An Acre of Barren Ground From author Jeremy Gavron comes this blend of fiction history and archaeology uncovering the story of one street Brick Lane

  • Title: An Acre of Barren Ground
  • Author: Jeremy Gavron
  • ISBN: 9780743259712
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From author Jeremy Gavron, comes this blend of fiction, history and archaeology, uncovering the story of one street Brick Lane.

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      429 Jeremy Gavron
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    One thought on “An Acre of Barren Ground”

    1. This was a really unusual book. Each chapter is totally different.Some are fiction, some are fact, some cartoon strips, some just photographs, some newspaper cuttings. Each one is related to Brick Lane in some way. They range from all periods in history.It is absolutely fascinating.Reading it is like overhearing snatches of someones conversation but not knowing the background or what happens afterwards.

    2. This is a fantastic book about Brick Lane.Each chapter is a different story or presentation of historical facts. Occasionally, characters interlink (over generational gaps) as you build your own history of Brick Lane, from hundreds of years ago up to present day.The area itself, is fascinating and wonderful and reading this book just made it more so.

    3. Loved bits of this book, but found the many stories with no obvious link to Brick Lane quite frustrating. Also a very few subtle links between stories was great but would have enjoyed more of these.

    4. Gavron has painstakingly put together the story of a landscape - a chunk of modern-day London - from pre-history to its current, urban shape, tracing the different people that have arrived, left, lived on and altered its surface. As such, the reader is able to see contemporary Brick Lane as simply the latest layer of the land's narrative, this stretch of East London being storied by thousands who are variously migrants, workers, socialist campaigners, mothers, brewers, worshippers, shoremen, sol [...]

    5. Rather an eclectic smorgasbord of genres: snippets of comics, stories, chronologies, and historical accounts. An interesting and varied read, but some of the stories left me a bit frustrated because they seemed more like sections lifted from a longer text than like complete short stories in themselves. I kept feeling both that I didn't know enough of the back story and that as soon as I had got into what was going on, I was rushed off to something completely different without the first story rea [...]

    6. Some chapters I really loved and would have given them 5 * ie the ones set a long time ago, pre 16th C. Some of the more modern stories I found a chore to slog through and would only have given 2*or 3*. I loved the linkages between the stories, sometimes very subtle and the way the book shows how our environment is shaped by the past.

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