The Foul Mouth and the Fanged Lady King Henry Price is fourteen he loves everything he s not supposed to and hates everything he s supposed to One day after his usual hour of detention he comes home to find an enigmatic woman named Ce

  • Title: The Foul Mouth and the Fanged Lady
  • Author: Richard Raley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • King Henry Price is fourteen, he loves everything he s not supposed to and hates everything he s supposed to One day after his usual hour of detention he comes home to find an enigmatic woman named Ceinwyn Dale sitting in his kitchen, telling his parents lies about a special reform school What she tells King Henry is different, she tells him he s a mancer, a Geomancer toKing Henry Price is fourteen, he loves everything he s not supposed to and hates everything he s supposed to One day after his usual hour of detention he comes home to find an enigmatic woman named Ceinwyn Dale sitting in his kitchen, telling his parents lies about a special reform school What she tells King Henry is different, she tells him he s a mancer, a Geomancer to be exact, that he s special, one in million maybe She sure ain t a fairy giant and King Henry sure as hell ain t Harry Potter, but why not Got to be better than the life he s already got.King Henry Price is twenty two, a recent graduate of the Asylum as an Artificer With the special ability to create lasting items of the Mancy, he s spurned the Artificer s Guild and struck out on his own to found an Artificer workshop looking to do things his way One night, a vampire baroness claiming she s named Anne Boleyn walks into his shop, telling King Henry he s going to help her, and she s not taking no for an answer King Henry is pretty sure the whole name thing is just a joke, but only pretty sure

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    One thought on “The Foul Mouth and the Fanged Lady”

    1. I laughed my ass of with this one!Not perfect, but then again very few things are.Definitely recommended for those who don't mind a little colorful language!

    2. When I first started reading this book, I was expecting some light-hearted fun, and lots of cussing. It turned out to be a lot of fun with pretty deep stuff like mental illness, addiction, abandonment issues, etc. mixed in, and lots of cussing. I liked it. You get this kid in a difficult situation, trying to make the best of it in a way that makes him feel good about himself as well, and you see him talking as an adult, too. These jumps back and forth in the story could be annoying, but it worke [...]

    3. This book is a cross between Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series and Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. Witty, vulgar, inventive,and well-written. I loved every second of this book because King Henry Price is a lovable, foul-mouthed kid/man that finds he has special powers which are Raley's version of midichlorians called anima. It takes the best concepts of fantasy and brings it to an urban setting flawlessly: vampires, all forms of mancy (pyro,necro, etc). It was jarring at first to jump between pr [...]

    4. 1.5 starsNot for me. I was intrigued by the premise, and I really enjoyed the back and forth nature, where the narrator tells readers about his life at 14 and then switches to his current life, but the language and humor isn't my style. King Henry Price has had a difficult life, and I understand the angst and hatred he carries, but his obsession with sex, the middle finger, and words for certain body parts put me off of the story as a whole. I think it's well written, and the characterization is [...]

    5. This is the story of Prince Henry and how he was chosen to go to school at the asylum. Prince Henry is a loner but he is a person that has determination and a mind of his own. Even though his mouth gets him in trouble he always makes the best out of a bad situation. This book had me laughing just for this reason. The book is filled with colorful language that makes you laugh. If you don't like foul language and read the book don't say I didn't warn you.

    6. Fun bookFun book. A interesting new twist on the idea of vampires. I kind of wish i had gotten this on audio, since it is written as audio tapes being recoeded. I will definitely be getting the next book in the series.

    7. Fantastic Story!An interesting take on magic. King Henry is a character you can't help but like and root for. Filled with real life grit, action and humor. Read this story. I just bought the whole series.

    8. The Good Okay, before we get to the nitty gritty, let me just tell you what Raley's elevator pitch is for his book: Harry Potter meets Pulp Fiction. So, you can say my mind was officially blown from that little statement. How the heck can a book be the combination of these two totally opposite films/books? Well, Raley did the impossible because I can't think of a better statement that sums up this book. The Foul Mouth and the Fanged Lady is now all cozy in my shelf of the top ten favorite books [...]

