We the People An Introduction to American Politics None

  • Title: We the People: An Introduction to American Politics
  • Author: Benjamin Ginsberg Theodore J. Lowi Margaret Weir Robert J. Spitzer
  • ISBN: 9780393935653
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
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    • [PDF] Download » We the People: An Introduction to American Politics | by ✓ Benjamin Ginsberg Theodore J. Lowi Margaret Weir Robert J. Spitzer
      140 Benjamin Ginsberg Theodore J. Lowi Margaret Weir Robert J. Spitzer
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download » We the People: An Introduction to American Politics | by ✓ Benjamin Ginsberg Theodore J. Lowi Margaret Weir Robert J. Spitzer
      Posted by:Benjamin Ginsberg Theodore J. Lowi Margaret Weir Robert J. Spitzer
      Published :2019-01-09T04:28:40+00:00

    One thought on “We the People: An Introduction to American Politics”

    1. II can't believe itI've actually read a whole textbook cover to cover.Maybe I'll review this one later. You know, after the exam this book has spawned.

    2. For you poor souls dealing with Online Government/US Government out there: DO THE QUIZZES AT THE END OF EACH CHAPTER! They are superbly helpful and may mimic questions you'll encounter again. Also, the following links all have very good practice questions to help you breeze through the course: quizlet/Yesnatalieequizlet/Viiry_/folders/gowwnorton/college/polisThese question sets are lifesavers. No joke. Whoever made these deserves to be repeatedly commended for their efforts.Anyways, the greatest [...]

    3. This was a decent textbook. It was very up-to-date, which was nice, but the writing was rather mediocre and it was unclear at times. My biggest problem with this book is that it wasn't very neutral - it made an attempt, but you could tell that the author was a liberal (and I'm not one of those crazy conservatives who thinks everything but the Bible is liberal propaganda - I'm super liberal myself, but I still value neutrality in textbooks). The author would sometimes clearly promote certain idea [...]

    4. I read this book for my federal government class In fact, I nearly read it 2 times through and some of the chapters I read 3 times. It's very well organized, containing the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, a lot of all the presidents, etc. in the back. Most students didn't know about this unfortunately for them. lol I will caution that the quizzes in the back of the chapters have a misprint in the answer key. So please do not memorize the answers or you'll be shooting yourself in t [...]

    5. As far as text books go, this one was okay. The chapters were structured really well and the information was explained alright. Mt biggest probalem with this textbook was that there were times when the sentences were needlessly complex. I found myself engaged and focused one moment and completely spaced out the next. When I reread the part I spaced out, it was usually worded badly. Still, I learned a lot and the web site that goes with it provides some great study tools as well.

    6. When I first began reading this book I didn't think it was so bad. It was modern and updated, had lots of pictures and colors and was nicely organized. As I read through it ( I had to read the ENTIRE book for school) I began to get to the point where I dreaded even touching it. It was hard to comprehend at times and added too many unnecessary details. Worst of all there were typos EVERYWHERE.

    7. Strangely, I did the worst on the assigned quizzes for chapters that I found most interesting. Not sure how that worked out. Textbooks are textbooks. This one is okay for basic understanding of government and politics.

    8. The information given was much better than the text from the first time I took this class (110) --it covered things that I hadn't heard of until 311! There is, however, a very liberal bias to it. I would give it a 3.5 if I could.

    9. This is my second choice book to use as a textbook for Intro to AP. It seems very engaging and it emphasizes student involvement in politics.But it's not very structural, critical, or comparative. And those are things that I think a textbook should be.

    10. For a political science book this was not bad reading. As expected it did lean towards the left, but did try for middle ground. I did read the whole thing and learned a lot.

    11. Overall, a good textbook. Since my professor didn't go in chapter order, I read more of this textbook than I usually do during a semester. Well written and easy to understand.

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