The War in In Soviet Central Asia a decaying Soviet Union is on the brink of disaster Their only hope is America s Seventh Cavalry who plunge into the horrors of war in the new millennium The military co

  • Title: The War in 2020
  • Author: Ralph Peters
  • ISBN: 9780671751722
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In Soviet Central Asia, 2020, a decaying Soviet Union is on the brink of disaster Their only hope is America s Seventh Cavalry, who plunge into the horrors of war in the new millennium The military counterpart of Orwell s 1984 is not for the fainthearted New York Times Book Review.

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    One thought on “The War in 2020”

    1. This book was absolutely amazing.In an odd backstory of how the book came to me, it was sent to my mom to then give to me, sent by a friend of a woman she knew only through phone calls and email correspondence, as they were employed by the same company, my mom in California, her friend/co-worker in Texas. My mom had mentioned that I am a writer, and the friend of a friend thought I would enjoy this book. He mailed it to my mom. Then, sadly, he died.In my mind I imagine it to be one of the last t [...]

    2. I first read this book back when it came out and thought it was okay. I loaned my copy out and never saw it again, so when the opportunity came to pick this up cheap [$1 or $2] I bought another copy. It is an interesting novel, well-written. I think the most interesting thing for me was how he tried to look in to the future and came up with some crazy ideas for the time period it was written. So many other authors during that time wrote about the omnipotence of the United States and how we would [...]

    3. Sci-Fi with the elements of alternate history (for the Soviet Union). As a westerner, Peters couldn't help inserting far too many false stereotypes about life in the USSR. Unfortunately, he's not the only one among British or US authors. But these stereotypical writing style spoils the whole impression for readers who grew up in the USSR and remember what life there really was.

    4. This book is horrible. It has it all: flimsy plot, racist stereotypes, hackneyed dialogue, flag-waving jingoism, gaping plot holes, and flat characterization. I'm forgetting something. Oh yeah, dumbassery. There is a whole lot of dumbassery in this book.I know what you're doing right now. You are looking from this review to the number of stars I gave the book and back again. "How in tarnation can he give this pap a three star rating if it's such a terrible book?" you're saying as you stroke your [...]

    5. This is a deeply flawed book. I would have rated this two stars except for its continual flashes of excellence.Sex and race relations within the novel are disturbed. It is almost as if Peters tried to show complexity and sensitivity within an underlying racism and sexism. The end result is rather unbelievable.The actual plot is preposterous. Yet it shows solid internal consistency. Again, bad yet good.What surprised me most is that there is proper elegance and beauty in Peters' writing at times. [...]

    6. The war in 2020Ralph Peters624 pgs "The war in 2020" is a fictional story about what types of conflict may happen in the near future as believed by Ralph Peters. The novel is filled with millitary battles, diseases,and National + International crises. The US is center stage in this book as it tries to fight off stronger foreign armies. This time however the US is not dominating its opponents and its opponents have become superior on the battlefield and technology wise. This causes the US to help [...]

    7. I picked this book up on vacation in Amsterdam at age 13. I got it from a flea market at the price €.5. While half a Euro was not a great dent in my vacation spending money, I was unfortunately not yet in the habit of recognizing and putting away terrible books. For years later, The War In 2020 made a decent, if somewhat clumsy, improvised flyswatter. I consider a half euro fly swatter to be fair value, but the time spent reading the book was certainly wasted.The book is racist, nationalist ga [...]

    8. A very engaging story written in the 90s I believe. It is well written, great characters, and at a good military level for the average person. I've read some war books that are just too militarily advanced that I couldn't follow. Very enjoyable characters. I found it interesting to see how in some ways the author predictions are fairly reliable. Now, we are not to 2020 just yet, so it is possible some of the expectations could happen. But, at this point you could shift Japan to China, and basica [...]

    9. So, I read this back sometime in the mid-1990s, in 1994 I think. I had picked up a tattered mass-market paperback copy at a yard sale or Salvation Army, and I really loved it. As bad thriller books go, this one was well-done. Oh, it was a bit anachronistic - set in 2020 but written in 1991, it made reference to Desert Shield but not Desert Storm, and the Soviet Union plays a major role in 2020. Anyway, I loved this book, but my copy literally fell apart, pages scattering in the wind. I tried to [...]

