We re Different We re the Same Illustrated in full color The colorful characters from Sesame Street teachyoung children about racial harmony Muppets monsters and humans comparenoses hair and skin and realize how different we al

  • Title: We're Different, We're the Same
  • Author: Bobbi Kates Joe Mathieu
  • ISBN: 9780679832270
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Illustrated in full color The colorful characters from Sesame Street teachyoung children about racial harmony Muppets, monsters, and humans comparenoses, hair, and skin and realize how different we all are But as they lookfurther, they also discover how much we are alike.

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      470 Bobbi Kates Joe Mathieu
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    One thought on “We're Different, We're the Same”

    1. We read a LOT of children's books these days, so I want to make sure to highlight the exceptional ones -- like this! The message is important and well-executed, and our kid loves finding all the Sesame Street characters in the vibrant pictures. It kept her occupied for A PLANE RIDE, the holy grail of children's entertainment.

    2. This multicultural Sesame Street book depicts how we are the same and how we are different. The author, Bobbi Kates, utilizes text in order to pinpoint the things that we all have in common (our noses are used to smell) as well as those things that make us different (our noses are different shapes, sizes, and colors). Our skin is not the same color but yet we are the same on the inside. We all have blood, muscles, and bones underneath out skin. The illustrator uses life like pictures. This is be [...]

    3. This is great for probably kindergarten aged children. The comfort of silly Sesame Street characters that they know and love as well as a really diverse cast of humans. I actually expected more humans with physical handicaps and anyone bald, particularly a kid. And I like a book that acknowledges both similarities and differences because I think that's something that the world is struggling with right now. A good book to reprint with what I can assume were some updated illustrations because no o [...]

    4. This heartwarming picture book has all the timeless and lovable characters from Sesame Street to show how even among our differences, we are similar. This is a very diverse book, portraying people from all walks of life is a loving and accepting manner. The style of the illustrations changes page to page; sometimes it is a full-page spread, and other times the spread is organized like a collage of photographs, which makes the book very engaging and fun to look at.

    5. This was a good book for my toddler for pointing out the different body parts and a good lesson on being different - but not that different. Plus, with the fun Sesame Street characters.

    6. A great book to read to a classroom of mostly white 1st graders who recently told an African American classmate that she has "weird" hair.

    7. We’re Different, We’re the Same is a narrative that explains that although we may be different on the outside, we are the same on the inside (ex. “ Our hair is different. Our hair is the same. It grows on us in several places. It warms our heads and frames our faces.”). There are no main characters in this book. There are just different types of children and some Sesame Street characters throughout the book. As a literacy teacher, I could use this book to discuss repetition (ex. “Our e [...]

    8. * Explain the concept of being different on the outside, but being the same on the inside. *This is geared more towards students in the kindergarten to first grade. -For younger students it might be harder to grasp the concept; they may get confused on hair being different, but being the same. It needs to be explained that there are different types of hair, but it’s still hair.*Use students as props because we are all different, but the same- For example, I could have four boys with different [...]

    9. I read this to my almost 3-year-old to try to include him in our study of the human body. He just kept looking at me like I was insane. The different pictures of noses or eyes or whatever along with the text "we're different, we're the same" didn't make sense to him. They were all different so how could they be the same? He also has no exposure to the Muppets so he was a little freaked out by all the weirdness.My older boys might have understood it better, but I didn't like it enough to try.

    10. I love Sesame Street. The author does a great job to show we are all different but similar and able to tie it into children’s everyday life. For example “ Our hair is different. Our hair is the same. It grows on us in several places. It warms our heads and frames our faces.” As a teacher I would use this book to show we are all different but we are all the same. Also this story uses a lot of repetition. Not much information could be found of Bobbi Kates. Joe Mathieu does all the illustrati [...]

    11. The picture book we're different We're the same by Bobbi J. Kates is a great learning book for infants and toddlers. It introduces the concept of differnt body fuctions and body details, while also comparing and contrasting the details so that children could understand that we are all the same, but different in our own way. The illustration done by Joe Mathieu is outlined beatifully with amazing and intruging colors that children will endure.This book is great for day care children to start lear [...]

    12. This is a Sesame Street book that is very colorfully illustrated and teaches a great message to children. The children learn about different races and physical differences and how to respect each other no matter what race they are or how different they may look. They also learn about similarities that they have with others that look nothing like them. This is a great read for children learning about the differences that people share and compare.

    13. I think this would be a great book to read during Social Studies. The characters of Sesame Street explore the different cultures and colors of skin. This book is great for teaching about diversity and being in harmony with different races. It also teaches us to discover how we are alike and how we are all different.

    14. This book could be used to teach children about cultural differences. It teaches the lesson that everyone is different, but that is what makes them special. It points out the many differences among the characters, but also the many similarities.

    15. I really liked this book because of the subject. I am also a big fan of Sesame Street. I liked how the book compared all the different "monsters." But the "monsters" realized that even though they are different on the outside, they are still the same on the inside. Loved it!

    16. This is one of Aurora May's favorites, and it was a hit with Owen and Enzo as well. All the kids loved to point out their eyes, nose, ears and other body parts that are the same but different among us.

    17. This is an awesome book, on how every body is different, but then it goes through and tells you all the things that are the same. but i loved how colorful all the pages are.

    18. Loved this! Pictures show the fact that we all have parts about us that may look different, but ultimately function similarly.

    19. Fantastic book on why we are all the same and why we are all the same. Every child should read this book.

    20. The titel drew me to this book. A nice (slightly preachy) book about appreciating differences (different eyes, noses, skin)--showing also how we are all the same (how are eyes the same, etc.)

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