I Like it Here Garnet Bowen is a literary gent from Wales author of one obscure book disconsolate husband father and son in law When he gets an offer that requires travel to Portugal he figures it can t be worse

  • Title: I Like it Here
  • Author: Kingsley Amis
  • ISBN: 9780140028843
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • Garnet Bowen is a literary gent from Wales, author of one obscure book, disconsolate husband, father and son in law When he gets an offer that requires travel to Portugal, he figures it can t be worse than London But it is Kingsley Amis strikes again Not only is he funny and he is very funny, as anyone who has read LUCKY JIM knows his very absurdities are profound Garnet Bowen is a literary gent from Wales, author of one obscure book, disconsolate husband, father and son in law When he gets an offer that requires travel to Portugal, he figures it can t be worse than London But it is Kingsley Amis strikes again Not only is he funny and he is very funny, as anyone who has read LUCKY JIM knows his very absurdities are profound B O T Editorial Review Board

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    One thought on “I Like it Here”

    1. I read this as it was my book group's choice. Liked it as a quick read, though some of Amis' genial ranting became tedious to me.I was taken aback by the response of some book group's members: they struggled to finish the novel (and it's only a short one) as they had so taken against the narrative voice and Amis' presumably quasi-autobiographical protagonist, Garnet Bowen. I was not so minded, though I see their p.o.v I took Amis to be, at least at this stage of his career, affecting the grumpy [...]

    2. I have an increasing fondness for Kingsley Amis as a writer and, other than Lucky Jim, this is first of his books that I have read where I also have a significant empathy for the protagonist. This is slightly worrying as all of his protagonists are portrayed as fairly flawed human beings, often autobiographically sharing some of their flaws with the author. Amis had a few particularly famous flaws including some flashes of possible anti-Semitism, and towards the end of this book there is a hint [...]

    3. Li o último livro do autor, "A Sorte de Jim". Um bocado sem sal, com pouco do que o caracterizava como um livro divertido. Mas um autor não se deve analisar por apenas um livro. Pelo que surgiu a oportunidade de ler este "Gosto Disto Aqui", tido como <> e << O romance que a atribulada estadia em Portugal inspirou >>Comecei a ler e fui confrontado com páginas e páginas de referências a escritores e literatura inglesa. Posteriormente veio o assunto de política inglesa versu [...]

    4. Being a kind of ex-pat in Portugal myself who "likes it here", I read this brief novel from the 50s. The Portugal Amis evokes is the period of Salazar's despotic rule, but much of it is still very recognizable, especially among the ex-pats in the Estoril-Cascais area. Unfortunately, the novel doesn't really take off. Most of it is rather effete banter, nothing happens, and when the "hero" finally encounters an amorous Portuguese girl, he doesn't get beyond first base.

    5. A decent Amis: each sentence packed with wit (sometimes overstuffed) about a man who is forced to do something he hates and finds himself the same man he was afterwards. It lacked the depth of Lucky Jim, which is presumably why that work is so much easier to find than this. Still, an entertaining read.

    6. Amis's third novel, from 1958, is widely seen as one of his slightest and lightest. Perhaps not the best Amis to start with.A man called Bowen is our protagonist. He doesn't like the idea of going 'Abroad', which, for him, basically means the hot southern European countries lining the Mediterranean. He then has to spend a prolonged stretch of time, with his family, in Portugal.Bowen acts as commentator on the stupidity and unpleasantness that we meet in the course of the novel and, intelligent, [...]

    7. 1958. A fairly early novel, apparently.He seems to be writing the book that his main character decides to write [at the end of the story]. My attention wavered in and out, but there were many very funny sentences and incidents, esp. in the first half, and he does well at very much exaggerating the Englishman who is determined to dislike 'abroad' and everything associated with it. At the same time, he does a good job of noting, and often illustrating, the things about touring abroad that make peo [...]

    8. "Gosto Disto Aqui" tinha tudo para ser uma boa leitura: um escritor de qualidade inquestionável, uma sinopse que desperta curiosidade, a promessa de ser "ferozmente divertido" e uma capa que chama a atenção do leitor em qualquer livraria.Mas foi um banho de água fria. Personagens apáticas que nos fazem bocejar e que vamos esquecer quando chegarmos à última página, um profundo desinteresse em melhorar o cenário e envolver o leitor, um relato autobiográfico que ficaria bem numa gaveta pa [...]

    9. Soothing and breezy, like certain old films in which nothing much happens but the sets are well-dressed and the dialog is clever (if unnatural) and the locale is exotic but safe. Martin Amis fans will recognize Mark, from his familial association, not his prose style (Papa doesn't give him much to do or say). Lot's of good one-liners here and nearly every chapter ends with an arched brow. The book ends that way too and didn't everybody have a good time? Yes. Quite. Not quite.

    10. A weak novel. He must have felt that he could make some extra royalties out of stringing together his experiences in Portugal to form a novel. However it doesn't work. I bought it because I lived in Lisbon myself for 6 years in the 80s - but it brought few memories of that time back.

    11. Would have been five stars, but that dinner party scene was murder to read. I suppose it was intended that way, but still.Almost as funny as the novel itself are the Portuguese reviewers pretending to dislike the novel, no doubt in defense of their country's honor. Hilarious.

    12. Not much happens in this book, it plods along with characters that are funny and some eccentric and entertains you in a gentle way.

    13. Far from his best work, but still amusing. This wanted more long passages of hilarity and more redeeming qualities for the deeply flawed protagonist. I had hoped for more.

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