To the Moon and Back The hardest part of love is moving onIt s been a year since Ellie Kendall s husband Jamie was killed in an accident but she s still grieving In fact she finds herself talking to him regularly At t

  • Title: To the Moon and Back
  • Author: Jill Mansell
  • ISBN: 9781402269288
  • Page: 396
  • Format: ebook
  • The hardest part of love is moving onIt s been a year since Ellie Kendall s husband, Jamie, was killed in an accident, but she s still grieving In fact, she finds herself talking to him regularly.At the urging of Jamie s successful actor father Tony, Ellie moves to London s glamorous Primrose Hill, where nobody knows her pastBut even in her new home and with her harThe hardest part of love is moving onIt s been a year since Ellie Kendall s husband, Jamie, was killed in an accident, but she s still grieving In fact, she finds herself talking to him regularly.At the urging of Jamie s successful actor father Tony, Ellie moves to London s glamorous Primrose Hill, where nobody knows her pastBut even in her new home and with her hardworking new boss, Zack McLaren, and Jamie s best friend Todd to distract her Ellie can t seem to leave Jamie behind.Will Ellie let her grief and her past consume her Or will she realize the man of her dreams is flesh and blood and right in front of her eyesBritish women s fiction and a great romantic book, To The Moon and Back has a wonderful cast of supporting characters and tender romance.Fans of Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella and Eloisa James will delight in this poignant, funny contemporary romance.What readers are saying about To The Moon and Back tender romance of finding love after heartbreak I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good, light, fun, and DEFINITELY ROMANTIC read As always there is a great cast of characters sweet and funny This book had HUMOUR AND HEART and made me laugh, even as I was crying a romantic love story about the journey to find your soul mate A story about overcoming pain and loss About guilt and forgiveness TRUE LOVE Firsts and lasts loves Friendships Love at the first sight What reviewers are saying about To The Moon and Back a tremendous look at friendship, hope, romance and second chances An unforgettable, entertaining novel 4 Stars Exquisitely told Compelling The book was IRRESISTABLE A powerful and witty story about fresh starts To the Moon and Back, to put it simply, is BRILLIANT She s likeSusan Elizabeth Phillips, Jill Barnett, Eloisa James, and Diana Palmer all rolled into one A sweet romantic contemporary about love, loss, and second chances Mansell s dry wit, comical romantic entanglements, and crazy characters are back in force Absolutely, positively AN OUTSTANDING STORY 5 Stars, Reviewer Top PickWhat everyone is saying about the queen of British chick lit, Jill Mansell Fans of chick lit if you haven t read Mansell yet what are you waiting for A Bookworm s World Pick this up at your peril you won t get a thing done till it s finished Heat magazine A romantic romp full of larger than life characters Express Fast, furious and fabulous fun To read it is to devour it Company Expect to run the gamut of emotions, as this book is both laugh out loud funny and tear jerkingly sad Basically, you won t put it down New Woman

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    One thought on “To the Moon and Back”

    1. I spent a very happy 3 and a half hours on the hammock in the garden reading this!! The characters were really well created (especially Martha, she's possibly one of the most genuine characters I've ever come across in a book <3), the plot was predictable but lovely and the romance was ADORABLE. I LOVE ZACK!!! Oh and the fact that it made me laugh and cry just in the epilogue was the icing on the cake :')

    2. Ellie je upravo izgubila muža. Todd se ne može pomiriti sa gubitkom najboljeg prijatelja. Roo ima vezu sa oženjenim muškarcem. Zack je nesretan u vezi. Sudbine nekoliko ljudi će se u ovom romanu ispreplesti na jedan neobičan način i pokazati kako stvari u životu ne mogu uvijek ići isplaniram tokom :) lijepo, toplo, duhovito, na momente tužno - preporuka!

    3. This book surprised me so much. I didn't expect it to suck me into it. The story,the characters,the writing. just WOW. Beautiful setting. A story about overcoming pain and loss. about guilt and forgiveness. True love. Firsts and lasts loves. Friendships. Love at the first sight. I just loved this book. Ellie was such a genuine GOOD character,she was like an angel. Zack. just give me a Zack NOW!!! He's the definition of perfect. Roo such a complicated and true character. Tony,Todd,Yasmin,Jamieeve [...]

    4. What can I say? Jill Mansell's use of secondary characters always amazes me. Each one is as fleshed out as the main protagonists, just adding to the fun of her novels. While this one has an inordinate amount of guilt split up among everyone, all comes right in the end when each character is paired up with the loves (and in one case, the second love) of their lives. Well done! A fast and friendly read, Jill Mansell once again makes me smile.

