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  • Title: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 1
  • Author: Shiro Amano Costa Caspary
  • ISBN: 9783770474981
  • Page: 449
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    • Best Read [Shiro Amano Costa Caspary] ò Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 1 || [Science Fiction Book] PDF ✓
      449 Shiro Amano Costa Caspary
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    One thought on “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 1”

    1. I love Kingdom Hearts so much, and Roxas is my fave, so I am very glad that I am finally reading this series of the KH manga. I think that these volumes will be actually be better than the game. Even though I liked the game (again, Roxas is my fave), it wasn't the best in the series so the manga could be an improvement over it. Very excited to continue with it!

    2. Having followed the KH series for a long time, both games and manga, I was somewhat worried when I saw they were turning this entry into the KH saga into a manga. The original game was only so-so and certainly wasn't my favorite in the series *is shot by Organization fans*, and after having read and been disappointed with Kingdom Hearts II, Vol. 2, I started this with trepidation.I was WOWED by this volume. And I mean WOWED. Granted, I came in expecting to read the first volume and drop the seri [...]

    3. As a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, 358/2 Days was one of my favorites in the series. I like Roxas and the life he spent in Organization XIII through out the whole series. I found every character in Organization XIII to be quite interesting, including some characters that I despised with a passion in the games for "specific reasons". this manga gave me laughs and feels from start to finish, and I enjoyed it all the way.

    4. Review is for the entire series.Maybe it's the slower pace, but, once again, I enjoyed this more than the first Kingdom Hearts manga series and definitely more than Chain of Memories. Even when Roxas visits all the worlds that we've seen over and over again, this series manages to give it a new twist. Which might have something to do with the drawing style, which felt smoother and more detailed than all the others. Some of the plot did feel overdone and repetitive, (view spoiler)[such as the far [...]

    5. These were a great manga representation of the game! I feel that the author/illustrator did a great job capturing the essence of the characters especially the nuances of each organization member and the antics of the Dusks. Seriously, I was smiling if I wasn't having feelings about certain Nobodies

    6. I'm kind of surprised how much I liked the manga adaptations of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, especially since the actual game was sort of a miss for me. I found the the pacing of the game glacial and the feeling of the Org XIII Headquarters very bleak. However, the manga goes along steadily and the interaction between the Organization members is really entertaining. It seems like the strange humor that occurs in the previous mangas (KH1, Chain of Memories, and KH2) is better managed. I never reall [...]

    7. My Book ReviewKingdom Hearts 356/2 days gives us a strong view over the Kingdom Hearts series. The story shows us some parts of what happened in KH1 and KH2. I strongly recommend this book if you like Kingdom Hearts. It shows you the in between line of the main series games. The main plot is how there is a new Organization 13 member and their name is Xion, user of the KeyBlade. She is connect to Roxas in more ways than one. They share Sora’s Memory. The more that Xion is hanging around Roxa [...]

    8. "Pitiful Heartless, mindlessly collecting hearts. The rage of the Keyblade releases those hearts. They gather in darkness, masterless and free until they weave together to make Kingdom Hearts. And when that time comes, we can truly, finally exist"

    9. This was ok. but with no background knowledge about Kingdom Hearts I was pretty confused throughout most of this.

    10. 1) Deutsche Rezension2) English Review1) Deutsche RezensionNicht schlecht so weit. Es scheint ganz im Einklang mit den anderen Spielen, soweit ich das beurteilen kann. Natürlich, wie nahe es am eigentliche Spiel mit dem gleichen Namen dran ist, davon habe ich keine Ahnung.Die emotionale Komponente wird mit der Zeit stärker, aber es fühlte sich auch am Ende immer noch sehr so an als wäre die Geschichte immer noch in der Einführungsphase. Die Entwicklung von Roxas, Axel und Xion und vor allem [...]

    11. I loved Kingdom Hearts as a kid, and I love manga because I can usually finish every manga book under two hundred pages in one sitting, so when I found out about this, I grabbed it immediately.This book actually handles the story better than DS the game did. The game was good, don't get me wrong, but the manga has a lot more of the charm and feeling that makes Kingdom Hearts special. The fact that the manga has actual facial expressions (which was not possible in the game due to technical limita [...]

