Guardian of the Balance Merlin s daughter Wren is sworn to preserve the natural balance of the world and although her rightful place should have been in Avalon she is instead forced to confront an overwhelming evil which

  • Title: Guardian of the Balance
  • Author: Irene Radford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Merlin s daughter, Wren, is sworn to preserve the natural balance of the world and although her rightful place should have been in Avalon, she is instead forced to confront an overwhelming evil which may well destroy her entire civilization.

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    1. Please note: I read and reviewed this book in February 2012. I'm adding a disclosure and updating the formatting.Disclosure: I won a copy of this book from the LibraryThing Early Reviewer's Program. All opinions are my own.My Synopsis: Telling of the life of Wren, the daughter of Merddyn Emrys (the Merlin of Arthurian fame), this story also recounts details of the gradual take-over of Christianity in the British Isles and the relegation of the traditional religion and worship of the Celtic deiti [...]

    2. I have an academic interest in Celtic culture and mythology, and in Arthurian literature especially, so this is the framework I judge all literature set in that world by. This is why I am usually somewhat skeptical when picking up modern novels set in an Arthurian context, so when I started reading this I had my doubts. While reading the first few pages my fears seemed warranted. It seemed to me like someone had taken all the bits of Arthurian legends and modern romantic (mis)conceptions about C [...]

    3. I received this book for review from LibraryThing Early Reviewers. I wasn't sure about it, didn't know if I would like it or not, since I kind of hate the cover. But it was an ebook, so I really didn't have to look at the cover too much. I started it on the way back from a business trip to St. Louis and soon found that I couldn't put it down. The book covers the life of Arylwren, daughter of The Merlin. Yes, that Merlin, sorcerer and advisor to Arthur, he of the Round Table. The book is the firs [...]

    4. This is the first book in a series of novels focusing on the mythical bloodline of Merlin. This story is set in the late 5th century and early 6th century. The protagonist of this first novel is Arylwren, nicknamed Wren, the daughter of Merlin and the goddess whom he serves. Wren grows up in the shadow of and falls in love with the boy who will one day inherit the title of Pendragon. Meanwhile, to protect her from political and religious intrigues, her father forces Wren into a loveless marriage [...]

    5. Received as an ebook as part of the January 2012 batch of LibraryThing's Early Reviewers. With the book originally published in 2000, I suspect that this edition was to mark the publication as an ebook. The epub edition I was given translated fine onto a Kobo (my ereader of choice).This story is a take on the Arthurian legend, from the standpoint of Merlin's daughter Wren. Merlin is a Druid, who has brought up Arthur to be a warrior king and take his rightful place as High King when his father - [...]

    6. I liked this book well enough, but it didn't have quite the pull and polish of the Dragon Nimbus series. I loved those books so much I was desperate for more Radford - but at the time, none of the 4, 5, 6, etc had been published. I picked up this and was it was a pleasant read, but it is not the best druid book or Merlin book I've read.

    7. Irene Radford's master-work series Merlin's Descendants starts with the premise that Merlin had a daughter.A simple idea that takes root in the opening passages of Guardian of the Balance, the single time when Merlin breaks his vows of celibacy.The book follows Wren through the political, magical and religious intricacies of an age when the great shift between the old ways and new was happening amidst passion, blood and betrayal. It's a book steeped in legend and mythology, exceedingly well-rese [...]

    8. Radford deviates quite liberally from the Arthur legend we all know, but not enough so that the story isn't recognizable. And she takes one liberty that is essential to the plot of this and the other books in this series. In the actual legend Merlin never married, nor did he have any children - though the woman Nimue did indeed cause his downfall by seducing him. Here, Merlin breaks his vows of celibacy before the story of Arthur begins (which we learn in a brief prologue) and is punished for it [...]

    9. I take a train every morning and evening form and to my work. A great time to read, thus many books are read during this time. One of the parameters when deciding if I like a book or not, is really simple. Do I want to get of the train as soon as possible, or do I regret that the train has reached my station. Would I like to travel on and read on. [return]This morning, as I read almost a third of the book, I really regretted to put this book aside and start to work. The setting of this semi-hist [...]

    10. This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.I had read this book (and those following) several years ago, but had never written a review. On seeing the ebook version on offer in the ER list, I decided to give the book another go and actually write a review this time. I'm glad I did! Ms. Radford's research into the culture and beliefs of the time period is quite evident, even more than I remembered. Her story-telling surprised me as it's not very often that I find myself truly wantin [...]

    11. I really enjoyed reading Guardian Of The Balance. I found it hard to put the book down. It was so engrossing. This is Book 1 of a series of 5. Can't wait to read the rest.The tale of King Arthur and Merlin, rewritten. Merlin's daughter Alywren plays a major part in the success of Arthur. The two are friends when children. Then find a taboo love with each other as adults. There are many characters in the story which aren't likable. But that only bring Wren, Merlin & Arthur so much closer to p [...]

    12. If I'd have read the author's notes (at the end of the book) at the beginning, I probably would have enjoyed this much more than I did! And I did enjoy it. Some of the things I didn't like were the name changes, (or variations from the norm) and things that I thought differed from my own view of Arthurian legend. Having read the author's notes though, and understanding where she was coming from, would have made a big difference to the way I read the book.Despite that, it was enjoyable. I enjoyed [...]

    13. J'ai adoré ce premier tome. J'ai adoré le personnage de Wren, adoré la voir grandir, devenir femme, devenir la "mère" dont on se souviendra malgré tous ses autres visages. En règle générale, j'aime ce qui touche au mythe arthurien. Il semblerait que j'aime encore davantage ceux écrits par des femmes et mettant en scène des personnages féminins. Pour dire, j'ai aimé ce livre comme j'avais aimé celui des Dames du Lac de Marion Zimmer Bradley. Je pense qu'il est assez méconnu et c'est [...]

    14. Very well written, I enjoyed this better than the author's Dragon Nimbus books. It includes the story of Arthur but from a point of view that is not usually seen and inlcudes a main character that has a very subtle effect on the whole outcome, something you don't normally see in Arthurian tales.

    15. Maybe I just wasn't in the right frame of mind when I started this (and I can't remember if I DID in fact read it years ago) but the prologue was jarring and then the rest of the story seemed like a set-up to a saga of unrequited love (by Wren for Arthur) that I didn't want to slog through. Might try again another time.

    16. This was a slog. Somehow it took a tale that has entertained generations and made it boring. Most of the interesting history happened off screen while we followed the main character, Wren. Wren was uninteresting and seemed to only exist as wish fulfillment for the author. By the end I was just hoping for her to die so that it could be over.

    17. I really enjoyed this book and the author's spin on both Arthor and Merlin's characters. I'll admit that half way through this book it got a boring and I totally lost interest but I'm glad I finished the book, it was absolutely worth it. I appreciate the balance of evil characters in contrast to Merlin's not so perfect but lovable ways. I definitely recommend this book :)

    18. Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot, betrayal - the same old story with a little twist - the daughter of Merlin is Arthur's true love. Great little summer romance

    19. A decent cross between fantasy and historical fiction for fans of Arthurian legends and the British isles.

    20. Spolers:This series begins with the Merlin mythology and follows a very interesting blend of fantasy and legend/history (in later volumes).

    21. fascinating retelling of the Authurian legend from the point of view of Wren, daughter of Merlin. Recommended for anyone who eants a more historical version of the tale.

    22. This was an excellent series. I love anything that incorporated the Arthurian myth and druids. It was a nice blend of the generations as well as the history through the times.

    23. One of my all-time favorite books. Redford does such a good job of taking true historical stories and adding her characters to them in each of the books of this series.

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