De vrouw in plastic Tijdens een hete zomer in Oslo wordt in een vuilniscontainer het stoffelijk overschot van Veronika Undset gevonden Inspecteur Frank Fr lich heeft Veronika de afgelopen dagen meerdere keren ontmoet Nu

  • Title: De vrouw in plastic
  • Author: Kjell Ola Dahl
  • ISBN: 9789022999233
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tijdens een hete zomer in Oslo wordt in een vuilniscontainer het stoffelijk overschot van Veronika Undset gevonden Inspecteur Frank Fr lich heeft Veronika de afgelopen dagen meerdere keren ontmoet Nu is ze vermoord, en is haar dode lichaam in plastic verpakt De eerste keer dat inspecteur Frank Fr lich de nu dode Veronika Undset ontmoette, was toen hij haar aanhield meTijdens een hete zomer in Oslo wordt in een vuilniscontainer het stoffelijk overschot van Veronika Undset gevonden Inspecteur Frank Fr lich heeft Veronika de afgelopen dagen meerdere keren ontmoet Nu is ze vermoord, en is haar dode lichaam in plastic verpakt De eerste keer dat inspecteur Frank Fr lich de nu dode Veronika Undset ontmoette, was toen hij haar aanhield met vijf gram coca ne in haar bezit De tweede keer was tijdens een feest van een oude jeudvriend die bleek met Veronika verloofd te zijn De derde ontmoeting vond plaats op het kantoor van Veronika s schoonmaakbedrijf Diverse klanten van Veronika waren namelijk de afgelopen tijd slachtoffer geworden van een inbraak Bovendien werd Veronika zelf gestalkt door haar buurman Sivert Almeli, die nu als verdachte wordt aangemerkt Een tweede verdachte is Erik Valeur, Veronika s psycholoog, die enkele jaren geleden ook al getuige was in het onderzoek naar de moord op een jong meisje in het noorden van Noorwegen De zaak neemt echter n g een andere wending wanneer er een tweede moord wordt gepleegd Fr lichs oude collega Gunnarstranda vindt Sivert Almeli met doorgesneden keel in de kelder van het flatgebouw waar hij woont Wie is de moordenaar

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    1. I'm starting to sound like a broken record while singing the praises of Orenda's books and telling you to go buy them, but I can't help it; they're just so good! While Faithless is technically book #7 in the Oslo detectives series, you can easily pick this up as a standalone, as all the characters and places bring you up to speed. We all know that I love a good police procedural, but I think the reason this one was so tight was that Nordic Noir element; the setting seems to read as a character a [...]

    2. Detective Frank Frølich is in a bit of a spot. A few days ago he arrested a woman after finding cocaine in her purse. That night he attended a birthday party for old school chum Karl Anders where he met Karl’s new fiancée, Veronika Undset…p, the woman he arrested. Well, that was awkward.Unfortunately, the next time they meet is after her horribly beaten body is pulled from a dumpster. Frank is uneasy about having personal ties to a murder investigation & requests to be left off the cas [...]

    3. Faithless blog tourFans of Nordic Noir will love this. This is book seven in the Oslo Detective series. Since the series was written in Dahl’s native Norwegian, the whole series hasn’t been translated into English as yet. Thankfully, this book also works as a standalone so there is no need to read the rest of the series before this one. The story is centred around Oslo detectives Gunnarstranda and Frolich. To me, the plot was rather unique and put one of the main characters in a very interes [...]

    4. The godfather of Nordic is back. It's so easy to read Faithless as a stand alone novel. I found the story easy to follow. What I liked about this story is that it had characters from all different religions and nationalities. Oslo detectives Gunnarstranda and Frolich are back, and this time it's personal. Lets get this straight Frolich arrested Veronika Underset as she was leaving Zahid's house at the crack of dawn. When Policeman Frolich looks in her bag he had found some cocaine. Veronika clai [...]

    5. You can immediately tell why Kjell Ola Dahl is one of the forerunners in the Nordic Noir genre, the writing is beautiful and the storytelling is incredibly well thought out that it's just a pleasure to read. Faithless is straight to the point and is very traditional in it's investigation style of the crime, it shows that it takes time to discover and research and solve crimes and that not all murders are solved by a sudden aha moment with some new technology. It's very refreshing to see this as [...]

    6. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossipWithin the past few months I’ve become such a huge fan of a new to me genre, Nordic Noir. There’s something about this genre that really sucks me in, so when I heard that Orenda was publishing another translation, I knew I HAD to read this book. Karen Sullivan has such a fantastic eye for talent and she’s never sent me a book that I haven’t enjoyed and I’m pleased to say Faithless is another winner in my book.Kjell Ola Dahl has been referred [...]

