Pride During the Depression a year old boy befriends a carnival stuntman and his lion cub and learns about the meaning of family loyalty love and survival

  • Title: Pride
  • Author: William Wharton
  • ISBN: 9781557042590
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • During the Depression, a 10 year old boy befriends a carnival stuntman and his lion cub and learns about the meaning of family, loyalty, love, and survival.

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    One thought on “Pride”

    1. Pride was the perfect title for a perfect book. It had the best message/moral in a book that I've read in a long time. William Wharton's writing transports you back to the days the follow the Depression. It's warm, it's about people, about growing up, about family. Some thought-provoking quotes:In one place, 10-year-old Dickie talks about how he's too old to sit on his parents' laps, then says, "Those things seemed to stop, to end, without my hardly noticing them. I might never sit on anybody's [...]

    2. This is one of my favorite books. It's the story of a young boy who learns that while his father is human he still is an extraordinary man. The family has fled from union unrest to vacation at the shore during off season. While father spends his days concerned with the family's safety, young Dickie becomes obsessed with the fate of a lion kept captive in a cage on the boardwalk. I started reading and fell in love with Wharton's works in high school. I think the thing that impressed me most about [...]

    3. Definitely one of the lightest, sweetest, but also most memorable, and oddly-perfect modern novels. A book which would fit almost any need. Its profound but entertaining; it yields richly-drawn characters yet they are ones taken from the utterly simplest walks-of-life; it is historical fiction but with a timeless quality.If none of this matters to you, forget it all and let's just make it this: you will never find another novel in which a full-grown African lion zooms around the inside of a huge [...]

    4. I think my mom gave this to me awhile back from her book collection, and I finally got around to reading. It was great, and I think that anyone who liked "Water for Elephants" would really enjoy this.

    5. I never did like "Birdy." Actually, I don't like any other books written by William Wharton, unfortunately. But I loved Pride. Almost 20 years later, it is still one of my favorite books.

    6. This book is like no other. It's complicated. Very complicated. It's the tale of two tales, of people in similar situations, tied together by its title of two meanings, Pride. Pride is an emotion when one shows blankly content towards one's actions, or someone else's actions. Pride is also a group of lions, that revolve around each other like clique. This is the story of a man's journey, from impeccably witty to unsuccessful and lost, the owner of a lone lion, and a boy growing in the Depression [...]

    7. This is a wonderful book with great characters that seem very real at times. I failed to give it 5 stars over the ending. It is still a great read.

    8. В началото ми беше леко скучно (но и още от началото се усеща нещо толкова топло и човешко) След средата обаче започна да ми става доста интересно, дори да си задавам въпроса „какво ще стане по-нататък” – не заради обичайното любопитство, а защото чрез всяко събитие Уортън [...]

    9. NOBODY CAN LET ANYBODY ELSE , NOT EVEN A LION, OUT OF A CAGE. That one line made this a great book. The first part left me not wanting to go on but he second part was great then the third terrible again. It did all come together some how, am not sure how and was surprised that it did. THis is one of those books that you remember 30 years later. I think it was even better than BIRDY. It was a very simple story with very wise thoughts.

    10. Въпреки че преводачка е Иглика Василева, по мое мнение проблемът с думичката "pride" не е решен по възможно най-добрия начин. Една бележка под линия може да свърши чудеса, за да стане ясно защо семейството на лъва е неговата гордост и лъвският прайд да не се нарича "стадо". Като и [...]

    11. I read this book, tense with fear, knowing that terrible things happen when animals are featured in books yet hoping for a happy ending. And I read the ending, holding back sobs, knowing that this book has the best possible ending and maybe even a better one than I'd wished for. I'm still sad, but filled with love and hope and admiration at the same time. The Kettlesons are good people. Love!

    12. Also set during the depression and involving show animals, this story has some similarities in theme and conclusion to "Water for Elephants" but is overall different enough to say that both are well worth reading. I liked this one a little bit more.

    13. Willaim Wharton can write and tell a story. Look through bars and you'll never get any pleasure out of life.

    14. William Wharton is soon becoming one of my favourite writers. This book (as the others) has rich characters. It was a pleasure to read and makes one one to read all the other.

    15. Невероятна история и връзка между хора и животни. Последните, по-добри от всички нас.

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