Trick of the Dark Barred from practice disgraced psychiatrist Charlie Flint receives a mysterious summons to Oxford from an old professor who wants her to look into the death of her daughter s husband But as Charlie d

  • Title: Trick of the Dark
  • Author: Val McDermid
  • ISBN: 9781932859829
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Barred from practice, disgraced psychiatrist Charlie Flint receives a mysterious summons to Oxford from an old professor who wants her to look into the death of her daughter s husband But as Charlie delves deeper into the case and steps back into the arcane world of Oxford colleges, she realizes that there is much to this crime than meets the eye.

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    One thought on “Trick of the Dark”

    1. "My mother disappeared when I was sixteen. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.When I say that out loud, people look at me out if the corners of their eyes, as if I've transgressed some fundamental taboo. But it's the truth. I'm not hiding some complicated grief reaction.My mother disappeared when I was sixteen. The guards had walked away from the prison leaving the door unlocked. And I emerged blinking into the sunlight."I wanted to keep this book for a while and read it when I [...]

    2. I've never read any of McDermid's Tony Hill series, though I did like the BBC Wire in the Blood production based on them, but I've read and enjoyed several of her standalones. Trick of the Dark is no exception. Initially I wasn't sure whether I was going to like it or not as I had difficulty finding a character to feel sympathy with or for but as the action/investigation ratcheted up I did get hooked.This story depends on coincidences which I found myself willing to accept. I love McDermid's plo [...]

    3. Now I could be extra harsh and just give you the review of this that I gave to my girlfriend - "Too many lesbians, not enough murder," but that would sell it short somewhat and make me sound a little bigoted. Nevertheless I was disappointed by Trick of the Dark primarily because the story seemed so tame and rather slow, not up to the standards I would expect from McDermid. A man is killed on his wedding day, seemingly bludgeoned and drowned by his two business partners. Later the victims prospec [...]

    4. This Val McDermid book has just recently become available in the US after being out in Britain for a year. Despite its so-so reviews, I gave it a try. McDermid can reliably write a page turner that makes you want to read "just one more chapter" every time you come to the end of the current chapter, even if there is a part of your mind that knows you aren't really enjoying the story at all. McDermid also usually can be counted on for a flawlessly structured plot where everything makes sense when [...]

    5. I tried one of Val McDermid’s books a couple of years ago, and could not get on with it. Then this book got good reviews so I tried again. I just don’t know why she is so highly rated as a crime novelist. This is simply crime-writing-by-numbers. If it were better written, I wouldn’t have minded so much, but the dialogue is hackneyed, the plot is so well sign-posted you could drive a bus through it – what’s the big appeal here? Anyway, I plodded through the first half, increasingly irri [...]

    6. Trick of the Dark reminded me more of McDermid's early Lindsay Gordan series than her recent, gritty standalones. Although a crime novel, the spine of the book is really its many lesbian characters and their myriad love lives. It's something that would irk me just as much if they were all straight and frequently backburner-ing a serial killer to contemplate their hetero romances and affairs. I want to read crime fiction, not romance with crime draped loosely around its shoulders. Added to that, [...]

    7. The last four sentences are worthy of Alfred Hitchcock.This is a dense book, if I can use that term. Four hundred pages of a tightly written plot, even though at times it may not seem like it.Charlie Flint is a clinical psychiatrist, specializing in psychological profiling, who has been suspended from practice pending an investigation of her testimony at a recent trial. She gets sucked into a murder investigation at the behest of a former college tutor. The question is whether or not a person (J [...]

    8. I'm really having trouble convincing myself to finish this book. I'm afraid that there's going to turn out to be a perfectly logical explanation for all the deaths that have surrounded the main "suspect." I put that in quotes because it's not the police that are investigating this person; it's an out-of-work forensic psychiatrist who has been asked to do so by this person's lover's mother. Got that? Yeah, it's kind of convoluted and the whole mystery is so up in the air, it's hard to care about [...]

    9. Well I got to page 64 and decided to quit - it's not that this was that bad it's just that I could not get into the characters at all. I just wasn't drawn in enough to want to know what happens. I think there was too much emphasis on everyone's relationships - the mystery element just sort of faded away to me and I didn't like the characters well enough without more plot.I feel bad I didn't finish this but there are just too many books out there to waste time with one that is just not quite my t [...]

    10. Not every book is for every reader and, even though I've loved many of Val McDermid's other mysteries, this one wasn't for me. Many of the characters seemed flat and the lesbian sex issue seemed to overwhelm mystery and murder.

    11. As I laboured through this tome, I found it very difficult to believe I was reading the great Val McDermid. An uneven mishmash, this couldn't decide whether it was going to evolve into a ridiculously implausible romance, or a so-so crime novel. In the end, it did neither. I just felt like giving Charlie Flint, protagonist, and purportedly Oxford grad, a slap in the head for her crazy infatuation with the enigmatic Lisa. Jay, around whom the novel really centres, is a far more intriguing characte [...]

    12. I have loved Val McDermid's police procedurals and have read several lately. This one I should have passed. was nothing like her other books which are clever with twists and turns in the complicated plots. In this book, the mystery, such as it is, is secondary to the plot and is full of coincidences and plot holes. Instead we have here a romance novel in which the characters, who are grown-up professionals (doctors, dentists, counselors), act like pre-teens in the throes of their first infatuati [...]

    13. Dr. Charlie Flint is having a bad time. She refused to help wrongly convict a man who went on to kill four women and her medical license is under review. She loves her wife, a dentist, but feels tempted by the attentions of a flirtatious self-help expert. When her former Oxford tutor asks her to investigate her daughter's lover, Jay, a wealthy entrepreneur the professor suspects may have had a hand in the murder of her daughter's husband as well as other business rivals, Charlie takes the case, [...]