    7. Faithless is the first book I’ve read by Kjell Ola Dahl, and while not the first in this particular series, it can still most definitely be read as a standalone. The author has enough backstory between the pages that the reader won’t feel like they’ve missed any big events in the characters respective pasts.Scandinavian crime fiction is quite honestly my favourite locational crime genre. The colder the climate and the harsher the environment, the more my interest is piqued so needless to s [...]

    8. 3.5/5 stars for this classic Nordic Noir read! While this wasn't quite my style, I really enjoyed this book's slightly quirky characters and slow-burning mystery. The plot was a bit disjointed in my opinion, but I did enjoy a lot about it! Read my full review here: crimebythebook/blog/2017/4

    9. I was attracted to this book by the fabulous cover initially but having not read any other books in the series I was unsure if I would be able to follow who was who and what was what! But fear not, this book can absolutely be read as a standalone and if you’re not a big fan of Nordic Noir then this might actually be the book to ease you in gently to a love affair with this increasingly popular genre.When the body of a woman is found, Frolich is stunned to discover that it’s a woman he’s re [...]

    10. This was my first Norwegian Fiction read, EVER. And I am so pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. This is book 7 of a series, and I had not issue picking it up and reading it, without reading the prior 6 books. I was initially drawn to it because of the stunning cover. And than I read the synopsis and was sold.I felt this book was written at a superb pace. No information overload, just a nice steady story that holds your interest the entire time you read it. Some police procedural's tend t [...]

    11. I have lately found myself quite interested in reading books by Nordic authors. Since I'm Swedish is this perhaps not that strange, but I have previously not read that much Nordic crime books. I have just preferred American och British authors. Faithless intrigued me with its stunning cover and interesting blurb so I couldn't resist agreeing to do this blog tour. And, I'm glad I joined in because Faithless is really good.This book starts off with a simple arrest of a woman who leaves a house of [...]

    12. Faithless is my first venture into Dahl’s books and I guess I did have some concern as to whether I would be able to get into the story as I had not met Oslo detectives Frølich and Gunnarstranda before. Much to my relief the story works well as a standalone and you can instantly pick up with the characters and not feel as though you are missing out on any back story. One of the reasons, I feel, for this is the concentration on the crime and police procedures rather than the personal lives of [...]

    13. Now whenever Orenda Books announce a new book I am always keen to settle down and read it. And when it’s translated fiction then I am doubly excited as Karen Sullivan has an amazing eye for talent and I have yet to read a book she has chosen to champion that I haven’t loved. Faithless, I am very glad to say, was no exception.There is always a little trepidation when starting a book which is not the first in a series as you can’t be sure that you haven’t missed out on something vitally im [...]

    14. Faithless is one of a series of books that features Frølich, Gunnarstranda, Lena and their superior officer Rindal. I haven’t read any of the previous novels and whilst there was backstory missing with regards to their personal lives it didn’t impact on my enjoyment of this novel.When a young woman is found dead after being charged with possession of cocaine Frølich feels he is in a dilemma. He was the officer who charged her and at a party the same night he discovered that she was in a re [...]

    15. As part of the Oslo detective series, Faithless is the 7th book which was originally written in Norwegian and the only one to be translated so far. I was a little bit apprehensive about reading this book as I usually like to start a series at the beginning but Faithless can easily be read as a standalone I found.The book starts off with Frank Frølich carrying out a surveillance operation, which should be quite simple but things take a turn when a body is found and it turns out to be the girlfri [...]

    16. Booktrail the locations of the novel here - FaithlessI do love a good slice of Nordic Noir and this was a nice meaty feast from start to finish. A good elk pie – a nice crust with a good hearty filling which the more you chewed the more flavour it revealed.Why am I describing it like a pie? Well it looks set to be Nordic style investigation from the start but as you read, what lies beneath becomes all the more meaty and exciting.Enough about pies though – this was a unique police procedural [...]

    17. This is my first foray into the genre of Nordic Noir and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect such an atmospheric, hauntingly tense journey of murder, lies, and dark, disturbing characters. Frølich is trying to unravel the murder of a young woman, who just happened to be engaged to a childhood friend of his, Karl Anders, whom he hadn't seen in twenty years. With strange friendships and plenty of secrets, it seems the more Frølich digs into the victim's life, the [...]

