My Name Is Maria Isabel For Maria Isabel Salazer Lopez the hardest thing about being the new girl in school is that the teacher doesn t call her by her real name We already have two Marias in this class says her teacher Wh

  • Title: My Name Is Maria Isabel
  • Author: Alma Flor Ada K. Dyble Thompson Ana M. Cerro
  • ISBN: 9780689315176
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For Maria Isabel Salazer Lopez, the hardest thing about being the new girl in school is that the teacher doesn t call her by her real name We already have two Marias in this class, says her teacher Why don t we call you Mary instead But Maria Isabel has been named for her Papa s mother and for Chabela, her beloved Puerto Rican grandmother Can she find a way to makFor Maria Isabel Salazer Lopez, the hardest thing about being the new girl in school is that the teacher doesn t call her by her real name We already have two Marias in this class, says her teacher Why don t we call you Mary instead But Maria Isabel has been named for her Papa s mother and for Chabela, her beloved Puerto Rican grandmother Can she find a way to make her teacher see that if she loses her name, she s lost the most important part of herself

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    One thought on “My Name Is Maria Isabel”

    1. I personally wanted more, more depth and more length, and in a way that lets me know this is a perfect book for its intended audience. I’d have found it perfect in those ways when I was 7-9 years old, perhaps even 6-11 years old. 10 titled chapters and 57 pages make for an excellent beginning independent readers’ book. It would also make a fine read aloud book.This short novel has a lovely story.I appreciated how so many issues and subjects are addressed, either directly or indirectly: the i [...]

    2. I think all teachers should be required to read this book! A young immigrant from Puerto Rico named Maria Isabel is renamed by her teacher because there are already two Marias in her class. This makes Maria Isabel feel like she's lost her sense of self, of who she is, and affects her performance in school. Eventually Maria Isabel finds a way to let her teacher know that she doesn't like it, and all turns out well.It was a touching story with a sweet ending, another gem from Alma Flor Ada.

    3. My name is Maria Isabel is written by Alma Flor Ada and illustrated by K. Dyble Thompson. It was published by Aladdin Paperbacks in 1993.This wonderful book is about a young girl named Maria Isobel who school in a new town. She is worried because she is starting late in the year and doesn't want to be the odd one out. Although Maria is a mixture of excited and nervous, she ends up leaving school feeling very frustrated. Her new teacher has decided to call her Mary instead of her name, Maria. Thr [...]

    4. Maria Isabel Salazar Lopez hates having to start over at a new school. But worst of all, there are already two other Marias in her class andher new teacher decides to call her Mary Lopez! Maria Isabel never hears her teacher when she is addressed as Mary Lopez and she ends up being skipped for the class play.I know exactly how Maria Isabel feels. I was always Debbie A. or Deborah in a class with scores of other Debbies. I just wanted to be called by my name, too, just like Maria Isabel. I loved [...]

    5. Summary: Third grader Maria Isabel, born in Puerto Rico and now living in the U.S wants badly to fit in at school; and the teacher's writing assignment "My Greatest Wish" gives her that opportunity.57 pages Would be a nice read aloud for a classroom - multiculturalism, the importance of one's name and family Small chapter book appropriate for 3rd grade level. I liked how it was about a Hispanic character. I am looking for more books with that aspect in them. Maria Isabel biggest conflict is that [...]

    6. Rutmeri Mercado 12-6-10 Este libro se llama me llamo María Isabel por alma flor Ada. Este libro se trata de una niña llamada María Isabel pero ella es nueva en su clase no conoce a nadie. Pero en receso una niña llamada marta Pérez. que la invita a brincar la cuerda con ella. De ese tiempo adelante ella estaba impuesta. Uno de los personajes mi libro es María Isabel ella es una niña buena portorriqueña. Mi opinión de este libro es que es muy bueno porque es de una niña que entra a e [...]

    7. Many students will be able to relate to this story about a little girl who is not called her name by the teacher. It shows the importance of personal identity and family and highlights being new, fitting in, and not feeling "smart" or looked at as not knowing. It's a good read during Hispanic Heritage Month or the holiday season since it touches on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Students can personally connect to the story because of the school settings and the interactions with siblings and parent [...]

    8. Este libro aborda la importancia del nombre de uno y cómo puede impactar su vida, que es algo que todos tienen en común. También aborda el problema que muchas personas con nombres que reflejan su cultura están siendo pronunciadas o ignoradas. La cultura de una persona es algo que ellos valoran, y los hace únicos, y por eso merece ser reconocido. Este libro hace que la gente se dé cuenta que su herencia es algo de lo que enorgullecerse y que las culturas de las otras personas deben ser resp [...]

    9. I gave this book a 3 star rating. It is intended for children ages 7-10. The story is narrated in third person. Maria Isabel is the new kid at school and there are already two Maria’s, so the teacher decides to call her Mary Lopez. The only problem with this is that every time the teacher calls out “Mary Lopez!” Maria does not respond. This inevitably leads Maria to believe that the teacher is always angry at her and Maria Isabel’s exclusion from the winter pageant. At the end of the boo [...]

    10. This is a short chapter book about a girl called Maria Isabel Salazar Lopez. The teacher insists on calling her Mary Lopez to make things easier, and Maria Isabel is too shy to correct her. Plus, Maria Isabel is excluded from the Winter Pageant. It all works out in the end when Maria Isabel writes a paper saying what her true name is and that she'd like to participate in the pageant.It is a nice story, but if there is a flaw it is that it doesn't really explain why the teacher seems so dumb and [...]

