, author, ratings or reviews), i was completely entertained by what was seemingly a youth romance in the be [...]

    18. Before I read this story, I was never that much into YA Romance. But this story has warmly welcomed me into the genre! Following the trials and tribulations of Cheyenne as she is thrown into a world she never knew existed after the death of her parents, this story will grab you by the throat and not let go. The characterization is excellent- you really do feel as if you are living and breathing Cheyenne's life, and are watching the story beside her. The cast of characters are interesting and fun [...]

    19. i got a little bit past page 100 and i wanted to shoot myself i really wanted to like this book because the idea of the story sounded interesting but cheyenne the main girl character she was like bella except she was more whiny and accident prone who wants to be around someone who cries all of the time? and had i know that this was going to be a love triangle i would not have even started this book in the first place i HATE HATE love triangles. yuck someone who can't make up her mind and finds s [...]

    20. I really wanted to like this book for a few reasons, but I just can't do it. As soon as I got a whiff of (pardon my French) YA love triangle bullshit, my interest completely evaporated. I feel like Cheyenne was working hard to tell me how interested she was in Colt, so I was actually looking forward to see a nice relationship progress. Then she's suddenly going weird and sexy-flirty with the new guy who's basically a jerk, and I gave up.And what was up with that scene with the laptop in the truc [...]

    21. It was a unique story with an original idea, I loved it. I couldn't put it down.I did have a little confusion as the different clans where being explained, but it did get easier to understand as I went along. So this very well could have just been me, and not a fault of the author. I loved the characters, and felt myself rooting for Cheyenne, laughing out loud, and feeling her heartbreak. A few scenes felt a little over-the-top, but overall it was a great read, and I felt myself wanting to know [...]

    22. So I got the first book in this series as a free book and tore through it in about 2 days. It's your typical story about someone who has a destiny mingled with a love story. There were certain times when I thought "I'm really reading a teen book right now" because it was reminiscent of some others I've read before. I'd prefer if the overwhelming emotions and angst didn't run rampant through Young Adult novels, but I also realize it sells.I'm invested in these characters now, so I'm currently awa [...]

    23. This was a free read. I totally got sucked in looking forward to the next book. This book is totally YA, but love the sci-fi in it. It may be marked YA some where and I missed it, but I wouldn't have downloaded it if I would have known just because they are so hit and miss with me. The author did a wonderful job creating and building this Timeless race. I'm looking forward to learning more about them. Of course I need to find out what happens with Cheyenne too, and Callon, and Colt

    24. This is a wonderful paranormal romance, one of the best that I have read.Lisa's characterisation of the main character is thoughtful, and you are instantly drawn into the circumstances in which Cheyenne finds herself.Descriptions and emotions flow as you read further.I read this in two days flat - I just couldn't put it down - and if I had to make a complaint it is simply that I cannot wait for the next one. Having read it well over a month ago now, I am still itching to find out what happens ne [...]

    25. This book is basically about a girl who can't decide between two guys, oh yeah and they have powers and people are after them. It seemed to drag on so much that I skimmed sections. It seemed very repetitive, with not a lot happening. They travelled here they travelled there. They were in danger then they were not. She became angry at the guys and then they became angry at each other. It was just a frustrating read. I cared nothing about the characters, and by the end decided that she should have [...]

    26. It was good not great just good. I love Daniel because he's such the adorable typical brother character. I loved that the horses were a constant and the connection she has with Mandi. I liked Cheyenne as a stubborn protagonist but I didn't like how she was really wishy washy one page she would be like I'm gonna defy the guys and get answers and the next she wouldn't even remember she made that promise to herself. I hated the love triangle and how rushed the last chapter (26) was.

    27. I felt like I was in high school again dealing with the dramas that tend to unfold-only the dramas here are much much more intense! I couldn't wait to see what the next page would unfold and reveal. The writing style truly takes you in.

    28. First off, the cover of this book is brilliant. It really helps the reader picture the character and her rings. There is a good mix of chaos, fairytale, and a live-triangle in this story. I look forward to finding out more about the Timeless.

    29. Awesome! i usually dont like books that are more romance than action but wow, I loved this one. When i grow up, i want to be just like Cheyenne.

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