After Obsession ALANThere she is The dream rushes back to me We were falling clutching at each other with twisting darkness all around us The girl looks up at me and I realize I ve stopped walking and am staring at

  • Title: After Obsession
  • Author: Carrie Jones Steven E. Wedel
  • ISBN: 9781599906812
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ALANThere she is The dream rushes back to me We were falling, clutching at each other, with twisting darkness all around us The girl looks up at me and I realize I ve stopped walking and am staring at her I see something in her eyes, something like recognitionMEEAnd in that second I know, absolutely know, that something in my life has changed irrevocably This isALANThere she is The dream rushes back to me We were falling, clutching at each other, with twisting darkness all around us The girl looks up at me and I realize I ve stopped walking and am staring at her I see something in her eyes, something like recognitionMEEAnd in that second I know, absolutely know, that something in my life has changed irrevocably This is the guy from my dreams Right here And we are going to have to do something, save something, together I just don t know whatGETHERAlan and Aimee have just met, but already they are bound to each other by something they can t quite name Something that rattles the windows, haunts the waters and threatens to tear them apart before they get a chance to find out what their connection means.

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      364 Carrie Jones Steven E. Wedel
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    One thought on “After Obsession”

    1. **spoilers near end of review**Oh Carrie Jones, Carrie Jones. You've done it again. I don't know why I'm such a glutton for punishment; I wish she would just stop writing books because for some dark reason I am continually inclined to read them.This book was so, so stupid. I can't even believe it. In a quick sum-up, this is a book about a girl named Aimee, who for whatever reason can dream the future and heal people by touching them. She also meets a hunky guy named Alan (who conveniently just m [...]

    2. After ObsessionCool name.Unfortunately, I have no idea why it's the name of this book. Um, after what obsession? Can someone explain it to me? I didn't notice anyone with an unnatural obsession in this book. At all.Really. I'm not being snarky. Feel free to leave a comment if you 'get it''cause I sure didn't.*EDIT*Several of you have responded to let me know what the hell After Obsession meant. Thank you!Evidently I missed it, but one of the stages of possession is referred to as Obsession.Ok. N [...]

    3. I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard much about this book until it arrived from Bloomsbury to review. Firstly, I was drawn to the cover of the book, its beautiful right? Then secondly, the blurb sounded interesting enough and thirdly, I heard there was an awesome romance story involved too. So what’s not to like? After Obsession is told from Aimee and Alan’s point of view, alternating between the two characters. The story centres on Alan’s cousin being possessed by an evil spirit known as The Ri [...]

    4. THE FAERIES VIEWI had really mixed feelings about reading After Obsession. I won't hide the fact that I'm haven't been big Carrie Jones fan in the past---her Need series started with a BANG and went out with a whimper---a major disappointment to me, to say the least! BUT---That is not why I'm here!Aimees best friend, Courtney is acting strangely and with the help of Alan, Courtneys cousin, who moves in to Courtneys house with his mother, he and Aimee come to the conclusion that she just might be [...]

    5. This was a really interesting book. It was a really good storyline, but I wish that there was some way to explain the background of Alan more. I want to know about his dad!

    6. I picked this book up at Barnes & Noble I think in January and sadly it was sitting on the shelf until now. I had read the first chapter and got distracted with another book so this one got left behind. Now the other day I was just sitting on the couch thinking what am I going to read next and made myself pick it up and start reading. I'm happy to say I did it. This book ended up being one of my favorites! The story line is amazing and nothing like what I've read before. It's about possessio [...]

    7. inkscratchers/I fell in love with this cover the first time I saw it, read the blurb which totally had me gagging to read it, but later made the connection that one of the authors, Carrie Jones was the same author that wrote the Need series, which I totally didn't connect with, so I had very mixed expectations about this one.This book came as a total shock to me. It was totally original, fast paced, exciting and had just the right amount of totally cute romance to seal the deal. The plot was so [...]

    8. This was actually pretty good. It surprised me. The characters were actually likable, mostly because they were proactive and decisive, not standing around with their thumbs up their asses trying to figure out what, if anything, to do next. Aimee was a breath of fresh air because she wasn't the typical flaky teen heroine and Alan, Mr. Half Navajo/Half German football god? Swoon. And I generally dislike both guys with long hair and football players;) There's romance, mystery, humor and horror, and [...]

