The Necromancer SYNOPSISTHE NECROMANCER Omar Satinov the Necromancer has become a secret whispered legend across several continents His lure is a mystical religion based upon Witchcraft his hook the natural herba

  • Title: The Necromancer
  • Author: P.M. Richter
  • ISBN: 2940011865374
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Nook
  • SYNOPSISTHE NECROMANCER Omar Satinov, the Necromancer, has become a secret, whispered legend across several continents His lure is a mystical religion based upon Witchcraft his hook, the natural herbal products that addict his followers But does he really have supernatural powers, as many of his disciples believe Michelle perceived a kind of magic when she met Omar, SYNOPSISTHE NECROMANCER Omar Satinov, the Necromancer, has become a secret, whispered legend across several continents His lure is a mystical religion based upon Witchcraft his hook, the natural herbal products that addict his followers But does he really have supernatural powers, as many of his disciples believe Michelle perceived a kind of magic when she met Omar, dazzled by the handsome, charismatic, wealthy older man Older men seem safer, less likely to become ardently aggressive in a bout of excess testosterone Michelle was brutally attacked while on a business trip in Las Vegas The police didn t believe her and thought she must have lured a man up to her locked hotel room for a little sexual adventure, which went dangerously out of control Michelle sustained visible scars from the terrifying and almost lethal attack, but the scars on the inside motivated the move from her home in California to Hawaii Now she has a successful career and she figures abstinence is an acceptable, if lonely, way to live Michelle decides that an affair with Omar might cure her of the humiliating, embarrassing, and uncontrollable anxiety attacks which plague her whenever she finds herself alone with a man How could she know that she made the worst possible choice

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    One thought on “The Necromancer”

    1. Being from Honolulu myself, I really enjoyed the references to some of my old haunts in Necromancer. However, I never knew so much intrigue was going on! The story takes tropical everyday and twists a nice dose of magic into it so convincingly you'll swear you've seen it yourself. The characters grow into personalities that showcase Ms. Richter's talent for infusing life into her story. They all move in their own directions, set loose by her words and pace.Get this on the Kindle, take your sun h [...]

    2. I am giving this book three stars because while entertaining some of the events and characters in this book are just preposterous and silly.For example, Heather, the best friends, seems to have the emotional and social maturity of a thirteen year old. The professor cannot seem to make up his mind rather he believes in the paranormal and witchcraft or not. He also speaks during different parts of the book about Wiccans and Satanists and in both cases what he has to say is laughably incorrect. The [...]

    3. First and foremost this is not a book I would recommend for anyone under 17 there is a bit of the story that includes rape which well is quite descriptive and chilling. The story I felt is more about Michelle and Omar. The story takes place in Hawaii. Michelle having had terrible ordeals in her past, including drinking is quite the timid about men to the point of panic. She is however also very strong and loyal and that character really evolves later in the book.Omar totally a dark wicked necrom [...]

    4. This story introduces us to Michelle, who is a hard working property manager. She has a fear of men due to a brutal attack suffered in a hotel room. She finds solace working hard, taking karate lessons and trying to continue working on her sobriety.She meets a man named Omar, and there is a weird attraction to him. Not really a romantic attraction but some sort of draw to this guy. So Michelle decides, why not try to use this guy to get over her phobia of men since she isn’t really in danger o [...]

    5. Couldn't make up my mind whether to award 4 or 5 stars. Description of Hawaiian Isles, use, knowledge & understanding of psychology within her characters situations & throughout her story, accurate research of Pagan/Wiccan religions and characters actions linked to this; are all extremely good and worthy of 5 stars.One or two things particularly literacy errors reduced the book down to perhaps 4 stars. I've gone with overall 5 stars as budding authors need encouragement.I look forward to [...]

    6. Having read my fair share of paranormal books generally in young adult this particular story is a refreshing departure. Some what creepy and thrilling with mystery and a bit of a historic lesson regarding the occult. Certainly for mature readers as the content deals with rape and murder.I also have to note that I loved the setting in Hawaii. It is a perfect choice for those Halloween challenges. My second book by this author and I'm definitely looking forward to reading my third.

    7. I have read a lot of paranormal lately, although it's not really my "norm". Almost all are on the cozy side, not really BAD witches, etc. This one, however, is a radical change to what I've been reading. The Necromancer is, in a word, WICKED! He sets his sights on his perfect mate, and goes all out to get her. This will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat in amazement, as he exhibits more & more satanic attributes.

    8. I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters especially Michelle and Omar was just creepy. The ending wrapped up nicely. A great read for .99 and I would have gladly paid more.

    9. This was a different genre for me. Last time I read anything like it was many years ago when I read Dracula. Liked the writing style: fast moving and worldly (for lack of a better word that I can think of). Don't think I will get further into the witchcraft genre, but my compliments to Pamela Richter for an exciting job of story telling.

    10. SummaryDon't let the cover fool you. This isn't a light hearted fantasy or romance. The Necromancer by Pamela Richter is the story of Michelle, a young woman who has survived a brutal rape and built a new life in Hawaii. When her new neighbor Omar moves into her building, everything starts going wrong with Michelle's life, even as she tries to convince herself everything is fine. This book is full of dark magic, evil intent, and horrifying consequences. Fear not, everyone gets what they truly de [...]

    11. This review was originally posted on Big Al's Books and Pals review blog on Monday, December 3, 2012This is a dark character driven story and the author spends a lot of time developing her main characters and giving us a detailed history of the mystical religion based upon Witchcraft. Michelle is a strong character in this story, despite her anxiety attacks and being a recovering alcoholic. Omar is evil personified, with a handsome face that lures you in like a drug, which he uses to control his [...]

