You Can t Go Home Again Long time friends one time lovers It s been five years since she left since she ran away They say you can never really go home again It looks like Danielle Foster was about to find out She d had one

  • Title: You Can't Go Home Again
  • Author: Aubrianna Hunter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: ebook
  • Long time friends, one time lovers It s been five years since she left since she ran away They say you can never really go home again It looks like Danielle Foster was about to find out.She d had one night with him One, glorious night before she d left for L.A Unfortunately, she knew he regretted it So, she had moved on, made a life for herself in Los Angeles ButLong time friends, one time lovers It s been five years since she left since she ran away They say you can never really go home again It looks like Danielle Foster was about to find out.She d had one night with him One, glorious night before she d left for L.A Unfortunately, she knew he regretted it So, she had moved on, made a life for herself in Los Angeles But now, Jenn was getting married, and Dani was the Maid of Honor After five long years, Dani had to go back to Austin She had to face Jason Bradford.Jace had almost convinced himself that it didn t matter, that she didn t matter It had only taken him five years to believe it And, less than thirty seconds to prove he was a liar As soon as she walked in the door, Jace felt rage unlike anything he d ever felt before Unfortunately, that rage was merged with something else desire He hated her almost as much as he wanted her.Despite his best efforts, the passion won out, driving Jace into Dani s arms, and crumbling her defenses But with the pain and anger between them, there was no way they could ever have a future together Could they

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    One thought on “You Can't Go Home Again”

    1. This could’ve been an awesome story. Friends lo lovers? Check. Likeable and relatable characters? Check. Great sexual tension? You betcha. The fact that the seemingly endless amount of misunderstandings don’t finally get resolved until the 95% mark made me want to hurt my kindle. If either Dani or Jace had the cajones to confront each other in an honest way regarding the past and what they were feeling, the entire mess would’ve been cleared up over a cup of coffee. Here’s how I picture t [...]

    2. If you need need to spice up your reading time, you'll want to pick up Aubrianna Hunter's 'You Can't Go Home Again'. This contemporary erotic romance will have you fanning yourself in no time.It all begins with Danielle Foster, who has quite the dilemma. Life's been great for her in L.A working in the film industry and making a name for herself. So different from her previous life in a small Texas town. Though her parents are long dead, most of Danielle's childhood and college friends are still [...]

    3. These two really needed to communicate better much heartache and confusion could have been avoided had they simply talked to one another. What fun would that have been, though? The chemistry was sizzlin, the sexual tension was palpable and Brian has Bedroom Bossy down to an art form. The "paranormal" aspect was woven in well, wasn't overdone and didn't take over the story.

    4. What can I say? I was too bored to finish reading it. 48% into the story I decided enough was enough. The story started as the story of two friends who hadn't seen each other for years after sleeping once together ( from the first moment you could see that probably a misunderstanding had happened). Several years later they meet again for their best friends weeding and to their friends surprise they start snipping at each other. Usually I like books that start this way, but their fights weren't f [...]

    5. The book starts on an interesting note. The Heroine is based in L.A and is an assistant producers, but just small budget films, she gets a call from her best friend one day, who insists that she come back to her hometown to attend the said best friend's wedding. Hero is a bar owner who was once a best friend-cum-almost romantic interest of the heroine's life. But now, he hates her, because she did not come home when he was critically injured.That said, the book shows potential in the opening cha [...]

    6. Danielle and Jason were friends throughout their childhood, but after a one-night stand Dani left Austin for LA and they haven't spoken since. Now that her BFF is getting married, she has to go back home. Jace has been angry at Dani for the past five years - she left before he woke up after their one night together. He's tried to move on, has a new girlfriend and a new career owning the town bar. But seeing Dani brings everything back up. This book was one fight or misunderstanding or miscommuni [...]

    7. As the author,my opinion of the book is obviously biased, however I will tell you I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. The characters were a lot of fun, strong, sarcastic, cranky and very real to me. I tried to give them a sense of humor, a touch of the absurd, along with all the real emotions everyday people face. I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it. Sincerely, Bree Hunter

    8. This is one of my all time faves. It's a quick read that packs a hell of a punch. Friends since high school, Danni and Jace get even closer in college. After they sleep together, Danni leaves thinking Jace regrets their time together. Running to Cali, she doesn't she Jace again until 5 years later when a friends wedding brings her back home. A lot of time has passed and tempers ignite when Jace and Danni finally meet again.

