Mule James and Kate are golden children of the late twentieth century flush with opportunity But an economic downturn and an unexpected pregnancy send them searching for a way to make do A friend in Calif

  • Title: Mule
  • Author: Tony D'Souza
  • ISBN: 9780547576718
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • James and Kate are golden children of the late twentieth century, flush with opportunity But an economic downturn and an unexpected pregnancy send them searching for a way to make do A friend in California s Siskiyou County grows prime grade marijuana if James transports just one load from Cali to Florida, he ll pull down enough cash to survive for months And so beginsJames and Kate are golden children of the late twentieth century, flush with opportunity But an economic downturn and an unexpected pregnancy send them searching for a way to make do A friend in California s Siskiyou County grows prime grade marijuana if James transports just one load from Cali to Florida, he ll pull down enough cash to survive for months And so begins the life of a mule A page turning, Zeitgeist capturing novel that plunges us into the criminal underworld with little chance to take a breath, Mule is about young people trying to make do in a moment when the American Dream they never had to believe in because it was handed to them, fully wrapped and ready to go at the takeout window suddenly vanishes from the menu.

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    One thought on “Mule”

    1. For me to enjoy a book, I need to like or connect with at least one of the main characters. I need to care what happens to him/her. That didn't happen with this book. Both James, the narrator, and Kate are lazy, greedy, selfish and childish. I didn't care what happened to them and found the book difficult to read because I couldn't find anything to like about either of them.I thought the beginning of the book was rushed. James and Kate are a young couple, with money and great jobs. A few pages l [...]

    2. Review originally published at Hyphen.I put down Tony D'Souza's Mule: A Novel of Moving Weight at 2:30 am, two days after starting it. The last 90 pages forced me to stay up late, shirking responsibilities in the morning to finish.Here's the draw: James and Kate are a young middle-class couple riding the excesses of the economic boom with no plan for the future. Then the recession suddenly hits, plus Kate gets pregnant. James happens upon an opportunity to make fifty thousand dollars in four day [...]

    3. Con un libro che si legge con lo stesso piacere con cui si sorseggia una bibita ghiacciata in un afoso giorno d'estate, Tony D'Sousa ci propone un ritratto impietoso dell'america di questi anni. Il sogno americano? Non esiste più. "Dio benedica l'America", la torta di mele e i sacri valori su cui si fondano gli USA sono stati accantonati, l'unico Dio è verde, e si chiama dollaro. Se hai i Dollari sei qualcuno, nessuno ti fa domande. James è un giornalista free-lance d'assalto, lanciato verso [...]

    4. DRIVE FAST AND SERVE A LOT!this is the second d'souza novel i've read (whiteman was the first). so far he gets two thumbs up. i'm rereading linden hills so it was nice to juxtapose that journey into dante's inferno with this tale about a middle class white dude's descent into a drug ring from california to florida. the first person narrative and omniscent narration sucks you into the plot. it was like being a fly on the wall in the house of usher. especially enjoyed this passage:"because why?""b [...]

    5. Fantastic. One of my favorite of the 50 plus books I have read this year. Anyone interested in the muling of drugs around the country should pick it up. Reads like a memoir. Impossible to put down. Highly recommended.

    6. James and Kate have it all - or much of what a 30something urban professional couple might want. Great careers (he's a hotshot freelance journalist, she's a retail manager of some kind), a good life in a thriving city, more than enough money to waste (not sure how they have so much money though). Then, the recession hits and immediately it all goes poof. Worse, Kate is pregnant. What can James do now? If your first guess was, earn a bundle of money being a mule driving marijuana across country, [...]

    7. Mule is unstoppable.Tony D'Souza has written one of the best books I've read in recent years and one that I expect I'll continuously turn to as a masterful example of what it means to write moving, efficient prose in the modern age.Mule is more than just prose, yet it is never indulgent. As you follow James' slow and steady descent, you will find every next move both "surprising, yet inevitable" (in the unforgettable words of my undergraduate Creative Writing professor). His plight is identifiab [...]

