True Blue The eagerly awaited new installment in the Long Tall Texans seriesNew York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer continues her beloved Long Tall Texans series by delving deep into the

  • Title: True Blue
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780373656370
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The eagerly awaited new installment in the Long, Tall Texans seriesNew York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer continues her beloved Long, Tall Texans series by delving deep into the heart of one of San Antonio s top detectives, Rick Marquez He never met a case he couldn t solve or a woman he couldn t charm But this smooth talking Texan is about to meet The eagerly awaited new installment in the Long, Tall Texans seriesNew York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer continues her beloved Long, Tall Texans series by delving deep into the heart of one of San Antonio s top detectives, Rick Marquez He never met a case he couldn t solve or a woman he couldn t charm But this smooth talking Texan is about to meet the one woman who ll lasso him body and soul

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    One thought on “True Blue”

    1. San Antonio Detective Sergeant Rick Marquez has a new detective on his squad---Gwen Cassoway. She tripped and came close to contaminating evidence at a crime scene (because she hates wearing her glasses.) She unexpectedly beats a fellow lieutenant's score during target practice. And Rick's finding himself very attracted to her. But, unknown to him, Gwen is working undercover on a case that secretly involves him!This was a sweet romance, my first read by Diana Palmer, but my main problem with thi [...]

    2. I've always been a huge fan Of Diana Palmer. I have probably over 40 of her books and love to reread them. Sadly this will not be one of them. Over the past few years, I've noticed a sad trend with her books. It's the same characters with pretty much the same problems, just with different names. I used to love when she would tie in former characters, but now it just seems forced, with the characters just name dropping. In between the name dropping there are the endless history lessons characters [...]

    3. Sweet love story between Gwen and Rick, which involves the classic DP storyline but in a law and detective setting this time around- and a semi kickass heroine.A conservative love story with almost no angst (or sex scenes except how they experienced passion)- there was so much happening in regards to the police and his past that I couldn't connect to the characters. The couple share moments together and somehow develop chemistry- there was also contradicting information at times.An average story [...]

    4. Disappointing, this is the only word i can find to describe my experience reading this book, first it started with a whole lot of information i didn't feel i need to know and didn't want, then there was a whole lot of repetition i swear i read the same thing at least 4 time, and the way previous characters were thrust in the story along with a rundown of their history, what they do, who they are with, it just messed up everything.Diana palmer's LTT series were of the first romance books i ever r [...]

    5. I've read and loved Diana Palmer since the 1980s, and will always grab a new book from her when it comes outbut the last 10 books or so are all the same story. Old fashioned, virginal, usually poor girl falls for tough, moral guy. The "grab" in her stories seems to be gone. It's disappointing. She's also trying to pack in so much information from previous books and making obvious references to future books (hmmlet's seeI'm guessing this anthropologist that was mentioned twice will be the next he [...]

    6. Not the worst Diana Palmer I've ever read, but I can't really call it good, either. All the characters seem so prissy, and in typical late Palmer fashion, they spend vast amounts of time weirdly gossiping about characters from other Palmer books. Still, somehow I was kind of drawn in would perhaps give it 1 1/2 stars if I could.

    7. I have read all Diana Palmer's books. I was disappointed in the last few but this one is horrid. I got through 66 pages of the 216 and put it down. The "da*m" thing is only 216 pages long and all that has happened so far is history from all the other stories. It's almost like advertising for read this one it was about so and so, or read that one it was about so and so. Leaves 150 pages to develope some story re Rick and this new gal (who by the way is not very likeable). I could go on and on but [...]

    8. Fast LoveI have been reading her books, for quite a long time; and this one has quite a bit of romance, in it.I will recommend this book to friends and family.Alvis

    9. Ms Palmer is one of the best. I have read 132 of her books and have never been disappointed. Highly recommend this book

    10. Me decepcionó sí, porque tenía muchas expectativas con Rick. No creía que fuera un hombre con prejuicios y poco caballeroso. Otra pérdida de tiempo y de héroe.

    11. READ: JUNE 2013RE-READ: DECEMBER 2014True Blue is about Rick Marquez. He appeared a few times in Ms. Palmer's books on Jacobsville. And I'm happy that he finally got his story told. The first few pages made me laughed so hard. I loved the witty remarks between the characters.In this, we were introduced to Rick Marquez, a sergeant of an eight detective squad in the Homicide Unit, in the murder/attempted murder detail. It was well known that Barbara is his adoptive mother and that he didn't know h [...]