    12. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was not considered one of the best games in the franchise, even though the story was still exceptional. The manga focuses on that strength, relating the tale of three particular nobodies within Organization XIII, that of Roxas, Axel, and the mysterious member XIV, Xion. 358/2 Days, ultimately, is a bittersweet story to those that played the games in the order of their release, for we know what happened to Roxas, for those playing them now, or reading the series for the [...]

    13. There are all these Organization XIII guys that flit in and out throughout the book. And some sort of imp that draws on peoples' faces?There's a weird assumption that these characters were developed somewhere and we care about them. Also, the whole Organization XIII ethos -- destroy everything to feel emotions because we feel unfulfilled without them -- is tinged with an always unexplored irony. Cf. scifiackexchange/questiAlso, someone has an obsession with "sea salt" ice cream. It always sounds [...]

    14. YES! I'm so glad this is finally out in America! =D All I've had before are just online scans, and that's not remotely the same as having the actual book.I have to admit, I haven't been super impressed with the other KH manga, but this one is just fantastic. The characters, the writing, all of it. It gives it all so much personality. My only complaint is that, once again, my very favorite character is made into a laughingstock, just like in his last appearance in the CoM manga and in just about [...]

    15. Ok I started this and thought, "Wow, the art really isn't the greatestOrganization XIII deserves more."BUT THEN I got like 5 pages in and saw that the mangaka was not only broadening the personalities of these characters I've already fallen in love with, he/she was making them hilarious and adding in bits of extra fun throughout. I was actually very surprised especially after reading KH1 and thinking it felt like a mediocre companion piece. I can't wait to read volume two and I definitely recomm [...]

    16. Originally posted on BlueAnteaterI never finished the actual game for the DS, and the PS3 remix version only has the cutscenes “movie”, so I can’t attest for its total accuracy, but so far it actually expands on the story, if not so much delving into detail on the Disney worlds. Very funny interactions between all the Organization members, and it’s well-paced, especially if you know where the characters all end up.

    17. My favorite Kingdom hearts 358/2 days volume! I love the humor in these books and adore the art style. This was a perfect adaption to the video game series! I plan to read them all!Though, I like the KH2 manga much better overall. The art is better if you ask me, and the action scenes in these 368/2 days books dont look as good as the others KH books. My first impression was "this guys doesnt know how to draw fighting"(becuaes this was the very first KH manga i read.)But overall great book!

    18. Roxas-Number 13 of Organization XIII and the first Nobody Keyblade wielder. A Nobody (with capital "N" is a person with no heart.) cant feel anything since they dont have a heart to feel with. Since Roxas can wield a keyblade, the Heartless he kills give up their hearts to Kingdom Hearts (roll credits---waitis isnt a movie) and if enough hearts make it to Kingdom Hearts, then the Nobodies can have hearts of their own.

    19. I thought this was nice since I haven't been able to finish the video game so it helped catch me up on what happened in this installment. A little more fun tidbits and jokes than the game showed. However, the book I borrowed from the library was bound in reverse order not sure if it was supposed to be that way but it was quite odd reading the pages from left to right I guess it was a good mental exercise :)

    20. A new, behind-the-scenes look at the Nobodies I love to hate after playing Kingdom Hearts 2. I have never played 358/2 the video game, but I don't feel entirely in the dark after reading this first book. I'm hopeful that the next books in the series will clarify the plot for me.

    21. Another excellent connection between KH1 and 2 that provides so much character backstory. Roxas. Oh, who doesn't love Roxas? The art is better, the story is great. Can't complain! This entry introduces characters old and new, laying the groundwork for Chain of Memories and KH2.

    22. Does a good job of introducing the characters and story of 358/2 Days. This was one of the weaker games but where the game's structure muddied the story a bit, Amano writes well, making Roxas' story compelling, engaging and humorous.

    23. I love Kingdom Hearts! I adore Organization 13 so I got really excited when this game and manga came out. I love it.

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