Perspectives In a world overrun by the living dead every victim has a story These are some of those stories This collection of six short stories from a world ravaged by the LZR virus tell the tale of six dif

  • Title: Perspectives
  • Author: Bryan James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a world overrun by the living dead, every victim has a story These are some of those stories This collection of six short stories from a world ravaged by the LZR 1143 virus tell the tale of six different people, all of whom fell victim, in different ways, to the deadly plague From the pilot of a commercial aircraft, overwhelmed in midair, to the lonely soldier strandIn a world overrun by the living dead, every victim has a story These are some of those stories This collection of six short stories from a world ravaged by the LZR 1143 virus tell the tale of six different people, all of whom fell victim, in different ways, to the deadly plague From the pilot of a commercial aircraft, overwhelmed in midair, to the lonely soldier stranded high above a world of the undead, the six characters each face their own fears and mortality in different ways This 20,000 word short story collection features a unique selection of characters from the original zombie novel by Bryan James, LZR 1143 Infection, and from the recently released sequel, LZR 1143 Evolution Each character appears only fleetingly in the longer novels, but each has their own unique thread in the LZR 1143 storyline, all of which are exposed in these short excerpts from their final hours alive The collection includes The Pilot, The Boy, The Inmate, The Fry Cook, The Subway Passenger, and The Sniper In The Pilot, a commercial aviator sees his last flight end in a way he never could have imagined In The Boy, a family trip is cut short, and a lonely homecoming is not at all as he anticipated We see the surprising genesis and true identity of a traveling companion in The Inmate, while The Fry Cook reveals the final moments of a teenage fast food worker In The Subway Passenger, we learn that in the case of zombie apocalypse, you d probably rather be aboveground And in The Sniper, the surprising truth that there are some fates that cannot be fought, even with a fifty caliber rifle.

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    One thought on “Perspectives”

    1. This collection of short stories, in my opinion started well and got progressively weaker. The final story felt rushed. A quick attempt at trying to create some emotion filled piece that ultimately fell flat and to be honest too my thoughts of the collection from a solid 3 and a half to a nervy 3.The stories, unlike many other collections, were not just based around a common theme, but rather one central event. Each tale was an alternate point of view piece surrounding the same outbreak. There w [...]

    2. This collection of short stories allows a glimpse into different lives/perspectives as people deal with the zombie outbreak.Elements of action, compassion, heroism, evil, etc entwine to show how even in times of stress, characters can demonstrate who they are and what they are made of. Characters are varied, flawed, and have lots to deal with physically and emotionally.Overall, an intriguing read.

    3. I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review This is a book about the end of the world featuring zombies. It is not pretty but full of dark gritty situations that people have to try and figure out. They don't usually figure it out and survive in the majority of these stories.

    4. I like how I was able to read this novella without having to read the first two books of the series. It was a quick one (only 67 pages) and truly entertaining offering a variety of POVs in the apocalyptic world of DC.

    5. So I have to start by saying I haven't read either Infection or Evolution. So going into Perspectives I really didn't know what to expect, I mean besides zombies!!!! lol. Now, I have a new zombie series to stalk, in fact I have Within, a novella set in the LZR world, and I'm picking up Infection and Evolution as soon as I get a chance.The book itself isn't that long. It is only six separate stories, but man, those stories really pack a punch. It wasn't just the graphicness of the stories either. [...]

    6. When the authors prologue is littered with grammatical errors should you carry on reading? ("like what I did" no exclamation mark to show a joke - this is not ME its the author!) but woe is me I did as this author came highly recommended.The Pilot: Unbelievable from he first sentence; if eyesight is not good enough for flying F16s why would a commercial airline take you on?! I got the right hump with the comment about Nurses not knowing what to do with a sick person er, Hello! what do you think [...]

    7. I'm not really certain I should be putting this on the short story shelf since this is actually a collection of POVs that center around a singular event. They're all pretty good, but I have to admit I didn't care for The Boy. The kid was a brat and remained a brat (view spoiler)[and I couldn't have cared less when he died, which isn't something I ever thought I'd say about a kid, but there it is. I don't know what was in the tub, but I only wish it had eaten his face off sooner (hide spoiler)]. [...]

