Emperor Mollusk versus The Sinister Brain Emperor Mollusk Intergalactic Menace Destroyer of Worlds Conqueror of Other Worlds Mad Genius Ex Warlord of Earth Not bad for a guy without a spine But what s a villain to do after he s done everythin

  • Title: Emperor Mollusk versus The Sinister Brain
  • Author: A. Lee Martinez
  • ISBN: 9780316093521
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Emperor Mollusk.Intergalactic Menace Destroyer of Worlds Conqueror of Other Worlds Mad Genius Ex Warlord of Earth.Not bad for a guy without a spine.But what s a villain to do after he s done everything With no new ambitions, he s happy to pitch in and solve the energy crisis or repel alien invaders should the need arise, but if he had his way, he d prefer to beEmperor Mollusk.Intergalactic Menace Destroyer of Worlds Conqueror of Other Worlds Mad Genius Ex Warlord of Earth.Not bad for a guy without a spine.But what s a villain to do after he s done everything With no new ambitions, he s happy to pitch in and solve the energy crisis or repel alien invaders should the need arise, but if he had his way, he d prefer to be left alone to explore the boundaries of dangerous science Just as a hobby, of course.Retirement isn t easy though If the boredom doesn t get him, there s always the Venusians Or the Saturnites Or the Mercurials Or well, you get the idea If that wasn t bad enough, there s also the assassins of a legendary death cult and an up and coming megalomaniac as brilliant as he is bodiless who have marked Emperor for their own nefarious purposes But Mollusk isn t about to let the Earth slip out of his own tentacles and into the less capable clutches of another So it s time to dust off the old death ray and come out of retirement Except this time, he s not out to rule the world He s out to save it from the peril of THE SINISTER BRAIN

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      362 A. Lee Martinez
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    One thought on “Emperor Mollusk versus The Sinister Brain”

    1. Totally satisfying. :)I was just saying to myself I need something hilariously funny SF filled with an extra-heaping dose of a tentacled-monster-crazy-mad-scientist-genius in a tricked-out exo-suit. Hell, I needed a huge dose of quick-fire funny SF tropes skewering all the old Flash Gordon and 30's adventures, and I needed it all from the PoV of the mastermind villain. :)I didn't even know that I needed this so much. But I did. And it filled my soul right after it removed my brain and added a fe [...]

    2. It’s been a stressful month and I’ve had a challenging time finishing the ‘serious’ books malingering on my shelf. I recently picked up my Kindle (after charging it–I really prefer paper) and discovered this little gem hidden near the end of my title list, one of those bargain purchases I was saving for a rainy day. Or snowy day. Whichever–I think we’re going to have both tomorrow–thunderstorms and eventual snow. At any rate, I rather enjoy A. Lee Martinez’ books, but I recogni [...]

    3. "But, history is written by the winners. Especially winners with access to global mind control devices."This line toward the beginning of the book is just one of the many lines from Emperor Mollusk versus The Sinister Brain that had me chuckling to myself. Emperor Mollusk is a Neptunan who has done it all when it comes to defeating and subjugating races, ruling in tyranny and oppression, and downright being evil. Neptunans are the most intelligent of the solar system, at least according to them [...]

    4. A delightful bit of pulp fun. Such a pleasure to read after slogging through a few urban fantasies that took themselves too seriously and "cerebral" SF that, IMO, was just tedious. Just a word of warning up front. The title should give readers a clue of how truly over the top this novel is, but in case it hasn't: Giant jelly monsters, transdimensional catpeople, Venusian warriors, giant insects, invasions from Saturn and mysterious death cults. Those are just a few of the things readers will run [...]

    5. This book was kind of cute, kind of funny, kind of clever. It had a lot of good comic-booky, pulpy gags and settings. It had battle mechs controlled by disembodied brains, lizard people from Venus, a lost world-type island with ridiculous dinosaurs, the lost city of Atlantis, etc, etc You get the idea.It moved along at a fast enough clip, but it wasn't a page-turner really. Because it was a farce, and all of the characters were cartoonish, and because you never got the sense that the villain/her [...]

    6. “Intelligence is neutral. Application is everything.”I see the universe as a grand mystery,” I replied. “One that you can exploit as you see fit,” she said. “I prefer to think of it as experimentation for the greater good.” She spit out a harsh laugh. “Define the greater good, Mollusk.” “I can’t. That’s one of the mysteries I’m working on.” I projected an equation on a viewscreen on the wall. “I thought I had a passable proof for a few hours. Then I found I dropped [...]