    5. I love Jill Mansell for her light, airy comedies with endearing characters and a lot of whimsy. this one was a little different. Quite sad, actually.but I think it was that poignancy that made it such a powerful read. Two thumbs up.

    6. אלי קאנדל מאבדת את בעלה בפתאומיות. המוות הטרגי מותיר אותה הלומה וכואבת וחייה נעצרים. אחרי 18 חודשים חמה, טוני, מעביר אותה לדירה באזור טוב שם היא פוגשת ברו שתהיה לחברתה הטובה.אלי מתחילה לעבוד אצל זאק, יזם חתיך שנשים רבות מחזרות אחריו. זאק נדלק על אלי אבל היא שעדין שקועה באובדן של [...]

    7. While this wasn't the best piece of literature I have ever read, nor the best piece of Chick Lit I have read, I will say I had a hard time putting it down. The characters got stuck in my head. The multiple storylines were compelling, albeit some more contrived than others.While some of the elements of the story were developed well, others were insufficient. As far as character descriptions went in general, I did have a hard time picture what Ellie, Todd, Zack, Jamie, looked like. I get that from [...]

    8. I've read a lot of Jill Mansell (she's kind of my comfort author, when I've had a bad day and I need an easy, fun read) but out of all her books I like this one the best so far. (view spoiler)[Sure, the ending can be seen a mile away and happens in a bit of a rush considering the build up, and Roo's way of trying to make up for her past mistakes was over-the-top to say the least, but Zack made an extremely likeable male lead (unlike many of the male leads in Jill's other works) and you really fe [...]

    9. On the opening page, Ellie thanks her husband, Jamie, for ironing her skirt, “I am. Very grateful. Thank you, thank you, to the moon and back.” Each have separate commitments – Ellie is dressing for the Rocky Horror Picture show with her girlfriends; Jamie is attending a school reunion with his friend, Todd. Sadly, this is their last time together as Jamie is killed in an auto accident that Todd survives. The story kicks in 15 months later when Ellie’s former father in law, Tony, encoura [...]

    10. Prima boek alleen pakte dit boek mij minder dan ander boeken van Jill Mansell. Ligt aan mij, niet aan het boek!

    11. Whatever you could make out of this image above could described the story of this book to an extent. I'll only add this book covers many lovely characters.

    12. Sucked in by one of the daily deal prices on the blog Dear Author, I started reading the blurb at and totally got sucked in. "I really don't like chicklit" I told myself, but then after reading a chapter I wanted to know what happened next. Having it set in the London area was something I couldn't resist either - I've had a love affair with the city since I visited it in the 80s.The death of Ellie's (our heroine) husband is hard stuff to read, and happens in the first few chapters. I get weepy [...]

    13. When Ellie Kendall loses her husband Jamie her entire world collapses. She throws herself into her job, and spends her evenings trying to keep her ever-decaying flat together. Until her father-in-law Tony insists she looks after his house in Primrose Hill. There, Ellie meets the enigmatic Roo, who brings some much needed vitality into Ellie’s life. When Ellie gets a new job working for Zack McLaren it’s the start of a new life almost. But will Ellie ever be able to let herself fall in love a [...]

    14. If I say I just loved this book I would be lying! This book was more than amazing, it was funny, romantic, made me drop a tear or two, and made my heart thudding wishing to know how it will all wrap up! And I am not just talking about the main characters, I cared for every other character in the book. They all seemed real and they all were very human, for a few days this book was all I thought about. It has a bit of P.S. I Love You in it but 10 times better. I loved Jamie, Zack and Ellie. I love [...]

    15. To the Moon and Back by Jill Mansell tackles relationships on a whole new level and looks at what it means to love someone for better and for worse and in sickness and in health. While the novel is infused with Mansell’s humorous style, it is more serious than her other novels.Ellie Kendall, the main protagonist, finds that losing the love of one’s life is not the end of the world, though it is devastating. She finds a way to move on with her life, though she’s cut herself off from all of [...]

    16. I guess this is a literary romantic novel. Well, literary or not I could barely survive it. Everything is so sugar-coated that it loses all flavour. Even death seems painless. I wonder what makes people enjoy stuff like this and even rate it as "true to life", as some online reviews do. Others hit the nail on the head": "light-hearted and optimistic". We all need some form of escapism, I guess - even this one.

    17. Very sweet. A lovely romance that made me cry, but delivered the HEA. A quick read, perfect for my vacation.

    18. I absolutely loved this book. Typically charming and romantic Jill Mansell, but at her finest. Ellie was such a delightful character. I thought Jill took subject matter and worked her magic to write a truly uplifting book. And I think she handled her main character grieving the loss of her husband and falling in love again (no spoilers) very well. I love the way this author writes, not only a main story, but several mini stories on the side, all of which were enjoyable and fun as well. I'm a tru [...]

