The Sixth Lamentation Larkwood Priory England Father Anselm is stopped by an old man What he is asked should a man do when the world has turned against him Anselm s response claim sanctuary But the answer sets off troub

  • Title: The Sixth Lamentation
  • Author: William Brodrick
  • ISBN: 9780670031917
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Larkwood Priory, England Father Anselm is stopped by an old man What, he is asked, should a man do when the world has turned against him Anselm s response claim sanctuary But the answer sets off trouble than he ever could have imagined when the man returns, demanding the protection of the Church He is Eduard Schwermann, a suspected Nazi war criminal Agnes AubrLarkwood Priory, England Father Anselm is stopped by an old man What, he is asked, should a man do when the world has turned against him Anselm s response claim sanctuary But the answer sets off trouble than he ever could have imagined when the man returns, demanding the protection of the Church He is Eduard Schwermann, a suspected Nazi war criminal Agnes Aubret has unburdened a secret to her granddaughter Lucy Fifty years earlier, Agnes was in occupied Paris, risking her life to smuggle Jewish children to safety until her group was exposed by an SS officer Eduard Schwermann Not only has the Church granted Schwermann sanctuary before in 1944 it helped him escape from France to begin a new life in Britain As Anselm attempts to find out why and as Lucy delves deeper into her grandmother s past, their investigations dovetail to form a remarkable story William Brodrick makes a dazzling debut in this literary thriller where two seemingly unconnected lives gradually, shockingly converge Brodrick, himself a former Augustinian friar, is a master of precision plotting, morally complex characterization, and crisp historical re creation In Father Anselm, Brodrick has crafted a unique and compelling hero And The 6th Lamentation promises to be the literary thriller discovery of the season.

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    1. Onvan : The 6th Lamentation - Nevisande : William Brodrick - ISBN : - ISBN13 : - Dar 420 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1999

    2. Prva knjiga iz serijala o ocu Anselmu Ostale nažalost nikada nisu prevedene na srpski Autor koji je za ovaj serijal i nagrađivan Obratite pažnju na njega ljubitelji priča o zaverama, misterijama i Drugom svetskom ratu

    3. The Book of Lamentations in the Hebrew Bible (Christian Old Testament) consists of five distinct poems, corresponding to its five chapters. Although traditionally ascribed to the prophet Jeremiah, there actually may be multiple authors although scholars are divided over this.In naming his book The Sixth Lamentation William Broderick means to draw our attention to yet another calamity which has befallen the beleaguered Children of Israel, the Chosen People of God. While occurring after the closin [...]

    4. In the end what I found interesting was that those who had suffered the worst had the most capacity to forgive.

    5. Usually, I'm hard pressed to name a favorite book each year, but for 2011, there's simply no contest. Yesterday I finished The 6th Lamentation, by William Brodrick, and it's one of the 10 best books I've ever read. This is a complex novel, part historical fiction and part thriller, overflowing with compelling characters and fueled by an intricate plot in which nothing is what it seems.A former Nazi officer, Eduard Schwermann, evaded prosecution for war crimes by escaping to England, where he's l [...]

    6. This is a first novel? My goshif this is the first, I am eagerly anticipating the 2nd. I started this book at 10 pm and finished it at 1 am. I couldn't bring myself to stop reading - it was that good. Not only as a mystery, but as a novel in general. The ending is a little too formulaic, but a surprise which I must say I never saw coming. The ending is the reason the book gets a 9I was a little let down at the way things sort of just a little too neatly fit. Other than that, it is a fine,no, an [...]

    7. This book is one of the reasons it is great to be a "reader." Beautifully written, clever plot, heartbreaking history, and will make an amazing movie. For the foreseeable future, when I am asked "what should I read?" by a friend, THIS book will be my recommendation. Those who have read Sarah's Key, with greater impression of Vel D'Hiv, will find their hearts torn open again.

    8. 3.5 rounded to 4. Father Anselm, a Gilbertine monk, previously a lawyer, who came to the monastic life late, is tasked by the Vatican to find a collaborator with the Nazis. The story is not really his, but is a Holocaust story of the Resistance and betrayal in Vichy France. Several strands of the story are separate but come together: that of Agnes, once in the "Round Table", a resistance group smuggling Jewish children from France, and who is now dying of ALS [Lou Gehrig's Disease]; her family; [...]

    9. I had mixed feelings about this book, which is about a Nazi war criminal who seeks sanctuary in an English monastery, but is eventually brought to trial.Agnes Embleton, who is dying of motor neurone disease, writes down the story of her part in the French resistance to Nazi occupation, smuggling Jewish children out of France, using a monastery of the same order as that in which the war criminal has sought sanctuary. She writes the story for her granddaughter Lucy, in haste, knowing that she will [...]

    10. This was one of my beach reads--probably not a good choice. It's a very complicated story--the kind of book where I need someone else to read it to see if I "got it." There are several different narrators of this book. I had a difficult time keeping track of who they all were, especially the monks who had similar names. Basically, the plot is that a former Nazi requests sanctuary at a monastery. Then you have a sub-plot of the monastery trying to decide how to deal with this situation. Then you [...]

    11. Excellent, although it got a bit convoluted at the end and I had to flip back and re-read to make sure I understood what was happening/had happened. Near the end I was so vexed at a certain event that I set the book aside for a couple of days, but then I picked it up again and (much like the events the characters themselves are investigating) it turned out my vexation was misapplied. Positively Dickensian in the way everyone turns out to be connected with everyone else. Loved Brother Anselm and [...]

    12. This book was more interesting than most of the mysteries I've read that center around war criminals, and though the book began to get really predictable about halfway through, it was still a great story with a deep plot and a variety of different characters.

