Artistic Vision Desire is the raw material Lust is the spark and love will sculpt their destiny The Gray Court Book Akane Russo one of the Hob s top Blades can t wait for her current assignment to end She s been

  • Title: Artistic Vision
  • Author: Dana Marie Bell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 382
  • Format: ebook
  • Desire is the raw material Lust is the spark and love will sculpt their destiny.The Gray Court, Book 3Akane Russo, one of the Hob s top Blades, can t wait for her current assignment to end She s been tasked with protecting Shane Dunne from the Malmayne clan s scheme to kidnap him once again But no one not even her Seer half warned her she d have to protect herself fromDesire is the raw material Lust is the spark and love will sculpt their destiny.The Gray Court, Book 3Akane Russo, one of the Hob s top Blades, can t wait for her current assignment to end She s been tasked with protecting Shane Dunne from the Malmayne clan s scheme to kidnap him once again But no one not even her Seer half warned her she d have to protect herself from his heated gaze Or that her dragon half would find him an irresistible puzzle Shane knew his destined bride would never come to him willingly, but she s stuck with him and he plans to use her predicament to his advantage It s only a matter of time before she succumbs to what they both want Their Claiming will be beautiful beyond even his wildest imaginings and his wild, free dragoness will finally see herself as he sees her Then his unique, hybrid borne visions reveal a new danger The prophecy of the Child of Dunne can only be fulfilled down a path he must travel alone To a place so dark and dangerous that even his truebond s flame may not be bright enough to lead him home Warning Contains explicit sex, graphic language, a pissed off dragon assassin and a smart mouthed Nebraskan farm boy Bet you can figure out who wins that fight Hint It s not the dragon

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    One thought on “Artistic Vision”

    1. Another reread July 2016. I didn't think I'd reread this one because I was afraid that now, the heroine would get on my nerves. But, on reread I loved it just as much and surprisingly, I actually liked Akane a lot. Of course, I absolutely LOVE Shane.

    2. I'm loving this series. It's like a world within a world and so masterly created.In this instalment we see the mating of Akane (half dragon, half seer) and Shane (no one is really sure). We know he has powers though for the majority of his life he's been underestimated not realising he's the best connected and very well respected by those in power. With visions gifting him with information from the future he knows the world is on a precipicew alliances are being formed, politics and greed are ri [...]

    3. I love anything to do with the magical and supernatural world of dragons, fae, vamps, Sidhe, Leprechauns and other creatures. In her series The Gray Court, Ms. Bell has come up with a world that has all of the elements to make me one happy camper. It has magic, good versus evil, love, mating, seers and prophecies and so much more. I read the first book, Dare To Believe and loved it – it was a lighthearted introduction to the world Ms. Bell has created. I also read the second story, Noble Blood [...]

    4. First book in the series that I read and then went back to read them in order. I didnt get the full gist of her world until i went to read them in order, but still it was remarkably well written. She described characters to a T, and even though i was not a big fan of Akane, she presented her in such a way that it was impossible to hate her

    5. Originally posted at: whippedcream2/201RATED A WHIPPED CREAM BEST BOOK!Artistic Vision is Dana Marie Bell’s third visit to her Grey Court world, and is the best one so far. Shane Dunne uses his visions to create magnificent art, and the most beautiful piece he’s ever done is of his mate, Akane Russo. Akane is one of Robin Goodfellow’s Blades, and assigned to guard and protect Shane from the treachery and plotting of the Malmayne clan. She isn’t anyone’s mate, no matter how gorgeous Sha [...]

    6. Original Post 9/3/12 at FANGS, WANDS and FAIRY DUST:Artistic VisionThe Dragon Gets Herself Hot Under the Collar!ARTISTIC VISIONThe Gray Court Book Threeby Dana Marie BellSamhain Publications October 2, 2012E-Book Only: 147 pages, 163 with bonus featuresPersonal Property. I was able to purchase and download this in August so I don't know about that release date. Desire is the raw material. Lust is the spark…and love will sculpt their destiny.Akane Russo, one of the Hob’s top Blades, can’t w [...]

