Conquise jamais soumise Phineas Granville tait g ographe quand on l a forc s engager dans les services secrets britanniques Dix ann es de missions p rilleuses ont laiss en lui des stigmates ind l biles Devenu comte d Ash il

  • Title: Conquise... jamais soumise
  • Author: Meredith Duran
  • ISBN: 9782290030530
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Phineas Granville tait g ographe quand on l a forc s engager dans les services secrets britanniques Dix ann es de missions p rilleuses ont laiss en lui des stigmates ind l biles Devenu comte d Ash, il entend enfin profiter de la vie lorsque Mlle Mina Masters lui demande de l aider retrouver sa m re, kidnapp e Impossible de refuser, le comte a une lourde dettePhineas Granville tait g ographe quand on l a forc s engager dans les services secrets britanniques Dix ann es de missions p rilleuses ont laiss en lui des stigmates ind l biles Devenu comte d Ash, il entend enfin profiter de la vie lorsque Mlle Mina Masters lui demande de l aider retrouver sa m re, kidnapp e Impossible de refuser, le comte a une lourde dette envers la jeune Am ricaine, mais il se m fie Mina semble elle aussi adepte du double jeu Est elle une parfaite idiote ou une redoutable aventuri re Le seul moyen de la d masquer est d engager avec elle une partie aussi serr e que sensuelle

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    One thought on “Conquise... jamais soumise”

    1. 5 StarsI LOVED it!!!"He had a great deal of potential, and her body wanted to realize it all for herself. He seemed to feel it as well, for his hand began to linger and his expression grew sober, despite the merriment all around. When the fiddle slowed, his hands did not release her. In the small space between their bodies, a current was building that brought her closer to him; she could not move away even if the world rushed in between them. A warm breeze scudded through the crowd, perfumed wit [...]

    2. 90% of the book felt like filler - ponderings, and descriptions. Plot developments not shown. Weak vague dialogueORY BRIEF:Mina’s stepfather Collins was doing something illegal in Hong Kong. Phin was working undercover to catch Collins. Someone poisoned Phin’s drink and he collapsed. Mina took him to a room to recover and helped him escape. Phin worked for Ridland at that time. Four years later Collins escaped British authorities. Ridland imprisons Mina in a locked hotel room thinking she ca [...]

    3. Life in a golden cage has worn thin for Mina Masters as she forced into a unwanted marriage, thinking to disgrace herself enough to avoid matrimony she sets her sights on the american Mr.Monroe who also happens to be a British spy Phin Granville. Phin charged to go after an arms dealer who happens to be Mina stepfather, but when he’s poisoned, it’s up to Mina to save him. After getting away, four years later, Phin has a title to rid himself and getting out of the game of espionage, but when [...]

    4. Duran is a brilliant writer. But this is ability is a double edged sword when it comes to writing full length novels. The human brain is capable of producing 70,000 thoughts per day most which we are unaware ofever when Duran writes she gives substance to each and every thought of her characterse elaborates, probes, and inspects every aspect of her characters behaviors.while this ability is extraordinary and gives rise to beautiful writing and depth to her characters it takes away from story tel [...]

    5. My expectations are very high when it comes to a Meredith Duran books. The romances she pens do not have a simple storyline where boy meets girl, they go on an adventures and their happily ever is pretty much a given. Written on Your Skin is a gut retching journey, not only for the two main characters but for the reader. I hardly ever cry while I read and I did with Written on Your Skin. *Shakes fist at Meredith*. Written on Your Skin is a beautiful, all encompassing experience. Meredith makes s [...]

    6. I hate to give this book two stars but it was really hard to get through. While it is well written and the author clearly knows what she is talking about it, it was boring. I don't know if it is because I read so many good reviews that I hyped it up too much in mind or what. I couldn't feel the romance in the book. It took too long for me to understand why the characters should be together. There was also alot of inner dialogue. I love to know what the characters in a story is thinking about but [...]

    7. This was one of those books that I loved so much and fear there aren't enough words in the English language for me to explain why. To be honest, in many ways I'm daunted by the sheer beauty of Meredith's words. This much maligned genre needs to make this book required reading for anyone who thinks it can't be well written or feminist. Because oh this very much was. I felt drugged, seduced, enraptured by the words, the story, the characters. The last several months, I've been flitting around mult [...]

    8. Dunno how she does it, but once again, I was STUNNED & blown away by MD's extraordinary writing skills. Gotta admit that WOYS has really surpassed 'The Duke of Shadows' as my fav to date, probably 'cuz I'm partial to the mouth-watering ingredients : cloak-and-dagger espionage, road romance, airhead heroine who turns out to be whip smart & a brilliant actress, tortured hero who has to exorcise his inner demons & fights his attraction every step of the way, to the point of feeling depr [...]

    9. While I ultimately enjoyed this book, it's another one that I find difficult to categorize. I think Meredith Duran is a brilliant writer, but once again, I feel like she's holding back. I hate to keep harping about it, but Duke of Shadows was such an amazingly unique & original book, and as was (IMO) the case with Bound by Your Touch, Duran appears to squandering her talents on stories she should be able to write in her sleep. I don't have a problem with spy romances per se. Certainly, I hav [...]

    10. ***3.5***This one was a tough one. Something about it just sits not-quite-right with me. I think part of it is that the author tried too hard to integrate this story with Bound by Your Touch. The timelines don't quite mesh. I actually grabbed BbYT right after I finished this one, to reread the scene where Lydia (the heroine of that book) met Mina (the heroine of this book). And the timeline is just all kinds of off. Their conversation would imply that Mina was still a prisoner in Phin's house, b [...]

