I Know Not Being a bastard is sometimes a survival trait I am not a bad man Well I must be honest with myself I don t try to be a bad man It just seems to happen I woke up in a castle populated by corpses Devoi

  • Title: I Know Not
  • Author: James Daniel Ross
  • ISBN: 9781937051105
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • Being a bastard is sometimes a survival trait.I am not a bad man Well, I must be honest with myself I don t try to be a bad man It just seems to happen.I woke up in a castle populated by corpses Devoid of past or present, bereft of even a name, so I must be honest with myself.I discovered I am a wizard with a blade, silent as the wind, and as deadly as a forest fire.Being a bastard is sometimes a survival trait.I am not a bad man Well, I must be honest with myself I don t try to be a bad man It just seems to happen.I woke up in a castle populated by corpses Devoid of past or present, bereft of even a name, so I must be honest with myself.I discovered I am a wizard with a blade, silent as the wind, and as deadly as a forest fire When other men look and see safety, I can feel the ambush coming When others see only smiles, I can smell the hidden plots and secreted knives When others only see walls and guards, I can find a highway to the heart of the most imposing castle I wish I knew what all these things mean, but I must be honest with myself and say I know not.I must be honest because I am a fantastic liar If I begin lying to myself I will not be able to survive And I intend to survive.A virtuoso in the symphonies of death, follow Fox Crow as he begins a journey of self discovery begun in an abattoir, that continues through forbidding lands and the courts of the highest born, and culminates in the coldest darkness filled with temptation and murder.The first fantasy novel of award winning author, James Daniel Ross, I Know Not is a hard hitting, gritty, adventure Welcome to a world with far shadows than sunshine Walk the forest paths where the faeries eat human flesh Explore a world where the heroes may wear black.

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    One thought on “I Know Not”

    1. This has to be the best book that I've read all year. The writing is subperb, the cadence is musically poetic, the characterization is masterful, the plot is carefully crafted, the pace is non-stop, the ending knocks you off your feet and the overall impression of the book is simply outstanding. I can't say it enough, this author is truly superlative. I can't wait for more of Mr. Crow, and more of him I will get in the future I am assured by the author. So, now down to the details of I Know NotE [...]

    2. A man wakes up and knows nothing about himself. He knows an awful lot about pretty much everything else, but his is a blank slate. Except there's a Fog. And a Beast who rears in anger whenever he is in danger or angry. And a scraggly man he sees instead of his reflection sometimes. And strange dreams of an alabaster angel. So there's quite a lot going on in his head, really.The story goes from confusing to alright to WTF. I honestly didn't know what was going on there towards the end. If there h [...]

    3. ******Full Disclosure**** This was an ARC copy, that was received through the GoodReads Advance program. I am grateful for the chance to have read this novel, which I might not have purchased otherwise.----- 6/11/11Currently reading - review to follow. Right now I just want to say that the fonts of this book are incredible hard-to-read, making the experience very tiresome. The publisher may want to consider a different format for the next edition. -----6/15/11This book was a really nice surprise [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book up until the last chapter and the epilogue, but I'm giving it 4 stars based on the rest of the book. It built up, in a suitably twisty fashion, to a great crescendo and then just fizzled out. The author clearly has a lot of talent and has done a very polished and professional job, last 2 chapters notwithstanding. However, his publisher really let him down. The copy editing was dire. It would be a rare book that had no typos but this had several in every single chapter. [...]

    5. I just got this book today thru the giveaways. (1) This guy can write! The story is true fantasy (incredible action, unbelievable results) but it works because almost the whole focus of the novel is on this one major character. I think any one who enjoys reading fantasy/adventure/action novels will enjoy this one. I felt I understood what his story was even before we truly knew the whole tale. Buy it!(2)I dislike the front cover art-- the sword is representative of the one in the novel, but the [...]

    6. An excellent story told in a casual, funny style. I enjoyed the concept of story (A man wakes up not knowing who he is after an apparent battle has been waged and he winds up as the protector of a Princess on her way to meet with several noble families. Oh, and he's a bad-ass. He has to find out who or what he is.)I think the story voice changed toward the end, but the narration was very well done throughout. I highly recommend it.

    7. Really great story and the main character's observations are interesting and entertaining. One of my favorite lines in the book, "Then I knew from the whispering of the Fog that there is a special tactica for fighting three armed men: Don't, you will die."Looking forward to reading the second book in this series.

    8. Although this book has a generous distribution of typos, it's still one of the best Fantasy works I have read so far this year. Yeah, it's only February but this one is going to be a top fave in December. Of this I am sure.Typos aside, this story had everything I love. The hero, Crow, is a man who does not remember who he is when he awakes surrounded by hundreds of dead bodies, all slaughtered in a grusome ways. He finds he is unmoved emotionally by the carnage and it does not surprise him. He h [...]

    9. It is a remarkable character study, skillfully shoe-horned into a visceral, violent, tightly-scripted action story. It reminds me of what I love best about Joe Abercrombie - the action, the humor, the violence, the good "bad guys" and the bad "good guys"And yet, the Kindle version I bought was literally riddled with typos. I couldn't go two pages without catching something that even a moderately-skilled proof-reader should have flagged immediately. It speaks volumes to me about the author that h [...]

    10. This book was boring until the last few chapters. I was constantly frustrated by the spelling and grammar errors. I don't know if this is similar for the printed version, but the Kindle version was terrible. It took forever to make the story even halfway interesting. It seemed like the writing style changed constantly throughout the book, and not in any way to make the story any better. This book felt like it should have been a side story in some other series of books where details such as the m [...]

