The Stones of Mourning Creek When fourteen year old Francie befriends Ruthie a black girl amidst the rampant prejudice in their small town in s Alabama she suffers from the gruesome harassment of her white peers But Ruthie

  • Title: The Stones of Mourning Creek
  • Author: Diane Les Becquets
  • ISBN: 9780761452386
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • When fourteen year old Francie befriends Ruthie, a black girl, amidst the rampant prejudice in their small town in 1960s Alabama, she suffers from the gruesome harassment of her white peers But Ruthie demonstrates the humanity and love that helps Francie uncover the truth behind her mother s death and deal with her father s neglect and alcoholism.

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    1. Full Review at loganashleyleducI first read this book in 2004. I was 9 years old and this instantly became a favorite. I remember it being one of the first books that brought me to tears at the end and made me want to just hug it for hours.After 11 years, I finally reread the book that helped me to fall in love with reading. And though it's target audience is probably more a tween, at 21, I still love this book.Some people would say it's a bit predictable but the message behind this book overloo [...]

    2. This book came highly recommended from one of my very well-read students, so I knew I had to read it. It tells the story of two girls, one black and one white, who become friends in the 1960s. The white girl, Francie, is suffering from the accidental death of her mother, and her father is a drunk. Her life begins to change radically when she discovers her mother's death may not have been an accident after all.I loved reading this novel and found it to be my favorite book, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. [...]

    3. Such a sweet story of the friendship of two young girls. Francis and her friend unravel the mystery of what happened to Francies mother. But in the end the truth was costly

    4. This story is set in rural Alabama during the 1960s when blacks were supposed to have the same rights as white. Unfortunately, that is not the case in Spring Gap, AL. Francie, a 14 year old white girl lives alone with her father since her mother died. Ruthie is a young black girl who saves Francie's life after she is bitten by a snake. The two girls quickly forge a very close friendship. However, racism in their town is widespread. Once the townspeople realize the two girls are nearly inseparabl [...]

    5. TCL CALL # YA LES BECQUETSThis is the authors first novel and what a novel it is! It is filled with mystery, drama, friendship, racial prejudice and love. It takes place during the turbulent 1960's in Alabama. Francie, who is 14 years old, recently lost her mother in an "accident." Her dad loves his daughter but has his share of problems, which add tension to their relationship. Francie finds great pleasure visiting the creek that runs behind their house. During one of her visits to the creek sh [...]

    6. I read this book a few years ago and it is one of less than a handful that have stuck with me. This is such a beautiful story that you really need to read to appreciate. It was the second book that really made me cry and that fact alone made a very big impact on me as I'm not one to usually cry (the first was Bridge To Terabithia and I will seriously deem you heartless if you tell me that you didn't tear up, even just a little for that book!!). This story is so complex and REAL and it's very rar [...]

    7. Taking the regular conflict of the Deep South during the era of black segregation this book offers a breath of fresh air to this topic. Offering a unique story of an unlikely friendship between a white girl,Francie, and a black girl,Ruthie, you can see the turmoil and conflicts they must face. They are brough together and must solve the mystery of Francie's mother's death that may impact them closer than they ever imagined. The story is beautifully formed with the different conflicts leading the [...]

    8. This is book, is so real that it makes you feel like your apart of her life, it's like your there with her.It would be very hard to loose a mother and have a father that doesn't even listen to what you have to say, that isn't there for you when you need him to be.Francie, is fourteen and her mother died when she went to try and find her husband, only Francie's father doesn't believe it was an accadent. I don't want to give out to muh info so if you like books, from the 60s than you'll lOVE this [...]

    9. This movie is such a good read!!! The friendship between a white girl and a black girl has never been this captivating in a 1950s setting because of all the discrimination and stereotypes. The ending is so poignant and shcoking that we can't help but shed a few tears, or maybe many. The love story embedded in this novel is also very cute although childish. I strongly recommend this novel to anyone really because it's just so tragic and it's a novel i will never forget.

    10. For all my YA loving friends who are always looking for a book suggestion, here it is! Francie, a young girl in the middle of 1960s Alabama becomes best friends with a colored girl and realizes people aren't kind. As she sticks true to her best friend, she begins to discover evils beyond racism surround her. This is a fast-paced, easy read book touched my heart and held me captivate until the final pages. Such a sweet story of love and friendship in the midst of trouble and turmoil.

    11. This is my favorite book! I never had one before I read this one. I always said all books were my favorite. But this book had me at the edge of my seat. I kept saying "I'll read one more chapter and then stop." But I read until I finished the whole thing. I even started crying! This book is AMAZING!!!!!!

    12. I love this book, it is definitely one of my all-time favorite books. The plot, setting, and relationship between the main characters is captivating. My favorite character is tied between Mamma Rea and Ernest. I would recommend this book to anyone. I must admit that I i hated the fact that Ruthie was murdered

    13. A lot better than I thought it would be. The relationship between Ruthie and Francine is so pure and genuine. The love story between Ernest and Francine never overpowers the other story-lines/relationships. Amazing read for any age!

    14. Unexpected findAlmost didn't, purchase, but what a great story.was not what l expected. Easy to read and understand.Beautiful vivid descriptions, felt like I was right there watching the story unfold.

    15. A book with a feel of The Secret Life of Bees but with a weepy ending. While 'The Bad' get what they deserve its at a huge loss to young girls. Brings to the forefront the reminder of racism and ignorance which at times is hard to swallow.

    16. I loved this book. Francie is 14, her mom has recently died, dad is a drunk-she becomes friends with Ruthie, a young black girl. Set in Alabama in the 1960's in a small town where a few white men get away literally with murder and anything else they want. Great read if very sad in places.

    17. Excellent story of friendships and loveEasy read. Good storyline of friendships, falling in love, and the struggles of being a teenage girl living in the back woods, southern USA, during Vietnamd loving someone regardless of their color.

    18. An intense, somewhat shocking read. The story is set in 1966 and is about Francie and Ruthie, two girls who become best friends across the color lines. A complicated series of events leads up to a major twist of the ending well crafted to keep all the pieces in order!

    19. Touching storylineReally good book. Several storylines rolled into one. Murder, mystery, friendship beyond color boundaries, young love, faith & justice. Definitely recommend this book.

    20. A verry touching storyanI loved then book. it kept me interested til l the last page. The story is really very sad but leavesr you w I th a warm feeling.

    21. Excellent story, set in the south in the 1960s. Two young girls, one black and one white become best friends and solve a mystery together. Some violence.

    22. I've read this book years ago and to this day it is still by far my favorite book I have ever read!!!!

    23. A great book! A really great story about a friendship between two girls, one black, one white, in a time of racial prejudice.

    24. Made me Cryhaven't read a good book in such a long time, it made me cry and made me live each moment with the charactersRitchie and franchises friendship is epic

    25. Loved itMy only recommendation is to just read it. The story really defines the meaning of true friendship. Keep tissues nearby.

    26. Very interesting read. Really enjoyed the time period that the book was set in, as well as the mysterious plot.

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