    9. Foul Mouthed, Hilarious FunI really enjoyed this book. Usually I have issues with non contiguous storylines, often they break up reader immersion, but once you get past the first few flip-flops, the reasoning behind it starts paying off. I'd like to recommend it to anyone; it really is a very good book. However, if you have issues with vulgarities or crass language, you might want to pass. You'll be missing out on a great presentation of how a troubled youth finds his way in the world.

    10. Review posted here: offbeatvagabond/2012/04/indie-book-review-foul-mouth-and-fangedml The Foul Mouth and the Fanged Lady is about a fourteen year old kid named King Henry Price. Oh, I know. And just like the original King Henry, this King Henry has quite the rep. He curses so much he puts sailors to shame, acts like a dog in heat when it comes to girls and steals anything he can fit in his backpack. King Henry and his family get a visit from a woman named Ceinwyn Dale. She tells his parents abou [...]

    11. I was skeptical at first to read this kind of book, but once I started reading, I really got into it. First off, this was the first book I read where it takes you into different time periods of someone and the person is recording the story. You learned about the main character, King Henry Price (Yesat's his name) from his 14 year old self and then at 22 years old. At 14 years old you found out how Henry's life is with his parents and when he met Ceinwyn Dale who happened to be tracking Mancers t [...]

    12. Boy, did I ever like The Foul Mouth and the Fanged Lady. A few months back, I went on a Bookbub binge, and this was one of the cheap or free purchases I had sitting around on my Kobo. Sometimes they turn out all right--especially since Bookbub is known for its quality--and sometimes they don't. This one, well, they did a good job.Poor fourteen-year-old King Henry and his foul mouth. He's such a little shithead that I couldn't help loving him. The kid doesn't have much chance not getting picked o [...]

    13. My rating: 4.5 out of 5 starsThe Foul Mouth and the Fanged Lady - the first book in the King Henry Tapes series by Richard Raley is the story about a geomancer named King Henry Price. Yeah, you have to love that name! I wanted to sing 'Henry the Eighth I am" right away The story is told in first person and in 'tape sessions'. I still remember making tapes for my aunt living overseas instead of writing letters but I guess I remember that, because I'm kinda OLD. Of course today you would video-cha [...]

    14. I loved this book. It took forever to get it finished as I was doing a buddy read. Never Again.The Foul Mouth is King Henry Price. Yes, his name is King Henry. He is a geomancer. The mancy is quite different from the magic of wizards and mages in that the mancers are human. King Henry is growing up in a trailer park when he is discovered. He is invited to go to a special school for children with the gift. He doesn't really understand what he is but he knows something is different. First problem [...]

    15. Frankly, I cannot imagine this being a popular series.Yet, I find it is terrific.I'm stunned at how much I like this book.King Henry Price. Angry Young Man. He has a decent family.falling apart. School bores him to tearsd it shows in his grades. His older sisters have run away from home.King Henry Price has many vices and one small pleasure, getting into fights with bullies. King Henry is headed nowhere fast and at 14, even he knows that he's going to end up in a bad place.But the story suddenly [...]

    16. King Henry Price is fourteen, he loves everything he's not supposed to and hates everything he's supposed to. One day after his usual hour of detention he comes home to find an enigmatic woman named Ceinwyn Dale sitting in his kitchen, telling his parents lies about a special reform school. What she tells King Henry is different, she tells him he’s a mancer, a Geomancer to be exact, that he’s special, one in million maybe. She sure ain’t a fairy giant and King Henry sure as hell ain’t Ha [...]

    17. If you’re looking for a FANSTATIC novel to read, look no further because The Foul Mouth and the Fanged Lady by Richard Raley is one that you will never be able to put down! Personally, I have never been a fan of vampire and fantasy books, but this one was far beyond any I have ever read. It wasn’t your average “Twilight, sparkly, romance” story, which, in my opinion was a good thing LOL The book jumps back and forth between King Henry Prince, the main character’s, life as a troubled fo [...]

    18. Creative yet Vulgar Tale that's Imaginative and Action-Packed If curse words make you pass on books, then go no further, there are more F-bombs in the first chapters then I have ever seen in a single publication. If they're fine, then seriously think about reading the book. King Henry Price has all the requirements of a great protagonist: he is tortured by his past, has Mommy issues, loves to get into fights and he has a crude yet effective way with women. He is a loner by experience, is loyal t [...]

