Ultimate Galactus Trilogy Contiene Ultimate Nightmare Ultimate Secret Ultimate Vision y Ultimate Extinction USA Un gigantesco volumen con la versi n Definitiva de La Trilog a de Galactus Todo empieza con el co

  • Title: Ultimate Galactus Trilogy
  • Author: Warren Ellis Mark Millar Steve McNiven John Romita Jr.
  • ISBN: 9788498854596
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Contiene Ultimate Nightmare 1 5, Ultimate Secret 1 4, Ultimate Vision 0 y Ultimate Extinction 1 5 USA.Un gigantesco volumen, con la versi n Definitiva de La Trilog a de Galactus Todo empieza con el colapso de las comunicaciones a nivel mundial La fuente de la anomal a est en Tunguska Rusia , y hasta all viajan los Ultimates y La Patrulla X Lo que all descubren desContiene Ultimate Nightmare 1 5, Ultimate Secret 1 4, Ultimate Vision 0 y Ultimate Extinction 1 5 USA.Un gigantesco volumen, con la versi n Definitiva de La Trilog a de Galactus Todo empieza con el colapso de las comunicaciones a nivel mundial La fuente de la anomal a est en Tunguska Rusia , y hasta all viajan los Ultimates y La Patrulla X Lo que all descubren desaf a todo conocimiento, e implicar al resto de los superh roes en una carrera desesperada por salvar nuestro planeta El enemigo una amenaza que nunca antes ha conocido la derrota y cuyo nombre s lo se escucha en susurros Est s preparado para la llegada de Gah Lak Tus

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      117 Warren Ellis Mark Millar Steve McNiven John Romita Jr.
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      Posted by:Warren Ellis Mark Millar Steve McNiven John Romita Jr.
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    One thought on “Ultimate Galactus Trilogy”

    1. There wasn't a lot of suspense in this one, and the ending was a bit muddled (simplistic even) with some weird plot lines that led no where, but I still liked it. Then again, I generally like anything Ellis writes and have always liked the ultimate universe.

    2. When a strange signal begins emitting from the Tunguska wilderness in Russia, broadcasting a message of despair and death, the X-Men set off to find the source of the signal and, separately, so does Nick Fury, Captain America, and Black Widow. But what they find speaks of an unprecedented danger to Earth - an unstoppable force in the universe known only as the world eater, Gah Lak Tus.Warren Ellis writes what is probably the best Ultimates storyline printed yet. What little I knew of Galactus be [...]

    3. This collection is a great example of the strengths of the Ultimate Universe line of comics. The world is a relatively small and new one, so creators can craft a huge Event like this trilogy and involve just about every major character in the world without the field feeling too crowded. At the same time, creators in this line can use the names of established Marvel characters but take the concepts in new directions, which Ellis does beautifully with Gah Lak Tus itself - longtime Marvel fans know [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this collection by my fav writer "Warren Ellis". You even get one Mark Miller story thrown in - which ends on a depressing note becausehe's Mark Miller and hates happiness. But let's stick to the good. Ellis is typical Ellis with his brilliant ideas and satisfying ending. I am not a big Ultimate's Universe reader so most of these takes on the characters were new to me. It was kind of a fun Elseworld's story to me. What made it fun was to see how characters from Marvel I know and [...]

    5. I'm reading more and more comic books recently, and whilst browsing Ebay I thought I'd pick this up. As a fan of 'end of the world' type stories in any context I have also always liked the idea of Galactus as a super villain. Seeing that Galactus had been given an 'Ultimate' makeover was therefore pretty appealing. As the name suggests it is split up in to three different main stories, though a fourth (a single issue story) is included as well. The first deals with the Ultimates and the X-Men di [...]

    6. What was the best Marvel story ever told? Was it the death of Gwen Stacy in Amazing Spider Man #121 ? Perhaps the Dark Phoenix saga told in The Uncanny X-Men? Or perhaps it is the story of the day that the planet-eating Galactus came to Earth, a story that began in issue #48 of Fantastic FourThe Ultimate Galactus Trilogy retells this classic Marvel story and manages to exceed its source material in every way. Ever wondered where the Avengers and X-Men were when Galactus turns up in New York City [...]

    7. If this is the pitched idea for the Fantastic Four reboot film set next year, then I am all up for it. Qyuick, get the MCU and Fox labels to work on this together!

    8. Book Info: This collection contains Ultimate Nightmare issues #1-5, Ultimate Secret issues #1-4, and Ultimate Extinction issues #1-5.OVERALL RATING:ABSOLUTE RATING: 4/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <4/5 stars>------------------------------------------------ABSOLUTE RATING: 3.5+/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <4/5 stars>Review for Ultimate Galactus, Vol. 1: NightmareABSOLUTE RATING: 3.5+/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <4/5 stars>Review for Ultimate Galactus, Vol. 2: SecretABSOLUTE [...]

    9. I read this story when it was released years ago, in single comics. Included in the trilogy was Ultimate Nightmare, Ultimate Secret and Ultimate Extinction. Warren Ellis wrote the entire series but several different arts were involved. Ultimate Nightmare was my favorite because of how dark that it was. Dark in tone and colors. Two different sets of super heroes with the same objective, unbeknownst to one another. A very good start to the trilogy.The other two just didn't live up to the start. Th [...]

    10. Not what I was expecting but enjoyable regardless. The threat of the all consuming Galactus has been given an adequate enough level of greatness without him ever making an appearance in the book.

