Where the Rain is Born Writings About Kerala The southernmost part of India was born it is said when the mighty Parasurama sixth avatar of Vishnu threw his battle axe to carve out the territory that would henceforth be his

  • Title: Where the Rain is Born: Writings About Kerala
  • Author: Anita Nair
  • ISBN: 9780143029199
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • The southernmost part of India was born, it is said, when the mighty Parasurama sixth avatar of Vishnu threw his battle axe to carve out the territory that would henceforth be his.

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    One thought on “Where the Rain is Born: Writings About Kerala”

    1. A collection of fine excerpts, each good in themselves and taken from some excellent sources. Anita Nair has to be commended for putting together this collection. But once put together, there is not much to recommend this book in itself, either in terms of unity of arrangement or thematic presentation.A homesick Keralite would love the roam-through but an outsider reading it to get any insights into Kerala would be disappointed. Either would find it hard to resist the beautiful cover, the poetic [...]

    2. Started this on a trip to Kerala, finished it a couple of days after returning, and enjoyed it thoroughly.This is probably the best edited anthology I've read until now. Only someone who understands the place, its literature and is familiar with all the writers it has inspired could have done this. And it's not just about who to choose, it's also about exactly which passages to choose as well, so justice is done both to the writer and the theme. In Ramachandra Guha's essay about EMS Namboodiripa [...]

    3. A delectable Kerala meal- Onam Sadyam if you will. This collection of essays, short stories, poems some translated works of eminent Malayali authors serves a small helping of the most delicious stories Kerala has to say. Apart from the usual suspects, 'Expanse of imagination' by Jayanth Kodkani and ' Ancient promises' by Jaishree Mishra were particularly engaging. While I had already read some bits in the original form; Alexander Frater's 'Chasing the Monsson', 'Charlis and I' by Tharoor and an [...]

    4. As a Bombay Malayali, I picked this book expecting this to be chiefly, a collection of translated works. I was a bit disappointed to see pieces by non-Malayali writers. \I found a lot of them dry. Vaikom Basheer's 'the blue light' stood out easily; mind you, he had eminent authors such as Salman Rushdie, Arundhati Roy for company. The style of writing impressed upon me and it is easy to see why is he considered among the finest authors Kerala has produced. MT.Vasudevan' s story was starkly movin [...]

    5. I too fall into the category of Pravasi Malayali. I've been outside Kerala ever since my schooling. Nevertheless, I have intimate contact with my Grand parents' family. I normally go there about twice a year.However, I've never really been able to appreciate the 'essence' of being a Malayali. Be it the support for communism, the various superstitions, a state which stands as an example for secularism and as the author rightly puts, the 'make do' attitude. This book provides a sneak peek into the [...]

    6. A collection of short stories edited by Anita Nair.Now if you are a Malayaliis book should be in your 'must-read' list.It brings out the true essence of Kerala-its heritage, culture and people.Quite a lot was a revelation to me as i fall into the category of 'fraud-mallus'.The notable stories would beose wriiten by Vaikom Mohammed Basheer, Geeta Doctor, Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai, Lalithambika Antherjanamc.

    7. Side seat of KSRTC Bus(Public Transport-Kerala), with intermittent drizzling , cold misty wind caressing your face, scenic beauty of the mountain pass to wayanad and a book on Kerala - one of the best combinations a reader can ask for its actually a compilation of writings on monsoon by some of the eminent writers/personalitiesenjoyed every page of the book

    8. Just like life, this book is an anthology of some amazing stories, some average ones and some ridiculous pieces that don't make sense to an outsider reading it because of a lack of introduction to characters. A good way to get a peek of a land and learn about a new culture.

    9. Started and finished this on a backwater vacation and picked it up from an adorable fort kochi bookstore. Wonderful and diverse anthology of essays. Hated to end some.

    10. An interesting and alluring anthology, smartly edited by Anita Nair – this collection of stories/essays/poems is an ideal foil for the Malayalee yearning for a nostalgia fueled return to the green shores of their childhood, as well as a handy companion for non-resident ‘mallus’ to reconnect with their homeland. Whether it is as good as a primer on Kerala for the uninitiated reader, though, is up for debate.The opening snippet from Alexander Frater’s ‘Chasing the Monsoon’ which talks [...]

    11. 34 stories compiled together all having being connected to Kerala in some way. A melange of authors (mostly written in English & some translation from original-Malayalam)The best in this lot are by Shashi Tharoor (Charlis & I : on caste system in Kerala), Mohd Basheer (Blue Light), Suresh Menon (on Yesudas), Salman Rushdie (Moor Last Sigh), Lalithambika Antherjanam (on her dead Amma), Bill Aitken (Kerala as a tourist destination), Jaishree Mishra (Ancient Promises - on a newly wed Mallu [...]

    12. If you are a Malayali especially lived outside the state should and must read this book. A wonderful collection of essays, stories, criticism, and extracts, make up for a journey across history, landscape, length and breath of the state, abject poverty to the royals, Marxism, communism, the Gelf malayali, nostalgia, love, and of course the rains the predominant fixture in most tales.The book is a big revelation to the vibrant literary heritage of the state. Living outside the state more than 3/4 [...]

    13. This is a compilation of writings (short stories and few poems) of eminent writers like M.T. Vasudevan Nair, Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai, Vaikom Muhammed Basheer, Lalithambika Antherjanam, Kamala Das et al, and edited by Anita Nair. Some of them are translated from Malayalam. If reading of these writings brings the nostalgic experience to the Keralites living outside, it gives a glimpse to the culture and traditions of Kerala to others who want to know more about this beautiful land.

    14. For all those fraud mallus like me, who want to understand their roots better, but have been handicapped by the language, "Where the Rain is Born" is the perfect book for that. Anita Nair has done a commendable job, a collection ranging from poetry (which I couldn't make head or tail of) to essays and stories from all parts of Kerala (including Mahe') looking at the history, the myth, the politics and even contemporary aspects of this small, yet mysterious state of ours.

    15. A beautiful collection of stories about Kerala, the land, the people, fantasies and legends. Being from Kerala myself it was a revival of my childhood memories of the place. Makes you want to go back and makes you remember the place where you grew up. The book includes translations of some of the greatest Malayali writers and also perspectives from outsiders point of view.

    16. Excellent collection of writings - from Thakazhi's Chemmeen to Kerala history to Monsoon air over the green land. Felt quite nostalgic after reading it, and also an almost immediate urge to return and explore. Thanks Ms. Nair!

    17. Various authors bring together their thoughts, personal stories and views on the history, politics and culture of this South Indian state. The diversity of their anecdotes and views make it an entertaining and insightful read.

    18. Like every short story collection by various authors, this book has its hits and its misses. The hits, thankfully, are not occasional.

    19. Patchy. As I suppose an anthology is supposed to be. Lalithambika Antharjanam was a fresh discovery. Bookmarked for future reading.

    20. Amazing and diverse collection of stories, poems, and essays about life - both modern and historical - in Kerala. Strongly recommended for anyone planning on spending time in the region.

    21. A bunch of malayali and non- malayali writers sharing their experience of Rain's own country. experienced the magic of Jaishree Mishra, C P Surendran and Anita Nair

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