The Invisible Chains Part Bonds of Blood Anaxantis prince of Ximerion Not certain who he can trust Anaxantis keeps recruiting and training troops with dogged tenacity to face the barbarian invasion Who is the spy leaking information to

  • Title: The Invisible Chains - Part 3: Bonds of Blood
  • Author: Andrew Ashling
  • ISBN: 1230000000841
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Anaxantis, prince of Ximerion.Not certain who he can trust, Anaxantis keeps recruiting and training troops, with dogged tenacity, to face the barbarian invasion.Who is the spy, leaking information to his father, the high king What to do about the new arrival who tries to free his brother Was the barbarian prince really captured or does he have a hidden agenda Amid all thAnaxantis, prince of Ximerion.Not certain who he can trust, Anaxantis keeps recruiting and training troops, with dogged tenacity, to face the barbarian invasion.Who is the spy, leaking information to his father, the high king What to do about the new arrival who tries to free his brother Was the barbarian prince really captured or does he have a hidden agenda Amid all the preparations for war, Lorcko of Iramid is looking for love True love, this time However, his reputation is working against him.Anaxantis has his own troubles in the love department.Soon he will be forced to make some hard decisions Is he up to it, or will he finally buckle down under the strain

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      425 Andrew Ashling
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    One thought on “The Invisible Chains - Part 3: Bonds of Blood”

    1. Oh, hello there. *cracks knuckles* *clears throat*Wanna talk about this one? Huh. Alright.Can you say furious? Enraged? Exasperated? Even a little bit hurt?[Um, this review is not PG-13. But then nothing I say is ever PG-13.]Andrew Ashling, I love you. I really do. You're a master storyteller, you have a twisted mind, you're clever, you're cool. I like you. But this, here, was a major fail.I don't consider this a spoiler, because I knew from the beginning that there was a 50% chance for the seri [...]

    2. In my review for book 1, I talked about the plot, for book 2, the writing.For this book, I have to talk about the battle. I don't think that's giving anything away since by about page 10 of the first book, you know there's gonna be a battle. With most ancient times books that involve a battle, usually my eyes kind of glaze over when the author starts talking about tactics and maneuvers. I don't get it, and I probably never will. For this book, I totally understood what was happening at every mom [...]

    3. Good conclusion to the trilogy. It made my brain happy that Ashling stopped with the fantasy-name-abuse and just wrote the story; I think it helped he had a great big battle to get his teeth into. Very satisfactory ending.

    4. Truly stirring conclusion. This has ended up one of my favorite fantasy series, exemplifying why I love this genre. I read so much fantasy, but this is a story that will stay with me, thanks in large part to the grueling journey we undergo with these two brothers. No other fantasy series I've read goes this far in delving into the psychological impact of crime, guilt, punishment, expiation, and redemption from the perspective of both the offender and the victim. As painful as the process is, as [...]

    5. This, the third installment of the "Invisible Chains" trilogy, was in my opinion the best, with the first a close second. Mr. Ashling masterfully laid out the climax of the series: the battle for the Northern Marches and the resolution of the troubled relationship between the two princes, Anaxantis and Ehandar. In spite of my lingering frustration with the lack of "cleanup" editing (typos abound), by the end I didn't care all that much. This is a testament to Mr. Ashling's unique voice and his k [...]

    6. Once regarded as the underling, the least threatening and far less likely to defend the Realm, young Anaxantis cunningly planned his ascendance to supremacy not as the most deserving prince but as a revered warlord and an unstoppable juggernaut. He hoped against hope to fight a war. Will he win it too against all odds? While the reasons to go into battle were obvious to all, there was one that was known to him alone.“Yes, usWhere they couldn't get at us. And that is what I did. What I am still [...]

    7. I'm ridiculously happy that there are 3 more books in this series, cause althought I enjoyed the book that ending was not satisfying. Some dark and twisted, I love it.

    8. Listen to my fangirl squee. Oh, this was late in coming, but AHMAGAAAAAWD.Hmmmething weird Is Tarno or isn't he a separate entity? Like, DID? Hard to tell; it's abstractly vague on thatI think Tarno is much more a separate entity of sorts then Ehandar admits. Even Randamor admits, maybe. (view spoiler)[I know how Anaxantis sees Tarno as a separate being from Ehandar and how Randamor, in his telling, kind of implied that Tarno really was separate, but also could have been implying that Tarno beca [...]

    9. So the saga ends and even though I wish I could have rated this imaginative tale higher, the modern language is just too damn jarring to ignore. Not to mention some of the characters just grated on my last nerve and their side stories did nothing to advance the plot. I'm sure a lot of readers found Ryhunzo and his paramour really sweet and cute, but they just annoyed me like the little ukes they were.There are some great examples of fantasy novels which feature M/M couples--Wicked Gentlemen, Luc [...]