    11. This had the potential of being a really great book. However, it has a "first draft" feel to it. It felt choppy in places and it definitely could've used a good copy edit.I liked the premise, and I think the whole "woke up with no memory" is a great way to start a story. Some of the secondary characters did feel a little flat (I wish Theo had been flushed out a bit more).The main character was very intriguing and very broken (and since it's First Person POV, maybe the choppiness was deliberate?) [...]

    12. This can pretty much be read as the Monster Manual of Medieval Murder. Almost the entire first half of the book's an exquisite exploration into the art of killing - with blade, with blunt force, with hands and feet and teeth, poison and pestilence it's a brilliantly crafted, harsh, ferocious and grim adventure that starts out like a fine dark-fantasy version of Bourne Identity but evolves into a complex, metaphor-laden inspiring tale; Dishonored becomes Bioshock Infinite.It's fast, bloody, bruta [...]

    13. Enjoyalbe read, recommended. I was strongly reminded of the Waylander character in David Gemmel's books."Have I mentioned that stealth was good portion of patience? Have I mentioned it was cold? Have I mentioned that there was an assassin coming? Good, now you're all caught up with my state of mind"These words are typical for Fox Crow and leaves the reader at times amused but always engaged in the unfolding of the story.Fox Crow is no perfect Hero, this is a man making choices at the worst of ti [...]

    14. i really enjoyed this and was surprised by it. it has elements of the kingkiller saga, but is still really compelling and well written, and the main character is way less self-congratulatory than kvothe, who i also love desperatelyi generally don't enjoy books where all the characters are so conflicted that there's no one to just love completely, but i guess i love this guy because he knows how flawed he is, and really really takes responsibility for his choices, most of which he deems wrong. th [...]

    15. A rollercoaster of a book that I read in an afternoon. The story is action driven, somewhat in the style of R.K.Morgan. Every action scene is well laid out, making it easy to picture exactly what happened.The story has several acid-trip cut scenes, they manage to be short enough not to detract from the overall immersion, while giving the story the flavor the author was after.The author managed to develop several characters and bring them all along a journey with the protagonist, each had their o [...]

    16. The beginning was very good. However, the book has some ups and downs.The version of the book I have could use some editing (E.G. wrong verb tenses, "your" instead of "you", etc).The author makes the book sometimes overly dramatic. There is lots of mystery, and lots of I-know-what's-going-on-but-you-don't, so much that lots of them stay unsolved at the end of the book.However, there are places in the book which caused my body to prickle through the use of books. The author can make you perplexed [...]

    17. Started yesterday finished this evening, I dont care for the narrative novels as well as interacting stories , and the beginning of the book it's a bit confusing but you can tell right away this author knows how to write' the story gets moving in a confusing round about way but carries along nicely with some humor and few characters and sticks with what works. not a great read but enjoyable and if another book follows I will probably pick it up'

    18. Amazing! It had everything i desire in a novel. The pacing was consistent and the character development was amazing. It brought a new angle to the protagonist getting amnesia cliche. And the magic element was subtle, which did not subdue any of the assassination elements, which usually happens when assassination is paired magic, like it happened towards the end of the nightplay series. All in all, i am greatly looking forward to the next installments in the series.

    19. The story pulled me in from page one where i genuinely wanted to know more, find out whats going on (and what the heck is a Ragman)? The author kept my interest throughout the book with several fresh takes and exiting plot twists. The ending was more traditional, but rounded up nicely a great story well told.Last time i was so greatly entertained by a book was when reading Joe Abercrombie or Paul Hoffman.

    20. Oh mygoodness! This was an exceptional tale, dark and gritty as others have said, but bad man becomes a bit of a better man and that's the type of story I like.If the author writes more about this character, I definitely will want to read it.There were quite a few grammatical errors that detracted from the story, but I didn't take away any stars for them

    21. Really great read if you're looking for a new fantasy book. Very lyrical and poetic at first which tends to drop off as the plot gets underway. At the beginning the language can get a tad distracting but I found the plot a refreshing read in an otherwise overdone genre. Reminds me of another small press book - Blood Song by Anthony Ryan. Definitely recommended!

    22. I have given this book a five star, it is perfect as it is However, since the book is written in Fox Crow point of view, thus i am very very much curious to see Fox Crow from another person eyes But such thing may kill the book, turn it into a regular kind of book so, back to my conclusion, it is perfect as it is :)

    23. I might try it again later, but my first attempt only got me a few pages in before I had to give up. The author's word choices and shift back and forth from formal to casual kept jarring me out of the story.

    24. Awesome book. Can't wait for another one, or the continuing story if there will be one. It has that wonderful sadistic humor that grips your soul and makes you want to kill the enemy for him. It's one of those books I just couldn't put down.

    25. Not bad. I like the concept of book, the characterization, plot and pace of action - it was great. But on the other siede: book has terrible editing, repetitive or missing words and lot of stupid editing mistakes. So just three star: i liked it. And I would like to read next part story :-).

    26. This book took a while for me to get into. There's a fair bit of violence and disturbing imagery, but on reflection, I actually really enjoyed it. I'd be keen to read more of Crow's adventures, i'm sure there's plenty of the world to show and would happily pay similar prices for further novels.

    27. Mind absorbingly good!It is a very linear story, with a lot of very detailed fighting.The author has a beautiful way with words.There is only one warning; when you open it, you can't stop reading 'till you read the epilogue.

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