The Book of Proper Names To have an extraordinary life Lucette believes one must have an extraordinary name Horrified by the pedestrian names her husband chooses for their unborn child Tanguy if it s a boy Joelle if it s a

  • Title: The Book of Proper Names
  • Author: Amélie Nothomb Shaun Whiteside
  • ISBN: 9780312320553
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To have an extraordinary life, Lucette believes, one must have an extraordinary name Horrified by the pedestrian names her husband chooses for their unborn child Tanguy if it s a boy, Joelle if it s a girl , Lucette does the only honorable thing to save her baby from such an unexceptional destiny she kills her spouse While in prison, Lucette gives birth to a daughter To have an extraordinary life, Lucette believes, one must have an extraordinary name Horrified by the pedestrian names her husband chooses for their unborn child Tanguy if it s a boy, Joelle if it s a girl , Lucette does the only honorable thing to save her baby from such an unexceptional destiny she kills her spouse While in prison, Lucette gives birth to a daughter to whom she bequeaths the portentous name of an obscure saint, Plectrude, before hanging herself From her beginnings, Plectrude seems fated for a life like no other Raised by an indulgent and adoring aunt, she is a dreamy child who is discovered to have enormous gifts as a dancer Accepted at Paris s most prestigious ballet school, Plectrude devotes herself to artistic perfection, giving dance her heart and soul and ultimately her body As her world shatters as easily as her bones, she learns to survive in the only way she knows how by committing an act of deadly self preservation her mother would have understood best.

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    One thought on “The Book of Proper Names”

    1. Con cada libro más que leo de Nothomb me sucede que pierde algo. En «Cosmética del asesino» percibí ese epílogo de un párrafo final como lo más innecesario que he visto en mucho tiempo. En esta novela sucede algo similar. Las novelas se desploman al final. Caen en picado y echan a perder el poco o mucho/ buen o mal trabajo de la novela.¿Por que leer a Nothomb? Siendo honesto: porque puedo leerla en una tarde, o en un viaje en autobús. La leo, porque a pesar de todo lo que no dice, dice [...]

    2. Amélie Nothomb ist einfach eine Heldin der skurrilen Geschichten und besondereren Persönlichkeiten, all das spürt man hier beim Lesen wieder deutlich. Es ist eine Geschichte, wie ich sie schätze: kurzweilig (aber nicht gedankenlos), unterhaltsam (aber nicht niveaulos) und spannend. Auf wenigen Seiten erzählt sie hier beinah von einem ganzen Leben. Einem Leben, von dem ich nicht weiß, ob ich glauben kann, dass es so tatsächlich passiert sein soll. Aber das spielt auch gar keine Rolle, denn [...]

    3. This is an unusual book for me. First of all, the arc/rhythm of this book. This book starts with strong and bold introduction. A story about a happy couple, in love and in trance with each other embraces and affections. Both consummate and the girl pregnant, too soon by age but ripe enough with the idea. The girl, Lucette carrying a baby of 8 months, rubs her belly and wish that soon she will have a baby that interest in the idea of becoming a dancer. The father, Fabien who are far from reach wh [...]

    4. Unusual and charming is definitely this author's trademark.Plectrude, is the daughter of Lucette, born from tragedy she is raised by her mother's sister and is permitted to live a most unusual life. Nothing is too good for her and there is nothing that pleases her that her adoptive parent won't offer her.She is a quite, dreamlike child. She enters a dance school after she is unable to adapt to the normal children's school. Her dreams and magic are slowly being erased in the dance school where th [...]

    5. I often find Nothomb a little bit too keen to shock. Her stories often contain such implausible elements -- presented as if they were mere nothings -- as to render the whole thing just slightly ridiculous. In addition, her books are usually too short. Once you've managed to get somewhat into the story, it's over. And here that's a shame, because the ballet school part was really good. That could have been developed into a much more powerful novel, but then Nothomb has to go and ruin it with exag [...]

    6. Name ist Schicksal. Davon ist Lucette überzeugt, als sie ein Kind erwartet. Diesem Kind soll ein aufregendes Leben vergönnt sein, deshalb entscheidet Lucette sich für die totale Extravaganz, für einen Namen, den sie in einem Lexikon des 19 Jahrhunderts gefunden hat: sie nennt ihr Kind Plectrude.Dieses Buch hat mich überrascht, zum Lachen gebracht, unterhalten, in Spannung versetzt, verzaubert, berührt, gefesselt, erstaunt und meinen Wortschatz erweitert und das auf 147 Seiten. Highlight. [...]

