Daughters of Jerusalem In a shabby book choked house in North Oxford live the Lux family Victor a dedicated professor is desperate to be elected to give the prestigious annual Spenser lecture Jean his unassuming wife i

  • Title: Daughters of Jerusalem
  • Author: Charlotte Mendelson
  • ISBN: 9780330482783
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a shabby, book choked house in North Oxford live the Lux family Victor, a dedicated professor, is desperate to be elected to give the prestigious annual Spenser lecture Jean, his unassuming wife, is tentatively experimenting with the boundaries of her marital freedom Eve, an over achiever like her father, is suffering from a dangerous teenage angst straining to achIn a shabby, book choked house in North Oxford live the Lux family Victor, a dedicated professor, is desperate to be elected to give the prestigious annual Spenser lecture Jean, his unassuming wife, is tentatively experimenting with the boundaries of her marital freedom Eve, an over achiever like her father, is suffering from a dangerous teenage angst straining to achieve top marks in her exams and yet always in the shadow of her younger sister, Pheobe, who is perfect, it seems Into this climate of repression and bitterness there comes an unworldly don, Victor s bete noir, who shows interest in the vulnerable Eve Meanwhile, Jean s best friend, Helen, has something she is yearning to tell a confession that may alter everyone s constrainingly absurd life for ever Daughters of Jerusalem is a captivating tale of hidden love and secret hatred, of the desire to belong and the need for escape, and of the fine line between wanting to be discovered and fearing the consequences when the delicious unknown becomes brutally exposed

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      244 Charlotte Mendelson
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    One thought on “Daughters of Jerusalem”

    1. This was a book chosen at random. Although I finished it, I was left feeling that my time had been wasted on what turned out to be a truly boring book. I give myself praise for finishing it though lol

    2. A couple of years ago I read Almost English by Charlotte Mendelson and gave it a bad review because of the inept style of writing wherein she never has a character complete a whole sentence. When I picked up Daughters of Jerusalem I hoped she had become a better writer and as a matter of fact the first part of the book was really good. However, as the story evolved that nasty habit of hers reappeared: Unfinished sentences, lots of ums and ahhs, no one manages to hold a conversation without being [...]

    3. Fairly enjoyableI liked the writing style but overall there was a breathless chaos experienced by all the characters and it was all a bit overwhelming and anxiety provoking

    4. Picked this one up because of the supposed brilliance, excitement and humour of the text. I did not find myself laughing, nor engrossed. Toying with giving it two stars since the story does somehow flow, but finally opted for one star. One for the bin.

    5. Charlotte Mendelson seems to be writing the same story over and over again, and this is basically just a variation of Love in idleness and Almost English - one more novel about an ill-fitting young woman/girl surrounded by a highly dysfunctional family.The protagonist, Anna, is an aimless, awkward, underachieving girl, who hates her spoiled, pampered self-centered sister, and craves for the attention of her parents. The parents favour the younger sister, Phoebe, to a degree that is comical, and [...]

    6. Daughters of Jerusalem follows during an academic year the Lux family, apparently normal on the surface, but on reality completely dysfunctional. Victor, a history lecturer at Oxford, is obsessed with being chosen for the prestigious Spenser lecture and with his rival fellow lecturer Raymond. Jean, his much younger wife, that passively sees life passing by and then gets involved in a lesbian affair with her best friend Helena. Eve, the self-mutilating intelligent but social inept elder daughter, [...]

    7. Charlotte Mendelson seems to specialize in writing about dysfunctional families. And boy, did she ever pick a dysfunctional one for this novel.I can't even begin to say what all isn't working right for the Lux family. The father lives in his head, the mother seems totally lost, the teenage daughters can't stand each other, which I guess is in the range of normal, but the degree in which they make each others' lives miserable certainly is not.The most fascinating theme in this book is that how yo [...]

    8. There is a lot to think about in this book, it is partly about family relationships and how we see each other. There was plenty to laugh out loud to as well. Victor is an older academic at Oxford who teaches relatively obscure history, his wife, Jean also works there transcribing dull original papers for another historian. Jean is intelligent and bored. They have 2 teenage daughters who are complete opposites of each other. Eve is 16, studying for A levels and extremely bright. She is desperate [...]

    9. Set in Oxford, this isn't quite an AGA-saga but it does qualify (for me) as a comfort read.At times I wanted to shake Jean and tell her to actually pay attention to her daughter Eve; her preferred daughter, Phoebe is a complete horror but of course Jean never sees that. Then there's Jean's friend Helena, who discovers and confesses to a lesbian attraction to Jean, an attraction that Jean starts to reciprocate (but my guess is that she's responding more to the attention and affection than discove [...]

    10. I have been picking up at random things I meant to read and giving them a try - with a condition I set up with myself, no guilt if I quit and no persevering if an effort. And this is one of the quits. It´s not exactly bad, put it down to the reader and circunstances. It´s nicely written, and the atmosphere is fabulous, Oxford ( the geographical place, and more than that the idea of a great university full of great eccentrics) is practically the main character and it´s charming. But the human [...]

    11. This was a bit pathetic. It is described as a "farce" but it seems to be based on the lives of people who are so weird that they can't possibly exist. Some of the "humour" seems to me to be very cruel. If the much-vaunted "dysfunctional family" is really typical in any way, then surely the whole of Oxford would cease to function. The conversations are stilted and don't resemble anything like the way people speak. And we never find out what happens to poor Victor, who redeems himself in the end. [...]

    12. At the beginning. Gripping!18 Sept 2012, finished reading. Weird book, absolutely weird. The mother, feeling unloved and unappreciated at home, embarks on a lesbian affair!!!! The kids are equally crazy! The husband suffers from a lot of syndromes: he is an immigrant, orphaned at an early age therefore doesn't believe that he is good enough for anything. He is well educated mind you, a Fellow at a prestigious univeristybut is battling with his own ghosts!!!Haai!!!!The diction is a bit academic. [...]

    13. Having previously read "When we were Bad" I enjoyed this one more. Set in the cloistered world of Oxford academia it features a rather dysfunctional family - donnish father obsessed by an academic rival, mother distracted by a blossoming alternative relationship and two feuding sisters. The depiction of sibling rivalry and all the accompanying angst is superb.

    14. I adored this with every fibre of my being. It really captured just how wrongly we interpret things, and how easy it is to fall into traps of our own devising, and yet it was full of wit and charm too.

    15. As frustrated as I was by the lack of action and compassion taken by any of the characters in this book, I missed the characters once I'd finished reading it. It was hard to get in to this story, and fairly bleak.

    16. Quite a difficult read but ultimately worth it. It's also recommended that one allocate quite some time to reading this book, as there will be multiple parts that you want to read over multiple times.

    17. (RR) I enjoyed this much more on the 2nd reading-not a literary piece but interesting and funny too. (This is the first time I have ever had a slight understanding of self-harm as a physical release-is that what it is like?)

    18. Interesting book about sibling love and hate. Couples - how they get together and how they fall asunder.

    19. For those of you who like teenage angst and stories about posh people in Oxford. I read to the end but I can't say I enjoyed it all that much.

    20. Interesting to read about the academic world in Oxford but all the characters were thoroughly unlikeable and their relationships quite disturbing.

    21. beginning a little hard to get into but loved the rest. beautiful consistent style. good development of sibling rivalry.

    22. Obnoxious academics nursing secret affairs and petty grievances. Lots of lousy parenting and tyrannical children. Nice Oxford setting. Readable but annoying.

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