Notes from the Firehouse Seventeen Firefighting Stories from a Retired Firefighter A memoir from a retired firefighter about firefighting rescue calls and life around the firehouse It s not all about fire that s lesson number one No it s a collection of things assisting an injured

  • Title: Notes from the Firehouse: Seventeen Firefighting Stories from a Retired Firefighter
  • Author: D.E. McCourt
  • ISBN: 9781452872391
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • A memoir from a retired firefighter about firefighting, rescue calls and life around the firehouse It s not all about fire that s lesson number one No, it s a collection of things assisting an injured person at three o clock in the morning, calming a child in a traumatic situation, saving the belongings of a family from the ravages of a fire, seeing people in every heA memoir from a retired firefighter about firefighting, rescue calls and life around the firehouse It s not all about fire that s lesson number one No, it s a collection of things assisting an injured person at three o clock in the morning, calming a child in a traumatic situation, saving the belongings of a family from the ravages of a fire, seeing people in every heartbreaking situation imaginable and trying to help them, while not losing yourself in the process And it s about the insanity found in the firehouse to the author it s the Cracker Factory and the politics and pettiness that try unsuccessfully to steal the joy from the job The book doesn t dwell on the nuts and bolts of firefighting, as much as it documents the human side of the job.

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      111 D.E. McCourt
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    One thought on “Notes from the Firehouse: Seventeen Firefighting Stories from a Retired Firefighter”

    1. This book was the perfect trifecta not only did I enjoy ‘Notes from the Firehouse’ but so did my wife and daughter which is as rare as a celestial event that occurs once every hundred years. The author, D.E. McCourt, speaks to the reader like an old friend that stopped by for a drink. I think what is so appealing about the stories is the author never tries to impress you. Several of the stories (Star of the Day, Accidents Happen, Batman are among them) produced laughter from all of us, while [...]

    2. This is a must read for those who are interested in getting a job in the fire service today. Many of the situations described in the book are ones which one might expect to encounter during the course of a career, from being a rookie on a new crew, to some of the horrific, unexpected situations we find ourselves in when we are called to a scene. The scenarios were described with startling clarity and the language used was typical of that used in the fire service. As a career firefighter, I can t [...]

    3. Everyday Heroes: Nothing Short of ExtraordinaryWhen Author Doug McCourt contacted me about reviewing Notes from the Firehouse, he didn’t know how this extraordinary group of men and women had already touched my life. My younger brother worked as a volunteer firefighter and a paramedic. As a nurse, my mother spent endless hours helping pediatric burn victims at the Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. And in my former career as a television reporter, I witnessed first-hand how firefighters save li [...]

    4. My brothers and I are an odd set - none of our parents/grandparents served in a public service position (though all were upstanding and inspirational citizens in their own way). Yet all of us have served in some way - one brother recently retired after 20+ years in the fire department, another served as both a volunteer/paid medic/EMT for several years, and I served as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in our county, and am now an active citizen volunteer for the same.This book was obviously written by s [...]

    5. Notes from the Firehouse by Doug McCourt was an excellent read. Being a career firefighter for the last 7 years, this book hit home with many of the people, antics, and thoughts from his coworkers and the author himself. It goes to show that no matter where you live the brotherhood is strong and very similar everywhere.Doug keeps his accounts very realistic, unlike many memoirs and stories in the firehouse. There is not much hyping of himself as a great hero and making the unbelievable his norm. [...]

    6. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a firefighter? Well Notes from a Firehouse gives the reader a detailed account of life as a firefighter, not only about putting out fires and rescuing people and pets, it tells about what it is like to work and live the life as a firefighter. Told with knowledge and powerful insight into how fragile life is, this is a wonderful memoir of a man in his rookie years to his retirement. It should definitely be read by all. I enjoyed it immensely and [...]

    7. Being a female with no ties to the firefighting world, I definitely did not expect to enjoy this book so much. I actually found myself reading single stories and then putting the book down so I could have future tales to look forward to! McCourt is a wonderful storyteller who is both funny and honest, and I am so happy he shared with us the interesting life of a local firefighter. I definitely hope we hear more from him in the future.

    8. Very well written account of what it is like to be in a career that is constantly unpredictable. Stories were honest, open and at times hilarious, other times humbling. Quick read, it is a must for those who love anyone that is a first responder!

    9. MemoriesI've been retired 10 years, but this book brought back so many memories it almost felt as if I was going to put my turnouts on the floor beside the truck in the morning. Thank you.

    10. Entertaining and interesting anecdotes from start to finish. One in particular is very graphic and disturbing about a victim in a motorcycle accident. That said, the rest of the book was very informative on the trials a firefighter faces in the field as well as the firehouse. Would write more but, I'm about to read it again.

    11. I am a daughter of a fireman of the Chicago Fire Department. I have an entire family of fireman family. I thought this was a great read to truly appreciate all that they do. It was interesting insight to their daily struggles. Loved the book and highly recommend it!

    12. Had this been an ultra-macho book about firemen pounding out chili and laughing at the after-effects, or about going to a 3-alarm fire unfazed, unafraid, and swaggering around bragging about their exploits afterwards, I would have hated it and probably not read past the first chapter. Luckily this was not that book. Instead it was a quiet, introspective book that let you see the humanity of the people who choose to serve us in some of our most dangerous life situations, fire and medical emergenc [...]

