To Draw Closer To God A Collection Of Discourses The Lord said to Joseph Smith Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you seek me diligently and ye shall find me ask and ye shall receive knock and it shall be opened unto you DC In To Dr

  • Title: To Draw Closer To God: A Collection Of Discourses
  • Author: Henry B. Eyring
  • ISBN: 9781590383223
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lord said to Joseph Smith, Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you seek me diligently and ye shall find me ask, and ye shall receive knock and it shall be opened unto you DC 88 63 In To Draw Closer to God, Elder Henry B Eyring explains some of the ways we can claim these promises In his thoughtful, spiritual style, he discusses such topics as leThe Lord said to Joseph Smith, Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you seek me diligently and ye shall find me ask, and ye shall receive knock and it shall be opened unto you DC 88 63 In To Draw Closer to God, Elder Henry B Eyring explains some of the ways we can claim these promises In his thoughtful, spiritual style, he discusses such topics as learning to hear the Lord s voice, choosing to be good, overcoming trials of faith, strengthening the family, surrendering to Christ, and helping others draw closer to the Lord Elder Eyring writes, Yield your heart unto God Ask him what it is he would have you do Know that he will have prepared a way for you to do it, even under great difficulties Ask him how he would have you share what you have with others, and you will feel his love He lives and he loves you He wants you to come home again If you would like to have the Spirit of the Lord with you often, if you would like to feel closer to your Father in Heaven and have him be closer to you, you ll appreciate the insights and messages in this collection of inspiring discourses

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    One thought on “To Draw Closer To God: A Collection Of Discourses”

    1. This is another book that was life-changing for me – beginning with this statement: “You have moments when you want to be better than you have ever been. President McKay says the urge to rise above ourselves is because we are spiritual beings . . . It is far beyond a desire for ‘self-improvement.’ It is an urge to live so far above self that you could never do it on your own. Moroni said we must ‘come unto Christ . . . then is his grace sufficient for you,’ and he outlines what we mu [...]

    2. Sometimes a book comes into your life at just the right time. With all the stuff going on in my family right now, this book was just what I needed to read. I love President Eyring and his calm, sweet faith that just permeates everything he says and does. In this book, I found just what I needed to help me deal with some personal heartaches. It gave the strength and the understanding to keep going just a little longer, and with God's grace, that's when things began to look a little less grim. It [...]

    3. A wonderful book that not only helps you understand your relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ, but helps you understand how to come closer to Him and our Father in Heaven. Elder Eyring has such a wonderful way of teaching, and his words, personal stories, and testimony truly do help you draw closer to God.*I read this during a particularly trying time in my life, and it was just what I needed.

    4. I've discovered a common theme in President Eyring's discourses and talks: Ask God what you should do, how you should serve, how you should feel, then listen and obey. He will answer.

    5. This book has a special spirit about it. I will let it do the talking:“I hope a day doesn't begin or end that you don't consider whether something you did might have offended the Holy Ghost or made it harder for the Spirit to influence you. That is what it means to me to have a repentant heart.”(Henry B. Eyring, To Draw Closer to God, Deseret Book [Salt Lake City: 1997], p.17-18)“I hope you feel happiness. I do. That is an indication that we are on the right course. I can promise you that [...]

    6. Listened to him read this. I love his voice. So many good messages in here - especially for this time in my life.

    7. My mother gave this book to each of her children a few Christmas's ago. I found great insights into developing my own relationship with God. This is one of those books where you can read a chapter and find yourself thinking about it for the rest of the day. His book is filled with great wisdom. Speaking about trying to be like our Savior, Pres. Eyering says, "If we stay at it long enough, perhaps for a lifetime, we will have for so long felt what the Savior feels, wanted what he wants, and done [...]

    8. I read this on a trip with my young daughters while on a trip visiting family. This book was very inspiring and was much needed after what has been the roughest year of my life so far; with a pending divorce from a person that was, not only my high school sweetheart but a person that for over half my life has been my best friend and then more recently the passing of my only sibling. I found much needed guidance, reminders, comfort and enlightenment. President Eyring's discourses are put together [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this. President Eyring is a great man and I love his stories and wisdom. I thought it would just be about helping myself draw closer to God, but there's a section at the end about helping others draw closer to God. I enjoyed that the most.

    10. I would catch snippets of the audio on The Mormon Channel radio and was so excited to finally listen to the whole thing. Such a great listen and definitely made me feel closer to God especially as I was listening while staying at the beach and would listen on my morning walks by the ocean and watching the sunrises.

    11. Wonderful book. There were many times while reading his words, I was reminded that a. that he is a prophet of God b. some perfectly "random" sentence and/or chapter is exactly what I needed that moment of that day to: lift my spirit, called me to change, or answered an unsaid prayer.

    12. I loved this book and will “read it” listen to it again. I love the personal experiences Elder Eyring shares and the way he reaches.

    13. I love Henry B Eyring! This book had wonderful insights into truly drawing closer to God. I look forward to reading it again soon!

