Last Lovers This love story by the author of Birdy and Dad is set in Paris in Jack and American has walked out on his fast lane corporate career and troubled marriage to return to his first love pai

  • Title: Last Lovers
  • Author: William Wharton
  • ISBN: 9780374183899
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This love story, by the author of Birdy and Dad, is set in Paris in 1975 Jack, 49, and American, has walked out on his fast lane corporate career and troubled marriage to return to his first love, painting He lives a hand to mouth existence in Paris, struggling to express his long suppressed feelings through his art While painting in the park and blocking the sidewalk This love story, by the author of Birdy and Dad, is set in Paris in 1975 Jack, 49, and American, has walked out on his fast lane corporate career and troubled marriage to return to his first love, painting He lives a hand to mouth existence in Paris, struggling to express his long suppressed feelings through his art While painting in the park and blocking the sidewalk , an elderly blind woman walks into him, knocking him off his feet and getting herself smeared with paint Mirabelle, 71, is small, elegant, and radiant They fall slowly, carefully, and improbably in love, and into a tender physically passionate affair While Mirabelle s tremendous sense of life inspires Jack to paint with new vision and freedom, he shares with her the mysteries of passion, and frees her from the traumatic event that blinded her in childhood.

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    One thought on “Last Lovers”

    1. Дълго няма да спра да мисля за връзката между Мирабел и Жак. След края на книгата минах мислено през всички етапи от историята на Жак. Исках реално да си представя обрата в начина му на живот, да осмисля отношенията му с Мирабел, а не просто да ги приема. По време на четенето н [...]

    2. Прочетох някое друго мнение за книгата и ми направи впечатление, че повечето дами, написали рецензии на български, са потресени от сюжета, и по-точно – от навлизането в интимните отношения на сляпата девствена Мирабел (над 70-годишна) и (Д)Жак, който е на 50. Секс правят само кр [...]

    3. Изключително плоско написана книга, с ужасно много повторения на думи и ситуации, досадни пояснения към пряката рече от рода на: винаги ми е приятно, знаеш, за мен е удоволствие, ти толкова ми помагаш и разни такива гадости. Беше ми изключително досадно и неприятно да чета за [...]

    4. Много живи и детайлни описания. Почти можех да помириша боите, с които рисува. Сексуалните сцени бяха много подробни, но в крайна сметка, секс правят всякакви хора - не само млади и красиви.

    5. I have always had an affinity for the positive, gentle and humanitarian textures of William Wharton's books. I have found few novelists who grant as much nobility to living humans. This book is like the others in these, and possibly by too great a degree.This was his last fictional enterprise, though he did write two more books. Last novels of authors fascinate me, because they frequently seem almost an apologia for the artist as he or she has lived, and that's what this novel seems. Wharton, li [...]

    6. Цялото ревю тук: knijenpetar/2014/ Това е първата книга на Уилям Уортън, която чета. Май трябваше да започна наистина с първата му - "Пилето" - най-известната творба на Уортън, преди да навлезе сериозно в дебрите на словото. Но първо искам да се обърна към самия него с думите: "Драги Алб [...]

    7. Не успях да се отърся от интимността между двамата и да се порадвам на сюжета. 50 годишен мъж и 70 годишна жена - хм, не ми беше приятно да надничам в леглото им!

    8. „Последна любов“ създава усещането, че сте в малка къщичка сред тишината на току що раззеленилата се гора. Спокойствието се слива със свежо вдъхновение, мъдър баланс и нежен порив за откриване на себе си. Това не е книга, пълна с действие. Това е книга, която вдъхновява, коя [...]

    9. An unconventional romance beautifully written, set in Paris in the 1970's. It is about two people who are looking for themselves and find each other in the process. The protagonist is a painter which adds an unusual element to the story. More importantly, the book resonants with the voice of the 70's. It is quite easy to believe that the author lived during that time and maybe the story is a bit autobiograhical, or parts may have happened to someone whom he knew. Really liked the development of [...]

    10. Compelling love story between a blind old lady and a drop-out American executive. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Paris' St Germain district, these scarred individuals help each other look at life differently. Whimsical and unusual, with a surprising end that makes the book even more memorable.

    11. Май единствената книга на Уилям Уортън, която не ми хареса особено. Спъвах с в текста непрекъснато, което не се е случвало с другите му книги, ако че са пълни с описания, обяснения и отклонения. А историята - стига бе, това че е необичайна не я прави автоматично добра.

    12. EXQUISITE!!!Не мога да повярвам, що за български два коментара прочетох. Доста ограничени. На мен книгата ми беше достатъчно интересна за да Не обръщам внимание на възраста на влюбените. А и любовта все пак си е любов, във всяка една възраст.

    13. This was an unusual, but beautiful unconventional love story. Without giving too much away, this fast past American turned hand to mouth painter in Paris literally gets bumped into by a blind nun, and their relationship as well as the story takes off from that point. The development of their friendship and more is sensitively explored with tender grace. I read it a while ago, yet it left an impact on me as it was so powerful. A great read, in my opinion.

    14. May dad bought this book for me and I thought it was really beautiful with with the exception of what felt like the "every-man's sexual fantasy" section. I scanned a bit in the second half as I found it a bit boring. There was a lot of talking and not a lot of action so it was a slow book, but beautiful all the same.

    15. Смущаваща за мен книга. Не е лесно да си призная, че съм тесногръда, но е така. Вярвам в свободата на всеки да прави каквото и с когото реши по собствена воля зад затворените врати на спалнята си. Но ми е смущаващо да чета за това. Някак не ми е естествено и приемливо. А завършек [...]

    16. Zgodnie z tym jak można by się spodziewać po tytule jest to książka o miłości. Ja jednak przez długi czas sądziłem, że jest to coś o uczuciowości i wrażliwości. Muszę powiedzieć, że była to prawdziwie piękna podróż do świata w którym starość pokazuje swoje piękne oblicze, a to co można by poczytywać za młodość jest tak naprawdę nieporadne i zagubione. Miłość jest jednak tym co jest w stanie pokonać wszelkie bariery. Do tej książki naprawdę warto zasiąść [...]

    17. The only books of William Whartan I liked were Wrongful Deaths and Birdy. The rest wasn't that good for me.

    18. Thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking read. At times a little uncomfortable but that says as much about me as a reader as it does the storyline. Lovely use of language and genuinely a page turner without artificial devices. A little "twee-ness" crept in at the end for me but all in all a superb story.

    19. this is not a review. I just came across this book again and remembered i had read it in 2009. i recall i couldn't finish the book because it was sooo corny and extremly sentimental that i just dropped it. sorry not my cup of tea. predictable and cliché.

    20. Книгата, към която ще се връщам отново и отново. Искам да се срещна с Уортън /Жак/ и това няма да стане в този ми живот. Но знам, че ще го срещна! Има книги, които оставят отпечатъци върху хората. Тя е една от тях!

    21. untypical "romans". I rather don't like this kind of books but this one is different. Curious to see what will happen.

    22. I love William Wharton's writing style. This is a lovely story that probably leans toward the mature reader. Love, life, loss, art and death are among the topics Wharton rolls into this story.

    23. Рядко срещана откровеност и нежност, преплетена с най-чиста мъдрост. Всяка страница е истинско удоволствие. Да, Уортън знае как да шокира, но пише прекрасно!

    24. Странна книга за любовта без граници. Доста често ми се налагаше да се отърся от предразсъдъците си, за да продължа да и се наслаждавам. Мисля, че успях.

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