Re union I was born twice but the first time wasn t my choice In fact I don t remember anything about it The second time now that s a different story It began with a game Re union is a previously unreleased

  • Title: Re:union
  • Author: Eric Liu
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I was born twice, but the first time wasn t my choice In fact I don t remember anything about it The second time, now that s a different story It began with a game.Re union is a previously unreleased science fiction short story by Eric Liu, author of the science fiction novel Terrene the hidden valley Part disaster story and part romance, Re union is a thrilling andI was born twice, but the first time wasn t my choice In fact I don t remember anything about it The second time, now that s a different story It began with a game.Re union is a previously unreleased science fiction short story by Eric Liu, author of the science fiction novel Terrene the hidden valley Part disaster story and part romance, Re union is a thrilling and touching exploration, delving into the very meaning of humanity.

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      251 Eric Liu
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    One thought on “Re:union”

    1. Although I am writing this review waaaaaay after the fact (I read this on my first Kindle - I'm now on my 3rd), I do remember that I liked it; I just wanted it to be longer. The story seemed to stop just as it was getting good.

    2. Short storyThe world has gone to hell and the survivors use sims for enjoyment while they try to not starve to death. But there's a way for them to live a full "life" if they want. Different. I thought it was too sentimental for my tastes.

    3. I read David Brin's "Reality Check" right before Eric Liu's "Re: union ". They both deal in ways with human transcendence to a virtual reality, a topic that even in 2000, when Brin's story was published, was not really innovative. Liu, in a longer story, does much the better job of humanizing the topic and the personal choices it raises. Brin's story, by contrast, is a more intellectual exercise that ends up being mildly interesting, but not exactly gripping.I got them both for free, and they're [...]

    4. -De sentimientos que no se olvidan.- Género. Relato.Lo que nos cuenta. Troy juega el partido de su vida, pero más importante que ese momento es la visión en la banda de Michelle, entre la multitud. La descomposición de los boxels le trae de vuelta a la realidad, a un mundo que no está en sus mejores momentos y del que Troy solo aprovecha las simulaciones informáticas para estar más cerca de Michelle, a la que lleva quince años echando de menos profundamente.¿Quiere saber más de este li [...]

    5. Another free Kindle readLiu seems to cut out most of what would make this a more engaging story. The technical aspects of his Sum Space are almost wholly ignored, as is how the power and information grids survived the famines and (presumably) wars that should have been part of his 4H scenario. There is little effective descriptive text, which is a shame when it comes to world-building. The story is fine if a little too simple. There really needs to be more examination (rather than just statement [...]

    6. Free short story I found on amazon.Decent premise giving new meaning to 'alternate reality'. World-building and characterisation was a bit flat though, I would like to know more about the 'FourH' and the effects this had. I would also like to know more about this SymSpace and 'conversion'. With a bit more buffing out, this could be an excellent story but for now it is lacking that essential ingredient.

    7. The description is accurate, this is definitely a very short story (although I read it on Kindle). I liked the premise of the story a lot and really wish this had been a longer story. A full length version of this would definitely be a book I'd add to my to-read list. The one thing I noted was that this is apparently classified as "part romance" but it really isn't. There's a guy who has a thing for a girl but that is about it.

    8. The book showed a good view into human relationships in the virtual world. It was a little confusing in the beginning but as I read on it got better. The author has put a good thought into the writing. It is a short story and I consider it to be worth reading.

    9. Quick and easy to readSimple language . Interesting characters with an easy to follow story. Just easy to read and complete on a bus journey

    10. I almost gave this 3 stars because, although there are some editing issues and some clunky exposition, I liked this story. It's not a brand-new premise, but the development of the dystopic elements of this particular world are effective--not too much explanation, but broad strokes that let the reader imagine the rest. I think we've all wondered what would happen if the world's food supply suddenly dwindled, and this story taps into that fear nicely.That said, the love story is flat. Michelle as [...]

    11. First let me start by saying this is a short story, a very short story. At least it felt extremely short to me.I enjoyed the author's writing style and I liked the whole idea behind the story. I just wish there had been more to it. It just felt that right as I was starting to really understand what was going on in Liu's world and starting to connect with the main character, that the story ended. I would love to read more about the futuristic word he has created. I would definitely like to find o [...]