    7. Ayer le comentaba a una amiga que yo soy una fangirl de Nothomb. Sin embargo, eso no debería nublar mi vista de lo que realmente me pasó con este libro. Por lo general un autor no necesariamente deslumbra con todas sus creaciones y muchas veces nos topamos con una historia de nuestro autor favorito que no nos convence del todo. Este es el caso. (view spoiler)[ La historia me pareció preciosa hasta cierto punto, hasta el minuto en que Mathieu Saladin pronuncia el nombre de Plectrude en el puen [...]

    8. Пропуснах странния разказ за живота на Плектруда - момичето с очи на танцьорка, когато се появи на българския пазар преди повече от пет години. Напоследък съм се заела да наваксвам заглавия, които спечелиха популярност, но до които аз поради някаква причина все не стигах.Хм, [...]

    9. "But being ten years old is the best thing that can happen to a human being."Regrettably The Book of Proper Names (2002), my seventh short novel by Amelie Nothomb, does not come close to the greatness of her masterpiece Loving Sabotage or two other outstanding novelsThe Character of Rain andHygiene and the Assassin. So while I really wanted to love this book by one of my favorite authors it has left me feeling less than enthusiastic.The protagonist of the story is a girl named Plectrude, so name [...]

    10. I had very high expectations for this book. Famed author, intriguing title. I was anticipating something as exceptional as, for example, a novel written in the non-linear format of a dictionary. Now that would've been really innovative. But the real book was a disappointment and not because of its traditional format or the plot itself. Plectrude was born in prison since her mother killed her father: she didn't want for her child the mediocre name he had chosen. She wanted an exceptional name ins [...]

    11. The simple storybook narrative style of this piece is somewhat misleading. On the surface this is a post-modern interpretation of Cinderella & other 'princess' tales, but there's also more. There are snippets of feminist critique (on motherhood, on ideals of beauty, etc), there are pointed comments on the process of learning and the limitations of the educational system, as well as lighthearted yet profound insights into anorexia. On top of it all, there is Amelie Nothomb toying with her rea [...]

    12. If I could give this one lower than a one-star rating I would. What a pointless book. The only good thing I can say for it was that it wasn't long. Oh, and I got it at the library, so I didn't pay for it. This is the story of a teenage girl who gets pregnant and then decides the baby's father will not be a good father, so she kills him, goes to jail, has the baby in jail, gives her a horrible name (Plechtrude) and then kills herself. The baby is raised by her aunt, becomes an anorexic ballerina, [...]

    13. Nothomb is a tough cookie to fathom. Her books are simple and short, predictable to the point of cliché, and yet eminently readable. She doesn't mess around. She tells the story as fast as possible and leaves the reader in a glow. That is clever.This novella is a riff on the child-prodigy-runs-into-obstacles theme, with an undercurrent of murder and madness. Nothomb does a good job playing with these clichés, moulding them into something original with wit and panache.(NB: I think I've used the [...]

    14. Il y a ça et là quelques pages à sauver. Le reste est le synopsis au style à la fois creux et lourd d'une histoire qui s'attarde systématiquement sur les moments les moins intéressants. Au final, on s'en fout. Et je devrais retirer une étoile pour les dialogues sans vie, surtout ceux des 'enfants'.

    15. Из архивите - рецензия за в. "Гласове".Нотомб на лов за себе си "Речник на собствените имена", Амели Нотомб, прев. Светла Лекарска, "Колибри", 2006 г.Защото това не е търсене, а лов – със страст, коварство и оръжие. По двойки – тя (сама) и то (скрито). Всичко в книгите на тази жена е отн [...]

    16. Desde hace algún tiempo he venido escuchando acerca de esta escritora y me di cuenta que tiene muchos libros en su haber, (desde 1992 ha publicado uno por año o.O), por lo que no sabía con cual empezar, pero hace poco conseguí Diccionario de nombres propios y, aunque deseaba empezar por uno de sus libros autobiográficos, éste era el que había y además, fue una grata primera experiencia con la autora, quizá no todo lo que esperaba, pero el resultado final es muy satisfactorio.En cada res [...]

