The Final Eclipse Vanessa Serena Jimena Catty and Tiana are five seemingly ordinary girls from Los Angeles But the truth is that they are all far from ordinary They each have a secret power that separates them from

  • Title: The Final Eclipse
  • Author: Lynne Ewing
  • ISBN: 9781423108436
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vanessa, Serena, Jimena, Catty, and Tiana are five seemingly ordinary girls from Los Angeles But the truth is that they are all far from ordinary They each have a secret power that separates them from others and makes them Daughters of the Moon Now, on the eve of Vanessa s seventeenth birthday, the Daughters face their final battle against the evil Atrox But in savingVanessa, Serena, Jimena, Catty, and Tiana are five seemingly ordinary girls from Los Angeles But the truth is that they are all far from ordinary They each have a secret power that separates them from others and makes them Daughters of the Moon Now, on the eve of Vanessa s seventeenth birthday, the Daughters face their final battle against the evil Atrox But in saving the world will the Daughters lose each other

    • Unlimited [Ebooks Book] Î The Final Eclipse - by Lynne Ewing ✓
      386 Lynne Ewing
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    One thought on “The Final Eclipse”

    1. This was an extremely disappointing end to the whole series. We found out the Sons of the Dark are dead. What was the Legend of Four even supposed to accomplish? Clearly nothing. Lame.We find out there will be four new daughters, but I bet they're also going to be like fifteen and sixteen (most likely sixteen because Maddie in Sons of the Dark was CLEARLY meant to be one, and she was already able to drive on her own), so basically, they get one year to figure it all out before they either die or [...]

    2. Finally - this is the ending I was hoping for. Action packed and full of easy going details that really helped the story flow well. Although I would have liked to hear from all of the girls, rather than just having it told in Vanessa's point of view, it still was nice to hear a final goodbye from all of them. I like the idea that Jimena has plans to train a new round of Daughters. And I like that Vanessa is finally starting to accept her gift and like it, even though it's about time since it's t [...]

    3. I cannot BELIEVE that this book has an average rating of over 4 stars!!! COME ON!! I remember randomly grabbing the first book in this series and devoured them all. It took forever for this book to come out, and when it did, it's like she just threw a bunch of crap in there with the intention of tying up loose ends and FAILED. For a series that I loved(and love) so much, I expected so much better from the 'finale.' I was extremely disappointed, to say the least.

    4. The actual ending to the series that came out years after the other 12. It took me just a little over an hour to finish, but boy am I glad I found it. A very satifying ending to a great series to grow up with.

    5. this book is an interesting book. Its the last book of the series and it is mainly about what the girls choose to be.

    6. this book was about the final eclipse,not only of the world but also of the daughters of moon and there friendship.

    7. I began reading this series about 9 years ago and continued reading as new books came out. Therefore, this review is for the collection as a whole. I have to say that although it has taken a long time to finish, I greatly enjoyed the story. Lynne Ewing's writing, although simple and sometimes repetitive, gave sharp discriptions and decent character development. In general, it was a great teen series. I am very sure, at this point in my life, I would not have the same fulfillment from the series [...]

    8. I didn't like how this story ended! I understand that not everything ends just peachy but its still nice when it does in books. To me a happy ending is a nice little constant in books. I didn't want Catty to die or Jamina and Vanessa to forget. It's just frustrating that Vanessa's the only one left and she won't remember why everyone she loved is gone. There's my rant, that's all I have to say on it.

    9. I did not like this book at all. For one, it did not tie the loose ends!!! What happened to Maggie's baby??? Or what about Adamantis??? Who/what was the shadow at the end of the book??? Didn't they just kill the Atrox!!!?? I was hoping the book would have answered some questions and tied the loose ends.

    10. Well, it's a good conclusion. Vanessa loses her memory, Catty basically turns into a spirit of sorts after using the Secret Scroll against the Atrox, Jimena starts seeing into the future and accepts her duty, as the next Maggie. I'm not sure what happened to Tianna, but I think Selene took her. And Serena decides to stay with Stan in Nefandus, rather than living her life where there's a moon in the sky.Everything is wrapped up nice and tidy.

    11. The Final Eclipse In the 5th grade my friend and I just started playing the flute so we signed up for the school lessons. We wanted to be in the school band, so we went to all our lessons and the band teacher told us once we learned enough notes and we can play, then we could be in the band. We really wanted to be in the band with all our friends so we went to all the lessons and we practiced together after school at each others houses, and we never gave up. One day we went to our lesson and h [...]