    12. Confusing futuristic story for hopeFor the first half of the story, I was completely lost on what the story was at all. It had no direction, and I didn't think it had any chance of redemption before the end. I was after all jumping to conclusions because after about 50% through, the story finally comes together and I finally got a sense of what was going on. It's a futuristic story where the food supply has been depleted so much, virtual reality is the only way to stay alive. I didn't really enj [...]

    13. A short, but insightful tale about a possible future cyberspace and the decisions that humanity will have to make. I wanted to give this one five stars, because I enjoyed the story so much, but I think that it would have been a little better, had there been more substance to the storyline. While I would love to have read a novel with the same story, I wouldn't go so far as to say that it needed to be that long. Just another twenty-five pages or so of quality filler would do this story wonders!

    14. This was an interesting story and just as I was starting to get in to it it ended. I kept scrolling the pages in disbelief that there wasn't more. Despite leaving me with a strange desire to read more about this story, it was well written with only one or two grammatical (or spelling) errors. I think it was way too short (even for the price) but I'd definitely be interested in reading a follow up if there ever is one. (Which, for some reason, I don't think there will be.) That being said, it's s [...]

    15. This was a good short story with a somewhat complex storyline. Conventional living for most of the population had been converted to virtual living after catastrophic event wipes out most the worlds food. For those who did not convert, there is cyber living as avatars. (Reminded me Matrix a little). A cyber high school reunion brings two people together that where high school sweethearts before the event but now they have a big difference between them and a decision will have to be made if they c [...]

    16. Another of the short stories I've recently read, this one is about apocalyptic events that have ravished the world's food supply, and people are choosing to live in a virtual reality world called SymSpace, rather than dying. An interesting concept that I would like to have seen explored more thoroughly in a longer version. The story is good, but it ends too abruptly for my liking. Overall, though, a good read.

    17. Odd story this. The premise is not new - humankind creating a computer world in which people live instead of on a ruined planet.This story combines a bit of a love story with the fantasy of existing in cyber space instead of in the 'real world'.I was really quite enjoying this story when it came to an end. i hoped it was a sample i had sent myself from but alas it was a short story.Worth reading

    18. This was a short story that did have potential. I gave it only two stars because it just felt like so much was left out of the story. The basic premise of the story was people jacking in to an alternate reality. A guy who lost his love finds her in this Matrix type of place. The story seemed to end before it even got very far.

    19. Well Lets start by saying this was a very short story. It had potential to be very good and needed much more clarification on what was actually happening/happened. It greatly lacked that element and left me confused and it also just seemed to end abruptly. If the story was clarified better and longer it would have been amazing however, it was not.

    20. "The world is changing, and our society must be willing to move forward with it. How can we prepare for a future that we cannot imagine? How can we sacrifice and overcome without hope? Our greatest tool is imagination, and its greatest vehicle is the story."These words will never find the way out of my mind.The greatness of this short story is far beyond comprehension , Simply It's beautiful.

    21. I liked what the story is about, interesting concept. I didn't like the lack of details and explanations as to how situations lead up to what they did. I also wish the ending would have given more insight as to what happened next. But I don't regret reading it. The story really does get you thinking.

    22. For a short story, I found myself drawn in and wanting more. I was disappointed it ended so soon and although science fiction is a hit and miss with me, a full length version of this would definitely be a book I'd read.

    23. Not a big fan of "high school is the best time of your life" and a story about a high school reunion tends towards that.It's a post-apocalyptic story in a way that really doesn't become clear until more than mid-way through.

    24. Not too impressed with this short story at all. The story ends before you really come up with an idea of what's been going on. It was hard for me to finish and really understand the reason why the author wrote the story.

    25. An interesting, if short read. Though the universe here is well crafted, and I appreciated that there was enough context for me to puzzle things out, I really wish there was more. More to the story as a whole, more depth, more backstory, more emotional investment.

    26. This is an extremely short story. I think it's too short. The beginning was rather confusing. It had me asking questions and wondering what was going on, but I didn't feel like there was an ending. Interesting premise, though.

    27. I felt this story painted an excellent picture of a used up earth, as well as a used up humanity. I didn't agree with the characters, but the story didn't seem to want me to (which I consider a positive). Anyone who likes "After the End" stories might want to give this a look.

    28. I've never been able to get into reading Science Fiction. Downloaded this one for my Kindle a couple of years ago, thinking I would try the genre again. I just didn't care for the story or writing style.

    29. Great short story. This is a story that gives you glimpses into what appears to be a very complex and rich world. It was well worth the time it took to read, and though short, it was provocative and left me with a great many questions about what reality really is.

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