Clive Barker s Hellraiser Vol Hell has come home as Clive Barker returns to writing his signature creation Clive Barker has touched Hellraiser only twice before once to write The Hellbound Heart and once to write and direct the o

  • Title: Clive Barker's Hellraiser Vol. 1
  • Author: Clive Barker Christopher Monfette Leonardo Manco Stephen Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781608860722
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hell has come home as Clive Barker returns to writing his signature creation Clive Barker has touched Hellraiser only twice before once to write The Hellbound Heart, and once to write and direct the original Hellraiser film With the HELLRAISER ongoing series, witness Barker s long awaited return to tell a new chapter in the official continuity a trajectory thatHell has come home as Clive Barker returns to writing his signature creation Clive Barker has touched Hellraiser only twice before once to write The Hellbound Heart, and once to write and direct the original Hellraiser film With the HELLRAISER ongoing series, witness Barker s long awaited return to tell a new chapter in the official continuity a trajectory that will forever change the Cenobites and Pinhead So prepare your soul for an epic journey into horror from one of the medium s greatest voices, and starring one of the medium s greatest characters, in an unforgettable new chapter of Hellraiser.

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    One thought on “Clive Barker's Hellraiser Vol. 1”

    1. Clive Barker's Hellraiser Vol.1 was somewhat different than I was expecting, though I am not really sure what that something was. I mean, we all know I only read this because I have serious hots towards Pinhead, and I just kind of like spending my Sunday by reading erotic stuff, so whatever dude. I think this is a different take on cenobites. In some levels they are more human with their actions, however cruel they might be. There is elements of human-alike game playing and manipulation, which a [...]

    2. As usual with this kind of stuff, I was confused some of the time, but ignored that like usual and kept reading.It's definitely a different type of Hellraiser story where Pinhead has grown weary. I was more interested in the Kirsty angle because I enjoyed Hellseeker so much when I saw it last year. Yeah, the Hellraiser sequels are pretty terrible, and it wasn't a well-made movie, but there was something about it that had me glued and seeking out this comic series. Fortunately Pinhead is accompan [...]

    3. This was so good!I think you have to watch the movies first otherwise you are going to be left in the dark about who the players are in this graphic novel.We have Pinhead, the rest of his crew, Kristy Cotton, and of course, the box.In this volume 1, we have a Pinhead that is bored with the sights and torture he has seen. He wants something morehe wants to be human.We get a gruesome opening scene of a woman torn apart by Pinhead and the Cenobites, and than Pinhead being all, well I have seen all [...]

    4. During most of my life Clive Barker has been my favorite author, as far as professional heroes go he is one of them for sure. He has had a rough go of it lately. Lots of projects and books have been promised and only half of those (mostly films) have seen the light of day. Publishing wise Barker was dropped by his long time publisher after failing to deliver a collection of horror shorts called the Scarlet Gospels. This collection has been rumored for almost a decade, and was said to feature Bar [...]

    5. Clive Barker is a name that's synonymous with horror, to most it's associated with an impressive entry into horror film history which not only gave birth to one of the most iconic figures in horror cinema but also introduced a chilling and disturbing world, that film was Hellraiser. Written and directed by Barker based on his short story titled The Hellbound Heart. Barker somewhat naively signed away the rights to the world he had created not realising just how popular it would become. It quickl [...]

    6. I enjoyed this quite a bit, this is what The Scarlet Gospels should have been.The art is pretty good, the story is interesting and adds a bit of depth to the hellraiser mythos.Most of all it stays true to the original hellraiser concept and provides gore aplenty!

    7. (Originally posted @ CSI:Librarian.)I am endlessly impressed by the scope of Clive Barker's vision and I'm so happy to report that this graphic novel was really, really excellent. In fact, this is probably the best Hellraiser-related anything I've ever read or seen. Of course I realize that might not read as high praise considering some of the more recent films or anthologies regarding the Cenobites and their leader, but Barker's lack of involvement goes a long to explain why most of them are so [...]

    8. Compelling dialog and some fiendishly inventive visuals sadly can't overcome a lack of focus and a rather predictable plot, combined with the perhaps unwise decision to make this a sequel, and not a reboot, of the original two Hellraiser movies. Clive Barker has a great imagination, but unlike the very first Hellraiser - a movie I appreciate as much for its simplicity as its depth - there's no core to this story, no central motif or theme. It's not much help that both the protagonist and antagon [...]

    9. Clive Barker returns to the world of Hellraiser in this volume in which Kirsty Cotton gathers a group of individuals who have survived encounters with Pinhead and the other Cenobytes as Pinhead himself, bored and tired, seeks to become human. A promising start to the series.

    10. One of the things that Clive Barker has touched in regards to the Hellraiser world, this shows that he still has a finger on the heartbeat on what makes horror. I found the idea that Kristy and others touched by the Toymaker's creations hunting down said creations was an interesting idea. I'm not a huge one with using Kristy in any storylines, but overall it worked for this graphic novel. The very fact that they included the Toymaker as part of Hellraiser cannon (as far as Barker is concerned) i [...]