    7. ha ha ha. I think the ending went on a little too long, but I loved the story! A guy you can love to hate and a cast of characters that had me grinning from ear to ear as they were introduced. The narration is not to be missed and five stars to Scott Aiello.

    8. I think I have a new crush and it's on a mollusk. Yes, you read that correctly. This book is a mix of humor, science fiction, space saga, alien invsasion, and deliciousness that I savored as the pages clicked by. Emperor Mollusk is a narcissistic, obsessive, compulsive, dry-humored, slimy, squishy, straight-talking mollusk that doesn't beat around the bush. He. Is. Amazing. His other companions are loveable as well, just not in an encompassingly awesome way as Mollusk. In some ways I wanted them [...]

    9. This was a fun listen. The Story was entertaining, the characters had a sense of Humor I appreciate very much and the Narration was very well done.

    10. I've read other A. Lee Martinez books and enjoyed them, but this one just missed the mark for me. Likable characters, but disjointed and meandering, trying too hard for a The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tone, but failing -- I found this to be a real slog, and could barely force myself to finish it. On the plus side, if I ever get another pit bull, I'll have no choice but to name her Snarg, after the protagonist's pet ultrapede.

    11. That's right, I gave it 5 stars. I loved the main character. I completely understood his motivation and the story unfolded beautifully. I found myself reading particularly funny segments to my wife. I love books written from a different perspective. The anti-hero has been done to death. This is the story of the unapologetic former conqueror of earth, Emperor Mollusk. And I love him for it.

    12. This review has minor and thematic spoilers, though nothing is spoiled overtly:A Lee Martinez is trying to walk a fine line in this book, writing an incredibly intelligent, egotistical villain on one hand and a likable character on the other hand. He doesn't always succeed. Intelligent and egotistical villain? Always. Likable character? Shiftier ground. Still, he does better than most authors with the double bind of trying to write a story from a villain's point of view that is both likable and [...]

    13. The problem with fantasy/sci-fi is that, if there's no limitations on the use of magic/technology (really one and the same at this point), the characters are effectively gods. This book suffers from that problem. Nothing seems to actually pose a challenge for "Emperor Mollusk," a guy that can invent a hurricane and lightning summoning machine overnight while simultaneously making a rusted out spacecraft space worthy once more. Among pretty much anything else.It's not all bad. It's an interesting [...]

    14. Emperor Mollusk’s interplanetary warlording days are mostly over. Sure, he’s still universally worshipped on Earth, the planet he subjugated in the past, although that may have something to do with the mind-control technology he developed too. Still, his days of planet-hopping and mercilessly crushing any opposition are mostly over. Nowadays, he considers himself mostly retired and focuses on his true love: exploring the boundaries of insanely dangerous science. This occasionally results in [...]

    15. Who knew? The Doctor regenerated as a Dalek, replaced K-9 with a centipede and protected Earth. What a romping good read.

    16. Recently I reviewed Mr. Martinez’s tale of how a seven foot tall battle robot was able to win friends and influence people all while suffering from a chronosynclastic infundibulum. Okay, I am bending the truth a bit, but “The Automatic Detective” was a good yarn, even if the hero wasn’t suffering from his equivalent of a virus cold. But don’t take these few words for it, go ahead and read the review – or – better yet, read the book.When I stumble on a new author (did I mention that [...]

    17. More inspired silliness from A. Lee Martinez, this time in a re-imagined solar system where every planet is inhabited. Emperor Mollusk (previously "Warlord"), scientific genius, has conquered and settled on Earth where he is worshiped by the population after solving all of our problems, although some mind altering chemistry doesn't hurt. But having angered many of the other planets, he must now constantly defend his adopted home from invasion or outright destruction.Enter a mysterious disembodie [...]

    18. Pretty seriously over the top, but worked for me. Martinez basically used every world-domination superhero comic-book cliche he could think of, and maybe even invented a couple of new ones. You know you're in good hands when, on the first page, the Emperor remarks that he could have programmed his ship's autoguns for louder explosions, but that would have "cheapened the experience".OK, on to my notes. You never know with humor, and this is my first Lee Martinez. I hope he has some others as good [...]

