Taking the Heat To support herself and her one year old daughter Gabrielle Hadley is working as a prison guard just about the only job available in the small desert town of Florence Arizona where Randall Tucker is

  • Title: Taking the Heat
  • Author: Brenda Novak
  • ISBN: 9780373835706
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • To support herself and her one year old daughter, Gabrielle Hadley is working as a prison guard just about the only job available in the small desert town of Florence, Arizona, where Randall Tucker is a prisoner with just one goal to survive to prove his innocence and reclaim his eight year old son.When Randall escapes during a transfer, Gabrielle tracks him into theTo support herself and her one year old daughter, Gabrielle Hadley is working as a prison guard just about the only job available in the small desert town of Florence, Arizona, where Randall Tucker is a prisoner with just one goal to survive to prove his innocence and reclaim his eight year old son.When Randall escapes during a transfer, Gabrielle tracks him into the unforgiving desert Soon staying alive becomes the only thing that matters and the balance of power between them shifts as they re drawn together.It s a relationship that shouldn t exist

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    One thought on “Taking the Heat”

    1. I would have given this book 4 stars up until the last few pages. Nothing wraps up this quickly, though, and is still believable. :/

    2. It’s a down on your luck kind of story. I didn’t smile. It was hard to root for someone.Most stories need some bad things happening to the main characters. But I want to see some fun, interesting, or unusual things the main characters do in response to bad events. This story was flat, kind of like a TV soap opera. Things were predictable.It needed more interesting character interaction. Things were wrapped up too quickly giving us a happy ending, but it was not well thought out.There was one [...]

    3. You have a single Mom who wants to find herself. Who works as a prison guard even though her ex husband wants her to come back to him( even though she does not love him the way he should be loved), he still wants her.You have a prisoner Randall Tucker who is innocence by the way, meet in prison. I loved the book it has romance, a mystery as to who really killed his wife. ( a cheating wife).Gabrielle wanting to find her real mom and find out why she gave her up. I really enjoy reading books like [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book. From what I have heard from a few people I know that work at a prison several of the guards really do act the way they did in this story. Was Tucker really innocent like he says? Or is he really guilty and just claims he isn't? I loved Allie and Landon. Tucker and Gabby were strong characters as well. Grab this book and go for the ride. I had my asssumtions on who was the guilty party in this story and was right.

    5. I had to read this book since it was about prison and I worked in a county prison at one time. It was very accurate in regards to what goes on with the officers. Intense storyline and a book I did not want to put down! I loved the characters and the story and was so happy with the ending of this book!

    6. A strong will woman, who wants to find herself and who she is.A man that is innocence of being charged with killing his wife.An ex husband who does not want to let go of his ex-wife.l enjoyed reading the romance. Who done it mystery.

    7. WOW! Brenda Novak definitely has done it again. from the moment I opened this book, I was drawn in. with a hero and heroine you instantly fall in love with, and a story line that keeps you intrigued this is definitely worth your time!

    8. Another great book from Brenda Novak. You will need to stay up all night with this one because you will not be able to put it down.

    9. ReviewOnce again, I have read a spellbinder by Brenda Novak. Great book and I highly recommend it to all. Could not go to sleep until I finished it.

    10. I found this book on BookMooch when I was searching for SuperRomance titles that I could mooch in the UK, and the prison guard/prisoner romance was impossible to resist, given that I'd just finished watching the TV show prison break. The hero definitely reminded me of the main character in Prison Break, even though this book was written several years prior to the show. I'm cautious to class this as a romantic suspense, as the suspense isn't constant throughout the book, but there are definitely [...]

    11. Another romance novel. Though, this time it's a prison guard (Gabby) and prisoner (Tucker. Though his first name isn't Tucker. It's Randall. Only once is he referred to anything other than Tucker. Even by his family). So, Tucker is in jail because he supposedly killed his wife. But he's actually innocent. Of course. Because this would be more porn less romance if he was actually guilty. Anyways, dude escapes during a transfer. Cause, that's what innocent people do. Anyways, him and Gabby are stu [...]

    12. The summary on the back on this book sounding intriguing and different from regular romance novels. The cover on my book is different from the one pictured. But I didn't find this book believable. 2nd day on job, goes to warden complaining of the way things are run, a loving ex-husband who she loves, but doesn't, a baby at home and she is more concerned about going into desert to chase an escaped convict concerned about his lack of waterI liked the character of Randall Tucker, the prisoner and h [...]

    13. I liked this book. I do wish they'd focused a little more on the mystery of Andrea's murder or introduced us to the facts of the case a little sooner, it just felt a little rushed. The neighbors and Tucker's brother just kind of seemed like an afterthought while I read this. I also found the story between Gabrielle and Tucker to be borderline annoying at times, parts of it just felt a little cliché and I think there relationship could have been written a little more interestingly, I kinda wish [...]

    14. I loved it kept me guessing till nearly the end but I had it down to two guys but when one told his story I said bingo I thought it was him and my guess was right on the money.Brenda Novak can really write a book and this just adds to the list of good ones she has written.

    15. I would give this book a 3.5 rating if I could. I did enjoy the book and I liked the story, but I thought it was a little too drawn out at times. I found myself just reading the dialog a few times. I will try reading another book by this author.

    16. A romantic suspense with great characters. Gabby a new corrections officer and Randall Tucker an inmate meet in an unexpected way. Their lives get interwoven and Gabby follows her heart. A wonderful book with a happy ending.

    17. Fast read, and pretty good, though I felt like the ending was rushed. Ms. Novak has certainly done better with other novels, but it was still a fun ride.

    18. It was really good, didnt want it to end, and i had no clue it was his brother that did it, ugh what a suprise, brenda novak is a real good writer!

    19. Eh to me this book was rushed in the end. Which took away from the story. It was also unrealistic in some aspects.

    20. So loved this book what a great mystery, keeps you on your toes. Makes you for sure not want to go to prison haha. Things like this happens probably more than we know wrong person sent to prison and bad things happening to them while they are there. I think this was one of my favorites so far. Thanks for the great read.

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