    12. The story gives a lot of background information about Witchcraft which I kind of found interesting. I mean I guess it needed to be said but what the author intended certainly superceded its unrealistic paranormal vibe. After all Wicca is considered a religion and rape is a serious crime. Those facts alone are what make this story kinda scary.Were it not for this book I would've never known, for example, that the religion of witchcraft has over 200,000 adherents in the United States, alone. There [...]

    13. What an interesting take on witchcraft, magic, and the paranormal. I originally picked up this ebook on amazon before the tour was announced. And then I figured since I had it, I should use my money spent in a productive way. Lol!let me start by saying this is not on the side of lighter happier stories. It’s dark, sometimes gruesome and pretty scary. It’s got a more serious tone and you are literally in the head of a total serial psychopath! It’s also got the main character going through s [...]

    14. The Necromancer is the story of Michelle. She is the survivor of a brutal attack that occurred while she was living in Vegas. Michelle decides to start life anew in Hawaii, and begins taking her life back. She is a very career driven woman, and she learns karate for protection and empowerment. Her only problem is her social life; it is stifled because of her fear of men. She meets Omar, and decides he is the one that will get her over her fear, but something about him just isn’t right.I may be [...]

    15. (Disclosure - I received this book free in an author giveaway.)This book and I got off to a rough start. Initially, many of the characters were either unlikeable or too inconsistent for me to care about. Michelle, the main character, seems rather chilly, distant and intelligent, yet simultaneously stupid and unthinking in ways that don't really add up for me. I also got hung up on some errors that I encountered in the book - common misspellings and homonym errors - as well as some facts that did [...]

    16. I can't decide if I like this book or not. It went back and forth between being completely gripping and tedious. One problem I had was Michelle is a woman who was sexually assaulted, yet she keeps hanging around this weird guy. I understand that Omar has this strange power over her, and that Michelle thinks she is being paranoid thanks to her previous experience, but Michelle continuously comments on how creepy she finds him, yet she keeps dating him. It makes no sense. It is explained a little [...]

    17. Michelle was savagely raped and then almost gutted by her rapist. She still has debilitating panic attacks around men. Children are taken out of the equation. She is also a recovering alcoholic. Fast forward. Michelle is now in charge of the operations of many high end buildings/properties in Hawaii. Her bosses expect only the best and she gives it. She meets a captivating man and agrees to meet with him for drinks (hers will be non-alcoholic of course). His name is Omar and he has a mesmerizing [...]

    18. After being brutally attacked in her Las Vegas hotel room, Michelle Montgomery decided to move to Hawaii to make a new start. Having troubles being around men, Michelle, a hotshot property manager, decides she needs to change. She decides to have an affair with a strange tenant of her condo, Omar Sativov. But, Omar turns out to be more than merely strange; he’s into witchcraft and believes he can communicate with the spirits of the dead. Worse, wherever he goes, death seems to follow him.As th [...]

    19. This was a well written, entertaining story. The characters were all well rounded and seemed real. The main character, Michelle (Shelly to her friends) is someone I'd love to be friends with. She was the victim or a horrific attack that forever changed her and she is still dealing with the residual emotional toll it has taken on her. However, she has a great and lucrative job that she loves and a best friend and neighbor, Heather and she is happily living in Hawaii. Then Omar, the handsome, exot [...]

    20. This books is completely chilling and creepy.I would have given the book another star except for all the descriptive off camera recaps of several different rapes that happen in the story. They are pretty gruesome and honestly as a women I don't need to read about rape I get it I don't need all the gory details. This book is defiantly for older audiences. The end kinda of petered out as well I'm not sure if she's planning a sequel or not, but there really is no true resolve to the story. I almost [...]

    21. I found the start of this book to be pretty slow. Before I got to reach the middle I was not sure if I would go on reading it, then the story started to gain a bit of momentum as the characters and their relationships began to make more sense. I didn't relate to the moments of empathy the heroine felt for her nemesis nor the "fits of laughther" moments in the middle of the crisis. This story was mildly entertaining, and the descriptions of the hawaiian scenery were pretty good.

    22. Unfortunately there were several negatives on this book. The main thing is that I just didn't care for it. But it also has need of editing with some of the flaws being ones that really bugged me. And it has two errors: a character mix up and a more serious issue that a woman who can't take pills would never have a prescription for sleeping pills

    23. I gave this book 3 stars for a couple reasons. The story itself was a great concept. The characters were quite good. Yet, at times the story seemed to drag out. I noticed quite a few editing errors. The author went into to much detail on some things. I do appreciate that Pamela M. Richter gave me a good story. Over all, I would recommend reading this book.

    24. Good read, the beginning was a little tedious and, to be honest, I almost stopped reading. The completionist in me kept reading because I wanted to give this book a chance, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised as it was overall a great story with an interesting twist. I especially enjoyed the background information on Witchcraft; that part was very well done.

    25. This was an awesome read!!!! Very easy to read, a great story, pulling you in with the story. Fantastic and very well written. Would love to get ahold of the next oneSpooky, had me almost pulling my hair out and totally biting my nails. Michelle's character is extremely strong and easy to fall in love with. Very descriptive, scary, suspensive!!!!! Must read~~

    26. I didn't enjoy this book at all. There was a reason they offered it for free. Some people may enjoy it, but it's just not my thing! I wanted to stop reading several times, but I'm the type that always has to finish a book once I start. Oh well. Moving on!

    27. Started really slow and continued that way i was dutifully waiting for the book to finish nothing really caught my attention, the things that did attract my interest were not built upon. The "magic" was all over the place and how it was portrayed undermined the abilities in my opinion.

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