    12. I'm so very sad this series is over. I can't imagine reading it back when it came out, and having to wait months upon months to get the next book. I devoured this entire series in less than 2 weeks! I am so glad there was a 13th book, because it answered all the questions. (Except Maggie's baby. Seriously, WHY DIDN'T THEY EVER TALK ABOUT HER BABY? Surely whoever her baby was had to have been important, right?) I was so saddened at the end of this book. I wasn't expecting all of the characters to [...]

    13. Overall I'd give this series 3.5 stars. It was entertaining enough to keep me reading but it got REALLY repetitive there at the end. And the finale? I was kind of disappointed honestly.SPOILERS:I mean, OK, so we are with Vanessa again, which kind of sucks, she's a bit of a downer. But what the hell really happened? OK, so Tianna just disappears, so does Catty, Jimena is the new Maggie, Vanessa makes her choice and Serena is with Stanton (about the only GOOD thing I think that happened). I get it [...]

    14. This is still a good book for the reluctant reader, teen girl. This final book for the series felt a bit like the author was phoning it in, though. In fact, the author says she thought she was done, but her fans clamored for another one.One of the things the girls always knew was that when they turned a certain age, they had to make a Choice. Either they would forget everything about being a goddess, or they wouldn't, but they would no longer be around, and what happens on the other side of that [...]

    15. AHH!! The very last one!! I looked for this book for years!! The author wasn't going to write this one!! I am so glad she did, or else we would have never known what would have happened!! The book before this leaves the ending completely open!! So many people asked her to write this book!! I, personally, am glad!!

    16. I have so freaking many unanswered questions. UGH. There should be a spin off (and I do mean more than Sons of the Dark, because as far as I recall they hadn't DIED in those books!!!) I really want freaking answers, this book left me an emotional wreck. I waited like 7 years to finally get my hands on this last book.

    17. I was very sad too see this book series finish. THis book was a great ending for all the books. Vanessa i feel you beucase u feel you would be by yaself becase serena decided too stay in the other world

    18. i'm sorry the series has ended. i couldn't put this book down. they left out who was maggie's child. i would like to think that it was stanton.

    19. Talk about a bad ending. It makes me mad just thinking about it. Terrible ending to a great series. Hate that I have to say that. I tried to like it, but I just couldn't.

    20. This is only getting one star because of Stanton and Serena. If not for them, it'd have 0. It was quite obvious that Ewing had stopped caring about this series and it's spin-off, Sons of the Dark, and just wanted to end them. She put no effort into this; she left plot-holes unsolved. She had all this potential and built-up from the other 16 books and did nothing with any of it. Reading DotM and SotD was like going to DisneyWorld everyday and this was one was going to a regular playground and bei [...]

    21. Overall an enjoyable book and story. Some of the endings are what you might expect- good vanquishes evil yada yada but there are a few nice twists that make this book interesting and a satisfying finale to the series.

    22. Toward the beginning of high school, possibly 9th grade, I read my very first "Daughters of the Moon" book. I read book two of the series first. Then I read the first second. I continued reading the series out of order, because I was interested in Serena and Vanessa's life but I didn't care too much for Catty's and I didn't like Jimena's character at all. (I ended up coming back and reading Catty's; however, I actually never read any of Jimena's books.) But even reading out of order and skipping [...]

    23. CHECKED OUT THE BOOK FROM MY PUBLIC LIBRARY.APART OF THE 2011 READING CHALLENGE.2ND REVIEW. 1ST REVIEW IS HERE.Review/Rating:5 out of 5After a long time of being trapped in Nefandus, Vanessa is finally able to escape from Nefandus. However, she had to leave Serena behind, and now , Vanessa must rescue her before the final eclipse and her seventeenth birthday.I decided to do a better review of the Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing since my first ones weren’t done very well. This book [...]

    24. This is the last book in a 13 book series for teenage girls. I've enjoyed the entire series and the message that Lynne Ewing has for all girls that we are each goddesses in our own right. I liked reading a series that advocates for girls to think before they act, while still capturing the angst that so many teens face.This book and the previous one, The Becoming, are both the darkest books in the series. The endings to both books are bittersweet and left me feeling somewhere between nostalgic an [...]

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