Treks Not Taken Parody The Final Frontier Now you can cruise the most hilarious sector of the space time continuum with this collection of twenty Star Trek The Next Generation episodes not by the leading lights of t

  • Title: Treks Not Taken
  • Author: Steven R. Boyett
  • ISBN: 9780060952761
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • Parody The Final Frontier Now you can cruise the most hilarious sector of the space time continuum, with this collection of twenty Star Trek The Next Generation episodes not by the leading lights of the Western literary tradition James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Jackie CollinsSteven Boyett transports you into the sort of alternative universes and avid reader or TrekkerParody The Final Frontier Now you can cruise the most hilarious sector of the space time continuum, with this collection of twenty Star Trek The Next Generation episodes not by the leading lights of the Western literary tradition James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Jackie CollinsSteven Boyett transports you into the sort of alternative universes and avid reader or Trekker would love a Clancy like realm where the Enterprise crew mobilizes to fix Captain Picard s broken watcha Heller esque domain where you can only get out of Starfleet if you re crazy and, if you want to get out of Starfleet, you re clearly not crazya Collins ish netherworld where Counselor Demanda Troi sleeps and shops her way around the galaxya Melvillean place where Moby Trek lies in waitd many .Boldly go where no one has gone before with this stellar combination of high art and high comedy.

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    One thought on “Treks Not Taken”

    1. As both a trekkie and literary nerd, this was a great collection to round out the year for me. The authors did a great job mimicking/paying homage to the styles of the writers in a way that was generally pretty funny and though the stories themselves weren’t the greatest, it was entertaining. Yet the plots were either scarcely there or forced to fit their style and while I understand the characters were caricatures, it was repetitive and derivative to see playboy Riker and sexy Troi and etc. i [...]

    2. This book has some hilarious parodies of many famous writers. You need to be both a Trek nerd and a literary nerd to appreciate the genius. Some of the parodies are spot on, although the quality is uneven. There is not much plot, he concentrates on capturing the styles. Some are utterly hilarious. My favorite was the totally sophomoric bad taste humor in "Lady Fed". Crusher In The Rye is one of the best. "He was in his ready room drinking that totally pretentious Earl Grey tea, like it and his E [...]

    3. In my creative writing course my freshman year in college, our assignment was to write a parody. When mine came back, my professor had written, "You imitate Mark Twain's writing style very well, but the problem here is lack of plot." True also of these stories.Normally I would not have finished such a disgusting collection of disrespectful puerile testosterone-laced sexual fantasies, but TR had read it and was waiting excitedly for my commentary. I'm sure he did enjoy itrt of what I love about h [...]

    4. A witty idea, and the short stories are very quick little vignettes. On the whole though, this wasn’t terribly satisfying. You understand the joke from the cover, reading the stories is a little pointless, and the writing can be fairly weak. More fun was skipping the title page and trying to guess the author being parodied by the short story. I do love books about books, so at the end of the day this 2 star book gets 3 from me.

    5. This is a hilarious collection of Star Trek episode parodies- I'm not that big of a ST fan, but these stories had me laughing out loud. Imagine episodes written by JD Salinger, Ayn Rand, Herman Melville, Stephen King. Steven Boyett does a great job of capturing each author's voice.

    6. If you like both star trek and literature you'll get a kick out of this. The satire is on point and both aspects make fun of each other. Definitely chuckle worthy.

    7. It took me a long time to get through this book because, while I realize it was written as a parody, I got a little offended by the tone taken towards Trek. I like Trek and the tone felt very snarky and "this is stupid", while yes, some of the acting was sub-par and the stories trite, the parody went a bit over the top. Plus some of the mimicked authors were treated snarky as well Much less than I would expect from a Steven Boyett book . I think I'll stick to his podcasts and books like Ariel.

    8. I recently ran across this title and was quite excited. The author carefully blends Star Trek: The Next Generation with the writing style of any number of great authors including Herman Melville, Jackie Collins, Anthony Burgess, Joseph Conrad, James Joyce, Joseph Heller, Tom Clancy, J.D. Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Ayn Rand, Jackie Collins, Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, and even Dr. Seuss.Boyett really captures the feel of the original works he is drawing from, whether it [...]