    11. I was pleasantly surprised with this book. The story was very good and it brought in a nice horror feel to the coming of Galactus (which is what you would expect from the Devourer of Worlds). Nick Fury came off as a hardcore soldier type and very arrogant, but you could argue that it was well deserved. The story brought in a few interesting dynamics as well, like having Captain America mention the time period he came from everyone believed in God and nowadays even he himself who thought he was u [...]

    12. Ya que este tomote (y también tomazo) recopila cuatro libros enteros, vamos a reviewarlos por partes:Ultimate Nightmare: Interesante, quizás un poco demasiado larga. El guion se vuelve algo lento por partes pero promete que lo que viene va a ser espectacular. El dibujo, sirve y ayuda.Ultimate Secret: Mejor que la "intro" de tres capítulos que fue la primera saga. Acá se suman personajes y vueltas de tuerca un tanto más elaboradas. Los capítulos dibujados por McNiven se ven espectaculares. [...]

    13. Got sucked into rereading this trilogy because I remembered specific beats in the storyline. Those beats are still there (mainly involving Reed Richards, Nick Fury, and the general crossover narrative of the techniques to deal with the Gah Lak Tus threat), as is the refreshing grim tone and MO of Gah Lak Tus.What's also still there though, and perhaps visible more starkly than first time round, is how meandering the first two volumes are. Much of them only get round to being relevant to Gah Lak [...]

    14. Outside of school and work, comic books have consumed the largest part of my time. I have spent more hours reading them, thinking about them, drawing them, plotting them, theorizing about them than any other thing on this planet. And here, with these Ultimates series, I get to be at ground zero for a newMythos. I get to be there for the birth of a new, but familiar universe. It's a brave new world only not 1961, but 2009. Making the Fantastic Four into teenagers and the X-Men so much younger and [...]

    15. Good comic that reads like a blockbuster movie with some very cool artwork. Galactus has always been an interesting villain for me - apathetically devouring planets and devastating solar systems while creating awesome heralds like the Silver Surfer etc.This is an re-boot of the Marvel franchise that re-creates most of the characters in a new and unique way from what I can tell (eg. Fantastic 4 are un-known teenagers while the Avengers are established 'men' etc. - guess that's what 'Ultimate' mea [...]

    16. Another win for Ultimate Comics, but not exactly out of the park.The three (and OK, a half) stories fit together pretty well but I have to say the art for whatever reason, especially in Extinction, came off as especially stiff. I loved the way they did over Galactus for this. I was afraid for a second that they'd keep the goofy helmet.There were so many crossovers in characters and so many new introductions that I think some of them, especially Mahr Vehl, suffered for it. Whenever Ultimate Comic [...]

    17. Amazing art throughout this graphic novel. Definitely an interesting and bizarre take on the Galactus storyline. While only a minor SPOILER ALERT, this form of Galactus (Gah Lak Tus) was actually a hive mind of sentient robots that kills a planet because it gets too powerful. It's more of a cosmic limiter rather than just a guy that eats planets. My only real complaint about this comic is that the artistry kept changing. All of the artists involved were good, but I didn't like it constantly chan [...]

    18. Wildly erratic pacing, inconsistent artwork and a story that doesn't quite fit together, this collection (physically beautifully produced, incidentally) has intermittent moments of brilliance shrouded in a dozen or so issues that really could've been halved in number.Proof again that, in my opinion, Warren Ellis works best when not confined to company owned characters, and proof that Ultimate Universe crossover events aren't really a good bet (see also Ultimate Six, Ultimate War and Ultimate Pow [...]

    19. This is a very substantial book, so if you're looking for a blockbuster comic to get stuck into this will fit the bill nicely. The tone of the first chapter is much grimmer than the other two, and Galactus, though avoiding the inherent goofiness of the original, is a bit of a letdown. But as crossovers go this is pretty great. Each of the three main artists involved does some stunning work, especially Brandon Peterson, and all the characters involved get a chance to shine.

    20. I'm not too hot on the "widescreen" comic thing. Since when is turning cape comics into Jerry Bruckheimer movies a good idea? But Ultimate Vision #0 is worth reading. Oddly, the Ultimate line's goal of realism and contemporary appeal is achieved with a cross-universal hard sci-fi story. It's a great take on the whole Galactus concept with some amazing passages, like when Vision observes what a worthy cause it is to preserve humanity, which nearly had me in tears.

    21. This was my second readthrough and I enjoyed it much more than the first time. It's a very interesting look at Galactus. And I love the part with Xavier trying to contact it. One thing though, I swear every Ultimate Marvel comic involves tons and tons of people dying. I'm surprised there is anyone left on the planet.

    22. I'd heard that the whole ultimate Galactus arc was crap, but I just had to read it for myself. Unfortunately, it was true. I found the entire trilogy to be boring; I really had to slog through the book, and it took me something like six months to force myself to actually finish it.

    23. I love Ennis and his semi-indy work, but I really love his treatment of superheroes. This reeks of Ellis sarcasm and energy that makes my blood thin. This is how I wish all Ultimate storylines were composed. Galactus is given a frightening face, being not a humanoid, as in the original comics. Yum.

    24. Ellis does his best corporate work outside of primary continuity. That has been true in his recent work - Nextwave, Secret Avengers - and it is certainly true of his work here on the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy.

    25. Despite some extremely juvinille aspects put together a good story; don't usually like Galactus butr a better presentation than usualy.

    26. The beginning was strong, setting off a very dark storyline. But from there the story arc got a bit too goofy for my tastes.

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