    8. From the beginning I was drawn right in and the whole book when down pretty easier than I thought it would. Nothing too shocking considering the subject matter. I've read some reviews that said the beginning was rushed thru, but I considered it an adequate back story; it is after all called Mule, not The Entire Story of Us. The circular argument James had so often with his wife Kate did get to be a bit tedious, with her so often nagging him about when he was going to quit, that he'll miss seeing [...]

    9. From an award-winning “savvy storyteller”* comes a page-turning, zeitgeist-capturing novel of a young couple who turn to drug trafficking to make it through the recession.James and Kate are golden children of the late twentieth century, flush with opportunity. But an economic downturn and an unexpected pregnancy send them searching for a way to make do.A winter in the mountains of California’s Siskiyou County introduces a tempting opportunity. A friend grows prime-grade marijuana; if James [...]

    10. Mule deals with a very timely subject: what happens when the American dream slips away from you in an instant, and the choices people make to survive. James and Kate are a wholly unexceptional but happy go lucky young couple who lose everything in the economic downturn. Faced with a new baby on the way, they turn to moving weight to survive, and in their own way, thrive. I became addicted to this nerve-wracking and fast-paced novel—I was on edge with every deal. The author manages to make a de [...]

    11. Awesome book. The pacing is fantastic. It's a story about a man and his wife and how they deal with the Great Recession. When they lose their jobs and move to the west coast, an opportunity for big money presents itself in the form of drug trafficking, specifically, the movement of marijuana from west coast to Texas and then, later, to the east coast, Florida. The novel moves slowly at first, developing character and exposition, but the pace gradually picks up and eventually reaches lightning pa [...]

    12. I am on a bit of a roll here. This is another book I enjoyed greatly. Probably my favorite thing about it was it was hard to tell if it was a true story or not. The details were there and perfect but not overwhelming. I don't think it was true, but I read it as such and therefore kind of liked it more because of that mindset. A couple who is living the high life gets beaten down in the downturn of the economy and takes to muling drugs across the country for the sweet sweet cash. They are scared, [...]

    13. All the paranoia without the high (or the money)!I read this book in two days and wanted to keep reading so much that I would have preferred to have read it in two sittings! The author weaves a realistic detailed tale written in practically the memoir-like structure and style of an ordinary regular guy stumbling into the very profitable and paranoid world of cross country drug smuggling and selling. He takes you along for the ride of a guy that starts doing it for the money and then the power an [...]

    14. A decent page-turner about a freelance writer turned drug mule. The author sets up what should be a convincing set of events that lead to young couple James and Kate's decision to turn to a life of interstate drug trafficking. In fact, the plot is too fast-tracked and their hesitations aren't convincing enough. Harrowing situations don't read as such, especially when there are little or no consequences to any of them. The overuse of both the Jo-Jo Bear toy as a symbol and the recession as a back [...]

    15. I never really expected to find myself reading a book about the inside of the drug trade – even fiction. However, I found myself completely fascinated and captivated reading James account of how he found his way as a mule. The anxiety of ever y cross country trip and the toll it took on his psyche, constantly vigilant and mindful of obstacles and hazards – like the police.I was riveted – would James get pulled over? Would he find himself in a situation with one of his contacts that he coul [...]

    16. How does poverty and economic recession shape a person? How about greed? We find out what first one, then the other do to James Lasseter and his wife, to the pot growers, dealers, and fellow mules who come to invade their existence. This is not a novel of simplistic morality or even of living outside the law; it is a twisted road to Hell and a cautionary tale about the choices we make out of desperation of one kind or another. I found it very fascinating to get an inside look at a world of drug [...]

    17. Mule, which is out on Tuesday, is a great ride! Oh my heart was pounding as I followed James's adventures as a Mule. A Mule is someone who transports drugs from one locale to another. Being a mule was just the beginning for James. Any illegal activity brings on heart racing as you the story moves from one tense situation to another.I loved the Siskiyou County connection. My father lived there for years and if there ever was a stranger more diverse place I've never found it all-American ranchers, [...]

