Chumash Stone Edition Artscroll Series Stone Chumash Travel V sefar

  • Title: Chumash Stone Edition (Artscroll Series)
  • Author: Nosson Scherman
  • ISBN: 9781578191079
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover (Travel Size)
  • Stone Chumash Travel 1 V sefar

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      404 Nosson Scherman
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    One thought on “Chumash Stone Edition (Artscroll Series)”

    1. Artscroll's Stone Edition of the Chumash is a fine work in many ways. It combines an intuitive and easy-to-read layout with a fine selection of commentary that presents Torah as it has been traditionally understood by our sages, all bound up in a well-crafted, fine-looking volume with pages that are large enough to incorporate the Hebrew text, Targum Onkelos, English translation, Rashi's commentary, and commentaries and notes in English in a manner that is attractive and user-friendly, but small [...]

    2. A beautiful edition. Not being Jewish, I'm not sure what a Chumash actually is. I bought a copy of this shortly after I started studying Hebrew. For the Torah (or Pentateuch, the Five Books of Moses), the Hebrew text is on the right hand page along with the Onkelos Targum and Rashi (in Rashi script, which I have trouble with). On the left hand page, a new translation of the Hebrew in English. A commentary in English is under the texts on both sides of the page. I was surprised that the commentar [...]

    3. This is an absolutely beautiful work. The cover is embossed and the writing on the cover and throughout is beautiful.The Book contains "Five Fifths of the Law", more commonly known as the five Books of Moses, or the first five books of the Old Testament in the Bible.Inside, you will find the Hebrew font large, beautiful, and easy to read (assuming you can read Hebrew). On the opposite page, you will find the English translation. Beneath these, you will find commentary in Hebrew and English.This [...]

    4. While this Chumash does seem very (some may say "too") dependent on Rashi in both its commentary notes and its translation choices for the more difficult Hebrew, I find the traditional notes and Rabbinic commentary Enlightening even when I don't completely agree with it. I like the Koren fonts for Hebrew a little more and the Koren tendency to put the Hebrew on the left instead of the right page, but the fonts for the Hebrew are easy to read and the traditional page layout is maintained. The pag [...]

    5. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to give this 0 stars.This publication reflects the publishers' commitment to the most conservative principles, in the sense of retaining what they are familiar with. Unfortunately, this leads them to present a text that is contrary to the Masora and to the halakha.Regarding the English translation: It relies on the explanations and commentaries of medieval Jewish scholars. While those scholars have much to contribute, to ignore modern scholarship in the a [...]

    6. The narrative is disjointed and features too many characters, many of whom appear and disappear without getting me invested in their story. A tough Jewish editor at any decent publishing house would have tightened it up, brought the book in at a couple hundred fewer pages at least. The eccentric script used for some of the commentary is totally inexcusable, because incomprehensible; the space could have been used for some nice Chagall illustrations. Still, worth the read.

    7. The Chumash is a wonderful book, ad this edition is the top of the line. It contains the entire Torah and a wealth of commentary from Talmud, Midrash, and later Rabbinic commentators.It also contains the haftarah reading for each parsha with a connection to its reading. Also included is all five megillot with its own translation and commentary. It also has a huge index. This version is perfect for home study or for use in the shul.

    8. What? You think I'm not going to give THE TORAH a glowing review? OK O the Commentaries and Notes and Gleaning are excellent, explaining the deeper, hidden, and Rabbinical insights in the material, as well as similar themes in other world religions and myths.

    9. Great translation and commentary! To the naked eye, the Hebrew part gets though sometimes but that's the beauty of Torah.

    10. Excellent edition, though I am not religious this is an awesome edition, In fact I gave as a gift to my grandmother.

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