Rape in Holding Cell Part This is the old edition and is no longer in print I combined both books into one and the new e book is available at smashwords Please go here to see the correct edition of the book book show Sorry

  • Title: Rape in Holding Cell 6 - Part 1
  • Author: Kyle Michel Sullivan
  • ISBN: 9781610980456
  • Page: 119
  • Format: ebook
  • This is the old edition and is no longer in print I combined both books into one, and the new e book is available at smashwords Please go here to see the correct edition of the book book show 2.Sorry for the confusion, but GoodReads won t let me remove this edition.

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      119 Kyle Michel Sullivan
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    One thought on “Rape in Holding Cell 6 - Part 1”

    1. Written in the first person, this story blew my socks off. First let me say that there are two vicious jail house rapes in this book, one fairly non descriptive told as a flashback and the other brutally described. If rape bothers you, I think you should look for another book to read. Narrated by Antony, this story grabbed me by the throat and pulled me through some dark places of the criminal mind. Antony's partner, Collie, is wrongly arrested and put in the county's holding cell 6. He's raped [...]

    2. Well, Mr. Sullivan. Brilliant, as usual. This story brought a load of tears that I wasn't expecting. I really like the characters in your head. Can't wait to meet more of them.So, review, this is highly recommended to those readers who enjoy jet black, dark erotica. If you can't bear to read about rape, don't read this book. 4-15-13 - Had to add another star. If a couple of months go by and I still remember the characters in the book, I up the stars.

    3. How do I explain this? I guess the first thing is, if you don't like reading about horrible things, this is not for you. This book is dark. So dark and wrong in a way I've never seen. Sure, I've read a couple other books that include rape, rape fantasy, kidnapping, and the like. This is all that and more. Antony is an intriguing character. I can't say I love him or even like him. Bad things happen to him and his beautiful partner Collie, especially to Collie. But when Antony finally wakes up and [...]

    4. note: this is not "m/m romance," though there are 'romantic' elements. If you are interested primarily in romances, might as well back-arrow out now. Having said that:Whoa. I'm really digging this author. His voice is strong, his writing of a style that just sucks me in, gives me a good shake, and doesn't let me go. This is the second of his books that I've read, and after a short breather (one needs one, to give the dust time to settle, and to think over some of what you've just read), I'm read [...]

    5. This is about revenge and love, find justice of crimes against innocent people. Scary that there are some corrupt and powerful people who have the power to do this to others.This is only the first book on the evil, violence and rape.This is a mental hell for all who get involved in this case and what some are doing to retain power.I will not tell you more because you must decide if the MC are doing the right thing with certain actions, if you can do these things for revenge. This book goes beyo [...]

    6. This book certainly packed a punch! It was completely different to what I expected, and in a good way too. It was a real roller coaster of emotions and just as I was starting to relax towards the end and get all teary, along came those final words. Need to prepare myself for the next installment now.

    7. What the heck took me so long to read this?? Will review later. On to part 2. if Jake dies I will kill someone.

    8. Another jewel from Mr. Sullivan. A well-crafted introduction lulls the reader into believing this is just an ordinary vigilante fantasy. Nothing further from the truth. The main character's voice brings the reader into his skin, to vividly experience every high and every low, all the good, the bad, and the horrific that happens in this story. If you've ever admired an author for making you root for the bad guy, you'll love KMS and what he does here. The only negatives I found were a few dumb edi [...]

    9. We need to establish few pointsRST: That's not ROMANCE by any means.Second: That book is nearly as powerful as How to Rape a Straight Guy.Third: This book will give you pretty bad shakes.The Author as always made his readers captivated by his powerful style in writing.Antony's attempts to uncover the truth about what happened to his dead lover makes him a hero, but not your typical hero; he's a shady person with a little bit of madness which affects the story but in an earth-shattering, interest [...]

    10. This is the old edition that is no longer in print. I combined both books into one, and the new e-book is available at smashwords.

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