    14. The book would have been better if the author would have cut most of the lesbian romances and just written a good murder. I figured out the plot before it was revealed and this spoiled the ending for me. Val mcDermid usually writes better books, but this one didn't really make it. Romance and murder mysteries aren't always a good combination.

    15. How do events from Oxford years ago reflect on a recent death, and is the public face of a well known business woman hiding a serial killer. Another great one from Val McDermid .

    16. Exceptionally well written if one would prefer to read at a very slow pace.I have read quite a few books by Val McDermid and used to her pace of unraveling things.Most of her books that I have read so far, well,none of them were any fast paced edgy thrillers more like a jigsaw puzzle taking its own sweet time to spin. The only concern I had here were to think in terms of female characters when my head was more prone to consider them as males.

    17. I liked this one. Just like other standalones of hers this one was much better than the Hill-Jordan-series. Much more interesting, I enjoyed it.

    18. Soooo many lesbians. Never read about so many in my life in one book more than in a programme for the Gay Pride Parade. I got them all confused in the end.Now don't get me wrong that's fine. I don't care if people are straight or not but the tone was a bit preachy at times. At least the sole likeable male character had some panache unlike poor old Tony Hill. The mystery was good tho a lot of backstory. On the whole a good story.

    19. ‘Trick of the Dark’ by Val McDermidPublished by Little Brown, September 2010. ISBN: 978-1-4087-0201-7Charlotte (Charlie) Flint, forensic psychiatrist is in turmoil, firstly she is currently suspended awaiting a hearing by the GMC which will decide whether she can be reinstated, and secondly because she is in love, normally a happy situation, but when you have a partner of seven years, whom you still love, not so good.She receives through the post a bundle of photocopied sheets that refer to [...]

    20. For me, a Val Mcdermid novel is a treat to be savoured which is why I often read them long after publication (the exception being the "Tony Hill" books which I can't stop myself from devouring in an instant!). The Hardback version of this has been sat on my shelf for a while (and boy its a good looking book) A couple of days ago I decided it was time and dived in. I tend to really enjoy Ms McDermid's stand alone novels (A Place of Execution and The Distant Echo being some of the best crime ficti [...]

    21. I usually enjoy anything by Val McDermid, but for the first time I was a little disappointed. The story was thin, too contrived to be totally convincing. Richard Russo's wonderful novels proved to me that I don't actually have to like the main character in order to enjoy a book, but actively disliking McDermid's heroine did make it hard for me to enjoy this story. Charlie Flint goes through the novel contemplating being unfaithful to her partner. Considering the starting point of the novel was h [...]

    22. Trick of the Dark is an intricately plotted who-done-it, satisfyingly set in Oxford, London, and other British and Scottish locales. That gives American readers not only an intelligent puzzle to work out but also a trip to jolly new Great Britain. It's the story of Dr. Charlie Flint, a disgraced psychiatrist whose testimony set a murderer free. She's wrestling with that angst, but also flirting with betraying her wonderful wife, Maria, for the sultry, mixed-message charms of Lisa.(Oh, did I ment [...]

    23. I was very disappointed with this most recent McDermid book ~ after waiting for it to hit Oz shelves for what felt like a.g.e.s.It seemed to be a more gay activist/support theme, than of the 'noire' genre for which Val is so well known and respected.I wondered several times throughout if she had employed a ghost writer because this book is so very different from her usual style.I found it very slow and hard to get into. There were so many characters introduced quickly that I found myself a bit c [...]

    24. The book is fine. The way Val McDermid places cliffhangers here and there throughout the text is admirable. Even though the plot is quite ordinary, and 80% of all the twists and turns are not that shocking or unpredictable, I still kept turning page after page because the author manipulated me into that with her mastery of word. Though, I admit, the ending was rather unexpected.The book ended up as an enjoyable experience. I think, I would look through other books by the same author in the futur [...]

    25. I'm being generous. This book doesn't start for 200 pages. I felt I achieved something just by finishing it and I really wanted to be taken somewhere but this felt contrived. The was a lot of internalised angst and a lot of exposition. It felt like a book that had to be written by a due date and was pushed out to order. A pity, this could have been a tighter, shorter story. The policeman character felt placed because the writer had a plot problem. I didn't buy the 40 somethings behaving like tee [...]

    26. Very disappointing effort from Val Mcdermid. A plot full of circumstantial nonsense and an outcome which insults even the most gullible reader. Add to that, the author's obsession with what her characters' hands are doing to the ludicrous notion that the Skye Bridge would ever be considered a 'bridge across the Atlantic'. Come on, Val! The Skye Bridge crosses Loch Alsh, not the Atlantic. Reminds me of an assertion in one of her novels many, many moons ago that there are no green spaces in Glasgo [...]

    27. Really a 3.5. Not one of Val McDermid's best, but a great read and I didn't guess the ending until very near the end. It is a pre-Tony Hill and you can see that she hasn't quite perfected the psychoanalysis of killers yet as she does in her Tony Hill books, mainly because she clearly was trying hard to hit some homophobic/lesbian issues. As always with Val McDermid some (but not all) of the characters are brilliant, making you want to know more about them. Some however, are a bit cliche.On the w [...]

    28. I was quite suprised that this was a Val McDermid book, as this did not read like one of her books at all. I found that the lesbian action dominated the book, when I was expecting more of a murder mystery, and the plot was somewhat unbelievable. Magda meeting Jay on her wedding day in the school toilets, and then deciding that she was a lesbian then and there? weirdI seemed quite slow, and never seemed to build to a climax, it just plodded along. Disappointing overall

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