The Mad Baron Erotic Historical Romance Nathaniel the Baron Felston awakes from a fever to discover he s a prisoner on his own estate At first certain he s gone insane Nathaniel learns potent opiates are the ca

  • Title: The Mad Baron
  • Author: Summer Devon
  • ISBN: 9781595788092
  • Page: 148
  • Format: ebook
  • Erotic Historical Romance.Nathaniel, the Baron Felston, awakes from a fever to discover he s a prisoner on his own estate At first, certain he s gone insane, Nathaniel learns potent opiates are the cause of his strange vision But barricaded in a small room, he can t outwit his mysterious jailer.Determined to steal back one of her father s swords, Florrie Cadero gets Erotic Historical Romance.Nathaniel, the Baron Felston, awakes from a fever to discover he s a prisoner on his own estate At first, certain he s gone insane, Nathaniel learns potent opiates are the cause of his strange vision But barricaded in a small room, he can t outwit his mysterious jailer.Determined to steal back one of her father s swords, Florrie Cadero gets than she bargained for when she breaks into the baron s mansion The dashing, drugged man in the locked room soon sweeps her into his story and his bed When she discovers they re trapped together, she devises a clever escape Addicted to his captor s drugs and bent on revenge, Nathaniel seeks out the feisty thief who freed him Florrie, now a shopgirl, has foresworn her life of adventure But Nathaniel s offer of employment intrigues her Together they must break his addiction and expose the villain who would destroy his life.Warning This story contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language and may be considered offensive to some readers.

    • ☆ The Mad Baron || ☆ PDF Read by ó Summer Devon
      148 Summer Devon
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    One thought on “The Mad Baron”

    1. I first read Summer Devon when she teamed up with another of my favorite author Bonnie Dee- to write some great novels. On their own, Dee's works is amazing, but I haven't had a chance to read Devon's stand-alone work until now, and she doesn't disappoint! For "sometime" thief Florrie Cadero is out to restore/steal back her father's swords and to enjoy the thrill of climbing walls and danger, until her daring thief brings her face to face inside a prison with a madmanor is he? Drugged and impris [...]

    2. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: Available Now!Publisher: Liquid Silver BooksAuthor’s Website: summerdevonMy Source for This Book: LiquidsilverbooksPart of a Series: NoSteam Level: HotIt isn’t often that I’ve come across a historical romance that involves both mental health issues and drug addiction, so when I read the blurb, and took a peek at the preview available on Liquid Silver’s website, I knew I had to snatch this [...]

    3. Reviewed By- PattiReview Copy Provided By- AuthorThis was a wonderful story. It started out slow but I always try to give a book a chance. I am glad I did because I definitely enjoyed this one. Once the two main characters met I really began to care about them both.Nathaniel’s character held my attention throughout the story. I wanted to climb into the book and protect him. His perseverance and strength of character made me admire him. He was raised by a mother and an uncle who never showed hi [...]

    4. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookNote: I've read this book as The Mad Baron by Summer Devon, but now it has been re-issued as Her Mad Baron.Summer Devon’s The Mad Baron was quite an interesting read. Personally, I liked most of it, until those times when the h and H, Florrie and Nathaniel were trying my patience. I also had trouble connecting with the author’s writing style for a while, but I let it grow on me gradually. Let’s see if I can e [...]

    5. I liked this story, I really did, I just wish that there had been more. I think the concept was amazing. The struggle with drug addition is a topic that is not generally addressed in romance novels at all, much less in historicals, so I commend the author for trying something different. I really liked both Florrie and Nathaniel, I just think that the author could have done a lot more with the characters. There were some confrontations that needed to take place that either didn't happen or we glo [...]

    6. This book was okay. For a period of several pages, I thought it was "good"d it could have been so much more. I just felt cheated. I wanted more details and more depth. We kept getting hints of why Nathaniel behaves the way he does; of what Florrie's past was like. But that's it. Hints. Also, there wasn't really an ending. No real resolution. Are we getting a sequal? I gave three stars because I liked the concept and the characters, but I think I'm being pretty generous.

    7. I enjoyed curling up on the couch and finishing this book up this morning. Nathaniel's addiction is such a compelling part of the story. Florrie is a great heroine. I love the fact that she's not the typical historical heroine. I wanted to kick her brother Duncan down a dark hole though! The passion between Nathaniel and Florrie is hot and I was cheering for them both to get their happily ever after.

    8. This was something different (Nathaniel drugged and imprisoned, Florrie who saves him). My big issue was editing. It could have been edited better. (Few typos, but what bothered me was dialogue from both Nathaniel/Florrie in the same paragraph- at times I would have to go back and re-read to figure who said what). I knocked a star off for that.

    9. This book pushed and pulled in many directions before meeting its end. I loved the beginning, wasn't sure about the middle, and by the end didn't know what to expect next. Needless to say, it would be quite difficult to write a H such as Nathaniel. I appreciate the effort Ms Devon has gone to.

    10. For an erotic historical romance not bad at all. I'm always wary of historical romances published by those erotic orientated e-publishers's wrong with erotica per se, but combined with historical setting it often results in such glaring mistakes (obviously the author and publisher both think that a number of hot scenes can sufficiently disctract the reader's mind so no research is necessary) that I simply cannot suspend my disbelief. That doesn't mean that mainstream publishers don't publish his [...]

    11. I wasn't expecting such an interesting, engaging read!I liked that this wasn't the typical Lord meets a shop girl who is really a noble that was in hiding or switched at birth etc etc etc. Florrie was the daughter of a gentleman but she really was a shop girl and a thief. She meets Nathaniel while breaking into his house. She finds him a prisoner in the house and is accidentally locked in with him. She helps him escape and they go their separate ways. She doesn't expect to see him again. But he [...]

    12. Great romanceI thoroughly enjoyed this book. The premise of the book was different then most of the romance books I read. I found the characters to be first rate with depth and interesting backgrounds. My only problem was that the ending seemed a little rushed, but overall a solid 4 stars!!!

    13. When I think regency romance novels I don't expect opiate addictions, shopgirls who truly are shopgirls and not some down on her luck Lady, or conspiracy of insanity claims but this story had it all and made it look good.Strong lead characters with spunk, good writing, and ends happily ever after I really can't ask for more.

    14. I liked this book, but there was something about it that bothered me. As the characters were talking and I was following along, all of a sudden I was confused as to who was saying what. Liked the h and H, the sex scenes were good.

    15. A really fantastic plot, it was so well thought out. There was always something happening, with twists, turns and shifts. It had some really engaging characters, with great interaction and emotional play. This is a page turner.

    16. Had just the worst time trying to get into it. The beginning appeared promising, but the more I read, the more disinterested I became. Will try to find myself in the mood to completely finish the book at some later date.

    17. Pleasant read. Felt frustrated that most of the story is the courtship, not much else. Resolution was too blah. It should've had more oomph.

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