    10. Very similar to a Dale Brown novel but with slightly more deference for reality, where a souped up aircraft flies behind enemy lines and manages to take out half of the opposing force's military. If I remember correctly this one is a stealth helicopter with a railgun. And to back it up there's an appearance of 'White Star', a high altitude many billion dollar jet that delivers EMP pulses.(spoiler)There's a great scene at the end where one of the U.S. soldiers stays behind in an enemy control com [...]

    11. After re-reading this novel some 20 years later, Peters vision of today's world both hits and misses. Fortunately, we have not yet developed (I hope) nor deployed "The Scramblers" for, as Peters dramatized in The War in 2020, it is one of the most terrifying weapons ever conceived! At the first reading (1992?), I remember Peters as a very forward thinking, almost prescient novelist and commentator (through his novels). Re-reading his afterword to the novel, it is easy to see the strains of his t [...]

    12. I personally found this book to be very boring and uninteresting. When I read the back flap and the first couple chapters and it seemed to be pretty good and very descriptive. But after awhile the story line got stale and very hard to comprehend. Like one character that was described in a chapter was completely forgotten and never mentioned for another seven or eight chapters. Finally, I dropped the book out of shear boredom. As for a recommendation for this book, I would not recommend this book [...]

    13. In a world where the US loses it's influence one war after another due to policy mistakes by its political leaders and the failure to meet high expectations of countless foreign cultures, a single air cavalry soldier has suffered it all. Now, during the war in 2020, when a Pan Aisian coalition has invaded the destitute Soviet Union, the US comes out of isolation with a new helicoptor gunship force led by the protagonist to attack the enemy at its nerve center. Scarred by a virus, cynicism, and a [...]

    14. An incredible Tom Clancy-esque military techno-thriller. Easily one of the best I've ever read in the genre.A dystopian future. A resurgent Japan supplies arms and advisers to the middle east to attack the weakened Soviet Union as it's infrastructure collapses. Guess who's coming to the rescue?I could not put this book down and have read it many times due to the quality of writing and character building.

    15. Several lessons are present in this fictional account of a ultra-technological war. Peter's hits the lesson that war is about people and the decisions they make no matter how smart computers become. He sets his account in a ethno-cultural war where hatred fuels atrocity. It sounds akin to Huntington's Clash. On the down side, the characters have a stereotypical biases and the story is a little weak.

    16. A book that I've come back to several times over the years. It depicts a United States that has been through at time of troubles that is forced to send its most-advanced military force to prop up a crumbling Soviet Union that is fighting Japanese-backed Islamic rebels. Its geopolitics, while strange, have an absolutely grounded feel.

    17. I'm torn. It's easy to see the flaws in this book with historical hindsight, but other than some really unlikely plot premise issues and some fails at character development, it's really pretty good. The story moves along nicely and engages you into feeling like you need to know how things work out for the characters.

    18. I may even push this up to 4.5. This was my first introduction to Peters and the book doesn't have some of his humour of other books I've read, but it is solid writing. If you have a problem with Tom Clancy writing about the army when he's never been a soldier, try Peters.

    19. A vivid picture of events not too dissimilar to the reality which has unfolded since 1991. I like the almost too light description of the machines of war involved as the book focuses on the humanity of the war and pestilence.

    20. Good use of language - the writing was quite good. The author's comments at the end of the book, while not entirely correct in detail, are generally coming about. I found I hard to put the book down and will look for another!

    21. A dark tale of a proxy war with Japan set in a near-future Soviet Union. Grim, depressing, but compelling and difficult to put down. Ralph Peter's finest hour in my opinion.

    22. OMG best book I've ever read! The cover of my version looks cheesy (which is why I got it.) but it's really not! I reccomened it!

    23. A thoroughly entertaining war book, sort of prophetic, totally believable. I especially liked the way the computers are tortured.

    24. Read this many years ago. Interesting to compare some of the things that have happened with some of the things that are written.

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