    9. Alrighty, sounds spine tingling right? This was a day one book, at the BEA, first thing in the morning I ran across it and thought- Exorcism of Emily Rose!! I'm In!! So later that afternoon during the speed dating with YA and middle shool authors, when Carrie came to our table and talked about how her and Steven wrote this book in a month via email and had SO MUCH FUN, I was even more sold.Now I tell you what an idiot I am. Seriously. Somehow I didn't realise that the Carrie Jones I met, and who [...]

    10. After Obsession reminds me a lot of Cryer's Cross -- same kind of deal -- the town is haunted by some mysterious being that possesses individuals and drives them insane. The only difference is After Obsession is double the length and takes twice as long to get into. I will admit that by the time I was halfway done I would have rather gouged my eyes out with a cafeteria spork that continue reading, but I pulled through, and I am way glad I did because after the shaky and slow beginning, I really [...]

    11. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyParanormal YA veteran Carrie Jones brings her romantic sensibilities and supernatural flare to a joint writing effort with horror scribe Steven E. Wedel in the standalone novel AFTER OBSESSION, a sort of teen version of Paranormal Activity meets interracial love story. Two authors means twice the talent and double the fun, right? Sadly not in this case. Carrie and Steven each created a character and took turns telling chapters from their POV. Carrie’s [...]

    12. After Obsession is maybe the only story about possession that I have read, liked and not been too scared to close my eyes and go to sleep. Kudos! I really enjoy Jones' writing style especially in her Need series; I think that she and new-comer and debut author Wedel pull off the dual alternating perspectives well here, a hard feat by my estimation. I will say that I found it doubtful that Aimee would have dumped Brandon, whom she's been dating forever, get over it and start dating Alan in less t [...]

    13. I’ve been trying to think of a polite way to write this, but I think the best thing would be to be honest. This book was terrible. The amount of clichés in these pages, not only in the characterizations but in the writing itself is astounding. The characters are less than one dimensional, with mood swings that baffle the reader. Some of their actions (like Aimee dropping the boyfriend she’s had for years after meeting a new, “hotter” guy in a day) make no logical sense whatsoever. Neith [...]

    14. I love Carrie Jones, and was insanely happy that I got to meet her at BEA, where I picked up a copy of this book.I enjoyed it immensely. I loved how it hopped between the two characters perspectives. Sometimes this is done poorly, but I don't think it was at all. The characters ere well drawn. I did not want to put it down. I stuck it over to my friends house and when she wasn't looking I would sneak peeks at it, trying to finish it as soon as possible. And I must say, the knife scene was insane [...]

    15. Originally posted at Read Me Bookmark Me Love MeAfter Obsession is a creepy supernatural read with some truly chilling moments - don't read it at night! If you're looking for a nice blend of romance and supernatural thriller, this is the book for you! Aimee Avery and Alan Parson alternate as narrators as they both deal with the consequences of a suspicious drowning. Courtney, Aimee's best friend and Alan's cousin, has summoned a ruthless demon in her attempts to bring back her dead father. Will [...]

    16. Das Fantasy Jugendbuch "Spirit - Du gehörst mir" aus der gemeinsamen Feder von Carrie Jones und Steven E. Wedel ist düster, magisch und absolut anders.Ausschlaggebend das Buch zu lesen war für mich das wunderschöne Cover. Allerdings hätte ich hinter diesem Jugendbuch niemals eine solche düstere Handlung erwartet, aufgrunddessen ist im Nachhinein betrachtet, das Cover sogar recht gruselig, aber absolut passend zum Inhalt gewählt. Als die Protagonistin Aimee von ihrem absoluten Lieblingsort [...]

    17. Okay let's get straight to the point. Overall this book was good. However there was a lot I liked about this book and a few parts that I didn't. I like the whole possession part of the story. I can see how someone would think of sacrificing their soul in a desperate attempt to save a loved one. What I don't really like is that this book was written as a young adult. I feel that I would have taken it more seriously if it were written as an adult book. I feel teenagers don't have the experience ne [...]

    18. This book was everything I despise. Insta-love, a terrible narrative, split perspectives, and two authors. I have never read a book by more than one author that I either (a), enjoyed; or (b), found to be enjoyable but riddled with errors.I came here for Carrie Jones. I read the Need series, and I loved the first three books and endured the last. So I thought something new and fresh from her would be just what I needed.Boy, was I wrong.The cover was lovely which reeled my silly little teenage sel [...]