    17. Ovo je prvi roman od ove autorice koji sam pročitala i naravno, nisam ostala ravnodušna. Sama priča počinje ljubavlju između devetnaestogodišnjakinje, trudne Luccete i devetnaestogodišnjaka Fabiena, koji su u braku. Oboma se s vremenom brak čini kao nešto konfuzno i nimalo romantično. Ona očekivanja koje su oboje imali prije, dok su se igrali mame i tate ,rasplinula su se kao mjehuri od sapunice.Jednog dana Lucette koja je bila u 8. mjesecu trudnoće, a kojoj je beba u trbuhu stalno [...]

    18. Ci provo -anche se mi sembra che il pensiero sia ancora un po' acerbo-.Perché continuo a leggere, senza stancarmi, la Nothomb -e a consigliarla anche-? Non solo perché i suoi romanzi, d'invenzione o autobiografici, si divorano nel giro di un pomeriggio o poco più. Non tanto per la sua ironia, che mi strappa il sorriso, benevolo più che amaro, di cui sento, così spesso, d'avere bisogno. Instancabile, la leggo soprattutto per la sua capacità di rendere lo spirito carne. Già per Né di Adamo [...]

    19. Nun endlich: mein erstes Amélie Nothomb Buch wäre geschafft. Schon lange wollte ich mich ihrer Literatur witmen, aber wie es immer so ist, es kommt was dazwischen. Aber bei einem 2,50 € Angebot (das übrigens nichts über die Qualität des Buchs aussagt) von zweitauseneins konnte ich nciht widerstehen.Das dünne büchlein war schnell geschafft, genauer gesagt innerhalb eines Tages. Das lag nicht an den nicht mal 150 Seiten, nein, sondern an der süchtigmachenden, berührenden Geschichte.Was [...]

    20. Whimsical, playful, fairy-tale like, short, and lots of very natural sounding dialogue, an ideal read to take your mind away.Nineteen year old Lucette murders her husband, not because he was bad, but becuase he was mediocre. The proof? He wanted to give their as yet unborn child a normal name, like Joelle or Tanguy. Lucette calls the baby Plectrude and then commits suicide. Naturally Plectrude is bound to have a most singular destiny, enjoying childhood as if it were a kind of magic kingdom wher [...]

    21. Gothic Nirvana! Each novella I read by Nothomb makes my skin go all bumpy. She oozes such beautiful, dark, twisted and elegant writing. This story follows the tragic story of Plectrude, an orphan taken in by her Aunt. The background of this girl is tragic and what happens throughout the story is deeply tragic. TRAGEDY! Oh, how I love thee. For some reason I'm pulled in when a story contains anything twisted, dark and tragic. I believe it must be due to the fact that this makes something unusual, [...]

    22. I finished this in one subway round trip plus 5 minutes - a lovely little book! I'm rapidly becoming a fan of Nothomb. I find her style whimsical but profoundly insightful. This is a pointed critique of a culture - in this case western girlhood and its relentless emphasis on beauty and romance. Luckily Plectrude has an inner strength which allows her to recognize the threats (most of the time) and survive. I didn't care much for the ending, but that's the point - I'm a western woman and didn't l [...]

    23. If you like absurd literature, if you've tried and enjoyed Amelie Nothomb before, this is the book for you. This was an incredibly fast and entertaining read for me. Behind the touch of absurd there's always an obsession, a passion, a psychosis that gets rid of the randomness I expected from such a book. The ending was so twisted, I'm not going to say anything about it because I'd make my review spoilery. I'd only say Amelie Nothomb added such an unexpected touch to it.

    24. Бесподобное сочетание сюжета и идеи. Абсурдная история жизни девочки со странным именем Плектруда. Умственная отсталость или искрометное чувство юмора. Любовь до гроба или ненависть. Убийство или воскрешение из жизни. Всё это вы найдете на страницах романа "Словарь имен с [...]

    25. sonu o kadar oldubittiye getirilmiş ve kötü olmuş ki yazar tüm hikayeye yazık etmiş. yine de nothomb'un kısacık romanlarını okumak zevkli.

    26. A good book The pages flow very fast. I really liked the beginning and the characters are very interesting.

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