    13. Reading this book was a big change from the many other books I have read that deal with firefighting. All of the books in the past are about volunteer firefighters and not professionals like this one. Just like some of the other firefighting books, there are some very surprising stories of calls that some of these firefighters get dispatched to. Even though I am not of age yet to respond to fire or EMS calls, I have heard and seen some things that are just unbelievable. Just like the author of t [...]

    14. Interesting readI'm not sure what I was expecting when I started this book. Actually I don't think I had many expectations at all. I think this book was recommended by or something like that. But regardless of how I got the book in my Kindle, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it would be about heroic rescues and amazing death-defying feats. Instead it was a very down-to-earth story about some great people and how these very human people perform occasionally normal, occasionally heroic tasks. T [...]

    15. Interesting enough considering we don't get many real life stories from firefighters but it left me wanting more - let's hope some more firefighters from different states start sharing all their stories so we can get a better bigger picture! I hope this spurs them on. I like to read about real life heroes.

    16. My father is a retired firefighter, as I read the book I would tell about some of the stories. He would laugh and tell me something about his days as a fireman in the fire house, this is something has never done before. I have purchased a hard copy for him to enjoy and am looking forward to more converstations with him.

    17. Notes From The Firehouse: Seventeen Firefighting Stories From A Retired Firefighterby D.E. McCourtI have the greatest respect for firefighters and all emergency personnel. These stories range from sad and tragic to unusual to a few humorous!!!I don't have the kind of courage these professionals show often on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing these memories, but moreover thank you for your service!I borrowed this book from Kindle Unlimited.

    18. EnthrallingWe have a dear friend who is a retired firefighter, and reading this book was like listening to him tell us about his day. If you've ever wondered about what motivates these guys to run TOWARDS a fire when the rest of us are running away, read this. It is a well written glimpse into not just the routine, but the personalities behind the scenes. I laughed out loud, and teared up a bit while engrossed in reading this memoir. I wanted to keep reading, but didn't want to reach the end. Th [...]

    19. The writer is quite engaging. The book is fluff, to some degree, but for a quick light read it's solid.

    20. I found this book to be highly entertaining, enlightening, and educational. It was entertaining because it engages your emotions from laughter (hilarious tales), to loyalty (the camaraderie), to deep & raw sympathy that fuels firefighters’ emotional adrenaline. It was enlightening because it shed light on what the job actually entails - the good, the bad, the ugly, the shocking, the mundane, the culture – both on calls and at the firehouse. It was educational because it included some pra [...]

    21. Doug McCourt's "Notes from the firehouse" Will keep you engulfed from the very beginning. Mr. McCourt does an amazing job of sharing 17 experiences of the real day to day going ons of a fire department, perfectly blended, never giving the feeling of reading "short stories". He gives us the raw happenings of our HEROS, The flattering and then not so flattering. I couldn't help but think of the word brotherhood and this day in the profession have added SISTERS to the hood, and how the word brother [...]

    22. An excellent book. I may be a bit biased having served in the fire service, but I don't think so. In a couple places he could have gotten on his soap box and slammed the commissioners, who when in comes to money being cut in a budget, first responder (fire, police, rescue) seem to always take the hit first. We are doing our jobs with fewer people, yet they expect the same response, and then the. commissioned are surprised when someone dies, especially one of our own. The fire department has a sa [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book, initially I thought it would be what I call a "blokes book" but it really isn't!Its a collection of short tales of the jobs a fireman is expected to do, and not all involving fires!I really found some of the tales really funny. Doug McCourt writes in such a way that as you are reading you can imagine being sat opposite the man himself over a cuppa with him telling you the stories in person.I don't want to give away the content of the book so I will choose just one of [...]

    24. Notes from the Firehouse is one of those unique books that I was so happy to add to my reading list. We have all seen the movies on television or even live footage of our heroic firefighters in action, but what we don't see is what goes on behind the scenes. We don't see the human side of the firefighters. We don't hear their emotions, their pain, their anguish or even their cries. As someone who has never stepped foot in a firehouse, I never knew what actually transpired behind those closed doo [...]

    25. This book was a departure from what I normally read. Being the mother to a young career fire fighter, and the wife of a man whose been a volunteer in the fire service and an EMT for 30+ years, I found this book enjoyable. Even laughed out loud a few times. In some of the stories, I could picture my son doing the exact same thing, especially in "Liquid Tales". The first and last stories were great ones to start and end the book. "Notes from the Firehouse" was a quick read, and I liked that they w [...]

    26. There is no denying the fantastic work that fire-fighters perform and how courageous they are and there are a couple of chapters here that do show that. Overall I was disappointed with this book as a lot of chapters were very weak. As this book is not from an inner-city fire-fighter a lot of the "action" takes place in the fire station and some of the pranks that happen. To be honest I struggled with some of these. I did enjoy the chapters when real fire-fighting happened and it was interesting [...]

    27. I always notice nonfiction per se. I felt it was educational and somewhat 'entertaining' if that is the right word - it isn't. It is reasonably well written, not great but good enough for people who just want to know what the guy is trying to get across to readers more than desiring to read a work of literature.

    28. This was my first non fiction of 2017. The book was OK, I would give it 3.5 stars. Some parts seemed really weird and not needed. like talking about other firefighters eye color in detail. He would also use a persons name in a conversation too much. It just seemed very out of place. All in all it was an OK book. Not one I would rave about to others but liked it enough to finish it.

    29. I enjoyed learning about the life of a firefighter. I learned a lot through the author's sharing of his experiences. Entertaining. :^)

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