    12. Who knew what TRUE BLUE would reveal about San Antonio detective Rick Marquez and secretive/clumsy Gwen Cassaway. What very fascinating backgrounds these two have. As the Long Tall Texan series continues, so does the saga of high crimes and misdemeanors in Jacobsville, Comanche Wells and San Antonio. In TRUE BLUE Rick gets additional help in crime solving in the form of Gwen Cassaway, a sharp-shooter that refuses to wear her glasses consequently messing up crime scenes becomes her vocation. She [...]

    13. Homens do Texas 46.True Blue.Diana Palmer.2012.Adorei, o livro é ótimo, com o texto bem elaborado. Apesar de alguns lapsos de "memórias", nada que faça alguma diferença em todo o contexto ou no ritmo da estória.Sempre amei Rick Marques, mas neste livro ele se supera. Claro que a Gwen colaborou para que ele estivesse ainda melhor, mas ele sempre foi maravilhoso e continuará sendo.Outra personagem que também está ótima é a Barbara, bancando a casamenteira, mas ela também se supera quan [...]

    14. I've read a few of Diana Palmer's books in the past and although they can be dated, they're usually charming. On the contrary, this one was absurdly bad. The heroine wears dorky t-shirts with weird slogans on them - is that supposed to be endearing? Because I found it quite alienating. I hadn't read any of the other books about this community of characters, and found the constant onslaught of updates on their various back stories hugely distracting and really, really boring.I was also infuriated [...]

    15. This was not Palmer's best work, but I really enjoyed it. I love finding out about the lives of all the residents of this close-knit community. This is the story of Rick Marquez, who has patiently waited for his chance at love. I am glad that he finally got his happily-ever-after. I was pleased that the characters got married before sleeping together. It opened the possibility for at least 2 more stories of other characters. I will look forward to those.

    16. Really good & modern GTFO people who claim she is out of touch I thought it was really relevant & totally normal. Rick is really genuine, his mom is awesome & the heroine was normal realistic and she had a good career. I have always been into the revolution and stuff DP has going on, I just really get her points.

    17. I love reading books from the LTT series because I get to meet the characters from the previous books; they're just so adorable. I liked the humor in this book, especially near the beginning of the book, when Rick Marquez was not yet willing to admit his attraction to Gwendolyn Cassaway. The parts of the series involving murder investigations are definitely very interesting.

    18. I agree with some of the other reviews on here. It wasn't her best. I did, however, enjoy seeing Rick find someone at long last. There were several long, drawn out parts of the book even thought it was pretty short reading. My favorite part that she wrote was the (view spoiler)[ quickie wedding between Rick and Gwen (hide spoiler)].

    19. Boring not really a romance book. Half of it is mentioning about other characters of the older LTT books. So as a stand alone book not to recommend. Not even for LTT fans. Of course again the timelines are a mess just like with all the LTT series. Really not a joy reading this Absolutely outdated. 1 star for the great cover.

    20. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. At first I felt like too many character's were introduced way too fast. Once I got them all figured out, I loved this story and at times even found myself laughing out loud at some things that happened. Gwen and Rick are definitely a very unique couple that I came to love.

    21. What happened? I have been reading Diana Palmer forever especially Long Tall Texan series. Her last few books have been a diappointed almost a DNF. The books are repetitive and too much explanation on meaningless things. I really was hoping this one was better.When should a writer know when to quit? tears me up to give her a one.

    22. True Blue - Long Tall TexanNew York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer continues her beloved Long, Tall Texans series by delving deep into the heart of one of San Antonio's top detectives, Rick Marquez. He never met a case he couldn't solve or a woman he couldn't charm. But this smooth-talking Texan is about to meet the one woman who'll lasso him�body and soul!

    23. Not exactly my favorite. I was expecting an alpha jerk with meek heroine because I'm kind of in the mood for it, but this book isn't providing it. But overall I enjoyed it. I was surprised with Twilight twist in it. I don't really know she's watching it.

    24. This was a continuation of her Long Tall Texas series and brings back old favorites and adds a few new characters that were welcomed to the fold. Enjoyable and quick read. Looking forward to others in the series.

    25. This is the first book I have read by Diana Palmer, it will not be the last. Her characters are well developed and the law enforcement part of the story is interesting enough to keep the reader engaged.

    26. a "funny" part in this book was when the heroine tells the hero how much she loves the Twilight series of books and proceeds to have a movie night with him and he actually likes the movies.ha ha ha!

    27. Started off heavy with info and was worried I wasn't gonna like it but then the character interacting came into play and things got progressively better!!! YAY for Rick Marquez's HEA its about time. I'm a Diana Palmer junkie so I can't wait for more LOL she always delivers ;-)

    28. i don't know why i keep on buying and reading diana palmer's books--oh, yes, i do--it's that guilty pleasure syndrome! i apparently have this affinity for train wrecks! her characters are so over-the-top stuck in the '50's! i know that was supposedly a kinder, gentler time, but.

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