    8. Bryan James, LZR-1143: Perspectives (No publisher listed, no date listed)Points off for lack of information (no publisher listed, no publication date listed).Note that line above, because it drops this book from “above average” to “below average”. Which is deserved because the author (one assumes this is self-published, otherwise he needs to drop by his publisher's office and start swinging the proverbial baseball bat) couldn't be arsed to fill in even basic information to have his book [...]

    9. Wow, now that was intense. Great freebie from I'm not a huge fan of horror and I've never read a zombie book, so this was my first. What the short stories did very well was create tension. I was tense the entire time I read this. And it was compelling enough that they kept me reading. It was a train wreck I literally couldn't stop reading and I couldn't put it down. The worst part was silly me decided to start reading this late last night before bed because I honestly did not know what to expec [...]

    10. Keeping in mind that the zombie/survival horror genre is one of my absolute favorites, please take in to consideration I am a bit biased at favorite these types of books.I really enjoyed LZR-1143: Perspectives. The stories were indeed short, but I found that I really got a lot out of the few paragraphs. Each story had it's own unique flair to it that immediately put you in the plot. Kudos to this author to be able to really understand and "feel" the characters, see in their perspective, and not [...]

    11. Self-publishing is a great idea that allows anyone to write something and release it into the market. Mr. James seems to be pretty popular, and he makes decent money. I know people who make a fine living publishing erotica and romance novels. The beauty of a piece of writing is in the eye of a reader. So, if you enjoyed this jumble of holes, mistakes, cliches, and poor grasp of the English language, good for you. No amount of talent can make up for actual skill, and that is what James lacks. He [...]

    12. -Instantáneas durante el apocalipsis.- Género. Relatos.Lo que nos cuenta. Seis relatos ambientados en el universo de la serie LZR-1143 del mismo autor pero sin continuar exactamente la historia, y que tratan temas como la irrupción de la plaga entre la tripulación y pasajeros de un avión, la misma situación pero en un crucero de recreo desde la óptica de un muchacho de 14 años, también en un restaurante de comida rápida, en una cárcel e incluso en un vagón de metro y el punto de vist [...]

    13. With many grammar mistakes and rushed writing, the author did more "telling" than "showing." While each story kept my attention, throughout the entire book I caught myself looking at the percentage on the bottom of my Kindle to see how much farther I had before the ending. In one of the last stories, James uses the phrase "retarded leprechaun," which not only interrupted the tone of the story but also used ableist language as a lighthearted joking technique (which is not funny and is harmful). T [...]

    14. I loved World War Z by Max Brooks, but I often felt myself longing for more personal storiesories of common people in the uncommon circumstance of having to fight off hordes of zombies.This collection of vignettes satisfied that desire.These short anecdotes of the zombie infestation were raw and real and fascinating and frightening. The type of stories that leave you with that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, that make you look twice over your shoulder, that make you wonder if you sh [...]

    15. In a world overrun by the living dead, every victim has a story. These are some of those stories. This collection of six short stories from a world ravaged by the LZR-1143 virus tell the tale of six different people, all of whom fell victim, in different ways, to the deadly plague. (Description from GoodReads)This is a quick, "free" Kindle novella dealing with six individuals (through six separate stories) as they witness and attempt to survive the great apocalypse. The writing was nice, tightly [...]

    16. I really enjoyed reading the collection of short shories from all the different perception. I the had some truely relivent points that most people rely intirely on technology that they don't know how to survive without it. The subway shows the fear of the masses and the sniper shows just how reality can kick your ass no matter how prepared.I liked the change of pace to breaking down the big picture into the small individual ones. I would recommend and look forward to reading the other books abou [...]

