The Bastard Hand Charlie Wesley is not right in the head He s escaped from a mental hospital up north and hitchhiked his way south the voice of his dead brother urging him on But when Charlie hits Memphis the fine l

  • Title: The Bastard Hand
  • Author: Heath Lowrance
  • ISBN: 9780982843628
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charlie Wesley is not right in the head He s escaped from a mental hospital up north and hitchhiked his way south, the voice of his dead brother urging him on But when Charlie hits Memphis, the fine line between his delusions and reality shift in the form of the Reverend Phineas Childe a preacher bent on booze and women a Man of God with a dark agenda Charlie is the peCharlie Wesley is not right in the head He s escaped from a mental hospital up north and hitchhiked his way south, the voice of his dead brother urging him on But when Charlie hits Memphis, the fine line between his delusions and reality shift in the form of the Reverend Phineas Childe a preacher bent on booze and women a Man of God with a dark agenda Charlie is the perfect pawn in the Reverend s game of retribution And the small North Mississippi town of Cuba Landing will be the setting for the Reverend s very personal Apocalypse

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    One thought on “The Bastard Hand”

    1. THE BASTARD HAND is a fine example of neo-noir; a bleak and dangerous tale wielding a paranormal or fantastical scythe splashing sticky blood red across the walls, ending lives and forging new ones. For Charlie Wesley, a grifter with no prospects, a former resident of a mental institution, and one-time cop killer – doing a good deed here and there should go rewarded. Unfortunately, the universe doesn’t look too kindly upon Charley and before long he’s bleeding out on a deserted back street [...]

    2. What can I say about this novel? If it had been written by Stephen King it would be probably already be lauded as a classic and he’d be sitting on a fat cheque for the film rights. As it is I bought it for free and frankly that’s criminal. Heath Lowrance has accomplished so much with this novel that it’s difficult to know where to start.Charlie Wesley is an escapee from a mental institution and he’s drifting across the States with little goal or purpose. When he gets mugged it’s the st [...]

    3. The Bastard Hand. That’s one hell of a title. The great news is that the book entirely lives up to the billing.It’s not that long ago that here in the UK there were lots of fires burning up moorland and woods, challenging the fire-services to their limits. The countryside had been turned into smouldering fields, so nobody knew where the next flames were going to sprout from.That’s how I see this book. It’s a smoulderer which catches flame regularly as the author expertly blows upon the e [...]

    4. Charlie Wesley is a drifter with a violent past, a man who converses more with his brother now that the man is dead than he ever did while he was breathing. He's traveling aimlessly, with a vague notion of heading south to Florida, when against all odds he somehow survives a brutal mugging in Memphis, Tennessee.Shortly afterward Charlie finds a discarded bible in a laundromat with a strange hole running through the middle of the book. With nothing better to do, he begins reading, leading to a se [...]

    5. Noir has evolved, I keep saying it. We have James Ellroy to thank for that. The man destroyed the conventions of the genre and built back something completely new with his bare hands. Something new and free from the constraints of the hardboiled genre. I guess I wasn’t positive enough, because not only the genre evolved, but it’s proliferating like the children of a post-war boom. The Bastard Hand, first novel of short stories circuit veteran Heath Lowrance is the prime example of that.One t [...]

    6. Holy Moses, here's a good'un for you right here. Noir, pulp and southern Gothic combine in this outrageous tale of mental sickness, religion and the supernatural in a small time outside of Memphis. The protagonist Charley Wesley has some flaws and a half but none the less has a moral code and is easy to get behind, which I am sure we can agree is the fundament of all leading characters. But it is the sheer, breath-taking imagination that went into the character of the Bad Reverend Phineas Childe [...]

    7. This book made me literally laugh myself silly at times, but in a good way. My sister said she did not think it was supposed to be a comedy, but I seem to have a stragne sense of dark humor. This book was so good, I had a hard time putting it down each night, no matter how tired I was. In fact, there were times I came dangerously close to smacking myself in the face with my Kindle, although it would have been well worth it.

    8. This is a great "psycho-noir" thriller. It's a heady mix of crime novel, character study, religion, sex, and the supernatural. Lowrance is a gifted writer, and kept me engaged for the entire wild ride. Think of it as CHINATOWN rewritten by James Crumley and directed by Rob Zombie, although that's really only scratching the surface.Highly recommended for people who aren't afraid of something different.

    9. What a shockingly great book to introduce me to the genre of noir fiction! Heath Lowrance captures the characters’ personalities of gritty people in dark, dark places. Charlie, easily influenced, gets involved with the selfish and unholy world of the Reverend Phineas Childe. Passion, hate, love, manipulation, and violence mixed well to create this face-paced novel.

    10. The Bastard Hand is the kind of novel I can't put down once I've started reading it. I didn't want it to end. Wonderful.

    11. Charlie finds reality difficult to cope with at the best of times. When he teams up with the self styled preacher of the apocalypse, things get even stranger.

    12. I read and enjoyed this book a year or two ago, but never got around to jotting down any thoughts about it. I had conversations with a few people right after I finished, but who knows what happened to them. And people can't remember much of what they said, right? Or read. Unless you're the dude from The Book of Eli. So I thought a review at this point would be a perfect experiment on what was memorable from a particular book. So this review will contain nothing but what I remember from my initia [...]