    19. I decided to read this book cause i have been reading dytopian/utopian books lately and my system just craves for a YA Fantasy novel. The cover art really caught my attention , i mean come on. ain't the cover just so beautiful? really captivating if you ask meso what to say about the book? I think the book is kinda good the first couple of pages was tolerable, the first part of the book was kinda all over the place the plot was not that concrete and so does the characters. We are intoduce to a t [...]

    20. This book was absolutely amazing. Carrie Jones became one of my favorite YA authors last year when I happened across Need and quickly bought the series. After Obsession was another happy find. I hadn't realized it was coming and I jumped on it when I saw it released. I read it in two days, struggling to savor every gorgeous, intriguing, breath taking word as I raced from scene to scene, chapter to chapter dying to know what would happen next. Carrie crafts the best YA MCs, strong and good, flawe [...]

    21. I’ve been really excited to finally read a Carrie Jones novel, but after reading After Obsession, I can’t say I’m too impressed.The whole idea of possession and cool powers is a good idea, but I don’t think the authors executed it really well. I wish there would’ve been more intake on Aimee and Alan’s powers as well as more history on them. This story alternates point of views with Aimee and Alan which I liked. The relationship between Alan and Aimee seemed real and I liked how they [...]

    22. I knew that I wanted to read this (I really enjoyed the first two of Carrie Jones' Need trilogy---I haven't read the third yet) but I took the title to mean some sort of stalker-y goodness. I was wrong.There are four stages of demonic possession. Obsession is the third. After obsession? Full blown possession. Yes. This book deals with possession. AWESOME. As you (probably?) know, I am a huge, huge fan of scary movies and the ones that always creep me out the most? Possession ones.And this one? Y [...]

    23. Hey, kids! It's a YA paranormal done right! A fun and different story (certainly not what I was expecting), told in alternating point of views, which kept the voices nicely distinct. I also loved that the guy was half Navajo, and used Native American rituals and magic to fight the curse. I'm sad that there's not a sequel (at least thus far), because I would really like to see the further adventures of Aimee and Alan!

    24. I don't normally give out 1 star ratings. I have to really, really hate a book for me to give it the lowest rating, and the thing is, I don't really hate this book. It was just bad. It was boring and painful to read and I have no idea how I managed to make it to the end. The idea behind the book is good, I just think it was badly executed.

    25. Originally reviewed on The Book SmugglersAimee has always been a little different. Beautiful but withdrawn, Aimee has the ability to heal with her touch, and has frightening premonitions when she dreams. Though her gifts run strong, Aimee hides and pushes away her abilities for fear of ending up like her mother, who had similar powers but was consumed by madness, drowning herself in the river. While the loss of her mother leaves a huge hole in her family, Aimee struggles to maintain the balance [...]

    26. 3.5/5Aimee Avery is not like other girls her age. When she dreams, she sees flashes of the future – horrible images that she can’t stop from coming true. No-one knows her secret, though her dad suspects that Aimee maybe hiding something – just like her mother before her, who died. Alan Parson is keeping secrets too. He has his own spirit guide, and he also sees things – like Aimee, who he recognises from his visions the first time they meet in real life. Alan and Aimee are connected by t [...]

    27. Das Cover:Abgebildet ist ein kleiner See, rings herum hohe Bäume. Über dem See schwebt eine junge Frau barfuß in einem langen, matt-purpurfarbenen Kleid. Sie schaut meiner Meinung nach sehr besitzergreifend, streckt die Hände leicht zu den Seiten aus. Der Titel ist in einer sehr hübschen Schrift. Man kann viel in das Cover hineininterpretieren, aber alles in allem ist das Cover mit seinen hellen, aber doch recht kühlen Farben sehr passend zur Geschichte gestaltet worden. Mir persönlich ge [...]

    28. Told in alternating view points from Aimee and Alan, After Obsession is one heck of a paranormal thriller that will have you obsessed. An exciting blend of Indian mythology and demonic possession, this is a fast paced read that is guarantees a couple of chills as the plot barrels on to a satisfying ending. The alternating point of views made this novel special, especially since they were written by two separate people but jived so well together. I liked how powerful Aimee was and how she had a f [...]

    29. After Obsession Review at Fangs, Wands and Fairy DustBlogger copy received at Book Expo America without expectation of review.Authors:The writing team of Carrie Jones (Need, Captivate, Entice) and Steven E. Wedel (several prior publications) were hooked up by fellow author Melissa Marr (There is a big club, I knew it!) at a speed dating event at a conference in Oklahoma. Apparently, according tot the interview at the back of the book Steven tied Carrie up (taking away from the YA aspect here) an [...]

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