    11. ***Review may contain very minor spoilers,but nothing past what is listed on the back of the volume.***Generally speaking, I'm not a huge graphic novel fan. I have nothing against the medium, but I tend to prefer to create the images in my own imagination. That being said, I've come across some graphic novels that's have really been a treat, such as Neil Gaiman's Sandman series and Alan Moore's Watchmen. With all that out if the way, I love Clive Barker's work, and his novella 'The Hellbound Hea [...]

    12. It is generally accepted that only the first two Hellraiser movies are 'canon', and the second one is a bit iffy. All the subsequent movies throw away the original premise, that the cenobites are horrific but morally neutral hedonists, and treat them as evil antagonists. Remember the antagonist of Hellraiser was Frank, and the cenobites helped the protagonist by killing him. Not that they are a force for good - they were just following the rules. But later films actually identify them as demons [...]

    13. I'm giving this trade 2 stars not because it was bad, but because I didn't really connect with it. Even though there really are only two Hellraiser movies worth a damn (out of the 8 or 9 that exist), I really do love the mythology of this franchise. So I should have loved this book, but I realize now that along with the mythology, the franchise is really reliant on the sadomasochistic mood that the movies deliver. There is a sexy horrifying beauty in the first 2 movies that is hard to translate [...]

    14. Holy s***! Now that's a real real horror!Or to be more exact its unholy s***s, definitely unholy:) Full of disgusting and despicable things.Its got buckets full of blood dripping down its pages and desecrated bodies, done in many interesting ways:) However interesting, this one is not something you'll want to see your kids reading. But if your a big girl/guy and are looking for a nice dose of something to give you nightmares, this one is for you. The story is disturbing and has a effect that can [...]

    15. Clive Barker is a freaking genius. From his writing style to the horror, its just absolutely perfect.Pinhead wants to become a full human again and his puzzle box is traveling pretty fast from hand to hand. But what does Ms. Cotton have to do with all of this?Fanfuckingtastic. The art style and the writing really feed off each other making awesomely perfect.

    16. Exactly what I was looking for More Cenobites! This seems to continue from Hellraiser II. Kristy has formed a team and spent years trying to destroy the Lermauchand puzzles. Yet Pinhead has bigger plans. A good read to prep for Scarlett Gospels!

    17. This story is awesome! It is a direct sequel to Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, skipping the maddeningly mediocre parts 3-8.This is how the movie series should have continued. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

    18. Clive Barker continues his story, now with a revenge narative that ties to the first three films, with an older Kristy an a handful of survivors wronged by the Configuration, while pinhead plans a way out of his long duty in hell. Interesting mystery and horror with highly inked art that gives the story the grim look it needs.

    19. Creo prefiero la película, ninguno de los humanos me pareció interesante y Kirsty versión novela es algo patética, hasta desee se la llevaran los cenobitas, únicos aciertos, lastima no hay desarrollo en estos personajes, (view spoiler)[no aparece Pinhead, en su lugar está el Ingeniero (hide spoiler)]. Al menos se lee muy rápido y es entretenida.

    20. 2\5Some very gory scenes that were gruesomely depicted but I felt the biggest problem was the plot. Like many horror sequels it has fallen into the trap if being overly convulated and a bit confusing.

    21. The illustrations in this book, done by the guy who illustrated Neil Gaiman's Sandman are fantastic. I'll read the rest of this series, but I imagine I'll need to watch the movies before i go any further, because apparently that's something I was supposed to do before reading this one.

    22. It's a return to things of the old with some with a twist. The horror blood and gore ever so present.This chapter was interesting.

    23. The box you opened it. WE CAMEตามติดชีวิต Kristy Cotton ในปฏิบัติการล้างแค้นเหล่าเซโนไบต์ สนุกดี เลือดเยอะมาก แต่ยังไม่ชินกับการตัดฉาก ตัดช่อง ของการ์ตูนฝรั่ง

    24. It turns out I have really strong opinions about the Cenobites and how they should be portrayed, and I didn't even know.EDIT: There are two different comics with this same name, listed here as two editions. I rate the Boom! Studios comic two stars, and the Epic comic four stars.

    25. 如果你沒看過 Hellraiser 電影 1, 2 集, 可能評價不會超過3顆星, 但如果你是喜歡Hellraiser系列的人, 對本書的評價應該會超過4顆星.Hellraiser 是我很喜歡的一個恐怖片系列, 也因為這部電影我看了不少原作者相關的作品(Nightbreed, Lord of illusions, Book of blood), 對於原作者大家的印象應該都是 Body horror 大師, 但看過 Hellraiser 和 Nightbreed 我對原作者的想像力有很高的評價, 對於 Hellraiser 電影本 [...]

    26. OKFor starters, this is a graphic novel. I was surprised to find that out but I have not regretted it. This is a graat piece of work and is the first in a series. As it is not a novel I wont be doing the usual plot/spoilers. I will let you know it is the final chapter of Pinhead as a character and wraps up the series as Clive Barker sees it. Anything else wont be Barker and is just another story set in the universe.Now, having said all that, this is a bloody (and I mean that literally) great sto [...]

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