The Pirate s Son year old Nathan dreams of fighting pirates in faraway lands Then his father dies leaving Nathan penniless When Tamo the son of a famous pirate invites Nathan to join him in Madagascar it seems a

  • Title: The Pirate's Son
  • Author: Geraldine McCaughrean
  • ISBN: 9780590203487
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • 14 year old Nathan dreams of fighting pirates in faraway lands Then his father dies, leaving Nathan penniless When Tamo, the son of a famous pirate, invites Nathan to join him in Madagascar it seems as if Nathan s daydreams are coming true Nathan, his sister Maud, and Tamo seem to find adventure and danger everywhere.

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      164 Geraldine McCaughrean
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    1. Nathan had almost always dreamed of pirates back at Graylake School. When he and his sister, Maud, become orphaned after their father suddenly dies, they leave England with the famous pirate’s son, Tamo White after he offers them a place to stay. They sail away to far away Madagascar where they settle in with a subtle and quite peaceful village. But soon, Tamo’s treacherous past is revealed and the three then lived with merciless buccaneers and pirates. Now they must drive the pirates out [...]

    2. McCaughream me sorprende por su facilidad con la cual puede hablar de piratas, domina todos los modismos, y las acciones dignas de un corsario, por este libro y otros más seguramente pudo obtener el premio para realizar la segunda parte oficial de Peter Pan, más por supuesto los diversos premios que ha obtenido por sus otros diversos libros. La historia de estos 3 personajes que por razones del destino terminan en un viaje por la mar, envuelve entre aventuras y desafíos inimaginables una bien [...]

    3. Read in 2005, review from then;This book wasn't that good either. It was called, "The Pirate's Son" and that character was fairy cool, but the book focused more on the friend of the boy, Nathan. (starting and ending the book with the most boring and annoying character isn't cool.) Nathan was a stupid boy obsessed with being christian, who hated pirates, but was fascinated by stories of them.Nathan had a sister that was better than him, but still not all that great. And she lied to the Pirate's s [...]

    4. This is one of my favorite books ever, and I know that it’s weird and probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but I adored it. It’s in the 1700s and about an English boy and his sister who end up traveling with an awesome boy named Tamo who happens to be a pirate’s son, to Madagascar, where they live with natives and meet nasty pirates and… I don’t even know. I JUST LOVE IT OKAY? <3 I’ve read it like three times. I randomly got it at a library sale (I think because I liked Peter Pan [...]

    5. Nathan Gull's father died penniless, so Nathan is thrown out of his school. Another student, Tamo, is the son of a pirate. He decides to return to his homeland of Madagascar, and he takes Nathan and his sister Maude, along. Their ship's captain betrays them, trying to sell Maude to pirates. The three struggle to suvive the troubles Tamo's past brings.

    6. Nathan has read everything on pirate's he can find. When he is kicked out of school,after his father died penniless, he finds his dream comes true to go to sea. The pirate's son, Tamo, takes Nathan and sister Maude to Madagascar. Nathan's dream soon becomes a nightmare, but Mousie Maude finds herself. A book that is definitely for young adult students or adults.

    7. Plundering Paradise is the first book I have read set in Madagascar and it was a thoroughly enjoyable adventure, made more so because Maud, the female character in the book has the strongest spirit throughout!

    8. Great YA book. The title is deceiving, it's more about a quiet orphan girl than her brother. They take off with pirates and she is the smart one that gets them out of many tough places. Coming of age novel that's can inspire young girls.

    9. An okay book. I found it hard to understand to while i was reading it. It was hard to tell who characters where at some times. It was a boring book i thought and i board reading it all the time. It was hard to follow along with the book too.

    10. I have to read this for school and I hate it! It's the most boring book I have ever read! Please DO NOT READ! And maybe you will like it but this is just my opinion so don't take it personally if you like it.

    11. A rollicking tale of three children cast adrift at sea in the clutches of n’er-do-well pirates – brilliantly written, recommended!

    12. Kind of slow. Didn't care for writing style. Boys father dies. He and sister join pirate's son to Madagascar, and live with the natives. But there are other pirates on the reef

    13. An excellent ripping yarn in a spectacular setting, even if porcupines shouldn't have appeared in the cast - Madagascar has some much stranger prickly fellows called tenrecs.

    14. Enjoyable and well-done. I especially enjoyed the last quarter of the book. It kept getting better and better. :-)

    15. Themes of trying to escape fate. Well-plotted and described, but seems to have an anti-Christian agenda. Unrealistic view of happiness of the natives.

    16. Loved this. I enjoyed this more than I expected to. Kind of "Dickenesque" - or maybe it's just the period that creates this feeling,

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