    13. One of the worst books I have ever read. It took me an age to finish this book as it didn't grab me at all. I was determined to finish it, eventhough I was thoroughly confused as to who was who by the end.

    14. This is the first Fr. Anselm novel, which currently number six. It is a superb first novel and I eagerly want to read more. It is a story rooted in the Nazi occupation of Paris in WWII and the betrayal of a resistance group of rescuers of Jews. It is written with twists and turns that occur up to the last pages. And one of the central characters has ALS and declines throughout the novel.

    15. Why I Stopped Reading on p. 34: Adverb mania, purple prose, flat protagonist whose only purpose, at ten percent in, is to observe others. Every character's words and actions are explained in detail, as if the reader won't understand people's behavior otherwise. The story itself might be great, but I can't keep going.

    16. At a certain point, I couldn't put it down. Motor neuron disease, the Holocaust, 'sins of the fathers' coming home to roost, convoluted entanglements, lies and secrets sound like a recipe for a depressing read but in the end the mood is hopeful. Like the main character Father Anselm, the reader will think time after time that the mystery has all been revealed but the surprises continue to the end and hardly anything is as it first seems. Wonderful insight and literary skill.

    17. Brilliant debut demonstrates storytelling at its bestThe 6th Lamentation — Brodrick’s dazzling debut on the events leading up to, and following, the Nazi’s occupation of France during World War II, and the impact on those who lived through it — is a novel of immense ethical intricacy, startling enlightenments and turnarounds. An effectual combination of fact and fiction, the story melds the past and present, spanning three generations…concluding in place where modern day retribution an [...]

    18. THE 6TH LAMENTATION. (2003). William Brodrick. ****.This was the first novel from this author. After fumbling about for a bit, the story actually begins. There are really two stories here, which ultimately intertwine, but are used in a contrapuntal manner. Our main character for one side of the story is Father Anselm, a former attorney who shifted career paths and entered the priesthood. He is based at Larkwood Priory in Suffolk. The time of this story is 1995. He is approached by an old man who [...]

    19. This intelligent novel examines the consequences of secrets and lies from the past and their emotional resonance to the present.It follows two main narrative threads that slowly intertwine. The first concerns Father Anselm, once a barrister, now a monk, and the suspected war criminal Eduard Schwermann who claims sanctuary at Anselm’s priory. The second thread follows terminally ill Agnes Aubret who decides to reveal the secrets of her war-time exploits to her Granddaughter Lucy. Agnes had once [...]

    20. A book written with a very light touch and total lack of melodrama, which is the ideal approach when writing about people whose lives were tragically affected by the Holocaust. Father Anselm is an English monk whose peaceful life of prayer is disrupted when a recently-exposed Nazi war criminal seeks Sanctuary in his monastery.Lucy is the grand-daughter of a French woman, Agnes, who refuses to speak of her experiences in war-time Paris and subsequent internment in Auschwitz. Agnes is diagnosed wi [...]

    21. I have read my share of Holocaust novels. Brodrick's mystery is a tangled web of relationships and characters that peel open as the story progresses. .I have read my share of Holocaust novels. Brodrick's mystery is a tangled web of relationships and characters that peel open as the story progresses. I thoroughly enjoyed his fluid, descriptive writing. What was even more interesting to me was the author's background in relation to his protagonist. Broderick is a former priest turned lawyer. Ansel [...]

    22. A novel combining history, the Holocaust and the Church. There has been a lot said about about the attitude of the Catholic Church to the Holocaust in recent years and this book explores uncomfortable areas of potential anti-semitism within the institution. Although dealing with historical issues of huge proportions and significance, Boderick's book weaves a story of intricate detail and, if you can handle the many twists and turns, is ultimately satisfying. To be honest I struggled to stay with [...]

    23. I had this book returned to me and I protested that it was not my book. But there was something familiar. So I started reading. Some words and phrases brought back smoky hazy memories - but nothing would stand out clear and ready. So on and on. To the end. I definitely read it before - but had forgotten the main plot and points and meaning. The main message. Damn there was some evil set forth during the 1940s.

    24. Complex. I almost needed a chart to keep the characters straight, especially when they are called different names. Plus there are multiple almost casual references to monastery life. The story is sad and at times unbelievable. But based on other stories, life as a Jew who survived WW2 Europe could have been this difficult and unbelievable.

    25. Complex and gripping, this novel requires full-attention in order to get the most from it. As usual I'm utterly useless at guessing outcomes, but enjoy being pleasantly surprised at the various revelations.

    26. Well, I decided to go back and read the first four Father Anselm novels after enjoying the fifth one (The Discourtesy of Death). This one is set in 1995 England and deals with events that occurred in 1942 France; specifically, was or was someone not knowingly participating in the Holocaust? It is basically a case of secret identities and (un)willingness to deal with the past. There are a lot of characters to keep straight, but thankfully only a few important ones. Probably could have used a post [...]

    27. Almost a five if there hadn't been QUITE so much intrigue and turns of events that got me mildly baffled from time to time. Jumping about in time didn't bother me so much.But lovely, elegant writing. I had a strong feeling of reading a Masterpiece Theater after being stuck with a bunch of gory, profane Netflix. A good balance of plot and characterization and self-pondering. Looking for more by this writer.

    28. I wanted to get you not the Father Anselm mysteries and started with this one. Good story with interesting plot twists but it was a very slow read. Writing was good but I just wished the story would pick up a bit. I may try the next, but not anytime soon.

    29. The complex nature of the plot and the multitude of characters demanded more concentration that I was willing to give. Brodick’s literary style clouds the story. Skimmed to finish.

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