    7. "The child of Dunne will one day perform an act that will change our world"I would say that it is pretty obvious that the child in question is Shane Dunne and after reading this one I have to say I have new question: What does the Black Queen want with not just Shane but all the Dunne's? That was what I was left with at the end of this book but I am jumping ahead and I apologize but I just finished it so the end is very fresh in my mind.Reading how Shane was trying to "woo" his mate was as very [...]

    8. What Is It About:Akane is part dragon shifter and part seer. If anyone can understand the difficulty of being a seer, it's Shane. Akane is tasked with protecting Shane from dark forces that wish to use him for their own needs. Shane uses this to his advantage as he woos her, his true bond. But with the drama and danger going on due to the Malmaynes, the issue is whether Akane will give into her needs and mark Shane as only a true bond would.What I Liked and Didn't:Akane certainly had the right a [...]

    9. Oh. My. Well this earned its 5 stars in my book. I'm a big fan of The Gray Court series. I was looking forward to reading Shane and Akane's story. Most times that usually marks a doomed read for me. Never intentionally, it's just that I always seem to build the anticipation and expectations up so high while I'm waiting for the book to be released that they seem to fall short for me while other readers rave over them. Obviously such was not the case with this story for me.I love dragons and Akane [...]

    10. I expected this to be my least favorite book of the series so far and it was but not by as far as I thought it would be. First of all the sex scenes *amazing* maybe the best out of all the others. But the relationship took longer for me to get into than the others as well. Something about the interactions between the two rubbed me the wrong way until they actually had sex then they were more in sync with what i wanted to see. Also so much exciting stuff happened in this book but i felt like it w [...]

    11. Holy sweet mother of fantasy! I fricken LOVE this woman!!I really love the storyline of this series. I tend to find Fae books a bit boring but it's no surprise to me that Dana Marie Bell managed to create a Fae story that I just cannot get enough of. Shane is an incredible character, his ability to see the future and express it through his art makes him entertaining. He is sexy and cocky, which let's face it we all really love in our fictional men. Akane is a kick ass female and I just loved her [...]

    12. This series just keeps getting better! Artistic Vision is probably my favorite so far for so many reasons.First we have Shane Dunne. He is a true hybrid with a hint of Seer in him, so he is able to see some future events. Instead of letting the visions drive him mad, he makes art from his visions. He's not a fighter, but to protect those he loves he will fight. But convincing Akane Russo that she is his true bond will be the best fight Shane's ever had.Akane Russo is also a hybrid part dragon an [...]

    13. This one was the best one yet!! I really enjoyed the whole book. The only problem I really have with this series and therefore this book is that I want more!!! More background into their powers, there world, the different courts.Sometimes the answers just seem to be skimmed over. I want that information overload. Maybe its just because I do so love the fae world and this one just seems to give you the tip of the iceberg so to speak. I love Robin Goodfellow or the Hob, his character is wonderful [...]

    14. Shane Dunne is just funny. I love the banter between Shane & Akane. I Love that Dana Marie Bell has mixed so many of my favorite things together in one series: dragons, fae (especially Robin Goodfellow), vampires & leprechauns. In their continuous effort to get their way the Malmaynes clan is pulling out the big guns & attacking all the Dunne family. Akane has to protect Shane on Goodfellow’s orders which irritates her to no end… she is annoyed by the farm boy. Slowly Shane tries [...]

    15. this was my first book in the series and although the story may have been better, if had known some of the backstory, but it was good neverthelesse characters were very interesting. I liked Akane as a heroine although the change in Akane was for me not really comprehensible and some of the actions should have really angered her. Shane was a nice guy with a mean streak fun these are not the reasons why only three stars. my problem was the missing feelings and that as a reader you were always kep [...]