    11. The writing is amazing and the characters are deep and plot is definitely unique. It's a great novel, if you are in a mood for something angsty and deep. Mina is hard to actually relate to, considering her thoughts and background, but she is quite likable, considering that she fought to be where she is but still has a heart. Phin, in all ways but one, is the perfect brooding man. His demons linked with his opium addiction. It is a theme that I would never consider workable, but obviously it did. [...]

    12. I was quite disappointed with this book, considering the high rating it currently has. I liked the 2 main characters but the other characters were totally undeveloped. The plot was quite convoluted and for most of the book I could not figure out what the characters were doing or why they were doing it. Things that should have been explained early on were finally mentioned near the end of the book (e.g. why Phin hated the dreaded spymaster). Way too many loose ends, non-sequiturs and red herrings [...]

    13. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 2 parts.I've just about read 8 chapters of the book and I'm very disappointed. Except for a few scenes in the beginning, the book is just slow and boring. I thought I'd love Phin from whatever I read in Bound by Your Touch but I'm wrong. He seems too cold, emotionally detached for my liking. And the heroine, Mina, I'm not really impressed by her. There are just too many 'odes' to her 'porcelain per [...]

    14. 3.5 to 4 stars. Phin (Phineas) has been a somewhat reluctant spy for Her Majesty's government, in Hong Kong as well as other places. Now back in England, he has retired from spying and has inherited a title. He still has occasional panic attacks and indulges in the occasional opium jag to dull his guilt at the men he has killed in the course of his duties as a spy.Mina met Phin several years ago when they were both in Hong Kong. Trying to escape the prospect of an unpleasant marriage herself, sh [...]

    15. As I write, I just finished this book and I'm already planning a second fix. I made the mistake of starting it this morning and there went my whole day. I managed to distractedly gulp down a breakfast cum lunch at dinner time. Finally I find a book that I’m not ashamed to mention in the same sentence as 'the Duke of Shadows'. Seriously, I was beginning to give up on Meredith Duran after 3 previous failed attempts. I was inclined to think that the first love had just been a fluke. So it feels g [...]

    16. It is seldom that you get a historical romance heroine that is intelligent, wily, determined, and so contemporary in her thinking without painting her as an annoying, over the top character that bulldozes her way through the males in the story. This story features such a heroine and i just love her! Mina Masters is very beautiful society miss, practical in her ways and cunning in getting what she wants underneath her fluffy-flighty exterior (It's refreshing to read a story that features a woman [...]

    17. I read a review of this that made me hesitant to read it. I should have just ignored the review. I love this book. I love that the heroine isn't the typical feisty heroine who gets in over her head and needs the hero to rescue her. She actually fights the hero to play an active role in her life because she doesn't want to be "protected." By the end, they see each other clearly and love each other not just for their strengths, but for their faults as well. That's damned seductive. The best Meredi [...]

    18. I liked her a very great deal. I love a female entrepreneur (wish we had seen more of that part of her life) and adore a woman who gets ahead in part by playing just as dumb blonde as men automatically assume her to be. Clever girl. He was all right, but I did not see any very great difference between him and several other of her heroes. As always, there a few little bits of historic research woven into the story that were riveting. In this case, see page 80 in the paperback on what people in Th [...]

    19. Si me dan a escoger entre la lírica de sus libros históricos y los libros contemporáneos, me inclino ante los historicos. ¡Amo! como los narra, profundos y sentimentales. Esta autora describe la personalidad como si realmente hubieran existido personajes así. Y la lírica esta en su medida justa, ni exagerada, ni pobre.

    20. Another success from Meredith Duran. Initially I had misgivings on Phin (who we knew to be an opium smoker) and Mina (who we thought was an idiotic flirt). But both characters are not what we assume them to be, and they are intense. Loved this. I thought this was a fair shot closer to the deep emotionalism of Duke of Shadows that Duran seems to do really well.It really was a lovely read.

    21. Really high quality historical romance. Not surprisingly, both the characters and the story were well drawn out and developed. And even though the characters themselves had personalities and qualities that I couldn't relate to, they were both understandable and they felt real.

    22. This is hands down my favorite Meredith Duran book. And given how much I have loved ALL of her books, that is high praise indeed.

    23. DNF. I've been struggling for days now and I just don't want to pick it up again and finish it. I don't care what happens to the charactersd how bad is that?

    24. I love Duran's writing, and Written on Your Skin is no exception. The tension is real and fierce, the danger titilating, and the passion intense. Mina is such a strong female heroine, and Phin pairs with her perfectly. Loved it!

    25. This is the kind of heroine I love. And I couldn't help but imagining Phin as a James Bond-type character, so that really didn't hurt. Meredith Duran has become one of my favorite regency writers; her smut is fantastic.

    26. Full Review LinkWritten On Your Skin is the second book by Meredith Duran to be published in less than two months and it is equally as good, if not more, as its predecessor, Bound By Your Touch.At its core Written On Your Skin is a simple story with a simple plot. Four years ago, in Hong Kong, A woman helps a man to escape certain death. He is indebted to her. Four years later, now in London, she requires his help in finding her mother.What is complex is the characterisation of these two people. [...]

    27. Duran's books have two elements I've come to expect from her and have quite enjoyed: first, she travels well beyond European shores (in this case, the book begins with the expat community of Hong Kong), and secondly, the mood of her stories tends to be a little darker than you might expect from the typical historical spy-romance. In this story, we have Phin-- a spy with a natural flair for his work who never wanted to be in the Game (he is not at all proud to know he has a talent for killing and [...]

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