    18. I liked the different characters making up the police team. It took me a while to figure out their professional relationship – who was the boss of who, and so on - and I guess I missed knowing more of their back story that must have been played out in earlier books in the series. Frolich is an interesting character who comes across as rather solitary, lonely even with no current relationship. In that respect, he reminded me of Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse. In this case, Frolich feels confl [...]

    19. Kjell's story seems to hit several thoughts that are probably on all officers conscience minds when they come up against an old friend in a case wondering what to do. What should they do about each of their people when they have triggered several different scenarios where they have caught the villains and kept their mouths shut. Giving us two different ending to people who we liked in the story. It's worth reading.

    20. You can find all my reviews at itsbooktalkFaithless is the fifth book in the Oslo detectives series and yes, I've once again jumped into a series mid-way. If I didn't know it was a series though I'm not sure I would've realized it because it very much reads as a standalone. I'm sure there are character threads woven throughout but I can't say I noticed that I was missing anything.The story begins with a stakeout and right away we meet Frank Frolich who's staking out the house of a suspected robb [...]

    21. I'm grateful to Karen at Orenda Books for a copy of this book and to Anne for inviting me onto the tour.I hadn't previously met the team of Oslo detectives of which Gunnarstranda and Frølich are a part, and there is clearly a fair amount of backstory to them - not least in the way that Gunnarstranda drops out of his holiday to get back in on the case even where, it seems, he isn't really needed. And what about Lena Stigersand and her strange, not to say brutal, relationship with Ståle Sender? [...]

    22. Dark, intriguing, and pacy, this book is the perfect example of what makes Nordic Noir so popular.Frølich is called to investigate the death of a woman he has recently arrested and then met again at an old friend’s party, while also looking into the disappearance of a university student. Gunnarstranda is investigating a similar cold case. Is there a connection? What is the personal angle where Frølich is concerned? And the plot thickens…A police procedural with an edge and a deftly woven p [...]

    23. This novel is part of a series that I'd never read before. Like most Nordic crime thrillers, it's full of disturbing individuals and horrific crime scenes. Inspector Frank Frølich arrests a woman leaving the house of a well-known criminal. He then runs into her at a party, starting a complicated case in which he keeps getting more and more involved. He is also trying to find a young African student who went missing shortly after arriving in Oslo. As many other dogged detectives, he will pursue [...]

    24. Faithless is part of the Oslo Detectives series featuring Gunnarstranda and Frølich, as this series was originally written in Norwegian, not all of the series have made it (yet, hopefully!) into English however this works wonderfully as a standalone. There is enough recap to bring new readers up to date.What starts as a simple surveillance operation ends up far more complicated for Frank Frølich when a woman's body is found scaled and wrapped in plastic in a dumpster.who Frølich happens to be [...]

    25. Good old-fashioned storytelling, a slower paced police procedural with personal psychology which reminded me of Karin Fossum.

    26. 3 starsVeronika Undset is the murdered woman who was left in a dumpster burned and naked, wrapped in plastic. Inspector Frank Frolich and his team are investigating the case. Frank is a childhood friend of Veronika’s fiancé Karl Anders Fransgard who is also the main suspect in her death.Some of the other officers on the case are: Stale Sender the ”murderer of asylum-seekers” as he is called behind his back and Lena Stigersand are police officers who are carrying on an affair – a very od [...]

    27. Faithless is the first book I have read in the Oslo Detectives series, the first one translated into English I think, but judging by the quality of this book and that ending, I am desperate to get my hands on any future translated books in the series! This book had me gripped from page one. I’d just flicked it open to read the opening chapter before bed and before I knew it early morning sunlight was peeking through the curtains and I was down to my last twenty pages. I was so absorbed in the [...]

    28. April 13, 2017Faithless by Kjell Ola Dahl translated by Don Bartlett **BlogTour Review **It's marvellous to be part of the Blog Tour to celebrate the publication of Faithless, the latest novel by Norwegian author, Kjell Ola Dahl. Billed as the Godfather of Nordic Noir, he has continued his series featuring the Oslo detectives, Gunnarstranda and Frølich.When the body of a woman turns up in a dumpster, scalded and wrapped in plastic, Inspector Frank Frølich is shocked to discover that he knows h [...]

    29. Faithless is a newly translated book in the Oslo Detectives series featuring Frank Frølich and Inspector Gunnarstranda. Frølich has been invited to a school friend’s 40th birthday party. He has not seen his friend for some twenty years, but he goes anyway and discovers his old friend’s fiancée Veronika is the woman he just arrested for cocaine possession. The party is great fun, but when he is called out to his next murder case, the fiancée is the murder victim. Clearly he must tread car [...]

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