    17. This is a book of short stories written from the different perspectives of those trying to survive the very beginning of a zombie apocalypse. The stories are well written with little if any grammatical errors and are some of the most original pieces I've ever read. They are subtly horrifying and frightening. There are brief glimpses of the humanity you must leave behind if you want to survive which also makes the stories heart wrenching in their own way. These are quite the diamond in the rough. [...]

    18. This small book is a collection of 3rd person snippets that occurred during the zombie outbreak in LZR-1143: Infection, and contains very minor characters that were briefly seen in Infection, or will be seen in the direct upcoming sequel.Quick read, and about as deep (read: not). I'm always a sucker for Zombie stories, but it just wasn't enough for me. I did enjoy the first book though, and am looking forward to the official sequel. On to the next book. Think I'll choose Soldier of the Legion, b [...]

    19. Like most of my books I purchased this one on the Kindle and waited awhile to read it. There are some good stories and some not so good ones. The first couple are good because you aren't sure how the zombies are going to fit in, but the by the end of the book it was pretty predictable. Also some were confusing or boring and I ended up skipping them. There is a lot of character development in each story since it's a sample of the LZR series, but I didn't think it was good enough to draw me in, I [...]

    20. If you like zombie tales, then be sure to pick up this short collection. I was looking for fun, interesting free reads to try out with my new Kindle, and this was the first. I picked a winner! Great, fast read, and most importantly, only a couple of minor editing mistakes that in no way detracted from the story. I liked it enough that I'm paying $4.99 to download the first full-length book in the series, LZR-1143: INFECTION. Glad I found this one!

    21. While I admit that each story was well written, I feel that the book, overall had a feeling of pointlessnes, and I was never really able to enjoy reading it. I understand the point, and the book was aptly named, however, I just did not enjoy it as much as some other books I have read. I am unable to. no,I am unwilling, to expound any further. I have already given this book more attention than I intended.

    22. This is one of the coolest short story collections I've ever read. Characters so unimportant in the scheme of the large novel, but their stories are important enough to rate a short story of their own- and enough to leave a lasting impression. No names are really necessary. They're The Pilot, The Boy, the Fry Cook people doing their every-day thing, moving on, hanging in there But how far can these unimportant characters make it when all Hell breaks loose?

    23. Loved the Short Stories of differ scenarios of characters in interesting situations when ZOMBIES attack!! I found"The Subway Passenger" very detailed and very interesting to feel his fear while commuting in a small moving tube. I think "the Sniper" had to be the saddest story at the end which gave me the chills while reading!!! Overall i enjoyed the short and captivating zombie stories! Now looking for more!

    24. An excellent side trip down the world of LZR-1143. It was a nice changing reading the back stories of some of the people \ scenes that were in the trilogy and I think that this book was more disturbing (in the good, zombie, horror way) than the trilogy as there was no main character, no last moment saves, and no humor - just straight on dystopia

    25. When The Author Intro Is Full of Grammatical Errors, The Future Is Bleak Started off full of grammatical errors.  The stories themselves started out pretty good, and got weaker and weaker as the book went on.  Not a lot of sympathetic characters to feel for, and, in the case of The Boy, memory flashbacks that are inserted willy-nilly.

    26. This is a great set of short stories from the same universe as the first book. These have more oomph to them then the first novel did. The Infection had more comedy and didn't seem nearly as dark as the short stories were. If the 2nd novel continues in the vein of Perspectives, then it will be a must read.

    27. AMAZING!!!! Some of the best Zombie stories I have ever read! I love how he talks about the people that didn't survive very long, unlike other stories that are about the people that survive the longest.Not a waist of time to read.This book was free, I would have paid for it!I hope he comes out with a LZR-1143: Perspectives 2.

    28. I loved this. I thought it was great to get little short stories about how regular people livedd then sort of died during the zombie apocalypse. A fun and short read. Having read the first book this was fun to use as a continuation until I get the money to buy the next one on my Kindle.

    29. This is a great novella between the first and second books of the series. Zombies begin to turn while on a major jet liner in the sky, a boy left alone to fend for himself, a fry cook, an inmate, a man on a subway. I really enjoyed this little stop over in the series.

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