    9. This is a hard one to rate. Overall the storyline was good, characters where all good. It also had a few sad, hot & funny scenes. That a great recipe for an amazing story but it didn't hit the WOW factor. It was to long & repetitive, I did speed read a few paragraphs because I was ready nto chuck my reader to the wall. So can't decide between 3 & 3.5, but happy I read & finished it.

    10. This is such a great book; it is a second chance romance.Dani (Danielle) and Jace were college friends. They were the best of friends until a summer mishap: they got a a little tipsy had steaming sex. Fearing that she has made a mistake by sleeping with her best friend, Dani runs off to California and never speaks to Jace again. Fast forward to 5 years later and Dani comes back into town for a friend's wedding. Dani and Jace are in the same wedding party and they will be forced to spend some tim [...]

    11. A spicy read.There is a ton of sexual tension between Jace and Dani that has never gone away while Dani was gone. Jace is rung so tight with his surpressed feelings for Dani, that they have turned into anger. Dani has no idea why he is mad at her and every time they try to talk it turns into a yelling match. Friends are starting to wonder what happened 5 years ago between them??????Another cool twist to this story is Dani has visions. She has been having a nightmare for the past few years involv [...]

    12. I enjoyed the beginning half of the book more than the last half because it got so repetitive after a while. I grew increasingly frustrated with the constant back-and-forth Dani and Jace put us through. It worked for a while but then I was just annoyed with their indecision and backlash at each other.Another reason for the lower rating was Jace being able to project his nightmares onto Dani. I could roll with Dani's unexpected psychic abilities, buthimhaving the ability to project his dreams ont [...]

    13. Great read loved all the angst between Dani and Jace, one night of passion between the two best friends takes them on a journey they can't ever forget, but miscommunication kept them apart and lead them to separate journeys, wow loved Jace's reactions to when he was around Dani when she got back home it was so crazy, and you could really feel how much he loved her. They were hot together and so passionate. I loved the secondary characters Bri and Jenn they were so cute! Jace was a great alpha ma [...]

    14. Such a good read. There is so so so much sexual tension in this book you want to just tell the two main characters to shut up, get over it and get it on, seriously. At first I wasn't sure which way this would end. Some authors would have left her leaving and staying gone and both finally moving on, however not here. We have the happy ending, even if it kinda felt like it wasn't going to come, it finally does. Good read.

    15. u know? sometimes i got a book on my hands that makes so much Impression me that i think i cant take another book againis one is english is not that good 2 explain the depth of the story nor the plot, but, it was earth shattering 2 me as crossfire and fsog.i will Totally read it againank u aubrianna i will keep in touch! ;-)

    16. Enjoyed reading it But just wish the hero/heroine would stop and really talk and not jump to conclusion. They could have been together sooner and the misunderstanding and confusion straighten out if both of them COMMUNICATE! I understand why the author did it, but it feels like the misunderstanding is just there to stretch the book/story longer.

    17. This is a very realistic erotic book. The story line is heart warming. The sex scenes make you warm all over. There are several of the other characters that I would love to read about too. Aubrianna Hunter is quickly becoming my new favorite author. I couldn't put this book down!!

    18. Wow, this book was one that I didn't want to put down! The author did a wonderful job of weaving the past and the present stories. I was dying to know what happened next. This was the first book I read by Aubrianna Hunter & she's one of the authors I immediately buy when a new release comes out.

    19. Another gem from Ms. Hunter. I loved the two main characters, Jace & Dani. Whiled I really enjoyed the book I thought there was a little too much anger between the two chapters. Although there was a HEA I was starting to wonder if that would be the case. Still - a good enjoyable book!

    20. It draws you right in and your gripped. I couldn't put the book down, well my cell phone with the kindle app. The characters feel real. I even shed a tear or two at some of the best parts. I greatly look forward to more books by this amazing author!

    21. Although I found myself wanting to kick Jace in his junk several times I still loved him. This book wasn't at all what I expected and I really enjoyed it. I would love another book to get more of the but also to see if anything happens with Zack and Nina!

    22. Dis book is clearly very romantic with little bit of bitchiness but lots of love. \Pss little bit psychic dreams r also involved.

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