    11. My Name is Maria Isabel walks the reader through an event that many might not think will affect a child. Transferring into a new school to find yourself with a student that already has your name. Defending yourself through a piece of writing might not seem as a strong way to do so but it is efficient. The young girl Maria Isabel goes to school in discomfort for not being caller her birth given name.This is a great book to introduce any classroom to because it speaks to every single one within th [...]

    12. By the time Maria's family moves into their new home, the school year has begun. Her first day does not go well. On the way to the bus stop, Maria trips, skins her knee, and dirties her favorite yellow dress. Then, her teacher changes her name to Mary because there are already two Marias in the class. Maria tries hard to listen and do well, but she simply cannot remember her new name. Whenever the teacher calls on "Mary Lopez," Maria does not answer. Several times a day, the teacher scolds Maria [...]

    13. Not impressed. The story line could have been way better and I know it's a cliche topic, but I became uninterested. I thought this was going to be a great story for my class to read together as a book club project, but the story line disappointed me. It was bland and not the inspiring book I was looking for. I think my students would get bored before they finish the book. I'll continue to look for another book for my classroom. Pros: short, could be a good book for an individual readerCons: blan [...]

    14. This book centered around a theme of cultural sensitivity (or lack thereof) - Maria joins a class that already has 2 other students named Maria, but the teacher shortens her name to Mary without asking her she would feel about it. This creates an inner struggle with Maria who happens to love her name that is symbolic of her family. I thought that Ada did a nice job of displaying the downfall of lack of communication to multicultural students.

    15. This is one of my favorite children's books because it discusses her struggle to adapt to changes, find her voice, and explore important issues of identity and understanding. I would use this as a journal activity after reading the story. "Write about a time when you felt different from everyone else or misunderstood. How did you overcome this feeling?"

    16. I loved the main idea of this story, and I think most of you could really relate to it! However, the length is weird -- I either wanted it to be shorter & more focused, or longer & more developed!

    17. this book is the one i read for reading logs. it a good story. Maria is cute girl who goes to school and tells about her days at school. i love this book

    18. This was a good book that was about Maria Isabel, a little girl, who started at a new school and was so upset that her teacher assigned her the name of Mary as there were 4 Maria's in the classroom. Everytime the teacher would call the name Mary, Maria didn't answer because she wasn't use to that name. The teacher became very upset with Maria after several attempts to have her answer some questions during class. It was this name that made her miss opportunities such as the holiday play. Maria wa [...]

    19. My first impression of this book was shocked. I was shocked with the size of the book. It is very small and looks to be very short. The cover shows a Solet of a young girl sitting at a desk. This chapter book tells a story about a little Hispanic student. Maria is growing up in the US, but is having trouble in her American classroom setting. She has difficulty understanding her teachers lesson plans. Not only this, but her teacher makes her change her name to Mary. This shows readers the struggl [...]

    20. María Isabel is a Hispanic child growing up in America. The story surrounds the big topic of culture, minorities and self identification when her teacher changes her name to Mary as there is already another girl with the same name. I really enjoyed My Name is Maria as it was really believable and authentic, there was no heartbroken sentiment or stereotyping, it was true and real and in a children's book I respect that. It teaches us that a name is so much more than just a name you answer to, it [...]

    21. As a student in the U.S. that is learning the Spanish language, I'm always looking for new books to read in Spanish. This book was different for me because instead of being written for students in Middle/High School that are learning Spanish, it is written for younger kids that are fluent in the language. It used lots of Spanish vocabulary and also helped me begin to understand harder verb tenses.I enjoyed reading this book, and appreciate how it deals with the importance of identity for younger [...]

    22. This Is my third choice book. Maria Isabel is this girl that is a new student in a new school in the middle of the school year.She has a older brother named Antonio. Maria misses her friends and her teachers. She does not like her teacher, she calls her Mary instead of Maria, she does not like to be called Mary. My favorite part in this book is when we find out that she is from Puerto Rico because I am half Puertorican.

    23. This is a very basic chapter book that is very short and simple. Maria Isabel wants to be called Maria Isabel but her teacher names her Mary and gets very angry when Maria Isabel doesn't answer to the name Mary. Maria Isabel misses out on opportunities because the teacher doesn't use her real name. This book just made me angry because the teacher was portrayed in such negative light but rightly so because the teacher had no patience for Maria Isabel. I was angry reading this because as a teacher [...]

    24. I read this for my Literature and Culture in the Classroom course. It was published in the 1990's, and I feel like it is a text underlying everything we were talking about in education that no one actually pointed to. It's a simple story about a girl who's name is changed by her teacher without regard for her culture. Now to read it in Spanish!

    25. Perfect for strong beginning readers or reluctant elementary readers, My Name is Maria Isabel packs a lot of soul into a few pages. Readers will relate to Maria as she tries to adjust to a new school, stay true to herself and her Puerto Rican heritage, and resolve a misunderstanding with her new teacher. Thought-provoking and heartwarming.

    26. I love the perspective that this book was written from. It reminded me a lot of the children I work with in my community. This is a wonderful read for anyone who works with children from cultures/communities that differ from their own.

    27. Being the new kid is something my international school students can all relate to. Starting all over again after having had to leave behind good friends, a school and home familiar. This comes along with a lot of anxiety, especially of the first day of school, and the author does a wonderful job in capturing this. A gentle and quiet tale, however with a powerful message to stand up for yourself and to speak up. Sometimes that's all you need to do to make your wishes come true. - Being a slim vol [...]

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