The Song Remains the Same A Library Journal Selection for Best Women s Fiction of One of only two survivors of a plane crash Nell Slattery wakes in the hospital with no memory of the horrific experience or who she is or

  • Title: The Song Remains the Same
  • Author: Allison Winn Scotch
  • ISBN: 9780399157585
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Library Journal Selection for Best Women s Fiction of 2012One of only two survivors of a plane crash, Nell Slattery wakes in the hospital with no memory of the horrific experience or who she is, or was Now she must piece together both body and mind, with the help of family and friends, who have their own agendas She filters through photos, art, music, and stories, hopA Library Journal Selection for Best Women s Fiction of 2012One of only two survivors of a plane crash, Nell Slattery wakes in the hospital with no memory of the horrific experience or who she is, or was Now she must piece together both body and mind, with the help of family and friends, who have their own agendas She filters through photos, art, music, and stories, hoping something will jog her memory, and soon, in tiny bits and pieces, Nell starts remembering It isn t long before she learns to question the stories presented by her mother, her sister and business partner, and her husband In the end, she will discover that forgiving betrayals small and large will be the only true path to healing herself and to finding happiness.

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      306 Allison Winn Scotch
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    One thought on “The Song Remains the Same”

    1. Major Spoilers IncludedSo let's review:1. Two people survive a plane crash. One is the main character, the other happens to be a movie star.2. The main character has amnesia and cannot remember a thing.3. The stereotypical mother is a hippie and is hiding things.4. The less stereotypical sister runs a gallery with the main character and is also hiding things.5. The husband of the main character is hiding things and not to be trusted, which is revealed early, and despite his attempts to be suppor [...]

    2. I wrote this so I'll admit that I'm biased. :) But I really do believe that it is my best book to date. Thank you all so much for reading it!

    3. Nell Slattery survives a plane crash and wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. Slowly, she starts to put the pieces of her life together even as her sister, mother and husband keep information from her. She feels life gave her a second chance and she wants to reinvent herself.The synopsis of this book sounded so good and I was eager to read it. It started out fine but before long I realized I didn't care much for the characters, the story evolved too slowly and I was tired of all the profanity [...]

    4. I would recommend 'The Song Remains the Same' by Allison Winn Scotch to anyone looking for an easy-on-the-head sort of quick read. It would be a great summer book to read on vacation or while laying out on the beach or curled up inside on a rainy weekend. I really liked this book. From the synopsis, I think I was expecting more of a thriller/mystery book, which would have been okay however, I'm actually quite pleased with what I ended up with. :)I loved the concept from the start. Main characte [...]

    5. 3.5 StarsThe book begins with Nell waking up in the hospital, hooked up to all kinds of stuff and people crying around her. She hears the words of a fiery plane crash and only two survivors. The other is a famous actor. Except she doesn't know him. She also doesn't know the woman who claims she is Nell's mother. Or the man crying and claiming he's her husband. Or the beautiful woman that is her sister. In fact, she has no recollection of herself at all.So she is Nell Slattery. Through stories th [...]

    6. What defines us? Who defines us? How can the past blend with the present to create the canvas of our future? And what role do our memories play? Do they simply add brushstrokes, simply provide background music, or are they more? Are they the notes which – in more ways than one – compose our identities?/span>These are the questions Allison raises in her new novel THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME, the questions that main character Nell asks of herself as her story unfolds. After surviving a devast [...]

    7. From the moment I read the summary of The Song Remains the Same, I hoped that it would live up to my expectations. It didd then some.I was captivated the moment I picked up this story. I was drawn in right alongside Nell, and felt for her as every new relationship was introduced, torn down and rebuiltJust as she was rebuilding her own life and memories. One can't help but root for here she could be any one of us.All of the characters that Allison Winn Scotch portrays are so wonderfully fleshed o [...]

    8. I received this book from a giveaway and was excited to read it after reading and enjoying her other novels. This one did not disappoint either. Nell is one of two survivors of a plane crash and when she awakes after the crash, her memory is gone. I am sure many of us have dreamed before of a fresh start, to make ourselves over into a better person, but from Nell's perspective this is more of a nightmare than a dream come true. Her life it seems was rather a mess to begin with - father who left [...]

    9. This is one of several amnesia books I've read recently. It's about a woman named Nell who is one of two survivors of a plane crash. In the crash she loses her memory and can only rely on what she is told by her husband, sister, and mother. However, she soon begins to suspect that she is not being told the whole story by any of them. WritingNothing exceptional in either direction. I feel like I say this a lot about books lately. It's not that there's something wrong with the writing or that I ha [...]