    14. Very inspiring book that added a lot of good insight on how to draw closer to God. Eyring's conversational tone is easy to listen to and you learn more about the man reading this book.

    15. It took me over a month to finish this book. It's so jam packed with amazing insights and talks I'd never heard or read before. I think I hesitated to get this book for so long because I thought "Why would I want a collection of conference talks that I already have access to?" But wow. This book has way more than that. There are several institute fireside talks and even an auxiliary training included in this book that were so wonderful to read and think about.I read this book because I really am [...]

    16. More than just a collection of spiritual address from President Eyring, these speeches have been carefully sequenced to guide the reader, no matter what level of discipleship they are currently abiding, to step by step, as the title states, “draw closer to God.” Most of these addresses come from presentation given outside of General Conference and will be new to most readers. Thos few chapters that do come from the General Conferece podium bear with them a nostalgic comfort amidst the energy [...]

    17. I feel bad giving this less than five stars, because I love Elder Eyring, but I didn't care for this book as much. I think part of my problem is that I didn't realize that it's just a collection of his talks. I know that should have been obvious from the title, but I don't know if I just didn't notice it or what. I should just blame my own stupidity. But even still, it should have been a great book, but I don't think I got as much out of this book as I have on other religious books by other apos [...]

    18. What I really enjoyed about this book was Henry B. Eyring's unique perspective on religion and his deep relationship with God and spiritual things. It was personally helpful for me to get a glimpse into his personal, spiritual life and then compare it to my own to discover ways I can improve. I thought this was a fantastic collection of discourses, but keep in mind that they are distinct discourses. The topics form a sort of progression, but there was a little repetition and disconnect between t [...]

    19. I LOVE this book! I love Elder Eyring and his words and example! These talks teach so many important things about faith, listening to and following the Spirit, waiting on the Lord, living with gratitude and being your testimony. There are so many important words and lessons that have helped me try to draw closer to the Savior. This is a book full of principles I need to continue to focus on. I love the lesson from one of the last talks in the book to:1. Teach a sacred truth.2. Testify that we kn [...]

    20. Loved this book. Henry B. Eyring takes it step by step, beginning with how we ourselves can draw closer to our Heavenly Father and Savior, and then how we can bring those around us closer them as well. My favorite chapters were the last two, about living a legacy of testimony, and touching others lives with faith. He says, "We must act so that those who hear our testimony see that our actions conform with what we said was true." What he says is so powerful; it is so true that the best way to bri [...]

    21. I love listening to President Eyring speak. He is a man of goodness, humility, and faith, all of which are evident in his writings and testimony in this book. There were many messages here that I needed to read…hearing the voice of God through his servants (even the humblest and simplest among us), learning to recognize and act on promptings daily, and the idea that gaining more light and truth is dependent on how well we are living the truth we have already received, to name a few. Some thing [...]

    22. I loved this book - It was just what I needed when I read it. The language is clear and straightforward, but also very insightful. The pages are filled with simple wisdom, interesting anecdotes, touching experiences, and loving encouragement. Topics include finding more power in our personal prayers, learning humility and obedience in following and sustaining our leaders, strengthening our families and homes, to name just a few.I especially enjoyed listening to the audio book version, which Henr [...]

    23. The only reason I didn't give this book 5 stars is because I picked it up with the expectation that it would be a little more recent and (even though it says on the cover that it's a collection of discourses) I was expecting more of a book.However, it was quite the read. President Eyring is so practical, faithful, and obedient in his approach to the Gospel. I just love how he says that even though sometimes we may not understand, there is nothing we want more than eternal life and therefore, not [...]

    24. For whatever reason I was drawn to this book right now and it was exactly what I needed to read. So5 STARS! It's a collection of different talks he's given, but they are put together perfectly so that they build and grow from each other.I might need to buy this one because I took about 10 pages of notesmight as well just mark up my own copy! I would highly recommend it. There is a focus on drawing closer to God, but, of course, most things do that for you when you're trying to live some principl [...]

    25. This is a fantastic book, given to me at a crucial point in my life. President Eyring speaks with experience and compassion. He does not present gospel principles with a one-size-fits-all model. He puts the gospel in real life, not just the cliche phrases we use, but application. There were many times when I thought,yes, that is exactly how I feel. If he knows you can feel that way and he still believes it, than maybe I can come back to belief. This work is one of love, guidance, and reassurance [...]

    26. My attention was drawn to this after a friend quoted some passages of this book. I have always loved President Eyring's insights and remarks (he is from NJ and his father was a scientist—I am from NJ and my mother and grandpa are scientists, so this was always in the background of my upbringing) and this was no exception. I really loved some of the selections, though some simply weren't as engaging for me. There were several chapters towards the beginning that I will likely reread from time to [...]

    27. This is better than many collected works because there was some effort put into selecting and organizing the talks topically as well as editing them for book format (i.e changing references to audience from listeners to readers). President Eyring's citations and analysis of scripture combines with personal stories and testimony to motivate the reader to act on the guidance he gives and the promptings that those seeking the Spirit will receive as they read. Also, it is small and easy to carry whe [...]

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