    10. Andrew Ashling's story telling gets deeper, more intricately planned and funnier. Be warned, my review may contain small spoilers. In the third book in the Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse series, "Bonds of Blood", he brings in the Mukthars and their prince, Timishi. The Mukthars are the sworn enemies for which the the War Lord, Anaxantis, has been preparing. They are fierce, have bad manners and, of course, are sexy as hell. At this juncture, Andrew has made me feel like an intimate friend of [...]

    11. The saga ends and I have to say it's an example on how to tell a story. While the previous two books were all about developing the characters and furthering all the different plots, this last book brings the conclusion in a way that is beyond all my expectations. Not only did Anaxantis go from runt of the litter to conqueror and vanquisher of all his enemies, including his father and two brothers, he also conquers himself. I would have loved to have more, would have happily read a fourth book to [...]

    12. Andrew has the ability to suspend belief and make you believe you are reading an historical account of someone's life, or, like Ava March, you are reading a fictional account of a real time period, it really does not cross your mind that you are reading a piece of fiction set in a fictional world and time period!When you do realize that, the author's talent for creating this world is even more apparent! I usually need to take a break from period pieces, real or fictional, however, so much happen [...]

    13. This is the third, and probably the best, book of the trilogy. As I was reading, I kept wishing it would never end. (Fortunately, Mr.Ashling has written more books yey). There are many things that make this trilogy different from any other fantasy/m-m books I've read. The most important one is, the author has a plot. And he builds on it. The story is not an excuse to depict m-m relationships; instead, these add to a great story. He also handles an impressive array of characters, with their worri [...]

    14. An excellent book! A real page turner. You CARE about these people!Well worth the read by any fantasy/intrigue/romance/historical fiction book lover who will appreciate the carefully crafted world created by the trilogy. There is some highly charged m/m sexual content in some parts, including non-consensual sex and some enslavement. Yet there are some very comedic characters, whose antics and conversations will have you laughing out loud, sections which lighten the tension. The battle plans are [...]

    15. A great book 3 to cap off this series. I really wish that the author would write a 4th book or maybe a 2nd series as a follow-up. Again, very solid plot that remains coherent despite its complexity -- this is probably my greatest source of admiration for the world that the author has woven. Often, I'll begin a novel only to grow irritated by meaningless microscopic plotlines or descriptions that obscure the direction of the plot and characters -- the writer has organized both characters and even [...]

    16. There's nothing I can say that I haven't already in the first two parts so I won't get into anything lengthy even though I could talk about this story forever. I adore and am very attached to this story, the world of Ximerion and its characters. Out of all three parts, this is probably the one I'm drawn to the most. All the build-up, all the tension, everything pays off here. The events before, during and after the battle are spectacular and I GOT it. Excellent, loved it all!

    17. Strangely enough I came across this books needing a light easy read and boy was I in for a srprise.Where do you start? I would have liked to have scored the 3 books higher but I felt there were a few story lines that thought wrong and unnecessary. But who am I, I am not the author only the audience. I liked the structure of the novel with short chapters switching from one character to another. Though I must admit the progression of the narrators relationship with the listener a bit odd. But heh [...]

    18. review to follow.“ I want my Ehandar back. My proud, haughty, grumpy Ehandar. Who stays with me because he wants to, not because he feels he must. Not because he thinks he has to make up for what he did, but who stays because he loves me, pure and simple.“It's you I want.”My sentiments exactly Anaxantis.There's so many new love budding in this book but I couldn't care less of their love lives. Everybody was like falling in love in this book but Ehandar was still deep in lala-land and didn' [...]

    19. In the roughest of estimates I read this book twice. The first time I only read the parts that had Ehander in them because I was so curious to find out his fate and I knew the battle was going to block him out. So yeah in short a lot of the suspense was lost on me. So even though this book was my so far least liked in the series, I guess if I had read it in order it would have been a 5 star read. So this one is getting 5 stars as well.Okay after I had ascertained Ehander’s fate, I read the boo [...]

    20. Once again, I can only give this book, which is the third and final in the Invisible Chains series, only 3 stars, and actually it is only a 2.5 star book for me. I thought the plotting was pretty good. I wasn't all that interested in Anaxantis' war strategies, and some of it was hard to follow because the maps were pretty small and difficult to read as a result. I was really most interested in the relationship between Anaxantis and Ehandar and was fairly gratified that the author resolved the pr [...]

    21. Another worthy installment to this series. Lots of battle action in this one but many, many funny and witty moments to balance it. I LOVE ANAXANTIS' PAGES!! Had to wait till the very end to get my Ehandar moment, but it made my heart smile. I can't wait to see where Book 4 takes Ehandar and Anaxantis because it's obvious that they have their work cut out for them. This book made me laugh; it made me cry; it made me smile. Love this series. Goodness, I've just read the first three books in a litt [...]

    22. Oh, my god, this book is so good. I was crying at the end and I'm still so happy about how this trilogy concluded. As a side note, Anaxantis reminds me of Alexander the Great in many ways. Anaxanis is a leader who is young and cunning, but also flawed who knows how to make his troops love him. It will be interesting to see how his character progresses. I'll certainly be reading on because I have to know what comes next. The wrap up was awesome, and the intrigue for the books to come are set.

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