    9. I was very entertained by this one. It is now my new bathroom book. *Note: be sure to take the following points into account when deciding whether to read this book*1. I am a pretty big geek and count the end of Star Trek Enterprise, which marked the end of the Star Trek franchise, as one of the most tragic moments in television history (though it must be noted that part of my grief over the end of the series was due to my huge crushes on Scott Bakula and Connor Trinneer). 2. The only people tha [...]

    10. Stephen Boyett and a couple of friends wonder, what would Star Trek: The Next Generation have been like written by, say, Jack Kerouac, or Stephen King, or Jackie Collins or Tom Robbins? They take on twenty authors, from at least two centuries, and remake the Enterprise in the image of those authors’ most famous works. There is, of course, a Cormac McCarthy (All the Pretty Humans), since Boyett is a big fan of McCarthy.A lot of fun is had riffing on the verbosity of Russian authors (Ayn Rand, F [...]

    11. This book is really less about making fun of Star Trek: The Next Generation than it is about making fun of the writing styles of some of literature's most off beat authors such as James Joyce, Jack Kerouac and even Dr. Seuss. Although Star Trek:TNG is dumped on quite a bit as well. Such as in the story "Trek of Darkness" where a typecast Bill Shatner retuns to warn Stewart to abandon ship before his career is ruined. FYI this author really has somthing against Shatner. Anyway most of the stories [...]

    12. It was clever, I enjoyed most of them. He did a good job capturing the style and language of certain authors in particular. I think that I liked the Salinger one best. But Melville made me laugh out loud when he kept putting in things like "(10,000 words omitted on the description of the journey of the shuttle trip from the space station to the ship.)" That isn't a direct quote actually, I don't have the book with me, but that type of thing was hilariously interspersed throughout the Melville ve [...]

    13. This parody answers the important question: What if famous authors had written episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation?The result: some minorly entertaining chapters that describe ST:TNG episodes. I suppose it would help to already know beforehand some characteristics of the authors' style - that's where my limited breadth and depth of "literature" or "common (US-)school reading assignments" tends to show. But still, overall pretty readable - I believe I did chuckle or LoL in a few places.

    14. As another reviewer has mentioned this book is really more about making fun of various famous author's styles then ST:TNG. If you are a big ST:TNG fan but are not familiar with most of the authors that are parodied then I feel that you will be disappointed. If on the other hand you have read most of the authors then you will find this funny and enjoyable but In a low chuckle sort of way. I did. It is not knee slapping hilarity but a nice change of pace if you are currently reading some "heavier" [...]

    15. The blurb on the cover says, "What If Stephen King, Anne Rice, Kurt Vonnegut, and Other Literary Greats Had Written Episodes of Star Trek : The Next Generation?" I will admit the author has an uncanny gift of imitating the writing style of other authors, and it had the potential to be really funny. However, I found the "humor" in this book too juvenile for my tastes, which is a hard thing to accomplish being that I am an avid lover of funny movies that feature what many people consider juvenile [...]

    16. The author has done a good job of mimicking the different authors' voices - very clever - though I can only say that with surety about the few that I've actually read. I possibly would have enjoyed it more if I had read the books referenced, but most of them don't interest me anyway (Famous doesn't necessarily mean they appeal). So this was a bit of a disappointment.

    17. Perhaps more of something that a writer would do in the privacy of their own home, as an amusing or instructive exercise, as opposed to being something worth publishing. Probably not very readable for anyone who isn't a Trekkie to begin with, but the fact that it's a quick read works in its favor. There are a few of these that work well enough for me to give it three stars.

    18. Imagine Star Trek: TNG episodes written by Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King and Dr. Seuss! Of course the "authors" of these scripts never saw them produced, and if you read this parody, called Treks Not Taken, you’ll understand why.

    19. This is a fun humor anthology of Star Trek: TNG parodies in the style of famous authors. It's funny and a little strange. I nice breezy read.

    20. A wonderfully crazy and fun takes on the show. Perfect even for those with only the most basic knowledge of The Next Generation.

    21. Sadly, this is not as funny as you'd hope. Star Trek done in cartoony versions of each of the famous author's styles, it wore out it's welcome quickly, as there wasn't anything more to it than that.

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