    10. I've been a big fan of Allison's since I read TIME OF MY LIFE a few years back and fell in love with her beautiful writing. Her latest, THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME, is her best yet! This story is about Nell, one of two survivors of a terrible plane crash who wakes up without any memories of her life. As Nell tries to piece together what was really going with her family and her husband when she stepped on that plane, she finds herself questioning not only who she was, but who she wants to be in the [...]

    11. I liked the story. I liked the characters. The spoken dialog wasn't sparkling but I enjoyed the inner dialogs. I can't imagine losing my memory. What I liked best was the musical references and and songs. I felt that this could have been developed more. The main character who lost her memory was told by all who previously knew her that her first love was music, but that never got explored! Likedid she sing music? Write music? Play something? A lyricist??? As a music lover, I would liked to have [...]

    12. Did not like this book. It started out OK but I grew quickly to dislike every character. I couldn't find myself able to understand their motivations. The protagonist's obsession with her father just got annoying as hell. Her husband seemed like an unnecessary appendage. I found everyone's actions unbelievable. There was no real character development or storyline that even made sense. At about the 1/2 way point I found myself asking, "who cares what happens to anyone in this book?" Not a good que [...]

    13. This book, about a woman who loses her memory in a plane crash, started out optimistic and well written, and ended up angry and poorly written. It was like the author had a good idea and then didn't know what to do with it. The main character's hostility and blame placing was not fun to read.For a better novel on memory loss, I'd recommend What Alice Forgot. For a better novel on changing one's life after a plane crash, I'd recommendWas It Something I Said?

    14. Couldn't finish. Didn't care what happened to any of the characters. The story was very disjointed, and I didn't get how the song titles of each chapter mattered at all to the story. I hope you have a different experience, but I cannot recommend this one.

    15. I've read all of Allison Winn Scotch's books, and this was by far her best. I literally couldn't put it down and finished it in one day. I don't want to give any spoilers so all I will say is read this book!

    16. I won this book from to read and review. I want to thank them for this opportunity.I wanted to give this book a higher rating, but I felt I wouldn't be totally honest if I did. The reviews led me to believe this would be along the lines of "What Alice Forgot". Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. This story takes place more inside Nell's head.Two people remain alive after a plane crash kills 152 passengers. Anderson Carroll is a Hollywood movie star who uses sex and alcohol to hide from the rea [...]

    17. Maybe a 2.5?The summary sounded intriguing. I mean, seriously, how DO you piece your life back together when you can't remember anything?! And even if someone is telling you the "truth" it's still through their filter, and only with the info you let them seeBut this book just didn't manage to capture that quandary. Even with the circus of characters surrounding Nell, I found myself bored and just wanting it to be over - it played out like a soap opera instead of a psychological drama. And then w [...]

    18. I was incredibly intrigued by the premise of this book - a woman wakes up in a hospital bed, having survived a plane crash and can't remember anything about her life. Unfortunately, the execution of the story seemed somewhat lackluster to me. I had difficulty connecting with the characters and final payoff to the story felt lacking. I usually love Allison Winn Scotch books, but this one didn't do much for me.

    19. This book is gritty--it addresses many difficult challenges one family has experienced in life. That made it a little difficult to read, but I appreciated the perspective on how someone with a traumatic childhood might act as an adult. I did get kind of annoyed that some of the characters seemed to not develop at all until the very VERY end of the book. Made those characters seem a bit flat.

    20. This book had me interested in what was going to happen to the end. But seemed to drag on, going into way too much detail about unimportant things. I also felt the main character, Nell, was too hard on her family, especially her mother. I would have liked to see forgiveness and reconciliation at the end. I was disappointed in the ending.

    21. This is my first time reading Allison Winn Scotch. I enjoyed her storytelling and writing style, with the exception of using bad language – often. I would give 3.5-4 stars for the interesting story concept, but really didn't like the harsh language and found it distracting. There's ways to express anger and discontent without using the "F" word.The premise of the story is interesting in the way of being only one of only two survivors of a plane crash and losing your memory. In an effort to fin [...]

    22. I thought I would really like this book. The idea of surviving an airplane crash, but losing all memory of who you are or what your life was before, intrigued me. But somehow it just didn't hook me. I didn't care enough about the characters to anxiously await getting back to their story.

    23. I didn’t like this book much. I liked that it dealt with the subject of TBI, which isn’t mentioned much and could/should be discussed more, but none of the characters were that engaging or likable. Thumbs down.

    24. Didn't love it - it was odd and kind of unbelievable - like a conspiracy against a plane crash survivor by entire family to "save" her from previous lifeBut there was something that made me want to keep listening so I did.

    25. I like the premise, what would it be like to have amnesia, and your family has to fill in the blanks for you?

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