    13. This is a seedy, dirty, book with enough bastards to populate a small town – which they do, Cuba Landing. Heath Lowrance gets disconcertedly into the mind of Charles Wesley, the mentally ill narrator, and takes us to some dark places. We start with muggings in Memphis and end up with beatings, shootings, and and you’ll have to read it to find out what it escalates too.Wesley hooks up with a preacher and joins him on a trip to Cuba Landing. The preacher is taking over at the Free Baptist Chur [...]

    14. Heath Lowrance is one of the very best new writers around. Fact. His ability to tell a story and describe a setting is razor sharp and if his stories were a plate of chocolate brownies, you wouldn't stop eating until you were lying sick on the floor, clutching your stomach and pleading for mercy.The Bastard Hand is first of all a brilliant tale, showing true creativity and imagination. Think of the big blockbuster films you've seen over the last ten years; great effects, make-up, score, acting ( [...]

    15. Wow! GREAT book!!  Now I know why this is called "the  cult novel THE BASTARD HAND". I wanted to read it again as soon as I was finished!!This was definitely a change of pace from my usual urban fantasy fare, and a new author for me, but with all his books getting rave reviews, thought I'd check this out.  I didn't know what to expect, but from the beginning I was hooked. It's like the train wreck you can't turn away from Great story, pace, and a writing style that flows seamlessly. It's both [...]

    16. Heath Lowrance $4.99 on Kindle *****Any time a book by an unfamiliar author starts out this good, I begin to worry about two things: can he sustain this level of writing; and can he answer the promise he’s making as to the plot.After I’d read five or so chapters, I tore myself away long enough to go on-line and see if Heath Lowrance has written any other books. He has. I bought it.(Key word there: bought. If you’ve read my other reviews, you know I don’t buy. I troll the Kindle freebies [...]

    17. The writing is good and the prose flows along evenly without those annoying grammatical and formatting errors that are becoming so common. The characterisation of both Charlie and the Reverend are solid and we get a good feel for both although not their motives.The reason this isn't a five star read is that there are too many inconsistencies and the whole thing doesn't hold comfortably together for me. For example:Charlie survives a stabbing and being shot through the neck and throat almost inst [...]

    18. Helluva book!!Enjoyed it thoroughly.Charlie Wesley has escaped from a mental institution and is headed for Florida. On his journey he befriends an eccentric minister of church, who persuades him to go to Cuba Landing. Charlie agrees without knowing what lies ahead of him and what is the hidden agenda of minister for going to Cuba Landing. The novel is full of interesting characters like Charlie Wesley, the protagonist who hears his dead bother talking to him and also appears to possess some supe [...]

    19. Where to start? This book was amazingly awesome! Written in first person, readers ride around in Charlie’s head as he meets the crazy cast of characters, gains a superpower, and just maybe finds religion. The book takes place in Mississippi and the author brings the South to life through southern dialect and realistic descriptions of small town life in the Bible Belt. Good old southern religion has never been so fun or so dark!The only thing that really threw me for a bit of a loop was the mag [...]

    20. This was an interesting book. When I first started reading, I thought it would be about a charismatic reverend who would manipulate a man, who was not all there, into doing things that he should not be doing. Boy was I wrong. While the reverend is not a good man, he isn't pure evil either. Charlie, the protagonist, is a few bricks short of a load. He makes dangerous, impulsive decisions and puts himself in danger many times. Then there's his unexplained power. At first I thought he might be imag [...]

    21. Fantastic debut from a very talented writer. The book is a call back to the noir titles of author's like Jim Thompson, and I was reminded of After Dark, My Sweet when reading about Charlie's back story. Also shades of Willeford in his treatment and creation of the Right Reverend Childe. Multilayered and intricately plotted, well developed mystery and supernatural elements blended perfectly. Bastard Hand delivers on every level.

    22. Awesome, spectacular, brilliant, phenomenal. There aren't enough adjectives to describe how good this book is. If you jike pulp and noir just a tiny bit, this book will keep you spellbound. I couldn't put it down, couldn't wait to read the next unsuspecting twist, couldn't wait until the next page. Wow, what a great read. It had some elements that were unique to my style if reading, but it was a fresh and wonderful change for the normal mystery, crime, et al saga for me. Bravo, Heath.

    23. Charlie Wesley escapes from a mental institution and the story follows life after escape. I enjoyed the book and the action and troubles that took place. Most of the story line was good and had me interested however the strange glowing hands and supernatural healing powers were never discussed or explained. That part of the story, although integrated in the story line, at times seemed out of place in the overall story.

    24. Wow!As an initial warning: this book is racy pretty much throughout. However, the mood, theme, plot twists, motivations, etc were superbly executed. It's definitely my top 5 in books with both genius creativity and story execution. Do not read it if you don't like sacrilegious themes or cult style suspense. And yes, it is interesting the whole book through.

    25. It's violent and funny and twisted -- if you like that sort of thingd I do, especially when it's handled with this kind of skill. I think a lot of the comparisons drawn here are valid, but I'll add another one: The Rev. Childe makes Elmer Gantry look like a Boy Scout. That's just one aspect of this audacious work, though.

    26. A story that kept me interested, even though the supernatural aspect put me off a bit. Well developed characters and a decent story line, but in the end, you never knew just what the preacher has in mind for the town. It left me wanting more.

    27. I liked this book very much, and the preacher is *very* realistic to me. Excellent first offering from this author.

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