    18. I read this book due to the interview on in the "Big Book" section of PRI's Marketplace program. I'd read some of the other books they had reviewed and found them enjoyable, so I thought that this might be good.I get the business and economic tie-ins that brought this work to the attention of Marketplace, but the author resorts to seven murders to heighten the tension in his storytelling. I believe this is a cheap trick to avoid the hard work of using other means to maintain drama.The protagonis [...]

    19. D'Souza crafts an engaging tale with a protagonist who is somehow both sympathetic and abhorrent, yet the plot and characters still fall flat. Characters other than the narrator remain relatively undeveloped, the ending is ambiguous (and not in the good way), and if it was any longer, I'd feel like I had just wasted my time reading it. That said, I liked D'Souza's style. The prose was readable and the dialogue was relatively believable. If you're looking for something to spend a few hours with t [...]

    20. Tony D'Souza's been an inspiration for me since I knew him in grad school. Whiteman, his first novel, was vivid and contemplative and disturbing and beautiful. His stories from grad school had that same sensibility. Mule is good, and it has a lot of the same qualities that I admire about Tony's other writing. He's got such a quick and believable way of taking you into these strange corners of life that are pretty foreign to most people and making them seem not only believable, but compelling. He [...]

    21. Solid 4.5/5I'm surprised this wasn't rated higher. I breezed through it in a day and a half and really enjoyed the story and found it entertaining, well written and done in a realistic style. The characters were well developed, the locations were very descriptive, the story was well constructed and what I expected to happen didn't happen, which made it all the more fun to read. It gives you a lot to think about to in terms of the decisions we make and their consequences, even out of the context [...]

    22. 4.5 Stars. When the economy goes in the crapper, what other option does James have but to become a drug mule in order to support his newly pregnant wife? Well, okay, there may be other options, but they wouldn't have been nearly as much fun. Talk about an adrenaline rush. This was non-stop from start to finish. If you want high stakes at a pace that makes your heart race, this one is for you.

    23. It's a vastly entertaining read, and despite the fact that it's impossible to identify with any of the characters, it's still a fascinating trip to take.It's a novel of the time, of course, with the main characters rushed into new lives because of the economy, but it's also pulpy as all get out, and exhilarating at times.While it sometimes teeters on the unbelievable, it more than makes up for it with honest and riveting tension.

    24. Walter Kirn is quoted on the cover as saying "Mule is the sort of novel I love: it solved nothing but explains everything." I think that may be a stretch on the part about explaining everything but it's a well written, and gripping story. You very quickly care about the main character and never lose that. I picked it up to take on vacation because it was the right size and looked ok. It very much exceeded my expectations.

    25. As others have said, this was a fast-paced entertaining page-turner of a novel. I enjoyed it, like I enjoy a good De Niro movie: escapism, escapism, escapism. And, of course, it appears to be well researched about the ins and outs of the drug trafficking world, which I found fascinating. It gets three stars, not because it bad but, well, because it is average - the bar is set very high with so many masterpieces to rank it against it - and the ending is a bit absurd, rambo-esque.

    26. Really engaging book that plays on all the great "guy turned to crime stories." It's more lighthearted than typical drug dealer books but also focuses on the motivations behind turning to crime, in this case the need for money in our current economy. The main character is a good man who just wants to provide, a relatable concept for anyone. The story takes a bit to actually ramp up, over 100 pages, but once it does it's a great read that never lets up!

    27. Started reading in the morning; stayed up late to finish it. Terrific book that reads like a rocket and provides ample reminders of all the current reasons a person might be tempted by this life without ever getting dragged down by preachiness or too much recession talk. Moments of terror and real horror, and subtle reminders of how addictive money can be. A thoroughly unpleasant story made pleasurable, exciting reading.

    28. I thoroughly enjoyed this one! I never considered the drug trade a recession-proof business, but this book about has me convinced, hehehe. I will write a more complete review as we draw closer to the September publication date, but I'm definitely going to recommend that my library acquire this title.

    29. This was my first ebook, then I ended up finding the actual book halfway through, because books just have that FEEL. This one sparked my curiousity and was of HIGH interest to me. The relationship between Kate & James seemed generic and some sentences were cliche. Yet a page-turner and a great example of greed.

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