    16. Shane has to be one of the coolest people ever! I mean not only does he have visions of the future but then he creates these cool statues about his visions. So fun! Plus the banter between Shane and Akane is awesome, I love when he pretends to act like "Jethro" and it is what keep the book fun and makes you laugh! I also love seeing the plot line develop in each book and it keeps you guessing and wondering whats going to happen next, what is the White Court and the Black court up to? There's suc [...]

    17. Definitely my favorite of the series so far. Though I'm looking forward to seeing who the Hob ends up with!Akane is a dragon/Seer hybrid, one of Robin's Blades, and been given the job to guard Shane Dunne (at least when she's not off doing other work). Shane is a Sidhe/leprechaun hybrid, and despite his dumb farm boy act he's a talented sculptor, a smart guy, and has visions of the future.He knows as soon as he meets her that she's his mate, and though he has to go slow to get her used to the id [...]

    18. This book started out really promising, with a great heroine, but then she just slowly dumbs down throughout the book. For some kick-arse 'soldier' she is totally out-classed by the hero she is supposed to be protecting, completely drops the ball on her protection job, on several occasions. Then she has a completely TSTL moment with someone who she is supposed to be investigating. It all FRUSTRATED THE FREAKING HELL out of me, after the TSTL moment, I skipped to the last chapter, which didn't im [...]

    19. I hate no idea that this book would be perfect As the title says artistic vision it is totally worth reading. Before this i read noble blood n got interested in akane and shane. It is so beautifully written. I adore the way shane teases her but also serious.he is also not caging her. Letting her the person she always been also totally love sean "u meant harm to my daughter-in-law" .he cares n such loving person. It also shows the side of akane caring,Vulnerable also strong and totally independen [...]

    20. This is one scorching hot book. Do NOT read if you want to avoid sex scenes. It's a fairly common story line for this genre. It's a paranormal romance- one true love, one true bond, no one else can substitute, and they live happily ever after, after life threatening struggle. That's ok. I don't mind the formula and the characters are fun to get to know. This is part of a series- the third book and it was great to watch the characters grow in each book. It made me laugh and smile and that's my id [...]

    21. Totally love Shane and AkaneShane has to woo his Dragon slowly or she will fly away. Shane is sweet and possessive without being overbearing. Whenever Robin is involved you like e him just a little more. He is still the big bad but in a good way. Cannot wait for Robins mate to show up.

    22. 3.5 but I am willing to upgrade it to 4. The dragoness and the artist. This might be my favourite book so far, but I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the next book, with Oberon's cheeky hobgoblin, Robin. The series has gotten better with each book and although there is still some pretty cringeworthy contrived language that slips in every now and againI am totally sucked in.

    23. Even though the heroine, Akane, is of Asian decent (or at least looks), I hesitate to file it as an IR romance because that plays no role in the story. That being said Akane is awesome as a dragon shape-shifting assassin protecting Shane, who is an atypical, yet very alpha, hero in his own right. The two make a great couple even though he has to work at convincing her of that.

    24. This one got a lil confusing for me, I had a hard time visualizing the statues and the visions they described so I felt like I was missing something most of the time. I appreciate the growth in the story; the ratio of actual plot/action/dialog to "getting it on" has increased since the first installment. looking forward to continuing the series.

    25. This was the longest and most detailed of the Gray Court books so far. And so far, it's my favorite in the series. I love Shane and Akane, their personalities and talents, and their romance. The story furthers the underlying Malmayne plot and sets up further stories in the series. I really enjoyed the whole book and can't wait to read more from Ms. Bell.

    26. I've looked forward to reading this book, I love the series but this book didn't quite do it for me. I enjoyed the characters, Shane and Akane were great but the book didn't flow well. It felt choppy. I'm looking forward to reading The Hob. I want Robin to find his mate.

    27. This is my favourite book in this series so far.Shane has been the BEST character throughout each story & I also love Arkane too. She is perfect for him.I'm really looking forward to finding out who the Hob & Oberon's mates are!

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