    19. I liked this book. But I feel like it's for the wrong(?) reasons.So our main character, King Henry, has been beaten down his entire life, but he doesn't just take hits, he dishes them out as well. So he's been fighting against the world from the get go. But guess what? A mysterious stranger comes and tells him that he's special and that he gets to leave behind his miserable life into a whole new magical one. But wait, he's not just normal special, he's ultra special. So special he's the only one [...]

    20. For anybody who thought that Harry Potter was a little bit too socially well-adjusted for a kid who survived childhood abuse and neglectr anyone who enjoys pulp, noir, urban fantasy, and a dash of science fiction here and therer anybody who has ever enjoyed Fullmetal Alchemist, the Firebirds anthologies, or the Bordertown anthologiesyou NEED to pick up this book. Okay, yeah, there are some typos in a few places, and frankly that isn't such a big deal, and it shouldn't be for most of us. Take the [...]

    21. Oh yeah, that's the ticket.This is urban fantasy for men.Picture Harry Dresden as a foul mouthed, ornery, SHORT, wizard with very specific powersd those powers aren't really always that useful. A teenager who likes to get into a fight almost as much as he likes sex. Don't get me wrong, there are no graphic sex acts in this book - plenty of cursing, but no sex.There is also a new system of magic and a new type of 'vampire'. Even the weres are different, although they don't make an appearance.Best [...]

    22. The titular character earns his nickname of Foul Mouth, but it felt natural and not gimmicky in the least. Kind of like watching Good Will Hunting, you have a foul little cuss of a man who has been kicked around, maybe a bit too much, by life and has responded by pulling himself up, cussing life out, punching life square in the nuts and getting on with things regardless and eventually makes something quite respectable of himself. The story, like it's leading man, has a lot of heart and warmth hi [...]

    23. I was wondering what to read while lamenting that there wasn't a new Harry Dresden novel coming out by Jim Butcher. A fellow Dresden fan suggested this and it was free on kindle so I gave it a chance. Funny because I was also reading "bringing up the bodies" with King Henry the 8th and Anne Boleyn and here they were again although in different guises. If you are easily offended by foul language then this book is not for you. I loved it however and see that I will be spending money on the rest of [...]

    24. I was recommended this novel by a facebook fan. It's not for everyone. It's horror/fantasy/urban fantasy and how to describe it would be to say, "A horny Harry Potter meets Quenton Tarantino." King Harry Price is the kid of the piece and he's not very nice. He gets recruited for a special school and away he goes. But it's not Hogwarts.Pros: humor is great, the writing is fresh, the author doesn't subscribe to all the rules. Cons: the timing skips around in the beginning, hopping from King Harry' [...]

    25. A modern day fantasy. I found this book and the next two in the King Henry Tales entirely entertaining, so much so that I read them back-to-back. OBYW King his the protagonist's name, not his title. The novels switch between flashback chapters of King Henry's school experiences and chapters set in the 'current' period of his life. Rife with adventures with the magically gifted, spirits and of course the vampire. Very well conceived and written, plus a good editing job.My Rating SystemMy rating s [...]

    26. This was very slow going, even when the going got going. I liked the world building of the book. It was intriguing on the different magics, and the different view on vampires. The format didn't suck either. He's telling his life to a tape recorder so there's a lot of jumping around between time periods and the reader doesn't ever really get the whole story. I liked being able to read between the lines but at the same time it made it harder to read on those nights I wanted something easy and fluf [...]

    27. So much delicious snarkKing Henry, thanks to his not-right- in-the-head-but-it's-not-her-fault, mom, has to record some tapes. He's out to explain how he got from his troubled white trash youth to his still troubled, less white trash and now Mancy powered adulthood. When you are a one in a thousand magic talent in the world, you get found and trained . Hopefully, before the madness sets in. The King Henry Tapes is a journey of crass snark and a tiny dose of humanity. Historical (maybe) vampires, [...]

    28. Downloaded this book during a free promotion because the title intrigued me; what a fun book to read. It's written in a form of taped sessions by the main character, King Henry Price. Chapters shift between 14 year old and 21 year old KHP and follow his adventures from a boy who lies, steals and fights to a young main trained by a school for gifted 'Mancers' who still likes to lie, steal and fight. Funny, Irreverent and definitely worth reading.One reviewer describes it as 'Harry Potter meets Pu [...]

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