    19. Što sve ima još jedan roman drage mi Jill Mansel? Puno sladunjave romantike, ljubavi tipične za žensko štivo, emocija, klišeiziranih dijaloga, nepotrebnih zapleta s elementima sapunica, jeftinog humora Je l' to znači da mi se ne sviđa? Niti malo. Ništa spektakularan, ništa drugačiji od njenih ostalih, no opet sladak kao čokolada. Lagan i čitljiv, kakao za hladne noći. Čitati ako ste ljubitelj ovakvih poslastica. :-)

    20. I really, really enjoyed this book even though I spent most of it crying my eyes out. Recommend: Anyone who loved the movie 'Ps. I Love You, will love this book. It is along the same lines and happy endings for all. Keep tissues closeMy Background and why the book hit home for me:I know I have mentioned in other reviews that my Hubby had almost died 3 weeks after we are married, but I think that once you know that here it makes sense why this book caused so many tears for me. I will never forget [...]

    21. Being a fan of chick-lit I’ve heard of Jill Mansell and have been eyeing her books for a while although had never picked one up. Twenty two books later and I was thrilled to find out that I’d won her latest book To the Moon and Back on Twitter. I was so excited to see what all the fuss was about and made it my next chick-lit read, and honestly why did I not pick up a book by this author sooner!?When we’re first introduced to our main character Ellie she seems to be living a blissful life, [...]

    22. I was so excited to get Jill Mansell's new book. It seems like forever since her last one although in reality it has only been a year. Thankfully Jill Mansell has produced a book that every chick lit fan will enjoy. When I first received the book I was please to see that even the cover looked inviting in a lovely sea blue! The strength of this author is the characters she creates and in my opinion this is what has crated her huge following of fans. This book is no exception to that rule and the [...]

    23. First thought after I finished the last page: "When is Jill writing her next book? I love her and this book!"Why I loved this book: If not for Sourcebooks, I'm not sure I would have read a Jill Mansell novel. I have to say in all honesty, that this has been one of my highlights reviewing for SourcebooksMansell delivers book after book. And this one is my favorite to date. I don't know how Mansell does it, but she makes me LOVE and CARE about her characters. Maybe she sprinkles fairy dust on each [...]

    24. I've been in a dump for a long while when it came to books. Every time I bought a book it would disappoint in one way or another, and I wouldn't enjoy it in the least and have to force myself to finish it.This book however, my first for the author, turned all of that around. I could not put it down, literally!! And I missed that, I missed enjoying a story so much that I honestly cannot put the book down because I always wanted to know what would happen next! And Ms. Mansell gave me that, she kep [...]

    25. drey’s thoughts: While reading To the Moon and Back, I kept thinking in the back of my mind how I was going to classify it–was it a contemporary romance? Or chick-lit? I finally settled on both, because while this is quite the romantic read, it’s not just about the boy and the girl.In addition to being about a boy and a girl, To the Moon and Back also deals with loss and grief, allowing yourself to move on, and the wonderful bonds of friendship. All wrapped up in Mansell’s trademark humo [...]

    26. After a recently heavy session of exams and revision I wanted to celebrate by reading something totally unrelated to my course, something light-hearted and optimistic and 'To the moon and Back' proved to be the perfect read. This is the first Jill Mansell book I have read and at first I wasn't sure I liked her style; Initially it seemed to lack something that I couldn't put my finger on. However by the time I got to the end of first chapter I was 100% in to it. The characters are instantly like- [...]

    27. I can see the person giving the bad review's point. To the moon and back is not the most intelligent deep read out there. However, I do feel the need to point out that it probably isn't supposed to be.I found this book warm and an easy read. I loved reading it, helped me get away from all my exam stress. I absolutely fell in love with Zack, when he's looking after he when she's ill I thought it was adorable!!The story with Martha was brilliant and it warmed my heart. Each character has their own [...]

    28. This is my first book by Jill Mansell and I'll sure be checking her other ones. I was expecting a tear-jerker and though the beginning was sad, what I get is an engaging read with a touch of whimsy. I really liked Ellie and Zack and wished there were more scenes of them as a couple. Other characters also have their stories like Ellie's best friend Roo who I did not like too much. An interesting character is Tony—Ellie's former father-in-law. I enjoyed Ellie's conversations with an imaginary Ja [...]

    29. I really enjoyed this book and the author's style of writing. The story takes place in London so it is enjoyable taking in the subtle differences in use of words and culture. Refreshing. This novel is a great summer read with loads of fun characters and an interesting plot. Mansell has a way of capturing your attention right from the beginning and that is such a beautiful thing. I love it when authors sweep me off my feet and take me away into story land. I will definitely be reading more Jill M [...]

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