    19. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Everyone knows that that the invertebrates of Neptune are the most intelligent minds in the galaxy. That’s how, years ago, a bored mollusk from Neptune was able to conquer the Earth and set himself up as Warlord. To subdue the planet he had to use a few nasty tricks such as doping the water supply with anti-aggression drugs, but now that he has all of humanity under his tentacle, Emperor Mollusk is actually a pretty swell guy and he has even developed a [...]

    20. A. Lee Martinez had me at the first paragraph—well, I was hooked by the title, really, but I wasn't 100% convinced until I read this opening:There's no sound in space, but my saucer cannons simulated a shriek with every blast. A swoosh followed every barrel roll. And when my autogunner scored a hit, a sophisticated program supplied the appropriate level of response, ranging from a simple ping to a full-fledged explosion. I could have programmed it to provide an explosion every time, but that w [...]

    21. A really fun science fiction romp, probably reminiscent of pulp science fiction stories from yesteryear, but a lot more sophisticated. I say probably because I've never read any of the old pulp science fiction stories, but this book read like I imagined some of those stories might have read with a little more polish and plausibility. The science in this book is largely on the fictional side. It's the very big and grandiose science that only a super intelligent alien warlord could ever bring to o [...]

    22. So its "Emperor Mollusk versus the Sinister Brain" a good comedic scifi that introduces us to our favorite Neptunian. Lord Emperor Mollusk ex-Warlord of Earth and currently its defender. Mostly from his enemies not the Terra-sapiens, who have done nothing to anyone else in the System. The thing is Emperor Mollusk conquered Earth the scientific way by brain-washing all Terra-sapiens. In the process discovering a number of anomalies on Earth that he tried to take advantage of but failed. Now they [...]

    23. Another charmer by A.Lee Martinez. This book follows the adventures of Lord Emperor Mollusk, his unasked for bodyguard, Zala (a Venusian) and his pet ultrapede Snarg (I have a dread fear of anything with more than 8 legs and he invested this character with so much personality I ended up finding it adorable:) such is the power of Martinez). Someone is trying to assassinate the former Warlord of Terra (i.e. Earth) and despite his super genius, they keep coming pretty damned close. Hilarious, smart [...]

    24. Some time ago, Emperor Mollusk, a 15 pound squid from Neptune, conquered earth with some anti-aggression fog and gave everyone unlimited free energy (this involved replacing the mayor of Sheboygan with a robot, but that's a long story). Wearying of the parades and the adoration, he retired, emerging only when earth was menaced by giant radioactive fire ants, or trans-dimensional cat people stole China. But when a malevolent brain from the future messes with the unstable island of mutant dinosaur [...]

    25. What a fun read (not hilarious, as the cover implies--and I believe, Martinez tweeted he didn't like the word)!This tale of our solar system's biggest supervillian, conqueror (and would-be conqueror) of planets, destroyer of armies, and uber-mad scientist reads like a semi-serious Douglas Adams book. All of the wit, all the imagination, all the "where did he get that loopy (and great) idea from?", none of the compulsion to go for the laugh every x number of paragraphs. It's a great look at what [...]

    26. This novel is set on Earth. Emperor Mollusk rules, a villain, a megalomaniac super genius who is amused when people are trying to kill him because one thing is absolutely sure, no one matches his mind or his power. He is of course a monster, having tentacles and no hands. Never heard about this guy ruling Earth? Neither I. But Who told you this is about our Earth? It is a futuristic fantastic Earth where Mars, Venus Saturn are all populated with many different types of creatures, and you will be [...]

    27. This is a fun, easy read. I enjoyed most of it while sitting out on my deck with an iced tea. Martinez does sarcasm even better than Douglas Adams in my opinion, and I found the dialogue to be snappy and engaging. Some science fiction can be pretentious, but this is more like a good popcorn movie. No, this isn't 'Dune', but Emperor Mollusk is the best (and droll) super villain I've come across in a long time.

    28. I enjoyed this at first; the tone is right on, and Emperor Mollusk is a great narrative voice, likable somewhat despite himself. By the end, though, it felt a little repetitive: too many plot twists with the same basic arc to them, and too much soul-searching from the Emperor that didn't really get beyond the level of "I don't really want to hurt anyone, but I am compelled to tinker with dangerous things; what can I do?"

    29. I hate rating books like this because I probably underrate them. This isn't Shakespeare obviously but it is a pretty fun and funny book. Anyone with a hankering for some humorous sci fi will probably be sure to enjoy this

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